Ghost Hunter

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Place of Origin Remarkable obsession with the supernatural
Trained/Produced at The Firehouse and apartments worldwide
Key Features » Venkman Thermal Camera
» Stantz EVP Recorder
» Zeddemore Infrared film
» Spengler PKE meter
» "Proton Pack" munchies

Tactical Analysis

  • I do believe in spooks: Following stories of hauntings and demons, the Ghost Hunter goes into battle carrying thermal cameras, UV spotlights, and infrared film in an effort to document the unseen. On the battlefield, this typically means finding enemy stealth units before they can cause trouble.
  • Here's our X camera: The ghost hunters can set up a simple camera in an area that can track an enemy's movement, though if the film doesn't run out the battery almost certainly will.
  • Have enough troubles with the dead: Thanks to the equipment they carry, ghost hunters never go into battle carrying even a shotgun full of rocksalt, one of the best means at dealing with materialized spirits.


"Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or your family ever seen a spook, spectre or ghost? If the answer is "yes," then don't wait another minute. Pick up the phone and call the professionals, 'cause we're ready to believe you."

- Popular advertisement for the most famous Ghost Hunter group within the Network, the "Ghostbusters".

Transcript of a tape recorder found near an Allied-Confederate skirmish. Owner yet to be identified.

"Okay, we're here near the Colorado-Wyoming border, just after a small skirmish between the Allied garrison at the Pathfinder training schools and a Confederate militia. Time is 024 hours, just past the witching hour. I've been getting orbs all night, but that's probably the dust in the air post-battle, and the thermals useless thanks to some burning Mastiff tanks about twenty yards away from my position. Going to try an EVP session, see if that doesn't provoke any activity."

"Is there anyone out here? If you are please say your name."

  • Silence for thirty seconds*

"I understand there were some casualties during this battle, were you one of them?"

  • Silence for thirty seconds*

"I can bring you a message to anyone you left behind, but you need to talk to me, what is your name?"

  • Silence for twelve seconds, sounds of indiscernible whispering in the distance for 18 seconds*

"If you're here, please speak into this recorder so that I know you're here."

  • Silence for twenty eight seconds, unknown voice cuts in, whispering*

"Put your damn camera down."

"Oh my God, Oh my God, are you out there? Okay, c'mon, where is it!"

  • Sounds of what may be necklaces being rattled*

"Alright, it's roughly 026 hours, and I just had a voice barely whispering about my camera, I'm gonna take out my infrared film and see if I can't find anything on it later."

  • Sounds of pictures being taken for roughly fifteen seconds*

"Okay, I'm gonna head back now, develop this film ASAP. Will resume once film is developed."

  • Two second pause, tape resumes*

"Okay, so they were just Allied riflemen trying to get a good position, and they've already been taken care of. But there's something in this last frame that doesn't make much sense, it looks like some kind of strange art you'd see on a Mayan or Aztec temple floating nearby. I don't know why this would be here, in fact it looks like they're all congregating around this massive figured way back in the distance. I'm gonna head back and see if I can't make contact with whatever this spirit is."

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