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Place of Origin GreatBritainthumb.gif The United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations
Trained/Produced at BUAC Council Safehouses, across the World.
Key Features » Lee-Metford Bolt Action Rifle, refurbished and re-engineered
» BUAC Model T57 Light-Weight body armour
» T-13 Re-breather system with built-in eyemask
» "Lindwurm" model heavy duty Nail Bomb and detonator
» Long, grey overcoat (Only issued in winter)

Tactical Analysis

  • The March of the Council:The elite soldiers that directly serve the High Council of the BUAC, Greycoats are the loyal men and women that have taken the Council’s goals to heart, and wish to see them carried out until the bitter end. Equipped with an old Lee-Metford that has been modified by The BUAC’s armoury, as well as custom light armour developed as an alternative to the clunky Peacekeeper armour. Trained as a paramilitary troop, they are trained in taking down enemies of the Council at a distance while the Nationalist Hordes soak up the majority of enemy fire.
  • The Defense of War:The Greycoat regiments are all trained with the construction and handling of Lindwurm class Nail Bombs which, when set up in the field, will be able to be detonated once the Council’s forces are out of the blast radius. When the bomb explodes, it’ll shred any enemy infantryman to pieces, and serious damage enemy vehicles if they accidentally get too close to the Bomb.
  • Hell is Other People:However, despite the armour and the Nail Bombs, Greycoats still suffer as most other infantry does. They will be massacred by dedicated anti-infantry troops, and tanks will just crush them if the Greycoat is too slow to move. This is also coupled with the fact that their Lee-Metford is a bolt-action rifle, giving them a serious disadvantage when it comes to their rate of fire, and when compared to more recently developed weapons, the rifle is lacking in the overall firepower department.
  • How Far We've Come: When a Greycoat has especially proven themselves on the field of battle, then the Council will rewards them new weaponry and armour. Their Lee-Metfords are exchanged for Howell Automatic Rifles, turning their bolt-action rifles into semi-automatic rifles for a much needed increase in their rate of fire. Their armour is also upgraded to the Model Z71, a set of metalo-ceramic armour treated with the esoteric Rheatron Energy, allowing it to ignore a small fraction of incoming enemy shots. However, due to the expense needed for both these pieces of new equipment, the Council can only afford to give them to Greycoats that have been truly baptised by the fires of war.


"Well, at least the name's accurate. Let's just hope their aim is as well."

- An aside made by Walter Erin to Annabelle Nichols after reviewing the Greycoat Troop Regiment XVII
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