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Country of Origin  Francethumb.gif France (Allegedly)
Trained at  Monastery of Tarrasque, Deception Island
Key Features  » Bloodthirster Telekinetic Longsword
 » Custom-made Chevalier Noire Power Armor
 » Edginess

Minor Faction
Other Faction(s) EpsilonLogo.png Dominion of Noxsylvania
Unit Type Infantry
Production Building
Secondary Ability
Production Time 0:05
Heroic Upgrade
Dev. Status Conceptual

Tactical Analysis

  • The battle is to the strong: Gilles is the peerless Black Knight of the Dominion, a fanatical zealot who leaves nothing behind but mutilated corpses and wrecked vehicles. At close range he can rip through whole armies of infantry, his superheated telekine blade "Bloodthirster" carving through flesh and bone like air while his reflexes are so great that he can even dodge or deflect already fired bullets at point blank and catch rockets out of the air. Though with the durability of his powered armor made to resemble a blackened suit of Medieval plate armor and his genetically enhanced body he can largely ignore simple small arms fire. Armor seems to be no object to Bloodthirster as the sword seems capable of carving through even the armor of Gotterdammerung tanks as if it wasn't there; slicing through the shells as they're launched at him and he can even extend the cutting field of Bloodthirster to hit more distant foes; though the blade isn't as strong if he has to cut at more distant enemies. He also clears garrisons he is ordered to attack; leaping inside the building and slaughtering everyone inside and through telekinesis; he can simply walk atop the surface of water as if it were solid so that he can prey on ships too.
  • The battle is to the death: Gilles is not only a nigh matchlessly lethal melee combatant but he can also force enemies into getting into range for his idea of a "fair fight" by telekinetically yanking them towards him, using a massive telekinetic pull that can yank even tanks and ships like toys into range of his blade. Against aircraft, this tends to have fatal effects as he rips them out of the sky. This ability has a particularly long range and is useful for forcing artillery or sniper units to play at his field.
  • The battle is not in the sky: Other than jumping or extending his telekine cut at helicopters and low flying aircraft and his telekinetic pull Gilles is quite vulnerable to aircraft; and artillery is generally the most effective weapon against him should he be forced to slow down. Large numbers of long ranged units can also force him down should he prove unable to get to grips with them.
  • The battle is to the riders: When Gilles has sated his bloodlust sufficiently, he will call upon a biomechanical steed to help enhance his mobility. A miniaturized version of the dread infernal, the mount greatly enhances his speed and grants him some extra ranged ability and renders him entirely immune to suppression; alleviating some of his greatest weaknesses.

Unit History

Gilles is often called the Black Paladin of the Tarrasque and for good reason, for he is among the most slavishly loyal to his "liege" out of a twisted sense of honor. Believed to be from France, Gilles is thought to have been champion fencer and martial artist who craved a chance to enjoy real battle with his preferred tools like the knights he grew up admiring. While serving with distinction in the army; albeit with a noted and worrying tendency to actively seek out the fiercest fighting to feel the thrill of battle; he was quietly denied requests for further tours of duty when his commanders started to worry that his bloodlust was making him a danger to his fellow soldiers and his manifesting latent psychic abilities disturbed many others in his unit. However, the Tarrasque is said to have noted his talents and recruited him into the Upsilon Advanced Research Division where he could be allowed to indulge his thirst for battle. The Tarrasque crafted a super soldier out of him, augmented with the best bioengineering and outfitted with the best equipment while telepathic memory modification gave him peerless skills in battle, making him the "master of all weapons". After proving himself by butchering an entire rebel base in southern Africa single handedly in the seventies, the Tarrasque is said to have presented him with a sword that was said to be the favoured blade of Sir Lancelot du Lac and made him a Paladin of the new order of the secretive dominion, and Gilles swore fealty to the Tarrasque and his inner circle on the spot.

Gilles would be kept a secret from the Alliance, with Upsilon disseminating a story that the man he once was had disappeared while on a hunting expedition in India even as they used him in clandestine operations before and during the third world war; including the first combat operation of the third world war, a clandestine raid into America to disable tactical nuclear warheads that threatened the planned invasion of the Union of American Socialist Republics to satiate the Alliance's desire for revenge against America for being so crucial to the Alliance facing defeat on their side of the Atlantic in the last war. The guards of the nuclear warheads never had enough time to so much as raise the alarm as Gilles and a crack team of Adepts worked to shut down much of America's short ranged defenses against invasion. In the mean time, the division would alternate between conducting secretive missions to maintain the appearance of dutifully supporting the Alliance war effort while actually focusing most of its resources on building up its own secret army and finishing preparations for the Tarrasque's planned world conquest started before even the second world war began.

Many acts of slaughter by Gilles were ordered to further stoke the flames of world war between the Comintern and Alliance; ensuring all eyes would be on the conflict as the Tarrasque played the part of chess master. Many technologies from all sides deemed important to the Tarrasque's war effort were stolen for analysis, and even the Axis found itself on the receiving end of a number of manipulations; though Gilles did not take part in these. When the Tarrasque determined that all his enemies were suitably occupied with each other and the Axis' entry into the war he played his hand and at last Gilles would be thrust openly into the heart of battle. He butchered soldiers from all the enemies of the newly named Dominion of Noxsylvania freely and saw battle on every continent in the world. His name became legend and his very visage soon became a source of terror for the enemies of his liege. At last, he had found his place in the world and his lifelong search had come to a fruitful end. The years of war that followed were a source of tremendous joy to Gilles, but in the last days of the war he would find himself fighting in the ice floes of fortress Antarctica itself to drive back the unbelievers and there he saw his master's great plans to unite the world foiled and his master vanish.

The inner circle was quick to take over and reunite the Dominion but the damage was done, much blood and treasure had been expended into this attempt to bring unity to the world and oversee the evolution of man only for nothing to come of it and Gilles found himself at a loss. He vowed to continue to serve the Inner Circle and the rotating position of Pysarch of the Dominion; but the opportunities for bloody battle to put his mind at ease became scarcer as the Dominion found itself having to accept some of the normal restrictions of power politics. There were still fights to be had against assorted insurgent forces, secret raids, and various skirmishes but the chances for major all out battles? Those became ever scarcer as the world settled into a general peace. But Gilles' melancholy would not be eternal, for there are whispers of war once again being on the horizon. A new great war, once long in the making as the four great power blocs of the world prepare for yet another reckoning as disputes over land on the Earth and in the new colonial scramble in the nearby stars with the advent of faster than light travel build to a head. Now Gilles feels elation once more, for his wait for carnage without limit will soon be at an end.

Recent Activity

  • Singlehandedly eliminated an entire battalion of South African voortrekkers in a matter of minutes save for a single survivor left insane by the experience who babbled nonsense about a demon swordsman who could deflect bullets and swat mortar rounds out of the sky.
  • Cut the Japanese Kampaku class battleship Nagano in half during the first attempts to invade Antarctica with Bloodthirster, Getting onto the main deck and extending the reach of his telekine blade to make a circular cut from port to starboard.
  • Outmatched thirty of the Empire's finest Psychic Samurai, twenty Cyborg-Ninjas, ten Battle Psions, five Robot Swordsmasters, and a pair of Ginrais at the same time in Epsilon's invasion of Kyushu; not one of them managing to land a single blow on him.
  • Yanked the famed Ajax class fighter "Mordred" towards him mid leap; predicted where it would fire its laser weapons to deflect them into the wingmates of the Ajax, and then leapt onto the plane to stab the pilot through the head and crash the plane during a border incident.
  • Held back the entirety of the American Marines third and fifth divisions and the Mexican second marine division during the battle of Acapulco for three days before massed Proton AGAS fire forced him to withdraw, by which time he had killed over ten thousand men and destroyed more than five hundred vehicles.
  • Survived a "night of a hundred assassins" sent to kill him by the Hashashin consisting of many of their finest warriors; slaughtering his way through the forces arrayed against him and casually catching an RPG out of the air and throwing it back at the assassins to kill their leading squad, cumulating in a minute long massacre that ended in all the assassins having died.


  • Gilles is based heavily on Berserker from Fate/Zero visually, in terms of abilities, and in terms of personality.