Hover Bike

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Tactical Analysis

  • Faster Than Furious: Designed to roughly emulate the Contingent cavalry units, the Hover Bike isn't so much a bike as a massive engine and prop under a small stand designed to carry a single soldier rapidly across the battlefield with a spare ADK for some reasonable chance at survival.
  • Recon Their Force: When engaged, the Hover Bike can drop out of the air in an instant and deploy a heavy shield for cover. The pilot can still return fire, but has to either wait for backup or hightail it back to base.
  • Flimsy's an Understatement: As literally little more than an engine with a platform welded onto it, the Hover Bike is pretty much a floating target for enemy AA, and even deployed the shields can only really hold up to small arms fire. Tanks and bombs will easily rip through it.
  • Faster Fire Flyer: By tinkering with the engine, TSEL engineers can add a little more weight to their contraption, giving the pilot a little more punch with two attached machine guns.


If there's one thing the Soviet Union doesn't quite do well, it's speed. Drones are fine and all, but there are moments when you need a real human being to relay information on the enemy back to base. The Union's mortar bikes were at least an attempt at reasonable battlefield recon, but the drinking, racing, and an incident involving two commissars and a soccer field forced the Union to rethink their policy. Then the Empire invaded, the Union was left without a warning system, and in the Empire falls to the history of the world during World War III.

Combing the records, TSEL realized that the Union needed a way to back up the Sickle walkers that patrolled the Union's borders. Not stupid enough to suggest the motorcyles again, TSEL avoided drunken chess games being played on motorcycles and set to work on creating a new aid to secure the borders and scout the field. Running across reports from agents placed in Australia post-war, TSEL engineers realized that thanks to the former members of the Allies they had a basis to create their new idea on. Deciding that the concept of a lightly armed frame speeding around at ground level was too flimsy alone, the engineers instead opted for the design of a simple, effective, and fast engine and a set of coaxial rotors. A pilot and stand for the pilot to stand on were put it as an afterthought, but it was noted that a scout needed a way to scout. Giving the pilot a pair of infrared binoculars powered by the engine of the "bike", TSEL engineers essentially called it a day and started testing. Of course, after a few trial runs they did eventually widen the platform the pilot was standing on, but progress requires a few accidents to work out the bugs.