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The Excalibur Group of the Lords of the Fae
Playstyle Ambushes and faux retreats
Faction Colour Grey & Black
Type Blue Alert 3 Annihilation Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.
Remember me to one who lives there,
She once was a true love of mine.
Tell her to make me a Cambric Shirt,
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
Without no seams nor needlework,
Then she'll a true love of Mine."

- "Scarborough Fair" a Traditional English Ballad

The Excalibur Group, or just Excalibur is a secretive faction operating throughout the British Isles and Brittany, and is using the Union of Anti-Communists as a cover for their master plan. Originally a collection of the old English elite that sought a Pax Britannica across the globe, the group has been supplanted and appropriated by the self declared Prince of Eire, who leads a conspiracy to turn the world over to the spirits and Fae of the Otherworld. Made up of neo-paganist followers and others who believe in the Prince's goals, they've managed to set their tendrils deep into the UAC, with Aaron Roman's right hand man being the Prince himself.

Other than in the UAC, Excalibur has set its sights on new allies and plans to aid themselves in the future. As their long game plays out, they observe the other shadowy groups of the world from afar, and they've linked ties with the Dominion of Epsilon, a gamble that the Prince is willing to undertake - if it means that Excalibur will finally get its chance to create their Celtic Empire, and unify the Six Nations under the Prince's Banner, once and for all.

At A Glance

Faction Color Grey/Black
Playstyle Ambushes and Faux Retreats
Theatre of Operations Countryside and forests
Strengths Fast troops, very flexible units, great morale, decent armour, units are stealthed in Forests, excellent at ambush strategies, interesting array of different type of units
Weaknesses Severe Lack of tanks, best troops are expensive, fastest units are Melee, cheapest units have a low rate of fire, most armoured vehicles are Armoured Cars or chariots,
Motives The Otherworld, Neo-Celticism, harmony
Basic Look Heavy Irish Celtic influences, lots of deer antlers everywhere, 19th century Occultism.


Children of the Elder Gods, Arise!

Setting Fire to Our Past,

When Will the Night Will Arrive?

Who Are You, Really?

Now, Show the World the Supernatural!

The Prince of Eire's War Host

᚛ᚃᚆᚓᚅ ᚑᚅᚓ ᚇᚑᚑᚏ ᚉᚂᚑᚄᚓᚄ ᚐᚅᚑᚈᚆᚓᚏ ᚑᚅᚓ ᚑᚚᚓᚅᚄ᚜

-An inscription in the Ogham alphabet that has been found scratched into buildings and on bases all across Ireland. Free State linguists have translated it as being the old Irish phrase "When one door closes, another one opens". Both members of the Frith-Sraith Cumannach na hÉireann, an Irish subsidiary of the UAC, and the Phoenix Front deny writing these messages.


Caisleán The field base for the Excalibur Group, these battlefield forts supply the tools needed to construct the rest of the buildings that the Group requires in the field, as well as organizing the other warriors of the Group in the field.
Otherworld Circle Powered by a branch of what the group has called “Fae Tech”, these constructions act as the power source that the Excalibur Group needs for their war effort. While they are one of the more expensive forms of power plant that can be built, it provides a decent amount of energy for Excalibur.
Refinery Circle Other than in its appearance, Refinery Circles are functionally the same as the refineries of the other factions.
Fae Queen's Grove The training and organizational grounds for the infantry sectors of the Princes War Host, the Fae Queen’s Grove is required to build the other land based army bases, as they’re all built as extensions to the Fae Queen's Grove.
Baron's Palace The grounds and workshops require to see to the armoured cars, chariots and other vehicles that the Excalibur Group takes to the field with.
Laird's Keep Privately owned airstrips that can be set up for when the Excalibur Group needs to bring its airforce to play on the battlefield.
Prince's Temple The sacred places where the loyalist members of the Excalibur Group, known as the 'Warriors of the Six Nations', are trained, supplied, or enhanced by the Group’s ‘Fae Tech’.
Iarll's Docking The locales used by the Excalibur group for the maintenance and supply of their limited wet navy.
Standing Stone Circle Specially constructed stone circles for the Battlefield, common soldiers of the Excalibur Group can drag stunned enemy soldiers here, where they’ll be sacrificed to the Old Gods and the Fae. Doing so causes the troops of Excalibur to fight harder, faster and shrug off more wounds than normal.
Fae Barrow Modern barrows that house the intelligence and technological devices of the Excalibur Group, these Fae Barrows are required if the Group want to field their more powerful weapons of war.
Eye of Balor The defensive superweapon that the Excalibur Group uses, the Eye of Balor uses advanced technology to reveal enemy positions across the map, and any enemies caught in its gaze will find themselves weaker and quicker to rout from the field.
Tower of Dinas Emrys A pyramidal tower-like construct that is only used when the Excalibur Group gets serious on the field of battle, the Tower of Dinas Emrys summons the most dangerous creature that the Followers of the Fae have been able to create using a combination of Fae Tech and bio-engineering, the Y Ddraig Goch.

Sub-UnitY Ddraig Goch - This creature is a powerful, fire-breathing dragonesque creature that can wreak havoc across the battlefield, and when coupled with its dangerous claws and gliding abilities, it’ll take a lot to put the Y Ddraig Goch down, but because of this creature, the Tower of Dinas Emrys is very expensive. And the creature will eventually die from enough enemy fire.


Celtic Walls Thick stone and wood walls designed to protect the loyal soldiers of the Prince's War Host when the call to battle has been sounded.
Celtic Gate The large gates that allow the soldiers of Excalibur to go to and from their bases.
Machine Gunner Encampment A simple defensive ring that has a Alba Machine Gun in it, this post is cheap, quick to build and should take care of most forms of basic infantry.
Machine Rifle Encampment Defensive rings that harbour a specialist Cymru Machine Rifle for anti-air duty, the Machine Rifle is cheaper, faster, and debatably less effective than a standard flak turret.
Rocket Fortification Small round forts armed with specialist dumb-fire rocket Launchers, they rain explosive rockets down on the enemies of the Prince of Eire from a great distance.
Razor Wire Roller Small posts constructed similar to walls, they're joined together by sharp razor wire, which, while letting enemy soldiers through, will slice them to pieces in the process, and even vehicles such as armoured cars will find themselves getting damaged
Mortar Defensive Encampment Small, but powerful Mannin Class mortars that are used to provide specific shots against approaching enemies with high powered shells.
Kernow Mine Tower Dangerous devices that spew out mines in a large radius, turning swathes of the battlefield into explosive deathtraps, and are often seen used to cover the Excalibur Group when they fall back from an assault.
Wicker Man Large and imposing human-esque constructs that are packed with animals and captured enemies, and then set on fire, these monstrous statues are used as rallying points for the warriors of Excalibur, and they'll fight harder and push through minor injuries when basked in its flaming glow. On the other hand, enemy soldiers tend to react to such a construct with fear and revulsion, and this often leads to them panicking and therefore, firing with less accuracy than normal.

Followers of the Faefolk

Cat sìth Large black felines that have been rumoured to be stalking the moors and dales of the UK and the backcountry of Ireland, these dangerous, mysterious cats have been bred and trained for almost a hundred years by the Prince of Eire's household. Bred for their sharp teeth and claws that can rip through infantry with ease, and these large cats can seemingly disappear as quickly as they come, making them a dangerous creature for enemy soldiers to face.
Saturnine Volunteer Normally posing as members of local militia until the Prince calls for them, Saturnine Volunteers are dangerously loyal soldiers, armed with modified and decorated Lee-Enfield Rifles, composed of people trained to a paramilitary standard, and dressed in antlered masks and painted body armour, these Saturnine Volunteers serve as the main armed soldier for the Excalibur Group. While they are lightly armoured, this allows them to be dangerously quick on the field, and they can serve as decent infantry in the field under the right commander
Soldier of Excalibur The Anti-Tank troops of the Excalibur Group, these dangerously loyal soldiers charge enemy armour positions with a dangerous explosive lance, known as a Lance of Lugh, that can punch through most of the armour that their enemies use. Lightly armoured, they have also been trained to take charging stances when ordered, giving them a burst of speed to rapidly close the distance between them and their enemies.
Disciple of Belenus The known commanders for the various military cells of the Excalibur Group, these Disciples of Belenus are armed with dangerous sickles that they can use to slice enemy infantry to pieces, if they get too close. However, the main role of the Disciples, as Commanders in the field, is to perform sacrifices to the Gods in the field. They can choose to grab a nearby enemy soldier and carve his throat out to the Gods of the Otherworld, not only giving the Excalibur soldiers a morale boost and an increase to their fire rate similar to the benefit of the Standing Stones, but also causing some of the lesser forms of enemy infantry to panic and flee.
Daughter of the Fae Women who have been trained in both medical methods and utility methods, they can psych themselves up on some of their elixirs that allows them to perform their tasks at a much quicker rate, although when these elixirs wear off, their bodies almost completely crash, meaning that they’re a lot, lot slower in performing their tasks.
Hart Rider Members of the self declared ‘nobility’ that the Excalibur Group has constructed, these graceful soldiers ride across the battlefield on trained war deer, carrying hunting shotguns with hunting slugs, blasting away anyone who gets in their way. Very skilled riders, they can leap over any type of terrain, which includes enemy walls and vehicles.
Prophet of Eire Brought to the field as the vocal supporters of the average warriors of the Excalibur Group, Prophets of Eire can cause the warriors of Excalibur, just by their presence alone, to fight better and last longer in the field, staying their lives for a bit longer than normal. And, to allow the Excalibur Group to pack a better punch in the field, they can choose to distribute heavier weapons to select troops, increasing their overall damage and their range. However, other than in these passive ways, they can’t hurt enemy troops, and they lack armour under their suit and robes.
Earl of the Forest Some of the uppermost echelons of the Excalibur Group that are trained and brought to the field as snipers for the Prince of Eire, they carry powerful hunting rifles that are excellent at blasting through enemy infantry and battlesuits at quite a distance, and they carry whips that allow them to disarm and stun enemy infantry that gets too close to them. Slow due to their careful and delicate movements, they also have the benefit of high powered scopes that allow them to see far into the distance and spy on enemy positions from a distance.
Broken Mask Trusted members of the Excalibur Group that have been tasked with the infiltration of common society, Broken Masks can be seen in cities from London, Boston and Hong Kong, posing as either localized natives or as visiting travellers, these men and women are normally seen as innocent civilians, at least until they open fire with their deadly rifles, that are disguised as common umbrellas. Another use for these dangerous parasols are that they can be used to silently designate enemy targets out for the rest of the Excalibur Groups ground forces.
Emerald Squad Young up-and-comers within the Excalibur Group, hand selected by the Prince of Eire himself, these youths are taught to stalk the battlefield until they come across an enemy soldier, at which point, they show off their real training as battlefield assassins, attacking in a flurry of stabs and slashes with their twin sword blades. They can also be told to drink the elixirs that the Daughter of the Fae have prepared for them, giving them an adrenaline rush, meaning that they can run away from their tougher opponents faster, and they ignore their wounds for a short while.
Picts of Nemain Harkening from across the Scottish Highlands, the Picts of Nemain are the most ghoulish of the War Host of the Prince of Eire. Lightly armoured and swift, these grinning soldiers have a very unique form of weapon - the severed heads of fallen enemies, coated in lye, which they throw with force at any enemy they happen to chance upon. Such a tactic not only sees the lye burn enemy soldiers, but also spreads panic amongst the unfortunate soldiers. With their only other arm being a ceremonial sword, these soldiers have a very short range, and their armour won't stop many enemy bullets. However, they have another tactic at their disposal, as they can be ordered to gather heads from a recently deceased group of enemy soldiers, meaning that, at least for a little while, their ghoulish payloads will spread even more panic amongst enemy soldiers, as they get bludgeoned by the heads of fallen friends.
Hound of Ulster The warriors that have shown a certain level of devotion to the Prince of Eire, these Hounds of Ulster are trained to use specially developed PIAT Launchers that have been modified to launch smoke rounds to cover the battlefield, allowing the other troops of Excalibur to retreat, as well as firing the normal rounds to deal with enemy heavy vehicles.
Baron of the Tuatha The local leaders of the districts of Excalibur who answer directly to the Prince of Eire, these Barons stride powerfully into battlefield, their combat armour bedecked with the trophies of their kills, these barons are allowed to use some of the specially designed ‘Fae Tech’ that makes it appear as if these Barons are conjuring otherworldly flames to roast enemy soldiers alive, and even begin to melt armoured cars and damage the engines of tanks. And, if enemy soldiers get too close to them, then they can unsheathe their serrated electroshock broadswords to stun and slice impudent infantry to pieces.
Knight of Oberon The elite guard of the Prince of Eire, Knights of Oberon are clad in gilded combat armour and are armed with trusty Submachine Guns with armour piercing rounds, that they can fire as they charge around the battlefield, which allows them to fall back and reveal their weapon of choice, a specially designed mine that, when it explodes, sprays darts laced with deadly neurotoxin, decimating enemy infantry in a massive radius, and the explosion can even damage vehicles if they’re the ones that detonate it.
Pariah of the Shroud Hooded soldiers that wear partial exoskeletons reversed engineered from Syndicate, UAC and Imperial technology, these dangerous, monotone soldiers can decimate enemy battalions with their array of weaponry, with their wrist mounted machine guns being able to carve through enemy infantry, and then being able to switch to the their bank of shoulder mounted rockets, allowing them to turn enemy tanks and planes into shrapnel.
Niamh The energetic commando for the Excalibur group, Niamh is devious, excitable, and deadly. The self titled Prince’s Squire runs onto the field with gleeful abandon, using dangerous ‘Fae Tech’ to incinerate enemy soldiers with a click of her fingers, as well as using her sacrificial blade in emergencies. Niamh can also create a double of herself using ‘Fae Tech’, a double that can’t attack and only have half Niamh’s durability, but will fool enemy soldiers long enough for Niamh to either retreat, or get into a better ambushing position.


Mobile Caisleán Vehicle
Alp-Luachra Gatherer
Béim Sidh Sphere
Boccánach Chariot
Cú Dorchadas Chariot
Chariot of Mab
Badbh Chariot
Siabhra Attack Car
Fuidir War Car
Dullahan Armoured Car A fast moving and relatively well armoured vehicle, the Dullahan is armed with a quad set of .50 calibre machine guns that it uses to lace enemy soldiers with bullets as it drives about the field. However, the Dullahan's real strength comes from the Búar Sídh missiles that it packs, although it has to deploy to fire them. These dumb-fire missiles can be utilized by the Dullahan to tackle enemy armour, although firing them means that the Dullahan is both stationary, and unable to utilize its machine guns.
Banshee Tank The only actual tank within Excalibur's ranks, this heavily armoured vehicle also has the distinction of being a tank that has no real means of directly damaging enemy troops and vehicles. Based off Salvator Tanks stolen from the UAC, the Banshee has had its 105m removed and replaced with a so-called 'Banshee Gun', which utilizes sound waves and psychological triggers to cause enemy soldiers to become paralyzed with fear, and can even pierce the armour of a tank to cause the crew to panic and stop manning it, temporarily, allowing Excalibur troops to pick their enemies off with ease.
Fomorian Heavy Artillery Piece

Warriors of the Six Nations

Red Hand Recruited from all over the Six Celtic Nations, these Red Hands are young, headstrong, and ever the willing to fight for the Prince of Eire. Armed with .45 cal. Submachine guns and the attire of a civilian, these Red Hands can slip between being a warrior of Excalibur and an unassuming wanderer in the blink of an eye, and they have another trick up their sleeve - They can mark enemy troops that they have selected with the Red Hand, which not only allows Excalibur to view their enemies movements, but also spreads panic and paranoia amongst the unfortunate marked soldiers, making them fight much worse than they normally would.
Fianna Fàil The Warriors of Destiny that rally to the call of the Excalibur Group, these highly agile and armoured soldiers run across the battlefield with their 5.56mm Assault Rifles, spraying their enemies with their bullets, before seemingly disappearing before their eyes. Fast, quick and very dangerous in the right hands, these Fianna only rest when the enemies of the Prince are dead and gone.
Gallόglaigh Scottish youths that have been trained by the Ulster regiments of the Excalibur Group, they’ve been trained to use their specially designed war axes to cleave through enemy infantry, and when they’re forced to tackle enemy armour, they can break out their specialized grenade launchers that utilize a revolver style of firing. While this means they can launch six grenades off before reloading, this makes said reloading time take a while, and in this time gap, these lightly armoured youths can quickly fall to enemy fire.
Galway Rapparee Charming tricksters from across Ireland, these soldiers flounce into battle, lightly armoured and armed with their serrated sabres and powerful single shot pistols, which can punch through the armour of a Tesla Comrade with ease. However, what makes these modern day dandies extra useful to the cause of Excalibur, is that they’ll often take loot from the soldier’s they kill, which then goes straight into Excalibur’s coffers to help fund the next advance of the war host.
Manrent Noble-liege The children of the Scottish Lairds that pledge allegiance to the Prince of Eire, these warriors march to battle in heavy, and highly decorated combat power armour that can survive all but direct hits from tank shells, and they’ve been armed with a powerful Anti-Air rocket launcher, one that can destroy enemy planes with deadly efficiency and accuracy. However, their slow speed and the nature of their weaponry makes them sitting targets for long range snipers and anti-tank specialists, and they’re also susceptible to being swarmed by enemy soldiers. But, the do have a way to temporarily deal with the latter, in the form of a personal deterrent device that they can use to form rings of Fae Fire around them - fire that, while not damaging enemy soldiers, is sure to make them get as far away from the strange blue flames as quickly as possible.
Raiders of Gwent Hailing from the depths of Cymru, these raiders specialize in performing quick, hard hitting raids against garrisoned enemies of Excalibur, they’ve been armed with Dyrnwyn swords that can burn through enemy infantry with ease, as well as a deadly pack of Dormach Hounds that run at these raider’s heels. These hounds can be commanded to hunt down any enemy soldier they see, but, like their masters, are unarmoured are can be easily killed by alert soldiers.
Saethwyr Named after the famed Welsh longbowmen of the past, these soldiers sneak across the battlefield, armed with modern Compound Longbows, these deadly archers can accurately and consistently place arrows through the hearts of their enemies from quite a distance. While almost nowhere near the match of a sniper rifle, these longbowmen are deadly quiet, and their ammunition is silent, allowing them to remained stealthed as they begin to pick off their enemies. And, as a trick up their sleeves, these Saethwyr can even utilize a set of explosive arrow, for specific use against infantry, rather than vehicles, meaning they can turn chosen enemies into a shower of blood and gore, much to the horror of the surrounding soldiers.
Mannin Machine Chariot Constructed on the Isle of Man, these specialized chariots are armoured with steel plates, and support a .50 calibre Mannin Machine Gun to mow down enemy soldiers quickly and efficiently while driving around the battlefield. While the armoured horses can be killed by their enemies, the Mannin Machine Chariot will not stop fighting until either its passengers, or its enemies are dead. As an added bonus, the Mannin can stop firing for a moment and instead trail a series anti-vehicular mines behind it as it speeds along, giving the Mannin the chance to destroy enemy vehicles as well.
Briezh Defender Crafted in Excalibur owned factories across Brittany, the Breizh are dangerously quick armoured cars armed with a twin set of 37mm autocannons, and decorated in a slew of icons worshipping the Gods and the Prince of Eire. Lightly armoured, it also comes equipped with a Fae Tech designed device called the Ankou Resonator - A device that uses mental suggestion and suggestive imagery to strike fear into enemy soldiers, and cause the rest of Excalibur to fight even harder - For the Ankou Resonator makes it seem as if Death itself is fighting for the Prince of Eire.
Kernow Woodkern Cornish skirmishers, trained to a very high degree, these Woodkern know how to stalk their enemies and remain hidden until they’re required to strike without mercy. Packing satchels filled with explosives that they use to blow up enemy buildings and even tanks if they can get close enough - and if they’re found, they have a revolver rifle to deal with invasive enemy soldiers. As a last chance, when the battle becomes too intense, they can be ordered to set and throw one of their satchels at the enemy - a satchel that’s packing enough explosives to turn a Chariot Tank to scrap. However, this evasive maneuver will mean that the Woodkern will not be able to lay anymore explosives until they get restocked, and as these explosives take a few moments to detonate, quick moving infantry should be able to get out of the blast radius, and swarm the Woodkern’s now undefended position.
Owlmen of Mawnan One of the more horrifying creatures that Excalibur can field and actually control, these Owl Men are exactly as they are - a horrifying cross between an Owl and a man. Standing at the same hight as your average Peacemaker, these screeching horrors are able to rip almost any soldier to pieces with their clawed hands, which resemble human sized owl talons, and their razor sharp beaks can just as easily crush a soldier's armour as it can their bones. They have even been known to be able to tear into armoured cars and light tanks to get at the defenseless operators inside. Normally seen dressed in just their 'natural' Owl-esque plumage and old, cast off dress suits to add to their overall effect, this inhumanly fast monsters can just as easily be killed as they can kill their enemies. However, as an ace up their worn sleeves, the Owlmen can be 'ordered' to begin their high pitched screeching, not only causing any other Owlman in the area to start attack with renewed vigor, but also temporally paralyse enemy soldiers from both fear and pain, allowing the Owlmen to have easy prey for the foreseeable future.


Samahain Fighter Old monoplanes armed with machine guns and capable of flying deftly through enemy flak, the Samhain is capable of moving through any struggle, and modifications to it allows it land almost anywhere, and make minor repairs overtime.
Otherworld Bomber Well defended and armoured, but still very capable of being shot down by enemy flak, the Otherworld Bomber fly in bristling with defensive machine guns in order to drop a single, massive bomb that's capable of levelling any enemy structure with one hit. After each run, however, the Otherworld Bomber needs to return to base to restock the Bomb.


Dobhar-Chú Canine-like Otters that have hidden away in Ireland's waterways and lakes for centuries, these Dobhar-Chú patrol the waters that Excalibur has laid claim to, scouting and looking for signs of enemy activity. When these water hounds come across swimming enemies, they can savage them to death with their sharp claws and powerful jaws, being capable of even killing any dolphin they encounter. These Dobhar-Chú can even walk along beaches, giving them basic amphibious capabilities, although they're much slower and easier to kill on land.
Selkie Young women that have allowed themselves to be subjected to a new form of Fae Tech bio-mechanics, that has combined their human form, with that of a Seal. Now, they have the waterborne elegance and speed of their beloved seals, with the added bonus of human manipulation and speech, and they speed into the aquatic theatres that Excalibur takes to. Armed with a slew of explosives to sabotage enemy ships, and knives in case they meet other swimming enemies in their waters. And, to further make use of their aquatic nature, these Selkies have been given specialized devices - ones that allow them to turn other aquatic creatures to Excalibur's side. However, this device takes time to work, how much time depends on the size of the targeted creature, and if the Selkie is killed before the process is finished, then the creature remains with its original side.
Sea Mither In essecnce, a waterborne chariot, the Sea Mither is the Excalibur Group's premier fast-attack craft. The Sea Mither comes heavily armed with two 12.7mm heavy machine guns mounted on its forward decks. As an added bonus, Sea Mithers have been equipped with several heavy-duty fishing nets which allow them to capture swimming infatry units to be sacrificed at the Standing Stone Circle. Captured enemy units are automatically transported to the nearest Circle to be sacrificed.
Kelpie Submersible Special designs made by Excalibur's agents within the Alliance Military Industrial Complex, the Kelpie is a small, agile submarine which can stealthily track ships from deep below the waves. Instead of the stanard torpedoes, the Kelpie comes armed with special sonar which has been modified heavily with Fae Tech which sends off soundwaves which can damage and sometimes fracture the hulls of enemy vessels.
Ler Frigate The closest thing Excalibur has to a real battleship, the Ler can use its lightning fast speed to harass enemy ships before making a speedy getaway. Armed with its one autcannon and two heavy macine guns. As an added bonus, depth charges can be released from the stern of a vessel to keep any submarines from trying to chase the Ler down.

Protocol Units

Manx Sheepdogs Large sheepdogs that were thought to have become extinct on the Isle of Man in the early 19th Century, but have been kept and bred by Excalibur to this day, these rare sheepdogs are valued for their ability to 'hould' enemy soldiers - cutting them off from the main force and keeping them immobile, unable to fight against the Prince of Eire. Due to the rarity and training these purebreds require, they can only be unleashed on the battlefield by special order from Excalibur's high command itself. Also, these dogs can easily be killed by other soldiers that they aren't 'houlding', but, despite that, they're still a safe option than the Nuckelavee.
Nuckelavee Using the same technology that led to the creation of the Y Ddraig Goch, these creatures are summoned only by protocol, and with good reason. Horrifying, unnaturally fast and bloodthirsty monsters that are uncontrollable, Nuckelavee charge around the battlefield, tearing any enemy soldier they come across to shreds, and even if nearby soldiers escape, they're more than likely to fall victim to the poisonous airborne toxins that these creature produce, meaning that even if a soldier avoids being skinned alive, they'll most likely fall victim to it anyway, and then be consumed by it. And the worst part? Not even Excalibur can control it once it's been unleashed, meaning that it'll as readily tear a Saturnine Volunteer to shreds as it would a General Defender. Summon with extreme caution indeed.

Assasination Target

Faerie Coach A gigiantic wagon pulled by two teams of elk, the Faerie Coach is Excalibur's strongest weapon bar none. Equipped with six .50 caliber machine guns, two 8.2mm gun turrets & two side mounted weapons that shoot the mysterious "Fae Fire," the Faerie Coach is truely a sight to behold on the battlefield. However, due to its high cost of production, coupled with maintinenace & elk rearing fees, means that the Faerie Coach could bankrupt an Excalibur commander who loses it in battle.

Behind the Scenes

Excalibur Characters