Glorious Yuan Khanate (TUE)

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The Glorious Yuan Khanate, the Empire for Memory of the Great Genghis Khan
Xuán Guī/The Black Tortoise, the symbol of the (northern) Yuan Dynasty
Faction Colour Indigo
Type Concordiatverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual



General Kublai Shizu, Great Khan of the Yuan Dynasty and Heir Expectant


Tug Banner Warriors Replaces Wukong's Staff Bearers. (three-beam trident soldiers)

General Songsten Gyatso, Light of the Himalayas


General Ögedei Törölchi, ...


The Glorious China's Golden Hordes



Sentry (Zergling, short range soldier)
Wukong's Staff Bearers (Hydralisk, ranged soldier, energy over-shoulder staff)
(Baneling, sucidal bomb drone, keg on wheels with creature's head on the front)
Iron Fan (Roach, tanker, cone-attack)
Tengri's Angels (Raptor Zergling, jumper, short range soldier)
Mangudai (Ravager, crossbow-style artillery soldier)
Yeti Monk Master (Hunterling)




Behind The Scenes

  • The Yuan Khanate takes inspiration from the People's Republic of China and Asian-Pacific Alliance (APA) from the C&C Generals game series, Atomic Kingdom of China from RA3: Paradox modification, Euroasian Dynasty from Earth 2140/2150/2160 game series, Goa'uld System Lords from Stargate and real historic Genghis Khan's empire. The Yuan Dynasty are Genghis Khan's descendants who managed to win the Chinese Imperial crown and later united the whole East Asia.
  • The unit lists are inspired by the Zerg from the Starcraft game series, replaced by humans of Asian design, combining the traditional culture with heavy sci-fi elements of cyberpunk. Glowing lines and energy tubes, energy projectile rifles, energy shields, beast statues and ornamentals on their buildings.
    • Strangely enough, the some of the unit performances of attacks, abilities and animations might be inspired by ninja techniques of the Naruto series, a Japanese manga and anime franchise, althrough it by itself employs a couple of Chinese and Indian references of mythology and folklore.
  • The Black Tortoise, the logo used by the Yuan Dynasty, represents in the Asian culture and mythology the direction of North. This is intended as a reference to the Dynasty coming from Mongolia, "the north of the Chinese realm".