Hurricane Artillery Platform

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Hurricane Artillery Platform
Faction IPDILogoThumb.png Indo-Pacific Defense Initiative
Designation Reconnaissance
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Unit Type Truck
Produced at Manufacturing Plant
Ability Airburst, Impact Detonation
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin ImperialGermanythumb.gif Germany
Produced at Rheinmetall Artilleriewerk Asien, Rangoon
Key Features » 45cm Howitzer
» Expansive Ammunition Bay
» Firing Solution Network
» HT800 Chemical Reactor
» Extremely Wide Tracks

"Brute force is the solution to everything. If it fails, you aren't using enough."
- Hurricane Commander

Tactical Analysis

  • Earthshaker: Sporting a 45cm howitzer, the Hurricane is hardly what one would call subtle. Its impressive cannon is capable of launching lethal shells to long distances with pinpoint accuracy. There are few artillery systems in the world that can match the Hurricane's firepower.
  • Choice of Damnations: Hurricane's shells can be set for either airburst or impact detonation. Airburst rounds have a bigger area of effect and will instantly stun/suppress all units in its area of effect. Impact detonation rounds deal more damage, and devastate enemy morale.
  • Sitting Duck: Despite its size, the Hurricane is completely unarmored and has no point defense systems. As such, any enemies that manage to close in will be able to easily destroy the Hurricane. Aircraft are also major problems for the Hurricane, as its large size makes it an easy target for aerial predators.


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