Fenris Tank

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Fenris Tank
Fenrir Tank.png
An Imperial computer rendition of a Fenris Tank
Faction FylkirateLogoThumb.png Norse Fylkirate
Designation Main Battle Tank
Cost 950
Construction Time 15 seconds
Unit Type Vehicle
Produced at Feltet Fabrikk
Ability Felfrost shells
Additional Equipment Machine guns
Heroic Upgrade 145mm main gun (greatly increased damage and range)
Dev. Status Conceptual

Country of Origin Nordarikki
Produced at Feltet Fabrikk
Key Features » 121mm A9FA Smoothbore Anti-tank gun
» Composite armour (thick)
» Machine guns (13.4mm, coaxial and pintle)
» 1.1 Megawatt Turbine Engine
» "First to the battle, first to the feast" Bumper sticker

Tactical Analysis

  • Tank of the end times: The Fenris tank is a capable and reliable vehicle that has served well in the final wars with the directorate and in the alien wars. Now committed to either staring down the Concordiat and its allies at home, facing down the remnants of the Directorate or Unionist rebels; or in the main universe engaging in the Fylkirate's secret wars and operations, the Fenris continues to bring honour to the norse with a decent blend of traits that isn't especially amazing in any one area.
  • Cold of Nifelheim: Every Fenris Tank carries a stock of Frostfel shells that while less deadly than their standard APFSDS and High Explosive shells, carries a large area of effect that slows down the enemies struck by it, allowing for Fenris tanks to slow down whole advances in the bitter cold of their weapons fire.
  • The steel of men must fall: The Fenris tank is outclassed by more specialized tanks in their fields of expertise and remains highly vulnerable to air attack and the attentions of tank destroyers. Similarly, like most tanks, its armour is best on its front and when it only has to show its turret.
  • A new spear: The best Fenris tank aces whose names are decorated with glory and whose crews have known the favour of the Gods are allowed to test a tremendously powerful new 145mm gun that can pound other vehicles into scrap. Developed as a means of countering enemy superheavy armour, these new V12XR guns will not disappoint in the firepower they offer.


"Rolling through these green and pleasant lands, smiting those who fail the judgement of the All-father; all I can wonder is...where is the Vinkaldr?"

- A brief musing by a Fenris Tank commander looking for some booze to drink.

Faced with the Directorate of Eight Nations, the Fylkirate needed to deal with the masses of armoured vehicles flying the ram headed banner. Simple masses of anti-tank infantry, ground attack planes, artillery, and tank destroyers wouldn't be enough; especially not on the offensive. What was needed was a world class main battle tank capable of bringing the fight to the Directorate and stopping their hordes of tanks all the same. So a new project was undertaken with the purpose of creating this tank, with the winning design coming from a team from what is now Norway.

Heilagurinn Her af Norðmenn Fylkirrikki
(Holy Army of the Norse Fylkirate)
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