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Tactical Analysis

  • Get the Flak Out of Here: Iran's very own version of the Russian Flak Traktor, The Flak Transport has its back wheels replaced by caterpillar tracks customized for the desert region to provide transport for up to five Machine Gunners.
  • Shut the Flak Up: The Iranian Red Army gave the Transport an extra option of defense against enemy aircraft by installing flak cannon on it to shoo away annoying helicopters, fighter-bombers, and even airships.
  • Flakked Up Beyond All Repair: Despite the extra armour fitted at the Transport, it will only defend against small fire, as heavier anti-armour weaponry will immediately blast the Transport to ashes. Worse, it can only target enemy air units; it has to be protected by a convoy to ensure its survival.
  • Arabia! FLAK YEAH!!: Fortunately, Iraqi engineers can fine-tune the flak turrets of a Flak Transport so it can also fire away at non-aircraft. However, it can take very long for them to arrive for it...

Operational History

Excerpt of a letter found in a abandoned flat in Zweitina:

"My dearest A'idah,

I know you want to know why I don't go home often, and I find it hard to tell you this, but here is the truth.

I am actually a part of the remaining Alliance for Allah soldiers after our failed attack at the Golan Heights. Nearly driven mad by our losses, our leader, Sayyid, told us that we should move to Syria and focus instead at the decadent Western and Eastern blocs that threaten the Middle East. Of course, as a sworn defender of our way of life, I was inclined to agree with the man. After all, who wouldn't do the same, given the state of our region today? And I also apologize for our money that I spent just to buy mercenaries, weapons, and vehicles for our cause, Sayyid did tell us that we should relinquish most our money to help us drive out those oppressors from the region.

At first, we thought that the machinery and equipment we bought were worth the money we paid, but we even have to convince a local GLA commander to donate some of their weaponry to us if we ever get attacked. So far, the only aircraft we were able to purchase or scavenge were not even the dreaded Toxin Planes, but instead many of the failed designs the rest of the us have discredited throughout the years of development. The tanks we scavenged are little more than cruel mockeries of them made of poorly-cobbled metal with weapons that frequently have to be repaired. And when we haven't even tested the weapons, we heard about the Iranian Red Army will be coming in this town to destroy any GLA presence found in here with their so-called Flak Transports.

That's when Emir and I became suspicious. Why would we only receive this junk for the large amount of money we amassed? Why would Sayyid suddenly disappear every night? Later that night, we followed him to know the things he is doing without telling the rest of us, only to find him wasting away our money for wine and casinos! No wonder why we only received barely-functioning weapons in exchange for our cash! When we confronted him about it, he just said that we should just get used to them and we should leave immediately if we do not want to die!

And now, I and my friends in service are currently hiding in a room from those Iranians that attacked. But before that, we have strapped remote-controlled on our barely-functioning tanks to detonate then when enemies go near. Some of our more audacious comrades actually manned the shoddy airplanes and crash-landed them on Flak Transports, but I swear that even they cannot even dent their armour. I even saw a few planes break into pieces in midair while those 'Flak Transports just picked off the more competent ones as easily as the men with machine guns that killed many of us that can't even fire those guns without jamming. I swear, A'diah, the only good thing out of all of this was that cowardly trickster Sayyid attempting to bribe those men with machine guns, only to be shot down.

My A'idah, I am going to tell you ahead of time that by the time you receive this letter (and I doubt you'd even receive it), you will never see me again. I, Emir, Khaled, and Aahil are the only ones left hiding in this building. Before we die, we made sure to write letters to our friends and families, and to be finally be at peace with Allah. A'idah. I beg of you last time to tell Rehan and Laiba that their father died trying to protect all of us, to make sure my own death will never be in vain. As for you and our children, please do not forget to do serve no oppressors nor madmen. Be faithful in celebrating the Ramadan. Give each of our savings to less fortunate. Do justice and live rightly. And most of all, speak kindly of my name to at least make sure it gets honored for the last time.

Your loving husband, Faruq"

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