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Tactical Analysis

  • An Eye for an Eye: Probably the strongest dedicated anti-air unit that the Network is able to possess, the Eye in the Sky is a hijacked civilian helicopter uses an autocannon and a pair of rocket pods so it can defend itself against enemy jets and helicopters.
  • Eyes on the Target: However, the main trick up its sleeve is that it fires a cruise missile given by "helpful hands". The missile is held in the cargo hold and is to be pushed and activated towards its target.
  • Poke it in the Eye: Eyes in the Sky might be armored, but given enough concentrated AA fire, they will eventually fall like the rest.
  • Sight for Sore Eyes: Some Eye in the Sky operators model and tweak their aircraft to turn them to military-grade helicopters, giving them enhanced speed and attack.


"From Russia Without Love"

- A common graffiti in V2 missiles.

Each country has their own share of defectors, the most notorious of them all being Benedict Arnold of America. who was caught attempting to surrender West Point to the British Army during the 18th century.

Even until now, the idea of changing your allegiance with that of another country's became even more popular at such a turbulent time as today. Many Allied defectors to the Soviets (including the scientist Arthur Schwawlow) claim that the Allied Nations is acting less and less different than their sworn archenemy each passing day, to the point that they are willing to detain civilians with even the tiniest of pro-Communist sympathies, as shown in former President McCarthy's "Red Scare." On the other side of the spectrum, many political prisoners (especially those who speak out against whoever is on the Kremlin too much), factory workers and soldiers tired of dirt-poor treatment, and people put to gulags for sneezing loudly at crowded theatres found out about the "better" and "more interesting" wonders of the Western Bloc, such as McBurgerKong's, Ambrosia Cola and Numidium Entertainment System consoles.

Many of these Soviet defectors (including KGB double agents disguised as civilians) move to the United States, saying they just simply want to take a vacation somewhere. Bringing in lots of V2 missiles disguised as construction supplies and papier-mâché replicas as ordered by the KGB), they tried to contact the Confederates, only to be turned down due to being stereotyped with those "ungodly commies." Disappointed with the results, they immediately looked for "friendlier" associates, and eventually met the Network. The Network immediately welcomed them with open arms, and the rest, they say is history.

A Conduit officer even quipped that without those defectors, they would never have learned how to play Formation, how to drink vodka, and how My Little Drone was to television as Tchaikovsky was to classical music. For the defectors, it gives them a sigh of relief that they can play chess in a country where it is legal. Even so, one of those defectors who was an ex-Commissar even proposed an idea about one of the Network's aircraft: the Glaz v Nebe, simply put as the "Eye in the Sky". Its design would be stolen from existing Chippewa and Comanche, and even prototype Hind helicopters, and its true weapon would be a V2 that would be secretly launched as a cruise missile. To ensure that Allied and Unionist aircraft would have a hard time trying to down them, they would be covered with heavy armour as well.

These Soviet defectors are said to be one of your best allies when it comes to battles, but when it is all fun and games, they can be your worst rivals. They are reputed to be unbeatable especially in drinking contests, Formation and chess matches, and even debates on whoever is "best drone".

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