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Ukrazol Ecumene
The double lightning bolt and shield symbol of the Ecumene</font>
Playstyle Spearhead Warfare
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Type Echoes Faction
Dev. Status Being Concepted

"This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I'm stepping through the door
And I'm floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today"

- "Space Oddity", by David Bowie, rumored to be based on a true story of an astronaut.

The Ukrazol Ecumene is an Echoes-faction being worked on by The Red Star Rising with the assistance of ProudAmerikan and GearsGoAwryMan and now adapted for Blue Alert. A Totalitarian and extremely advanced (in some areas, very much lacking in others!) faction of Social Darwinists that harkens back to the days of the silver age of comics, Doctor Who, and B-movies, the Ukrazol Ecumene seeks to grow its power and to steal ideas from other civilizations as it would be easier than making their own ideas, and so to continue advancement they observe and disturb other civilizations so as to pry their technological, cultural, philosophical, and tactical/strategic advancements out of them to keep on ensuring the progress of their ancient civilization.

Though at first they begin with isolated incidents of abductions and scouting, they eventually bring the crashing hammer of their technology, annihilating foes with their superior knowledge of energy manipulation, femtotechnology, A.I, the fundamental forces, and even the three dimensions of conventional space while an army of individually superior units and drone carriers doles out this terrifying arsenal. An Ukrazol Amarani will work to study his foe, gathering intelligence on them, pinpricking their weak points, finding the right spot for powerful if small spearheads to smash through to lead them to victory.


The Wind is Coming

The Ukrazols are a species from Scutum-Centaurus arm who emerged from the oceans of their homeworld to eventually claim the stars around them. Coming to see themselves as the primary civilizing force in the universe they explored they started to develop an ideology based around the "Civilizing Wind", which blew from their world to other societies. Under this philosophy they believed that it was not only not morally wrong to conquer other societies but that it was a sacred duty and imperative so that they could be raised to the levels of the Ukrazols. However, other societies could not be trusted to raise themselves to a proper civilized level of existence and might get deviant ideas about what is civilized and so the means to militarily subdue them were developed. And of course, the Ecumene (a term meant to refer to their idea of their society as an all encompassing one) had an idea of what was civilized that differed quite a bit from what many others would find tolerable; they were believers in absolute meritocracy. It doesn't matter how unpopular someone is, or how many favors they have, if they were deemed more worthy by their system they would have to be in the positions that they deemed to be best fitting for them. This of course means that everyone is where they should be and there is no need to try and level the playing field; and that virtually every other society is organized along "wrong" patterns that must be corrected before they can be civilized.

This eventually lead to them coming into conflicts with their first real enemies who could actually be considered meaningful peers of their military machine, leading to a great slow down in their rate of conquest as these enemies such as the Zeelich Communes ended up introducing to them the concept of geopolitics. This greatly slowed rate of civilizing other societies lead to a pause in the growth of their society. They had come to incorporate the act of conquering other societies as a cornerstone of their Ecumene and the concept of their society not being all encompassing was deeply philosophically disturbing. However, even with the restrictions of having other powers in place who would certainly act if they were being too brazen with their attempts to expand, there were ways with which the Ecumene could continue to grow so that it may come to encompass all civilized life and bring it under the stabilizing influence of a superior method of organizing society and thus liberate them from the burden of their uncouth and savage ways. Thus the Civilizing corps was created with the mission of observing, studying, and then invading societies with lower grade weapons and munitions so as to not arouse the notice of other states that the usage of modern weaponry would.

This slower rate of conquest allowed them to subvert more worlds into their growing Ecumene even without having to pick through the stars to find suitable and uninhabited worlds. The ideas and cultures of those conquered civilizations would be examined; if there was anything of value produced by these lesser civilizations they would be dutifully incorporated into the Ecumene while other ideas would be suppressed and replaced with the superior higher culture of the Ukrazol. The strengths and weaknesses of the conquered species would be analyzed and they would be given fitting places in Ecumenical society. Given time some might even show enough merit to become great leaders or otherwise noteworthy persons within the Ecumene's government and its economy. They would be imbued with a love of the Ecumene and its concept as a nation, a homogenizing force in the cosmos that will put everyone where they deserve to be and a force of civilization that dispels the darkness and banishes the fel powers of savagery. That many people died and continue to die in the process of this civilizing mission is of ultimately little consequence to the Ecumene; what are the lives of millions and billions to the spreading of the gift of the winds of civilization to quadrillions and quintillions?

In this system would rise some with particularly strong ambitions; such as Fleet Overseer Orluk Udranor and Council Organizer Manager Arakrast Medunara. Orluk was deeply steeped in the culture and the habits of the Ecumene and was considered to be greatly loyal to the Ecumene as a concept while Arakrast is virtually hellbent on the advancement of their career to transfer from attachments to the Civilizing Corps and get a post in the proper military commands of the Ecumene. Orluk seems to be seeking commendation as a particularly exemplary Fleet Overseer from the ruling councils of the meritous of the Ecumene; to make a name for themselves so that they may be in a position to advocate for some changes in Ecumenical policy, a rarity in a society that generally thinks poorly of questioning one's superiors. Soon the two would be attached to each other and would make a name for themselves bringing thirty other civilizations under the influence of the winds of civilization, earning them many distinctions and increasingly prestigious commands. Coming to know figures such as Planetary Ika-Amarani Ikizer Ulgost, Organizer Makuran Kolkressa, Intelligence Officer Parasa Meela, Ground Amarani Temostos Ullra, Ground Amarani Jalakras Wola Science Amarani Zefto Pilbor, Science Amarani Golasa Issara and Mercenary Ymtrast Nuraffi; they assembled an all star cast of subordinates who helped them take over each world in turn.

As their fleet wandered the void looking for signs of new civilizations to bring into the fold; their attention was brought to a planet that had recently started to transmit its first radio messages just a few light years away from a system being surveyed by their fleet. The curiosity of the fleet was immediately piqued as the fleet was not expecting a world with intelligent life so nearby to their prior expeditions. The signals were faint yes, signifying that the planet was likely just beginning to experiment with radio and had folded space receivers not been in place it was unlikely they would have picked up these weak radio signals, but a world was a world regardless of its level of advancement. Determining that it was worth investigating; the Civilizing fleet waited a year to decipher any further radio transmissions from the source before making the folded space jump into a solar system with five gas giants and a number of independently revolving terrestrial bodies; with four within the asteroid belt.

Arrival of the Spacemen

Upon determining what they estimated was the planet's general effectiveness of technology and locations of militarily and technologically relevant polities, they began landing their first scouting parties in areas of the world where they could function without too much prying. Inaccessible mountain ranges, enormous plains and deserts where one could walk a thousand miles before going anywhere of importance, huge trackless forests and jungles, but most importantly they needed to be able to keep tabs on each of the relevant factions. A job that proved to be quite interesting as the political make up of the world changed quite frequently, with the first planetary conflict they observed ending in the demise of four empires and the conversion of one to a political system that deeply rankled the Ecumene's beliefs. The Ecumene at first wished to simply roll in and conquer the entire planet, but the detection of dormant ships already in the Kuiper belt that matched the description of a civilization the Ecumene regarded as uncivilizable and a danger to the wider Ecumene forced a change in calculus as it took orbit around Jupiter.

It was likely that if they called in reinforcements the normal way; they would awaken the dormant fleet and they would be forced into an undesired interstellar conflict and risk getting an enemy long constrained by slower than light travel access to their own faster than light systems. On the other hand, they did not have enough troops to occupy the planet outright and fight off a potential awakening of the other fleet long enough to set up a wormhole generator to call in a fleet; however primitive they were, so they needed to take the time to build up their fleet and their armies; a task that was possible with the manufacturing systems available to the fleet, but one that would take time as they increased the overall fleet population in terms of both numbers of ships and "citizens" of the fleet. So they would wait and watch, dispatching observers to the planet to watch this planetary war of the humans' unfold and see how humanity's technological progress would unfold. Similar in shape to a number of other known species; the Ecumene believed that humanity could have use in the Ecumene even if they detested the human form as ugly for the same reasons the rather Octopoid Ukrazol disliked the forms of those species who resembled them. Their resilience towards lower temperatures and suggestibility in pre-adult stages of life would be particularly useful.

When they arrived, reports of crop circles, stories of abductions, tales and absurdly blurry photographs of what people claimed to be aliens started to climb. They had to take care to try and not abduct anyone of importance lest any substantial number of people believe them, but they could only be so careful with such a purely academic understanding of humanity. Some of these people would form communities, huddling together to discuss their experiences since the world at large didn't believe them, one that would become an issue for them and others who would rather remain in the darkness. As the world changed, it only continued to get more and more interesting, prompting the council of commanders to decide that the world was of high priority to be brought under the blessed winds of civilization. Meticulously careful when it came to covering their tracks; the Ecumene was less than a shadow. The great masses of humanity were content to believe that they were alone on the world, and the Ecumene was willing to let them continue to have the delusion. After all it made operating on the Earth so much easier when most governments couldn't act on their existence because they didn't even know they were there.

But in time, some with actual influence did take notice and try to follow the trail. The Russians were perhaps the first when scattered reports from the first human forces to meet the Ecumene in battle filtered back to the Imperial government, but the Tsars, already shaky in their rule over the Empire believed that going public with such fragmentary reports would cause unwanted upheaval, so they kept these reports secret. These reports would find their ways into the hands of Russia's enemies and more secretive forces who could access the motherland's records; particularly in the turmoil of the Revolution. They didn't find much, but they did find enough to alert some of the more astute factions that something was amiss. Many still dismissed the talk of aliens as ridiculous, preferring to go for more "plausible" explanations, but others actually believed those who had survived an encounter with the Ukrazol and decided to try and uncover more about this shadowy threat, which would lead to the forming of the Network. It also put the Ecumene on the map of the Order and the Cult, and when Lenin gained access to the secret files of Russia, he organized a task force to try and combat this danger.

Escalation Protocol

The Earth only continued to arouse interest in the Jovian Fleet as it built up its numbers and reverse engineered Ecumenical technology that was not already in the fleet's armouries. The political developments of the Earth were at times disturbing, the notion of all being equal or all being deserving of a share of society's fruits didn't chime well with the Ecumene's own ideas of fairness where everyone would get what they deserved; no more no less. It was rather akin to the talk of enemies, but the Ecumene had survived ideological challenges before and these errors would be corrected when the fleet around Jupiter was ready to launch a full scale invasion of the planet. What particularly intrigued them about the Earth was the paths of technology it began to take. Despite the unusual delay in the discovery of nuclear technology (though not entirely unprecedented) the humans were still able to get around this and make use of a number of very energy intensive designs. The Comintern and the Allies' advances into science proved to be surprising and interesting, and definitely meant that the world was to

Technology seemed to rapidly diversify in amazing ways after the second world war; beyond the first human forrays into space was virtually every faction of global significance rapidly developing technology along entirely different paths. It was like all at once humanity went from a single line of development to radiating into a dozen "phyla" of scientific progress. They began to theorize on what could be incorporated into the Ecumene, what was truly unique and what was simply just things they had already seen before but not quite understood as something already known yet. What an exciting time for the fleet! And accordingly as the years progressed and the fleet grew larger the Ecumene's activity began to increase. More observation outposts, more abductions, more raids, more missions of study and understanding. As expected the world descended into another world war when Thornley decided to make his gambit to become the master of the world, followed by the Empire, Africans, Guardians, and other Axis bloc members attempts to realize their respective destinies as the Axis powers struck at both the Alliance and the Comintern, and the emergence of the strange and disturbing armies of Geoffrey had the whole fleet abuzz. This time around, there was much to see and much to debate, but the arrival of a meteor from the kuiper belt and the spreading of an immature form of a dreaded terraforming agent followed by the nuclear annihilation of China was what really kicked the Ecumene into high gear.

Before the Ecumene was starting to believe that humans would never be able to create a proper nuclear warhead and thus make conquest a simple affair; but with the arrival of nuclear weapons as a tool in the human kit, there came the possibility that the conquest might lead to the planet becoming ecologically spoiled and thus bring a demerit on the heads of the fleet due to needing to spend resources to clear up the planet. In addition the confirmed interest of the Kuiper belt force complicated their plans, as did the awakening of rogue self replicating A.Is in many reclusive parts of the world. But there was not only bad news, the end of the third world war seemed to add little in the way of stability to the world as it seemed to emerge from one crisis only to rapidly lapse into many more localized crises. The most geographically widespread power bloc was ailing from a dozen wounds and running sores of insurgency, the Chinese recovered remarkably quickly from their nuclear conflict to wage war on all they could reach, the Communists and the Japanese were facing an identity crisis, and war still raged between a major major mercenary force and the Africans as well as between an offshoot of the Communists and some of the Allies.

Orluk and Arakrast agreed that the time to move in for world conquest would be soon. With the quick cycle of global conflicts it was likely another one would erupt quite soon and exhaust the strength of the humans to resist while their own fleet had been building in preparation largely uninterrupted for more than half a century. Once they were suitably bogged down in such a conflict, they would launch their invasion and the storm of civilized life would crash down upon the barbarians until at last they saw the daybreak of proper living and gave up on their barbarism to become one with the superior culture of the Ukrazol's Ecumene as others had before. Even concerns regarding the increasing nosiness of the Technocratic humans living in the middle of the secondary landmass and the increasing interest in space held by all factions; including the once largely ignored humans living in the small southeastern landmass; were not enough to dissuade the planners from concocting their strategy to bring the world to their control and add yet another notch in the belt of Orluk and Arakrast. Arakrast eagerly anticipated adding yet more glory to their legend, while Orluk was delighted to get an opportunity "to demonstrate my ideals" in a test against so many others.

Efforts to probe at and understand humanity increased dramatically, including projects to try and create superior warriors out of them that resulted in such beings of power as Aira, and the world has begun to witness a spike in the sightings of unidentified objects in the skies and the seas and in unexplained circumstances. But with the world already so strange, it is not quite the reflex of many people to immediately assume that extraterrestrials are responsible any more than they are to assume that robotic doomsday armies would be responsible for these incidents. The armies would be readied for battle and the ships would be gathered in preparation for the invasion of the Earth. All that was needed was a proper opportunity to exploit a chaotic situation, divide the humans among themselves by setting them against their enemies and shocking and awing those deemed to be sufficiently compatible to the Ecumenical ideal to accept their reign to serve as stooges and to ensure neither the Kuiper belt fleet nor the machines stole their prize from them. With a world in seemingly endlessly increasing strife and turmoil, could it be that some may even accept the Ecumene's rule to know peace in a world at almost constant war?

Ecumenical Observation Force Units & Buildings

"My whole division went up in smoke in a day man, what the [CENSORED] can do that? Tanks left as their bitty elements, men metabolized until they burst into flames, inhuman, ungodly...things carving through men, good god, damn men, like turkeys! Reservists and Peacekeepers dying like flies in a gas house! It's game over man! Game [CENSORED] OVER!"

-Peacemaker Sergeant Elizabeth Johnston, consequently transferred to Broadmoor after those statements


Transmatter The only structure not built via Transmatter platform is the structure from which units such as the Constructor, the Carver, and Deployers are built from and is the center of any ecumenical base.
Transmatter Platform A Platform ready to be converted into any other Ukrazol structure once a Femtospore constructor is placed on them
Infantry Gathering Here is where Ecumenical infantry are gathered into their units after being shipped in from space ready to get into battle.
Energy Generator While substantially more expensive than the power plants of other factions, the Ukrazol generator also generates more power for the needs of the aliens.
Observation and Abduction Processing Facility Due to the importance of battlefield intelligence to the Ecumene, their equivalent of an ore refinery is effectively a staging ground for their abductors and observers, and is in of itself capable of spying on the enemy, granting the commander access to protocols that allow for long ranged sight. Upon construction, the user will be provided a complementary observer.
Vehicle Manufactory A battlefield manufacture facility to produce and maintain the vehicles needed for the Ecumenical war machine.
Atmospheric Craft Manufactory A battlefield manufacture facility to produce and maintain the powerful and essential air units of the Ecumene.
Water Fleet Manufactory Capable of producing the Ecumene's sea based units,from it's holds the sea units of the Ecumene can probe the Earthlings for weakness.
Fold Space Transmitter Capable of speaking with the Jovian fleet in real time thanks to long-ranged spacefold bridges to maintain a connection, this allows the Jovian fleet to remain informed of a situation and allow for the requisition of superior technology.
Superior Energy Generator Utilizing the Ecumene's ability to cheaply produce extremely dense anti-matter, the Superior energy generator can provide a more space efficient means of acquiring electricity than it's smaller brethren can thanks to having the facilities to prevent a great deal of loss of energy to neutrino transfer.
Quantum Computational Facility Housing the Ecumene's potent and advanced quantum computers which are to silicon based computers as silicon based computers are to an abacus, these facilities can better process and analyze the data given by observers, infiltrators, and abductors, draw conclusions and schematics based on them, and then with the aid of the Fold-Space transmitter, send them to the fleet which relays the message to the Ecumene at large. In effect, it enhances the gain of resources by twenty five percent.
Wind Catcher A monument to the Ukrazol idea of the "winds of civilization", Wind Catchers primarily serve as a place to make use of protocols and so long as they remain standing, the morale of Ecumenical units is increased modestly, though only one can be built at a time and their destruction harms morale. Due to the strong Aerokinetic effects around them, enemy air units will be slowed near them and enemy units will have their accuracy against units inside debuffed.
Space Warper Time is warped and space is bendable as the saying goes. This curious device begins to stretch and pull at the fabric of space around individuals within a targeted area, causing enemies hit with it to effectively be unable to go anywhere for the duration while friendly targets gain a substantial boost to apparent speed as the very space around the former conspires against them, or is pushing them at their backs for the second.
Kinetic Bombardment Device The devastating primary super-weapon available to an Ervanik, this device kicks a tiny spec of matter to near light speed which is then sent through greatly folded space over to the target destination to impact the ground with all surpassing force, operators of the Fold-Accelerator have coined a phrase where when asked how much of something is needed to overcome another thing, they merely respond "One, at sufficient velocity."

Construction Units

Glyph Carver Named for the fantastical patterns it carves into the ground as it prints out the platforms from which all Ecumenical structures are built, the Glyph Carver can use legs on lands to get to where it needs to go, or it can fold these up and utilize Cavorite anti-gravity systems to function over the water and work in aquatic environments. If need be, the Glyph carver can designate a target for other Ecumenical units to fire at with greater effect via it's light-show.
Transmatter Deployer Large, perhaps vaguely insectoid walkers, the Transmatter deployer wanders through the battlefield before finding a suitable spot and deploying into the transmatter. When met with water, the Deployer extends flaps on it's legs and utilizes them like the flippers of a seal. Unlike most other MCV equivalents, the deployer is capable of attacking with either twin hard-light repeaters or much more dangerously in melee.
Femtospore Constructor Large femtospore swarms that while rather dangerous to those in their way and capable of enacting repairs or healing for your units; are primarily meant to finish the construction processes started by Glyph carvers; using the systems on Transmatter platforms to create the needed structures. Construction can be accelerated with spacewarp fields or by using more than one constructor; but as they are consumed in the process this will raise the price of the structure.


Femtostructure Wall Made out of special femto-engineered materials that are always written as "space titanium" to throw reverse engineering attempts into a loop, the Femtostructure wall is a quickly set up mass of these unknown femtocompiunds that is tremendously strong yet cheap and light to manufacture, allowing for a seemingly thinner wall to be made while still retaining the same strength.
Femtostructure Gate The gate is a concept that is not at all lost upon the Ecumene, and this rather universal technology can also be found among the more fortified bases of the Ecumene's observation mission to Earth.
Space-Warp Field The sophisticated support walls of the Ecumene slow down the enemy's progress near them by befuddling the very space they go through, while allowing Ukrazol units greater speed in their presence, providing a method of foiling enemy attacks as the very fabric of the cosmos seems to work against them even as it benefits the Ecumene.
Femtospore Hive A roiling hive filled to the brim with femtospore swarms and the facilities to produce them, the Femtospore swarm hive vomits out femtospore swarms to meet infantry, setting them alight as their bodies undergo chemical reactions so fast that they literally burst into flames. Though swift enough foes can shoot the swarms apart before they reach their targets, they are not a foe to be trifled with. To produce this, simply fill a platform with three femtospore swarms.
Lance Drone Hub Sending out a fleet of drones equipped with Lance cannons, this hub cuts a swathe through vehicles as angry swarming flying drones buzz around and punch holes through tank armor just as the armor is weakened and degraded. While with sufficient anti-air capabilities one could lessen the threat of the drones, each hub sends out quite the hornet's nest. To produce this, place two drudges and a femtospore swarm into a platform.
Interceptor Nexus Housing a swarm of interceptor drones, the interceptor hub can release it's deadly package whenever it senses incoming aircraft, meeting them with a readied mass of small, aggressive attackers with hard-light weapons that quickly chop through most aircraft. Only the bravest of pilots (or the already fearless Protectorate and Chinese clones) will dare to stir up this hornet's nest. Activating an interceptor hub requires an ogre and a femtospore swarm garrisoned into a platform.
Flayer Ray Reflector Using deadly microwave beams, the Flayer Ray Reflector uses special flying mirror drones to reflect the extremely intense and focused flayer energy onto targets, functioning as the advanced defense of an Ecumenical base. The flayer beams tear the enemy apart at the molecular level layer by layer, being only moderately less devastating to vehicles than infantry. Two flayers and a femtospore swarm are needed to activate this incredibly lethal weapon.
Cyclonic Generator Support structures, Cyclonic generators alter the air around them to create winds that suppress and damage enemy infantry, slow vehicles and battlesuits, and slow and damage aircraft and ships nearby while debuffing enemy accuracy near them. Ecumenical morale near them is also increased noticeably
Electron Disassociation Drone Collective When the attacking enemy must go and be dealt with from a distance, the Electron-disassociator drone collective is given a call, releasing a series of drones that unleash small, somewhat inaccurate disassociator cannon shots into their foes, devastating all targets with equal measure and showing neither remorse nor pity as they tear the very structure of their targets apart. For safety reasons, the Drone collective may not target foes that are too close. For such an awesomely powerful defense, two commanders and a femtospore swarm are needed.



Femtospore Swarm A swarm of tiny little femtospores, these drones attack by metabolizing a target at such speeds they literally burst into flames as they are being eaten alive. Capable of depopulating structures, the Femtospore swarm can be switched to heal mode instead to restore your own troops.
Grunt The basic commodity of your infantry forces, the Grunt is a big burly hard hitting brick of a basic infantry man using a hard-light assault rifle that while short ranged, has good damage and knockback capabilities. When called to do so, the Grunt can charge; barreling through enemy infantry in the way.
Drudge Anti-vehicle Drakuls that use short ranged charge capable hard-light energy guns for hard hitting assaults against vehicles and structures. In a pinch they can charge up their shots for a single harder hitting blast at the expense of rate of fire and the need for a cool down afterwards.
Prober Greys! Functioning as the Ecumene's engineers, the Probers can not only do anything an engineer can, but also provide a number of small buffs to Vehicular units around them thanks to their advanced command and control kits and offer some small accuracy to infantry via psychic guidance, and can psychically dazzle their enemies, rendering them briefly unable to move or shoot and perhaps giving them a chance to finish their duties.
Buggers Diminuitive annoying flea like insectoids, these child sized aliens are far from mere annoyances. Their keen eye sight and ability to jump into firing points as well as their stable footing and grip makes them excellent bearers for hard-light sniper rifles that can put a hole in a man's head from a good distance or even threaten light vehicles. When asked to, the Bugger can put their legs to work and jump.
Ogre Hailing from the same star system as the Mites, the Ogres are often described as "living tanks" due to their size and strength though they lack the Decimator's sheer overwhelming power, they are more affordable and fulfill a vital role. Using large rotary hard-light guns on their shoulders, the Ogre is capable of firing on both aircraft and ground targets, unleashing a devastating stream of suppressive fire. When needed, Ogres can brace themselves for better firing at the expense of moving.
Decimator Recruited from the populations of the Gelatinous Aloofol species, one wouldn't think a species with the consistency of gelatin and formed from protists would be imposing in battle but rigged into a decimator frame they can devastate most enemies. The Decimator is a massively powerful combatant deadly at both range and melee thanks to it's tremendous strength and big guns; including two hard-light repeating cannons on one arm and a femtospore missile launcher on the other. When asked to; decimators can further armor up by using their cannon arm as a shield; deploying hard-light barriers and extra panels. This reduces their offensive capacity but increases their resistance to harm.
Shrieker Hive based insectoid aliens, Shriekers are the flying infantry of the Ecumene and carry anti-armor lance guns that not only damage vehicles but reduce the armor of those they hit, making them more vulnerable to further assault. Though somewhat frail, Shriekers can pack an extra punch by throwing down femtospore grenades to eat away at enemies below them.
Akarana Hunter Bounty Hunters who have studied under Nuraffi himself and recruited from the somewhat human esque Zeelich, Akarana Hunters are the infiltrators of the Ecumene are deadly at mid to melee range and are one of its rare stealth units. Using a large array of eclectic equipment, sheer skill, experience, and cold blooded professionalism; including aerokinetic weapons that can kill infantry and damage structures stealthily and flayer projectors to deal with battlesuits and tanks and high-frequency blades in melee, Akarana Hunters are infiltrators who will get the job done and excel at taking out other infiltrators. Aircraft are a problem however, and animal scouts can foil their light based cloaking systems. They can use their cavorite packs to fly; though this will impede the rate of re-entering stealth and if anything makes them more vulnerable to aircraft. They are also capable of detecting stealth to aid in killing infiltrators, though they cost about twice as much as the standard infiltrator.
Slender Stalkers Gracile and vicious six limbed aliens from a distant planet, Slender-stalkers are the special forces units of the Ecumene. Capable of natural camouflage like an Octopus, Slender-Stalkers kill by getting close enough to use their high-frequency sheathed diamond hard claws and horrendously vicious jaws, and release unnerving infrasound and moderate magnetic anomalies that subtly demoralize their enemies. If need be, Slender-stalkers can breed via implanting an egg in the corpse of a dead infantry man, birthing an infant slender-stalker shortly after who can grow into a new creature later.
Ukrazol Commander Alien command units, Ukrazol commanders wear special frames to augment the relatively weak combat abilities of the tentacled Ukrazol, giving them electron dissassociation grenades and hard-light weapons for decent all around firepower, but the true role of a commander is revealed by their secondary ability; where they cease firing to use their psychic abilities to inspire their own units and discourage the enemy; offering improvements to their own side and penalizing others.
Aira The Ecumene's human commando, Aira uses her heavily enhanced physiology and advanced and durable power suit to cross over obstacles that would slow down other commandos to utilize her deadly arsenal of hard-light beams, lance rays, and electron-disassociation missiles to threaten every target on the ground, or hard-light blades to carve apart foes who get close!

Land Vehicles

Drover Walker The lightest and fastest of the Ecumene's combat units, the Drover is meant to secure early game dominance through annoyance and harassment with it's hard-light cannon. When asked to, the Drover switches to a LIDAR set that reveals stealthed units in a cone in front of it.
Jurassic Hover Tank The dreadful main battle tank of the Ukrazol ecumene, the Jurassic is an individually potent if expensive hovering vehicle design that blends hitting power, durability, and speed in a deadly all terrain package capable of altering its firing mode for its hard-light cannon on demand as the situation calls.
Flanker Hover Vehicle A hovering vehicle equipped with a brace of anti-armor femtospore missiles, the Flanker hover vehicle is well equipped to strike at an enemy where he is weakest due to it's high speed and maneuverability and is capable of striking air units. When needed, it can start up defensive winds that moderately reduce the accuracy of enemies targeting itself and those in a radius around it, though it cannot fire in this state.
Hacker Walker A walking vehicle, the Hacker Walker is another anti-air vehicle, but one who prefers softer skinned targets; particularly infantry who cannot help but fall before the quick pulses of its hard-light repeater cannons. When faced with large numbers of enemies, the hacker walker can fire a continuous sweep beam to damage all before it.
Storm Transport A lumbering infantry fighting vehicle, the Storm Transport can carry six infantry within it's confines while the walker sprays foes with a great heaping helping of femtospores to metabolize them until they burn into nothing but ash or alternatively heal fellow ecumenical forces.
Murderer Tank Destroyer Some tank destroyers like range, others prefer disabling their targets, others use camouflage. The Murderer utilizes sheer armouring and firepower to deal with their targets. This walking vehicle possesses so much power that in order to fire it must dig it's own emplacement and settle down before unleashing it's Electron-Disassociation cannon at full power, otherwise it strikes at reduced capacity.
Defiler Melee Crusher Few armies appreciate the value of melee quite like the Ecumene, and so few armies have an analogue to the Defiler melee crusher; whose heavily armoured frame utilizes smashing and crushing kinetically accelerated pincer limbs as well as lashing and cutting tendrils wreathed in hard-light to carve apart lighter enemies. When needed to reach its enemies in a hurry, it can use the pincer limbs to help with its running motion, sacrificing damage for speed.
Ripper Building Destroyer The Ecumene has a rather novel approach to destroying buildings, this hovercraft deploys an airborne drone that can whip up the winds in a small area around it via its aerokinetics to tear apart structures and disrupt enemy unit formations, though the drone itself is vulnerable to being shot down. The vehicle can instead set the aerokinetics of its drone for maximum disruption; causing little damage but buffetting and suppressing units in a wider area.
Audiopod Heavy Walker The dreaded superheavy four legged combat walker of the Ecumene, the Audiopod gets its name from its most famous ability, the power to raise then rapidly contract a sort of diaphragm in its main body that releases a devastating sonic shockwave all around itself, damaging nearby enemies. Armed with a pair of enormously potent lance guns and two sets of twin hard-light guns for killing nosy infantry, the Audiopod fears little on the ground.

Resource Gatherers

Observation Craft A large craft that's both stealthed and appreciably well armored, the observer has a large sight radius, can detect stealth, and generates a appropriate amount of resources depending on the amount and rarity of the units and buildings in it's sight radius. Being a versatile craft, it can also transport infantry to be beamed down into structures or into the battlefield, allowing for the occupation of sea-structures and a further method to clear garrisons as the beamed down infantry slaughter everyone inside the occupied structure.
Paranoia Craft Stealthed, even better armored, with more sophisticated detection gear, and the capacity to defend itself from attack with respectable hard-light beam projectors, the Paranoia craft earns it's name for the fear that it could always be watching you at any given moment, observing your every movement before an abductor comes clear out of the blue sky and steals you away to your deity of choice knows where. Much like the Observer, the Paranoia can also take in infantry into it's hold to be beamed down.
Revelation Craft The final say in the line of Ecumenical scout vehicles, the Revelation is a juggernaut of observation and a fair companion to the flying capital ships of the Ecumene. While not quite as fast as the more purpose built drop ship, the large vessel can still carry many infantry, observe large portions of the map, and bring fiery death from it's hard-light and lance rays while remaining stealthed and armored with decent enough speed, though it is a mediocre combatant for it's price.
Abductor The Abductor abducts units. While unstealthed and mediumly armored, the Abductor can float over a unit and suck it in. Infantry units that are being abducted will initially be suspended for some time before actually being abducted, so it's best not to try and abduct escorted units. Abductors give a appropriate cash reward when successfully abducting someone.
Tractor Beamer An upscaled abductor capable of stealing away multiple units at once and even vehicles, the Tractor beamer is a more sophisticated harvester of the enemy. The saucer is widely feared by those who know of it by what may go on inside the bowels of this disc like craft. Luckily, it takes some time to steal away the attacked units, so there is time to save them, and the Tractor Beamer is no better armed than the Paranoia, a paltry offense for something of it's expense, making it easy prey for aircraft or long ranged anti-aircraft systems.
Looter Now capable of deconstructing buildings for profit, the Looter can sweep up a fair sized portion of the ground, breaking it down for usage by the aliens in their observation of the world as a whole. Arming itself with femtospore missiles and flayer projectors, the Looter's large form often accompanies the fearsome fleets of stately hovercraft used by the Ecumene to assist them in their warpath. While an expensive investment for something with rather lackluster firepower for it's price, it can prove itself to be worth it under capable hands.

Atmospheric Craft

Disc of the Inferno The gunship of the Ecumene, the Disc of the inferno flies around the battlefield inflicting flayer-beam inflicted death through multiple firing devices on the top and bottom of the craft, dangerous to any and all targets caught in it's gaze, though infantry are surely the most affected. When commanded to do so, the disc turns up the temperature on its beams to start a conflagration that burns everything caught in the area.
Support Saucer A very strange craft, the support saucer can launch up to six orbs containing femtospores. Each one will damage an enemy or heal an ally at a given rate, and as more orbs attach to an enemy or an ally they will suffer more damage or benefit from more healing. It's secondary is to instead become a shield projector; working to heal up others.
Foo-Fighter The Primary Air superiority fighter of the Ecumene, the Foo-Fighter is the Jurassic of air superiority craft. Using a brace of hard-light guns, the Foo-fighter rapidly tears through other planes as it hunts for enemies in the skies without mercy. When commanded to, it wreathes itself in a fiery shield and immediately beats a retreat back home at increased speed and durability.
Una-Bomber The Una-bomber is a speedy craft that drops femtospore bombs down from up high onto unsuspecting fortifications, entrenched troops, and garrisons, damaging them fiercely and cleaning out bunkers as the bomber mercilessly cuts through the air and brings devastation down onto the heads of enemies so as to learn more about their ability to respond to aerial threat. It can also envelop itself in a strengthened shield to enhance it's speed and durability so that it can escape more easily like the foo-fighter.
Vivesector Ground Attack Craft Armed with a dual set of flayer orb casters and a triple linked precision hard-light gun, the Vivisector is the bane of enemy units; and especially tank columns; descending from the sky going guns blazing and ripping through anything it sees. Like the Foo-fighter when commanded to it becomes surrounded in a fiery energy shield as it returns home.
Fiend Heavy Fighter Akin to other super fighters such as the Ajex and the Peregrine, the Fiend is a hugely potent aerospacecraft that is tremendously fast and armed with a withering set of lance guns and a disassociation cannon that can tango with any of the other ultra high end interceptors. In addition; they provide a fast if not quite as potent as the fearmonger, response to airships and heavy bombers. Like the foo-fighter if summoned back to base the Fiend wreathes itself in an energy field and dumps more energy into its thrusters, shooting off into space and returning over your airfield.
Dropship An air transport without peer, the Dropship combines a potent armament of a flayer array and femtospore missiles with the ability to pick up just about any ground unit in the Ecumene arsenal; up to twelve infantry, two vehicles, or a single superheavy, and then not just drop them off, but carpet bomb an area it passes with drop pods that not only damage enemies on entry, but allow for the dynamic and rapid insertion of your forces.
Orphanmaker Frigate A capable small spacecraft capable of operating within an atmosphere, the Orphanmaker Frigate helps to sweep fixed wing aircraft and helicopters from the sky with a battery of hard-light cannons that keep other enemies from operating their precious air fleets near the might of the Ecumene's vaunted airship equivalents. It can also switch to intensive repair mode, where it ceases firing and moving to start rapidly self repairing.
Fearmonger Destroyer Meant to engage and destroy other airships, the Fearmonger Destroyer targets other lumbering creatures of the sky with powerful lance cannons that punch straight through anddegrade the hulls of other airships, forcing them to a fatal reunion with the earth where they will almost certainly meet their end. The Fearmonger can also fire special baffle missiles which most enemies will turn to target instead as it lights up on their sensors.
Horrorific Cruiser Built for the purpose of targeting ground units, the Cruiser opens fire with a series of flayer rays and flayer orb casters. Infantry and vehicles are equally vulnerable to getting vaporized by the powerful beams and disintegration orbs the Cruiser uses, but it is to be found wanting against structures and is mostly defenseless against other aircraft, however, it can release it's heat banks and likely fry nearby aircraft in the process.
Skull-Hammer Battleship Wielding a powerful if inaccurate heavy electron-disassociator cannon the Skull-Smasher strikes out at a distance, bringing ruin to all it sees. The blast destroys all it makes contact with even if it is very much unlikely to connect to a moving target, something it partially compensates for by being one of the few Ecumenical units that affects enemies across an area. However, with only a four quad hard-light cannons, it is rather vulnerable to air to air strikes, as well as fast moving ground based anti-air.
Avalanche Air Carrier The Avalanche does not carry weapons, for it does not need any on it's person. Instead it releases a swarm of all purpose drones capable of engaging land, air, and sea targets with equal ease. No target is truly safe from a Avalanche unless it is hidden behind a large number of anti-air defenses to shoot down the incoming drones. To further ensure the crashing of the sky down on it's opponents, the Avalanche can create aerokinetic cyclones around itself to rip air units from the sky with superheated air that devastates aircraft and slowly damages ground units.


Aqua-Engineers Ukrazols are well suited to aquatic life, so it's no surprise that the basic Ecumenical naval unit is an Ukrazol. Aqua-engineers utilize special deep sea enviromental frames that blur the line between bulky battlesuits and small mecha that allow them to keep up with and accompany deep sea vessels in battle, serving the absolutely vital role of repair as they lathe a unit in femtospore paste squirted from special arms under high pressure and utilize hard-light cutter equipped arms. In battle they can feebly offer some resistance via their cutters and disassemblers, but will be quickly destroyed by any serious effort to target them. To quickly get away, Aqua-engineers can kick up a massive amount of dirt from the sea floor and inject absorbant chemicals into the water to blind sensors and act as a smoke-screen.
Liquid Tyrants Ukrazols operating combat frames well suited for combat in the water, these creatures use nano-disassembler mini-torpedoes to strike at ships or sea-based structures and deal them grievous harm and can place electron-disassociator charges to truly wreak havoc on an enemy's floatillas.
Growler Submarinal Vessel Utilizing a powerful sonic pulsar, the Growler literally shakes apart enemy ships and seaborne structures that dare to get in it's way. Metal buckles and ruptures, concrete tears itself apart, bodies that happen to get in the way have a bad habit of simply exploding. The Growler can also activate a super-cavitator that allows it to move with much greater speed at the expense of being able to shoot.
Snarl Anti-Air Submarinal Vessel Contributing to the cause of naval warfare, the Snarl provides a grievous danger for aircraft as it can travel unmolested in the water until it detects a foe, at which point it rises and fires a devastating array of a quartet or hard-light beam projectors and a powerful duo of flayer beam emitters, bringing down most foes out of the air with ease. In addition, the Snarl can dive deeper to evade an incoming hit.
Roarer Sea-Dominance Vessel When the seas must belong to the Ecumene, the dreadful Roarers are called forth. Using hugely powerful sonic beams that can cut right through the thickest of armor, the Roarer's most deadly assets come in the form of high-frequency borer tendrils that can easily carve a ship apart once they get into range. If need be, the Roarer can release a flayer pulse that flash boils the water caught in a cone in front of it creating a large steam cloud and removing a great deal of water that deals massive damage to surfaced ships as their decks are scoured by steam and the ships are drawn down by the sudden absence of water.
Vagabond Sea-Lifter Carrying a large number of ecumenical infantry units or even the heaviest of vehicles across the water in a submersible platform, the vagabond is rather modestly armed with a set of nano-disassembler torpedoes and missiles and deployable legs that allow it to bring itself onto land and disgorge it troops, but it's a fairly tough vehicle that should usually see it's cargo deposited.
Swarmer Submersible Drone Carrier The ecumenical response to bombardment ships is quite interesting and unique. It involves a huge submarine filled with drones and the facilities to make them, releasing not aircraft, but waves of smaller submersibles that can strike at both land and sea targets. The drones themselves are armed with kinetic accelerator weapons and hard-light projectors; accompanied by aerokinetic drones who devastate structures to make short work of anything they find, and can bring themselves onto land to further the assault. The Swarmer can also release a huge sonic pulse that stuns and damages all enemy units nearby as it rattles crew members and electronics.
Sky Devastator Submersible Carrier A more conventional aircraft carrier, the Sky Devastator launches Bogey fighters and Blazer Strike Planes into the air, and can house an impressive eight aircraft from the Ecumenical airfields to assure the aerial dominance of the Ecumene in maritime engagements.

Commandos and Epic Unit

Aira The Ecumene's human commando, Aira uses her heavily enhanced physiology and advanced and durable power suit to cross over obstacles that would slow down other commandos to utilize her deadly arsenal of hard-light beams, lance rays, and electron-disassociation missiles to threaten every target on the ground, or hard-light blades to carve apart foes who get close!
Kalros Subjected to a similar process as Aira, Kalros fights with a stealth suit that keeps him concealed until he enters his preferred combat range, his aerokinetic devices to tear enemies apart with the winds around them and a shoulder mounted flayer ray projector to help close the distance as he charges into battle, his suit bounding with him as he moves in for the kill. Hard-light blades round out his weapons once he's in melee range, where he's in his element as the battlesuit clad human youth charges at his enemies.
Hulgron An Ukrazol Makuran in a special flying frame who comes with a femtospore sprayer and a pair of electron disassociation smart (homing) grenade launchers and two hard-light repeaters as well as hard-light tentacles at close ranges and the special ability to create a telekinetic cover barrier that buffs nearby troops, making them invaluable for keeping the army chugging along without issue.
Mekelmekel An Ukrazol in a black gorgon frame, Mekelmekel is quite loyal to the Ecumene. Though some would have preferred to mount added weapons onto their Black Gorgon frame upon being transferred to them, Mekelmekel just fitted two extra arms to enhance their ability to shred enemies in melee with their tremendous strength as hard-light sheathed claws and fists smash and cut away at any enemy put in front of Mekelmekel and overwhelming durability. Mekelmekel can also activate a kinetic accelerator on themselves to turn themselves into a guided cannonball, pulverizing everything in their way.
Will Breaker Land Dominator The most massive and powerful regularly deployed land vehicle in the Ecumenical observation force arsenal that combines both walker and hover technology, the Will-breaker gets it's name because most armies would rather gnaw off all their limbs than face one. Armed with a quartet of powerful hard-light scatter beam projectors that will incinerate and pierce through enemies, a lethally powerful flayer ray projector, a series of electron-disassociator missiles, and it's enormous tentacle like limbs that can grab and toss opponents at each other like softballs.

Assassination Target

Doomlord Dreadnought A massive and imposing ship that serves as the mobile command center for an Ukrazol Amarani; the Doomlord carries a powerful battery of Electron disassociation cannons to bombard an enemy from afar, flayer beam arrays, hard-light point defense weaponry, and a wing of drone strike craft. The Doomsday can truly live up to it's name and unleash the dreaded "all weapons all out assault" on an unfortunate target, likely erasing the victim from the face of the earth. However the Doomlord has a significant blindspot behind it, and it is slow to turn to address enemies who manage to get to the rear of its arsenal. And as far as Assassination Units go, it is one of the slowest airborne ones.


Transmatter Platform

Optical Cloud/Fog/Haze Disperses a gas at a target area that harms the eyesight of enemy units, lowering their accuracy for 12/18/24 seconds

Quantum Computational Facility

Scramble Unleashes an electronic warfare attack on the enemy that shuts down their radar for thirty seconds. Further upgrades add fifteen seconds each.
Sometimes, Space watches you Having such freedom in the stars is a substantial boon to the observational forces, and the observational facility has the authority to requisition the scanning equipment of passing vessels to reveal portions of a battlefield and reveal stealthed units to the Amarani, having the added benefit of increasing the accuracy of your troops against the spotted targets. Upgrades increase the revealed area and the duration of the spotting, and the final upgrade debuffs the line of sight of enemy troops as the intensity of the scans disrupts communications.
Femto Spore Cloud/Femtospore Storm/Femtospore Cyclone Drop four femtospores, a glyph carver, and one Femtospore constructor, eight femtospores and two constructors and glyph carvers, or twelve femtospores and three constructors and glyph carvers anywhere in the field via orbital drop; allowing you to patch up your own units, get some construction units on site quickly, or cause some havoc in the enemy's lines.

Fold Space Transmitter

Manhunt/A deadly game/Marked for Death Summons deadly creatures who live for the hunt to reinforce your faction. These units are assassin units and rely on stealth and speed rather than durability to get at their prey. The first level summons three teams of manreapers, vaguely insectoid aliens who bring hard-light guns and spacefold projectors to slaughter infantry and aircraft and some light armour and camouflage abilities to protect them. The second level adds two teams of quadrepedal, somewhat salamander or komodo dragon like creatures known as Foehunters armed with kinetic accelerator spikers and high frequency vibro-nets to rip through vehicles and structures while armored with sophisticated stealth armor. The third level adds a team known as the Deathmarks, shaggy mammalian hunters known for brute strength whose frames are made distinctive by the additions of the remains of some great beast on it's helmet, armed with aerokinetic weapons that rip apart structures and cover and the ability to charge up wide angle sonic pulses to stun and moderately damage targets in a wide area.
Fiend/Fiends/Fiendish Folio Calls in a number of uncontrolled Fiend class Aerospace fighters who patrol a circular area for thirty seconds, after which they activate spacefold drives to return to the nearest Carrier in space. Though the power has a long recharge (that only increases in length as the power is upgraded), seeing the Fiends in action will tell you why this is so as the Fiends demonstrate the lopsided nature of any conflict between a fighter capable of making interplanetary trips and aircraft confined to the surely bounds of earth. Bombers in particular are easy prey for the patrolling aircraft's powerful electron disassociation torpedoes and flayer rays.

Atmospheric Craft Manufactorum

Dancer in the Sky Creates a series of lights and false bogeys and signals in the sky to draw fire from anti-air units away from the actual fliers, causing enemy anti-air units to fire into these decoy targets until they fade away some time later.

Behind the Scenes

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