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Country of Origin  South Korea
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Tactical Analysis

Strictly Legal: Unlike the Penal Division forces, SORCF frogmen are actually considered valuable for being unscrupulous and dangerous loose cannons behind enemy lines. Armed with SMGs specially designed to function while submerged, as well as blocks of C4 meant to break open and sink enemy ships.

Entering and Breaking: To the constant annoyance of their penal cohorts, a Frogman can be ordered to infiltrate and destroy enemy structures, which is somehow more acceptable when they do it than when the penal division does.

No North Korean: Despite being skilled, a Frogman isn't an instant-win unit for their commanders. Vehicles and aircraft can easily eliminate them from the field, and they are more than vulnerable to detection by stealth-detecting units. Worse, the only similarity the forgmen do have to their northern doppelgangers is the fact that they can't gain any elite upgrades from veterancy.


The following transcript is a portion of a recording made by ACIN of a conference between a North Korean and Soviet diplomat in Yugoslavia.

Col. Moon Sang-chul: I feel your analysis of the South Korean capabilities is overstating the threat their special operations force posses.

Ambassador Valentin Zhukovsky: Our comrades in Hanoi have after-action reports that will differ with your assessment. Several incidents indicate that the South Koreans have refined their training methods to create a better operator.

Sang-chul: We have seen no such action on the border or within our territory.

Zhukovsky: Then Vietnam is the test for these new warriors. *View attached picture showing passage of sealed documents from Zhukovsky to Sang-chul* These were taken at the Vietnamese shipyards in Hải Phòng, when you see them you'll find that the individuals in these pictures are no recognized Allied personnel or unit.

Sang-chul: The Vietnamese jump at shadows, you realize that they still think Hill is alive.

Zhukovsky: What matters is that they have these pictures. I give these to you as a favor, the Kremlin believed that we should conceal these until we could get independent verification from another organization.

Sang-chul: And I appreciate these gifts. Despite this I cannot risk of telling my leadership that there is a phantom force of South Koreans wreaking havoc without additional proof. The South Koreans could argue that it's their Penal Division, and we'd be left without a means to find the truth should they initiate a blackout on this group.

Zhukovsky: I'll do what I can, but from now on the Kremlin will have a say in whether or not I can even make such a pass to you again.

Sang-chul: I imagine they will not, considering this entire conversation has been observed.

Notes: Ignoring the fact that Sang-chul was able to identify his being observed by our Belgrade team, the more vital intelligence is that the Empire of Korea may have developed a new MOS capable of functioning with the same ability and method as their Penal Division without the need to convicted criminals. Recommend increased observation of chatter coming out of Seoul about a new special operations force.

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