Golden Sands

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The Golden Sands
Logo of the Golden Sands
Playstyle Convoy Tactics
Faction Colour Ba'athist Black
Type Blue Alert 3 Paradox Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Arab youth, raise and march to fight your enemies,
Raise your voice: "Long live the Golden Sands!"
We are peasants, workers and persistent youth,
We are soldiers, we are the voice of labourers,
We came from roots of this land and pain from hearts,
We weren't misers in giving sacrifice nobly.

- Anthem of the Golden Sands Party

The Golden Sands are a sub-faction of the WLA operating primarily in North Africa and the Mideast. Unlike the majority of WLA-affiliated groups, the Golden Sands are more moderate and focus on Arab & Middle Eastern nationalism rather than Islam, radical third positionism, or egoism. This, alongside their vaguely socialistic economic beliefs, has led to them being widely considered as the black sheep of the WLA. Indeed, several WLA imans & clerics have threatened to issue fatwahs against the Golden Sands in the past. However, thanks to their keen mechanical skills and technical prowess for all things automotive, the Golden Sands are tolerated by much of the WLA and serve alongside their more radical brothers. The Golden Sands were made by Cervantes99

At A Glance

Faction Color Ba'athist Black
Playstyle Convoy Tactics
Theatre of Operations Deserts & Badlands
Strengths Units Highly Mobile, Heavy Weapons Durable
Weaknesses No Infantry, Limited Navy & Subpar Vehicle Armor
Motives Independence, Nationalism, Secularism, Socialism
Basic Look Middle Eastern Nationalist Militias (Free Syrian Army, Fedayeen Saddam & Syrian National Defence Forces)


Units & Buildings





Land Cruiser: Essentially buffed up versions of Cobra Gun Trucks, Land Cruisers come equipped with steel bumpers and reinforced windows for fending off anti-armor rounds. Due to the lack of infantry to transport, the machine gun has been replaced by a heavy-duty flak cannon bought from International Inc.

Mukhtar Rocket Pickup: A civilian pickup truck with rocket launcher meant for a gunship, the Mukhtar can deliver a punch to all but the most armored of units. However, due to the rocket launcher's weight, the Mukhtar has to sacrifice armor for speed to be able to keep up in Golden Sands convoys.

Hejaz Tanker Truck: The Hejaz is an oil tanker truck outfitted with a blowtorch & a fire hose enabling it to release a devastating spray of flaming petroleum. Golden Sands engineers have taken the utmost care in making sure the tank is well armored at the expense of leaving the truck cab susceptible to enemy fire.

Rashidun 18-Wheeler:

Umayyad Air Sniper:

Sokoto Assault Plane:

Fatimid Skiff:

Deathmatch Reinforcements

Rapid Shield Force

To help their forces if they become isolated or surrounded in the field, the commanders of the Golden Sands have created a special action-response force out of the best solders from each of its respective regional party branches and local allies. To that end, the RSF is meant to speed rapidly quickly through the desert, shield the encircled forces from hostiles & force the enemy back and counter-encircle them.

Behind the Scenes

The Golden Sands ideology and characters were inspired by secular politics in the Middle East as well as various forms of Arab & Middle Eastern Nationalism such as Ba'athism. Their units are based on the rebel forces of the Libyan & Syrian Civil Wars as well as other Middle Eastern paramilitary groups such as the Fedayeen Saddam, the Syrian National Defense Forces & the Iraqi and Syrian Republican Guard.

Golden Sands Characters

Golden Sands Faction Bible