Frontier Jeep

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UV-65 Frontier Patrol Jeep
Faction IPDILogoThumb.png Indo-Pacific Defense Initiative
Designation Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Helicopter
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Unit Type Vehicle
Produced at Manufacturing Plant
Ability Disengage Tow
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin ImperialGermanythumb.gif Germany
Produced at ACICA Automobile, Siem Reap
Key Features » 20mm Breda Cannon
» LV-1250 Reactor
» Sensory Array
» Towing Mount
» Map and Compass

"Area secure."
- Frontier Jeep driver on patrol

Tactical Analysis

  • Map Control: Frontier Jeeps are strong early-mid game reconnaissance and map control units. Fast and amphibious with large sight radii, Frontier Jeeps sport 20mm Breda cannons, designed to engage and destroy enemy combat cars and lightly armored units. These 20mm cannons are also effective against enemy helicopters and low flying aircraft. Upgrading them with the QF 2-pounder turns them into vehicle hunters. The 50mm Pak 43 L/50 on the other hand, grants them enough AP to engage light tanks and armored personnel carriers, but removes their AA capabilities.
  • Reinforcements: As the skirmish draws on, Frontier Jeeps continue to be useful by towing slower units to their destinations. Take note that Frontier Jeeps can only move at half speed during the tow to ensure its transmission integrity.
  • Light Brigade: Take note however, Frontier Jeeps lack true anti-infantry weapons. While their 20mm Breda cannons can be used against infantry in a pinch, the cannons tend to be too large and unwieldy. Pairing them with Reconnaissance Frontiers can help to alleviate this problem. They also lack anti-tank weaponry and thus should not be used in a mid-late game upfront assault.


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