Field Commander

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Field Commander
Faction IPDILogoThumb.png Indo-Pacific Defense Initiative
Designation Officer
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Unit Type Infantry
Produced at Fort
Ability Coordinate Fire
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin Classified
Trained at IPDI Junior Commander School
Key Features » SCR-21 7.62mm Combat Rifle
» Binoculars
» Ceremonial Sword
» Portable Radio
» Environmental Hazard Uniform w/ Assault Vest

"In our men, we trust."
- Officer's creed

Tactical Analysis

  • Leaders: Field Commanders are junior officers trained to improve the fighting capabilities of their men. Due to their similar uniform, Field Commanders will stealth when in proximity with friendly infantry. Their presence will increase the Morale and Discipline of nearby soldiers. Field Commanders are also equipped with SCR-21 rifles, and can aid their men in suppression fire if necessary.
  • Search and Destroy: Field Commanders have the unique ability to coordinate the fire of their allies, focusing down weakened enemy forces. This causes the enemy to have their casualty pips shifted towards the front of the health bar, making it easier to eliminate squad members. The effect stacks with multiple Field Commanders. Do note that while coordinating fire, the Field Commander has to drop his or her stealth.
  • Targeted: Due to their experience and abilities, Field Commanders are high priority targets on the battlefield. They do not have superior armor or weaponry as compared to standard infantry, and as such as easy to eliminate when spotted. Take extra care when in presence of enemy snipers or air units.


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