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The Excalibur Organization of the Fae Lords and the Warhost of the Prince of Eire
The Great Prince of the Forest, the Great Stag of Excalibur
Playstyle Hit-and-Run Tactics
Faction Colour Glaucous Grey
Type Redsverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Sé mo laoch, mo ghile mear,
Sé mo Shaesar, ghile mear;
Ní bhfuaireas féin aon suan ar séan
Ó chuaigh i gcéin, mo ghile mear."

-Mo Ghile Mear (My Gallant Darling), an old Irish song by Seán Clárach Mac Domhnaill.

The Excalibur Organization is an ancient secret society centered in Six Nations of the Celts, and they have confederates and allies all across the world in order to achieve their goals. From the dark heart of Ireland, Excalibur conspires; an ancient and surprisingly large coalition of those that still worship the Old Gods that inhabited the British Isles and Celtic Europe before the onset of Christianity, and they seek to return the world, or at the very least, much of Europe, back to a time of pagan glory, and they will stop at nothing to achieve this. Advocating pagan Celtic unity and what could be interpreted as a form of extreme Celtic nationalism, Excalibur has, due to the will of the Prince of Eire, generally stayed out of the mess that was the Second and Third World Wars, although now, with the world getting stranger by the minute, Excalibur has decided to awaken, and claim what they have declared as rightfully theirs. And they will stop at nothing to claim their goals, be it through their manipulation of the Commonwealth of Nations and their own pagan allies, or with outright war - nothing can stop Excalibur and the Warhost of the Prince of Eire.

At a Glance

Faction Color Glaucous Grey
Playstyle Hit-and-Run Tactics
Preferred Theatre of Operations Rural and Forested Terrain
Strengths Fast troops, very flexible units, great morale, decent armour on vehicles, units are stealthed in Forests, most units have excellent range, interesting array of different type of units.
Weaknesses Severe lack of tanks, best troops are expensive, lack of aircraft in general, cheapest units tend to have a low rate of fire, infantry tend to have low health.
Intended Players


Memories of the Tuatha Dé Danann

When One Door Opens...

The Fall of the Aos Sí

The Devil You Know

Beart de réir ár mbriathar


General Fenella Seadh, High Queen of the Alban Clans

Niamh Erin The energetic and mischievous eldest daughter of Walter Erin, and the heir-apparent of Excalibur, the young Niamh is devious, quick, and deadly. Bounding onto the battlefield dressed in the brightest green, Niamh can incinerate enemy soldiers with a click of her fingers, thanks to the power of Fae Tech and Fae Fire. As well as Fae Fire, Niamh can use her Fae Tech in order to create a shadowy double of herself which, while unable to attack and only having half her durability, can fool enemy troops long enough to allow her to escape.
Gallowglass Loyal Scottish youths trained in the art of war by Excalibur’s veterans, they replace the Fianna Fàil for Queen Seadh. Armed with modified, stolen assault rifles, and specially produced grenade launchers, Gallowglasses are hard hitting, if lightly armoured, infantry, who are trained ideally for fast assaults against the more defensive encampments that Excalibur is liable to face.
Highland Laird Replacing the Regfénnid Liege for the Alban Clans, these Highland Lairds are the sons and daughters of the Scottish Nobles within Excalibur’s growing ranks. Clad in strong and highly decorated combat armour that allows them to shrug off tank shells, they're surprisingly fast, and their weapon of choice - a special, Excalibur made Anti-Air rocket launchers, coupled with special shells filled with Fae Fire - makes them very dangerous and accurate against any planes or the such that would be thrown their way. However, due to the nature of their weaponry, they don’t fare as well against tanks, although infantry will still suffer from any shots thrown their way.
Feral Kelpie A replacement of the Tamed Pooka, the Feral Kelpie is a vicious equine creature, with sharpened fangs and a vile temperament. Amphibious in nature, unlike the primarily aquatic Pooka, the Kelpie can terrorize infantry and armoured vehicles on land, as well as in water. Faster than the Pooka, the Kelpie can also jump over enemy walls, as well as enter a feral rage-like state, which causes them to hit much harder and faster, at the cost of injuring their surprisingly delicate internal organs and muscles.
Neamhan Assault Car Replacing the Dullahan Armoured Car, the Neamhan loses the Dullahan’s machine gun, replacing it with a larger, upgraded version of the Búar Sídh missile system. These large missiles are able to tear through enemy bunkers and armour, and the lighter frame of the Neamhan makes it slightly faster than the Dullahan, although it still lacks proper armour. Also, the Neamhan comes equipped with another set of missiles, which contain a specialized psychotic agent within them, cause both friend and foe to fight one another in a frenzied rage, although to fire these missiles, the Neamhan needs to deploy.
Baobhan Sith A replacement of the Prince’s Fili, the Baobhan Sith are beautiful seductresses, whose beauty can inspire their fellow Excalibur soldiers to fight harder and faster, just at a chance to impress these dangerous killers. Armed as well with razor sharp blades, these Baobhan Sith are hardly helpless in close quarters, and, rather morbidly, they can also drink the blood of fallen soldiers, both from Excalibur and those fighting against Excalibur, in order to heal any wounds they may have unfortunately sustained in the field.
Great Boobrie Bird Oversized, carnivorous, and highly intelligent birds, reminiscent of the long extinct Great Auk and the still living Fulmar, the Boobie replaces the Caorthannach Flyer for Excalibur’s Alban Clans. At home in the air and at sea, these large birds can pick up enemy soldiers with ease, only to drop them from great heights. In order to deal with enemy armour and ships, the Boobrie retains a rather disgusting characteristic from its Fulmar ancestry, albeit, a lot more dangerous - the ability to violently vomit a vile, acidic, glue-like bile, that burns through metal and flesh, and sticks to everything it touches, bar the Boobrie’s own feathers. Disgusting and horrific, this vomited glue will also stick to, and burn, any unfortunate Excalibur troops that are unlucky enough to encounter the stuff.

General Emrys Llywelyn, Lord of the Iarlls of Cymru

Heddwyn Created in the depths of the Excalibur base at Dinas Emrys, Heddwyn is a large, intelligent, dragonesque creature, modelled after the famed Welsh Red Dragon, and completely under the thrall of Excalibur. With steel-hard scales, razor-sharp claws, and the ability to breath fire, Heddwyn can easily wreak havoc across any battlefield she comes across. Hard to take down, but also still very much wild in Excalibur’s control, Heddwyn can even take to the skies with her leathery wings, in order to bring the power of Excalibur to the skies as well.
Gwentland Raiders
Helwyr of Powys
Horsemasters of Deheubarth
Llamhigyn Y Dwr
Gwyllgi Huntsmen
Adar Llwch Gwin Fighter

General Kensa Marrak, Guardian of the Leath-Cine

Kaswallawn The latest prodigy in a long line of Excalibur’s highest order of assassins, Kaswallawn is a refined, owl-themed killer, able to strike down any and all that Excalibur commands him to. With sharpened blades, he can slash through flesh and armour with ease, and specialize anti-vehicular explosives, for when he’s forced to deal with them, there’s very little that can stand in his way. As well as these tools, Kaswallawn has a flock of specially bred owls, with enhanced shrieks, that he can send out in order to act as a diversion for him, spreading panic and fear through some of the lesser trained ranks of Excalibur’s enemies.
Manx Sheephounds Replacing the Cat Sidhe, these packs of previously thought to be extinct sheepdogs are valued for their ability to 'hould' enemy troopers, being able to break them away from the rest of the enemy army and keep them immobile for the rest of Excalibur to pick off.
Lost Stranger Replacing the Fianna Fàil, the Lost Strangers have ditched the Lee-Enfield Rifle in favour of sawn-off Shotguns, giving them terrible range, but vastly superior damage. In addition to this change of weaponry, they wear less armour as well - making them faster, and allowing them to blend in with civilian crowds until they get close enough to their enemies.
Sacsanach-Ghrian Driver
Shilling Flyers

The Great Warhost


Prince's Caisleán The central location for any Excalibur base, these stone and wood structures are constructed by Excalibur's MCV, and are used to build all of the rest of Excalibur's structures and defences. As a part of Excalibur's doctrine, the Caisleán also trains and houses Excalibur's proud warrior caste on the battlefield, negating the need for a separate infantry building. Also, all other military buildings for Excalibur's warhost, bar the Iarll's Portlands, can only be built as an extension to the Caisleán.
Otherworld Henge Power plants for Excalibur that utilize Fae Tech in order to generate power, and they can be upgraded with additional Fae Tech Rings in order to generate more power for the Warhost.
Ore Cache Tithe Chariots deposit ore at these caches for Excalibur's war effort, where it's refined for use. This is also where additional Tithe Chariots are built.
Tighearna's Palace Constructed as an extension to the Caisleán, this is where the Chariots and the few tanks of Excalibur are constructed.
Thegn's Keep Constructed as an extension to the Caisleán, this is where the limited air force of Excalibur are trained, and it also possesses the abilities to repair the aircraft as well.
Iarll's Portlands Used to build, house and maintain the naval forces of Excalibur.
Faekin Barrowmound Bunkers disguised as barrow mounds, the Faekin Barrowmound is required to advance to tier two, and it used to supply Excalibur with the means to upgrade their soldiers on the battlefield, as well as unlocking the ability to train the Prince's Retinue to aid in the War.
Standing Stone Temple A simple temple constructed in the field, Excalibur can drag enemy soldiers here in order to be sacrificed. Doing so rallies the soldiers of Excalibur's warhost, causing them to fight harder, shoot better, and even shrug off all but the greatest wounds, albeit temporarily.
The Lia Fáil Excalibur's secondary superweapon, the Lia Fáil causes a temporary ceasefire between all combatants, enemy and friend alike, for a short while.
Wrath of the Tuatha Dé Danann The dreaded ultimate weapon of Excalibur, the Wrath is the holding cage for the uncontrollable Nuckalavee - a biological monstrosity that will as readily tear Excalibur to shreds as it would Excalibur's foes. Wild and untamed, the creature will rampage across the battlefield, massacring any and everything, until it's put down - although it's incredibly difficult to take it down - a fact many within the Warhost will testify to.


Alban Walls
Kernow Gate
Manx Machinegun Encampment
Cymru Airwatcher
Breizh Mine Tower
Eire Defence Artillery
Wicker Man


Cat Sidhe Large black felines that have been rumoured to be stalking the moors and highlands of Scotland and the backcountry of Ireland, these dangerous, mysterious cats have been bred and trained for almost a hundred years by the Prince of Eire's Court. Bred for their sharp teeth and claws that can rip through infantry with ease, and these large cats can seemingly disappear as quickly as they come, making them a dangerous creature for enemy soldiers to face.
Fianna Fàil The Warriors of Destiny that rally to the call of the Prince of Eire, these highly agile and armoured soldiers run across the battlefield with their modified Lee-Enfield rifles, decorated masks and fine combat armour, able to pick off their enemies with their well placed rounds, before seemingly disappearing from sight. Fast, quick and very dangerous in the right hands, these Fianna only rest when the enemies of the Prince are dead and gone. Their lightly armoured frames and fast speed allows them to get the upper hand on unaware and slower enemies, making them perfect for Excalibur's usual tactics.
Lugh Chargers The Anti-Tank troops of Excalibur, these dangerously loyal soldiers charge enemy armour positions with a dangerous explosive lance, known as a Lance of Lugh, that can punch through most of the armour that their enemies use. Lightly armoured, they've also been trained to take charging stances when ordered, giving them a burst of speed to rapidly close the distance between them and their enemies.
Daughter of the Danann Women who have been trained in both medical methods and utility methods, they can psych themselves up on some of their elixirs that allows them to perform their tasks at a much quicker rate, although when these elixirs wear off, their bodies almost completely crash, meaning that they’re a lot, lot slower in performing their tasks.
Rider of Cernunnos
Cú Mhorrigan
Prince's Fili
Lord of the Tuatha
Disciple of Ankou
Rígfénnid Liege


Alp-luachra Gatherer
Bocanach Chariot
Badbh Attack Chariot
Cŵn Annwn Chariot
Fuidir Chariot
Dullahan Armoured Car
Banshee Tank
Fomorian Light Artillery Piece
Coach of the Fae


Samahain Fighter Old monoplanes armed with machine guns and capable of flying deftly through enemy flak, the Samhain is capable of moving through any struggle, and modifications to it allows it land almost anywhere, and make minor repairs overtime.
Otherworld Bomber Well defended and armored, but still very capable of being shot down by enemy flak, the Otherworld Bomber fly in bristling with defensive machine guns in order to drop a single, massive bomb that's capable of leveling any enemy structure with one hit. After each run, however, the Otherworld Bomber needs to return to base to restock the Bomb.
Dagda Interceptor
Ysbaddaden Transport Helicopter
Caorthannach Flyer


Dobhar-Chú Canine-like Otters that have hidden away in Ireland's waterways and lakes for centuries, these Dobhar-Chú patrol the waters that Excalibur has laid claim to, scouting and looking for signs of enemy activity. When these water hounds come across swimming enemies, they can savage them to death with their sharp claws and powerful jaws, being capable of even killing any dolphin they encounter. These Dobhar-Chú can even walk along beaches, giving them basic amphibious capabilities, although they're much slower and easier to kill on land.
Selkie Young women that have allowed themselves to be subjected to a new form of Fae Tech bio-mechanics, that has combined their human form, with that of a Seal. Now, they have the waterborne elegance and speed of their beloved seals, with the added bonus of human manipulation and speech, and they speed into the aquatic theatres that Excalibur takes to. Armed with a slew of explosives to sabotage enemy ships, and knives in case they meet other swimming enemies in their waters. And, to further make use of their aquatic nature, these Selkies have been given specialized devices - ones that allow them to turn other aquatic creatures to Excalibur's side. However, this device takes time to work, how much time depends on the size of the targeted creature, and if the Selkie is killed before the process is finished, then the creature remains with its original side.
Sea Mither In essence, a waterborne chariot, the Sea Mither is the Excalibur Group's premier fast-attack craft. The Sea Mither comes heavily armed with two 12.7mm heavy machine guns mounted on its forward decks. As an added bonus, Sea Mithers have been equipped with several heavy-duty fishing nets which allow them to capture swimming infantry units to be sacrificed at the Standing Stone Circle. Captured enemy units are automatically transported to the nearest Circle to be sacrificed.
Tamed Pooka
Kelpie Submersible Special designs made by Excalibur's agents within the Alliance Military Industrial Complex, the Kelpie is a small, agile submarine which can stealthily track ships from deep below the waves. Instead of the standard torpedoes, the Kelpie comes armed with special sonar which has been modified heavily with Fae Tech which sends off sound waves which can damage and sometimes fracture the hulls of enemy vessels.
Ler Frigate
Awrawn Battleship
Biesht Kione

Commando and Epic Unit

An Niseag

Allies, Pagans, and Other Associated Organizations of the Warhost

First Nation of the North

Wendigo Outcast
Stick Indian

Lords of the Great Ba'al

Sons of Osiris

Remnants of Orcus

Adherents of Mahakali

Slit-Throat Sect

The Great and Sacred Dionysian Mysteries

Akom Revivalists