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Tactical Information

  • The Deadliest Warrior: Hiraak Ulla is one of the deadliest weapons in the arsenal of the Ecumene, capable of scything down infantry and vehicles with wild abandon and taking fire that would kill lesser beings many times over. Nothing on the ground is truly safe from her save for those who hide in garrisons, and even those only last until she tears down the building. Tanks, infantry, vehicles, battlesuits, she'll gun them all down. Her EM shielded powered carapace also helps to make her highly resilient while regenerative nanomachines help keep her in the field if she ducks out of combat for a while, and her augments make sure she isn't lacking for speed.
  • Likes repel: Hiraak Ulla can fire a devastating electron-disassociator missile by converting her gun to the right module that merges the underslung kinetic accelerator and hard-light gun into one barrel to fire a missile that's usually kept shrunk by space folding. The missile devastates anything it hits in a good area and is ideal for dealing with structures or garrisons, usually by rendering the garrisonned building unsuitable for use.
  • Light cuts too: Hiraak Ulla, if threatened at close quarters, brings out a powerful hard-light blade from her free wrist capable of carving through just about any form of armor or shielding with ease, single strokes of this blade are usually enough to kill most infantry as she carves them apart, while vehicles go down a bit more slowly. Slowly being relative of course, even a tank gets ripped open like tissue paper in a few quick swings.
  • Air power's always keeping us down: Hiraak, though swift, lacks the capacity to target aircraft as she usually lacks the appropriate visor to help her keep track of such targets as a precaution in case the reprogramming fails. In addittion, snipers and artillery can prove to be a problem if they can keep her out of range as they can quickly whittle her down to size.
  • Clip your wings: After enough time on the field and success in battle, she will be deemed sufficiently loyal enough to be allowed to requisition a tracking visor, with the visor Hiraak can now target the aircraft that once gave her problems, rapidly bringing them down to earth with her cannon as they are now no longer safe from her. Additional benefits include enhanced range, accuracy, and the capability to track stealthed units.

Unit History

Hiraak Ulla was born Ella Jensen, an only child of loving parents in Stockholm. When both were lost in one of the last skirmishes of the third world war, a minor, unimportant thing really, she was despondent. The war was all but over, Japan had faced a defeat at the Bering sea, the death of it's royal family, an invasion on the northern islands, the Soviets and Allies had beaten each other black and blue at Europe and were both tired of fighting. It should have just ended. They weren't even sure what killed them.

As she was sent over to some relatives to live with them, driving over the Swedish countryside to Umea, she noticed a light in the sky out the window of the car. It kept on getting brighter and brighter, no she realized, it was just getting closer and closer until it's rays were pouring down her car's moonroof and making her eyes hurt as she felt the car start to buckle as it was lifted up. The government officials driving the car panicked but she remained quiet. Then the vehicle was drawn into the floating disc which then sped off at impossible speeds.

She looked around as the Social workers stopped screaming to assess the situation and found four limbed, four legged creatures with hides that seemed to be a blend between a carapace and scaly skin and the most eerie of eyes. Four compound eyes in a cluster, each a different color, hovering over a dozen small rippling mandibles while suits of carapace armor clung to the. Aliens. The Social workers tried to communicate, speaking on the behalf of Sweden and the Allied Nations, not knowing whether to be terrified or elated by their first contact with extra-terrestrials.

When the aliens spoke, they warbled and slavered while their eyes glowed and bioluminescent patches on their heads flared up, their speech then being translated into somewhat poor Swedish with a droning, flat monotone. "We are Imilkirik, you are of interest. You shall be studied for the benefit of the Ecumene." They were forced out of the car, which was studied by the aliens, and then brought elsewhere, to a hidden base in a remote part of Scandinavia. There, she found them experimenting on humans, to see if they could try their processes that made their super-soldiers, most notably the Death Tyrants on humans.

Most died at first, but they got better at it. First there were just cripples, then there were those who were not unambiguously improved, then there were those with minor enhancements, then there the more majorly enhanced. When it was her turn to be experimented on, she received the optimal enhancements, her body was changed, altered, becoming something beyond humanity without being unrecognizable as human. The overseer of the human conversion operations decided he liked what he saw, and had her forcibly trained and memory uploaded as they "wired" her, altering her to make for a better soldier.

She had essentially become the Overseers pet project. Finally, she was ready. Ready to kill her fellow man, with this, they requisitioned a higher grade weapon than those offered to the standard soldiers on the Earth, and fitted a specially made carbon based carapace suit to her body. She would be unique, as the Jovian fleet has yet to approve the creation of more like her and is unlikely to do so anytime soon, but not only that, she was now something different in a world of the strange.

Her old life now scattered fragments, she would see action against the Peacekeepers who had stumbled onto an Ecumene base. Though their communications were being jammed, not one could be allowed to make it back to report what they found. She was deployed via Dropship right into the action, and commenced the slaughter. The screams of horrified and dying men and women filled the air as she cut through them. Armor was punched in, shotgun shells were shrugged off, blood was spilled everywhere.

What had once been a battalion of hundreds of men was now lying in the field and bleeding to death or scattered as free-floating atoms. When she went to finish off the last straggler, she decided to not waste her weapons on the legless wreck of a man and simply snap his neck instead, but when she hoisted him up to her level, she felt her nanites recognizing a source of biomass, and saw them start to eat him alive. She heard every pitiable scream he made, every plea to his deity, every blubbering whine about his mommy. She paused...unsure of what to do before a grunt grabbed him out of her hands and smashed his head into a rock.

She felt something and wiped her hands to see what it was...blood and other viscera. She stood there, staring for the longest time. Eventually she would be recalled, and she walked back to base through the snow, requesting that she receive a less messy way of killing enemies in melee combat. She continued her work, assisting in many of the observational missions of the Ervaniks as they tried to see what could keep their beloved home country going in it's era of stagnation. She was constantly impressed with the need to not let the Ecumene decline, and fought just as hard as any of the other soldiers for a home she'd never seen.

Though highly effective and soon determined to be a valuable asset of the observational forces on Earth, the many Ervaniks commanding operations on Earth have also noted that she's afflicted by a degree of loneliness. Separated from humanity and still an outsider among the Imilki, she has a deeply difficult time connecting to anyone and suffers for it. Her few friends are either one of the humans kept under observation in the Jovian fleet, or one of the Ervaniks she's gotten to know better whose differences in thought keep her from bonding particularly deeply just as her mental alterations make it hard for her to get to known humans.

She is the one girl in all the world, but she'd really rather not be, someone who understands what she's going through would do much to help her be happier with her life as a super-soldier for her alien overlords. She still does her job with a smile and a bit of a perky, but deferrent attitude towards her superiors, but off-duty she maintains an extensive set of journals and diaries. She is a fantastic warrior yes, but she's been affected by her transformation in a way that those who observe her long enough without getting shot at by her can recognize. Making fun of it though, as an unfortunate syndicate Satyr has learned, is not a good idea.

Known activity

-Slaughtered an entire peacekeeper infantry battalion on her first deployment, save for the last remaining peacekeeper who was killed by an Imilki Grunt, she killed them all herself. She stood staring at her own bloodied hand long enough for her commanding Ervanik to personally step in and ask her if she had suffered a blow to the thinkpan.

-Hacked down a phalanx of protectorate armored units over the course of two days, continuously wearing it down and not letting it get the chance to pin her down or force her into engagements she couldn't win, eventually forcing the Protectorate to withdraw the wave of machines away from an Ecumene base to allow it to set itself. She fashioned herself a necklace from some of the scrap after the nanites were deactivated.

-Single handedly wiped a Chinese base off the map, methodically working her way through the many defenses and wave of clones and eventually facing down a trio of Mantis war-walker one on one. The War-walkers were brought crashing down in the end, and she even managed to salvage a bit of data on Jade, not a lot, but enough to convince them to further their efforts against China. As it turns out, a tripod design is excellent until one of the legs give out.

-Managed to convince the Talon to withdraw from an engaged Imilki base by making them believe that there were more reinforcements coming than there actually were via her effectiveness at wiping out Talon formations wholesale, preventing the Talon from interfering in a cattle abduction operation. Jovian fleet command had assigned cow abduction operations of a level of importance equal to or surpassing the likes of sabotage or political research and it was decreed by the Supervisor that this hub of cow abduction for the entire middle east could not fall to the Talon under any circumstances. The Talon, on the other hand, were convinced it was something less important, like a doomsday device.

-Utterly destroyed the Masoniconic Network Chapter, wiping out all of it's members and armoured assets and even managed to successfully kill off the conduit strike force desperately sent in to try and get a hold of the situation. She managed to thwart every single attempt made by the network to get away and even managed to make it look like a unionist attack by waiting for, then destroying a Unionist patrol once it came close enough to the clubhouse. The reaction of the Network's knitting circle could best be described as "akin to clucking hens." She battled over a thousand and a half clubbers and a hundred fifty conduiters simultaneously and destroyed them with minimal harm to herself.

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