Empire of Avalon (TUE)

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The Empire of Avalon, its Dominions, Colonies and Protectorates
The Roaring Lion, an infamous symbol of British domination and hegemonic desires
Faction Colour Imperial Red
Type Avalonverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

I vow to thee, my country, all earthly things above,
Entire and whole and perfect, the service of my love;
The love that asks no question, the love that stands the test,
That lays upon the altar the dearest and the best;
The love that never falters, the love that pays the price,
The love that makes undaunted the final sacrifice.

-'I Vow to Thee, My Country', an incredibly popular hymn throughout the Empire of Avalon.

The Empire of Avalon, also commonly referred to as simply Avalon, is one of the major factions that are vying for power within the 'Avalonverse', within "The Universal Emergency" Multiverse, and is currently the chief world power on Earth. Holding land on all seven continents, dominating Oceania, vast swathes of Eastern Africa and the majority of the Middle East, ruling over the Indian States, chunks of Central Asia, and much of Southern China - all control from the small island nation of Avalon, formally known as the United Kingdom. As old as the Entente in Europe, and even more technologically advanced, the Empire of Avalon continuously seeks to expand their control across the globe, be it with a handful of shillings or at the end of a cannon, there is always a benefit in every conflict for Avalon. Currently eyeing the Canadian Dominion that was unlawfully wrenched away from them by the devious and barbaric Enclave, Avalon has to mind the other vultures that are in turn eyeing Avalon's Lion for the first sign of weakness.

But, for now, London plots and waits, playing a long game years, if not decades, in the making. For sooner, rather than later, the world will know the might of Avalon, and finally the world will be united under the true world order; That of the Pax Britannica.



General Samuel Rixton, Grand Marshal of the Holy Order of the Children of Avalon

Hannah Clarkton-Howell Daughter of a high ranking Avalonian general, and a loyal, if carefree, member of the Warriors of New Zion, Hannah swings into battle with the same high calibre rifle that her sword brethren carry, except that she's managed to procure a large amount of explosive rounds to fire, rather than just normal rounds. As well as the rifle, she also carries her ceremonial sword into war, allowing her to cleave through any enemy soldier that gets too close to her, although she prefers to use the rifle. Wearing all the decorated armour of the Warriors of New Zion, bar the decorative face mask, Hannah is extremely well armoured from enemy attacks, as well. As an extra trick up her gilded sleeves, Hannah has been trained to rally her fellow soldiers in battle, allowing them, as well as herself, to fight harder and shrug off minor wounds, at least for a short while.
Warrior of New Zion The elite of the elite, the finest soldiers of the Holy Order of the Children of Avalon, the Warriors of New Zion are only be trained to be some of the greatest soldiers to ever have come from the British Isles. Heavily armoured in decorated armour, and trained to a deadly level with their high calibre battle rifle, they can massacre infantry with such efficiency that even the other members of the Imperial Avalonian Army are slightly scared of them. As well as their powerful rifle, they also have a cache of cryogenic based grenades that they can use freeze enemy troops in place. Due to the fact that they require so much training and are so deadly, this means that only a handful will ever make it to the field, and of course, enough enemy fire will manage to kill this Avalonian supersoldiers.

General Lauren Shandy, Boss of the Shandy-Hill Criminal Firm

Mr. Sebastian Varney Top enforcer for the Shandy-Hill Criminal Firm, the London born and bred Mr. Sebastian Varney is a psychopathic and dangerous criminal who slinks into battle in his dandy's attire, slashing and skewering enemy infantry on his twin knives with gleeful abandon, much to the chagrin of the soldiers that have to fight alongside him. Some amongst the army, when not trying to get him sectioned, say that his use of knives in a world of guns is foolish, and more of a liability to the overall military actions of the Royal Army. Mr. Varney often then shows off his other skill - his ability to blend into the background, to become little more than a figurative shadow that can strike without warning or mercy. His stealth is something that very few have been able to see through, a fact that many in the Shandy-Hill Firm and the Army don't know whether they should be scared for, or just grateful that he's on their side.
Spring-Heeled Terror Using the vast wealth that they've managed to acquire from their sub-legal activities, the Shandy-Hill Firm has placed a lot of time and research into merging man and machine for their activities, and finally, they've done it. Modelled after an old urban legend of London, these Spring-Heeled Terrors are armed with razor sharp claws, immense strength and they even have the ability to ignite enemies of Avalon on fire with the blue flames they can breath. Of course, these men machines can jump incredible distances on their mechanically enhanced legs, even managing to clear walls and buildings with shocking ease.

General Richard Exelby, Soldier-of-Valor First Class

Colonel Milton
Royal Lion Knight

The Royal Armed Forces of Avalon and its Dominions

"You may be wondering how we've managed to accrue so much land for the Empire. Why, it's simple. Gun beats Spear."'

-General Samuel Rixton, on the success of the Empire in Africa.




Fencible Common militiamen raised by Avalon to provide basic combat and scouting duties for the Royal Army, these Fencibles are lightly equipped with shortened carbines and khaki tunics. They lack armour, but they make up for it with their fast speed and well proven reconnaissance skills.
Redcoat The soldiers at the forefront of Avalon's military advances, the Redcoat marches into battle with their powerful, tried-and-tested semi-automatic rifles and light combat armour over their reinforced tunics. Fast troops that, for what they lack in armour and their weapons rate of fire, they make up with superb range, training and discipline. Such is the training of these Redcoats that they can be ordered to rapidly let loose shots at their enemies, for a temporary boost to their fire rate, at a very slight cost to their accuracy.
43rd Queen's Own The prestigious 43rd Queen's Own Foot Guard are a specialist anti-armour regiment that is the answer to the question of how Avalon deals with enemy vehicles and aeroplanes. Armed with specially designed .55 cal Anti-Material rifles that utilize heavy duty armour piercing rounds to help them punch through even the toughest of enemy tanks and walkers, and their heavy duty nature is perfect for punching through the underbelly of enemy bombers and the slower forms of fighter planes. Members of the 43rd Queen's Own are also equipped with a stash of general purpose mines, allowing them to lay down small minefields for enemy soldiers and vehicles to blunder blindly into.
Life Guard Hussar Highly trained men and women that ride into battle astride powerful horses, these Hussars charge to battle with electrified shock-sabres, to stun and slash enemy soldiers that would dare seek to dismount these noble warriors, and they also come armed with powerful carbine versions of the rifles that the Redcoats use, which allow these cavalry soldiers to fight their opponents from a decent distance. However, these horsemen are sabre cavalry first and foremost, meaning that they charge into battle with sabres raised first, rather than guns blazing, mean that depending on the commander's tactics, they will need to be ordered to switch between the two forms of combat. As with the Redcoat and the 43rd Queen's Own, they're fast, and support very decent amounts of armour.
St. George Lion Automata Heavy duty automata designed for combat and baptised in the fires of war, these lion-headed robots march into battle with powerful, rapid-fire .303 machine guns that can shred any enemy soldiers that get caught in their storm of bullets, and these heavy machine guns also come equipped with an underslung grenade launcher, which allows the St. George to pepper enemy vehicles and garrisons with high explosives. As another trick for these Automata is their ability to emit a loud metallic lionesque roar, causing nearby Avalonian troops to rally around them and fight hard, and even has the potential to see enemy infantry fleeing in terror from these heavily armoured and armed mechanical monstrosities.
Royal Aeronautical Marine Brave troopers equipped with powerful rocket packs that allow them to engage their enemies in the air and defend the aerial fleets that Avalon prides itself on, these fast soldiers are armed with a high powered light-assisted electrical rifle that uses beams of light to send dangerous amounts of electricity into their targets in order to destroy them. So potent are these rifles that they can even heavily damage planes that these Aeronautical Marines can get a trace on. Extremely fast, but unarmoured due to their airborne nature, and their advanced weaponry has a very low fire rate due to its nature. But, these Marines have another interesting ace up their sleeve, and that's the ability to sabotage slow moving enemy airships with high explosives - however, these soldiers can be killed during this process.


Bedson Construction and Repair Track Used by Avalon to construct their forward bases and their defences during battle, the Bedson also comes equipped with the tools needed to repair the other vehicles of Avalon's armoured corps.
Lewis Armoured Logistics Truck
Oxbridge Motorized War Scout Fast an lightly armoured quadcycles that can speed around the battlefield, scouting enemy positions with ease. Armed with a heavy duty Viceroy Machine gun that can cause massive amounts damage to enemy infantry, although due to the blast shield on the front of the Oxbridge, the Machine Gun can only fire straight ahead of itself. Excellent in conjunction to the Fencibles, these War Scouts also come equipped with a cache of military grade caltrops, which they can trail behind them as they drive.
Aldershot Armoured Car Fast, lightly armoured cars that are armed with a primary 37mm autocannon to deal with other armoured cars and equivalent vehicles, and a twin set of Viceroy Machine Guns for dealing with belligerent infantry. The Aldershot is also equipped with a unique shutter system, that almost doubles the armour it has, although this means that the machine guns are unable to fire properly, and even with this extra armour, heavy duty anti-vehicular weaponry will still punch through it.
Haig Tank The main battle tank of Avalon, and the Avalonian vehicle that has seen the most action across the world, the Haig Tanks support specially designed heavy armour, powerful twin 114mm cannons, and a total of three .303 anti-infantry machine guns that can easily deal with any soldier that gets too close to the Haig's armoured form. Powerful, if a touch slower than most other Avalonian vehicles, bar the Gogmagog, the Haig also comes stocked with a limited set of incendiary shells that they can be ordered to use, if their commanders decide that their enemies need to be baptised with fire.
Lambeth Mechanized Walker Originally designed as the Avalonian answer to the Walker fleets of the Enclave, the Lambeth has now developed into a catch-all anti-armour attack craft. Packing a 100mm gun, and specialized armour piercing shells, these walkers can serious harm many forms of enemy vehicles, although their shells means that they're less than effective against structures and defences, and they lack any ability to directly attack enemy infantry. However, their gun is effective at taking down enemy planes, and can even pack a punch against enemy aircraft. As a designed feature, the Lambeth can switch off certain governors in its engine and leg servos, allowing for a temporary increase in speed, giving it a chance to escape from heavy fire.
Doncaster Troop Transporter Heavily armoured amphibious vehicles that Avalon uses to transport its troops to wherever they need to be on the battlefield. Unlike most other forms of troop transport, the Doncaster also supports a 50mm autocannon for defence, which, while great against infantry, won't do that much damage to enemy tanks.
Wellesley Battery Carriage Based on Entente half-track designs, the Wellesley is a Multiple Rocket Launcher that is designed to rain death on the enemies of Avalon, with its rows of 230mm high-explosive Congreve rockets that lack any sort of ability to be properly aimed, these rockets can decimate enemy infantry charges, reduce tanks to scrap, and turn structures to rubble with a horrifying ease at a remarkable distance, as well as being able to fire these rockets in the general vicinity of Aircraft and Airships. The Wellesley also comes equipped with a high-powered radio guided 300mm rocket, that, as well as having much greater range than the standard 230mm rocket, can also be aimed for precision strikes in the depths of enemy territory.
Gogmagog Imperial Howitzer Named after the giant from English Folklore, the Gogmagog Imperial Howitzer is used when Avalon wants to rain general destruction on their enemies from afar with great accuracy. A 375mm siege howitzer that can hit almost any target from across the battlefield, bar aircraft, the Gogmagog is slow and lacks the heavy armour that would save it if enemy infantry begin swarming it. Powerful, with long range, the Gogmagog should be kept in its role for anti-structural destruction, as infantry and tanks tend to be too quick for the Gogmagog to hit.


Surefire Dive-bomber The primary aerial fighter of Avalon, the Surefire soars into battle with its eight .303 machine guns and a series of bombs that it drops on its targets during its runs against the enemies of Avalon. Highly accurate with these bombs, the Surefire has also become infamous for the sirens that it has on it; usually activated immediately prior to dive bombing, these wailing sirens can send the hardiest soldier running in a panic. The pinnacle of fixed wing propeller technology, the Surefire still suffers from AA fire, and despite its advance specifications, there are faster planes in both the Enclave and Entente hangars.
Whitehall Advanced Rocket Fighter One of the few types of jet fighter in the world, and the frontrunner in that aspect of technology, the Whitehall comes armed with a set of four 40mm autocannons, and a set of 55mm dumbfire rockets, the Whitehall is prepared to take on any aircraft that the enemies of Avalon can throw against it. Fast, maneuverable, and deadly effective, the only things that seem to be able to stop these rocket fighters are advanced AA systems, and certain systems present on some of the airships that the Enclave, Entente and Russia field.
Sufferance Aerial Battleship The single largest vessel to ever take to the air, the Sufferance-class Aerial Battleship lives up to its name. Packing a series 130mm guns on its lower decks, a few batteries of 200mm congreve rockets on the upper decks, and a total of five Surefire Dive-Bombers, the Sufferance is truly a sight to behold on the battlefield. Absolutely lethal, and nigh immune to the attacks of aircraft, it'll take many rounds from advanced AA units to fell this massive beast, due to the insane amounts of armour that Avalonian engineers have managed to equip it with. However, the speed of this monstrosity is a joke, and if it ever when up against something like the Enclave's Emancipator-class Soaring Fortress, it would be a tough call to say which one would win.

The Sword of the Empire

Iron Duke Land Destroyer The largest and most powerful land vehicle within the Imperial Avalonian Army, the Iron Duke-Class Land Destroyer is both heavily armoured, and heavily armed. Supported on heavy tracks, the Iron Duke has the largest set of land guns in Avalon’s current possession, the twin 475mm Megiddo Cannons, as well as five smaller 155mm revolver artillery cannons, and multiple manned heavy duty machine gun posts, for dealing with enemy infantry brave, or stupid, enough to approach the Iron Duke. While the Iron Duke can fire its 155mm guns on its crawling warpath, it needs to deploy stabilizing legs in order to fire the 475mm guns, and although it’ll take a while for enemy tanks to punch through its armour, and enemy infantry won't even scratch it, the Machine Gun posts on the Iron Duke aren't that effective at dealing with enemy planes attacking it from its underarmoured top decks, and their expense means that a commander can only utilize one per each major engagement, and if the enemy destroys it, then the battle will surely be lost for Avalon.


Fortitude Blockade Runner Fast and lightly armoured ships designed to slip through enemy blockades in order to runner supplies and intelligence back to Avalonian Naval command, the Fortitude-class Blockade Runner is armed with three 47mm naval artillery guns in order to give it a slight offensive chance against any enemy patrol ships that might spot it breaking the blockade. As these guns are ineffective against larger ships, the Fortitude has the ability to kill their engines completely, slowing the ship to a complete stop, and rendering it practically invisible to enemy reconnaissance systems, until they start moving. However, this tactic doesn't appear to work on submarines.
Defiance Submarine Hunter In order to combat the Entente, Enclave and Japanese submarines that the Empire is likely to face, should they go to war again with those powers, the Naval Command has come up with the Defiance-class Submarine hunter, swift and low ships that are specifically designed with the sole purpose of hunting enemy submerged vessels. It is armed with two weapons for the job, the first one being a 3 barrelled mortar that launches anti-ship and anti-submarine shells, and serves as the main way for the Defiance to deal with lightly armoured enemy ships, as well as submarines. The second weapon is a spigot mortar system that launches depth charges behind the ship. Due to the low crew numbers of the ship, it can either use the three-barrelled Mortar, or the Spigot Mortar, but not both at once.
Nelson Defense Monitor Coastal bombardment and anti-air ships, the Nelson-class Monitor sails into battle with a series of 150mm mortars packing high explosive rounds, and a set of 76mm AA guns. Decently armoured, the Nelson is definitely required if the enemies of Avalon decide to bring their airforce to assist their naval forces. While it does well against coastal defences and enemy air power, the Nelson does suffer when it goes toe-to-toe with other enemy ships.
Revenge-class Dreadnought Heirs of veritable naval royalty, the Revenge-class is the latest in a long line of Avalonian Super-Dreadnoughts, armed with ten newly redesigned 348mm naval guns and three 21-in torpedo tubes to deal with the rare ships that are larger than it. Heavily armoured, heavily armed, and the cream of the Avalonian Royal Navy, the only thing that seems able to stop the Revenge, other than super-ships that the likes of Russia and Japan are developing to combat the Avalonian and Entente navies, are aircraft, as the Revenge lacks anyway to properly attack enemy aircraft.
Victoria II Class Warship The largest ships within the Avalonian Navy, these heavy warships support a total of twelve 381mm twin guns, as well as a slew of 101mm guns for dealing with smaller enemy ships. Only just beaten by the Japanese for the title of the worlds largest battleship, the Victoria II-class Warship is the central jewel in the crown of the Avalonian Royal Navy, and one ship that Avalon's enemies dread to face.

Allies, Protectorates, and Associated Organizations

The Dominion of Australia and New Zealand

The Crown Avalonian Raj of India and Burma

Red Eagle Rifleman
Maharajah 180mm Field Gun

The Army of Mesopotamia and the Levant

"Welcome to Babylon, lads. Points of Interest: Our redcoats, a handful of old ruins, a lot of angry natives with rifles, and a lot of bleeding sand. Isn't it glorious to serve in the Army?"

-General Thomas Rixton, son of Samuel Rixton, and current commander of the XIX Corps of the British Protectorate of Iraq.
Machine Gun Camelry With horses and even armoured cars getting bogged down in the deserts of the Near East, the Avalonian Army of Mesopotamia has turned to the natural creatures of the desert in order to defend Avalon's territories - Camels. Camels with light 303. Machine Guns on them, able to go faster than any cavalry regiment, and practically self sustaining when compared to horses and armoured vehicles, making them invaluable when it comes to war in the Middle East. Their riders, when pressed, can even chose to replace their machine gun with a 14mm anti armour rifle, which, while slowing the Camelry down, does allow them to take on lightly armoured cars. But, they are unable to properly take on infantry when using the Anti-Armour Rifle.
Tigris River Boat Small, lightly armoured boats that sit extremely close to the water, these are the primary way the Avalonian Army patrols the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Despite their small size, these boats are surprisingly well armed, supporting a total of ten guns of six seperate makes, ranging from a 102mm gun, to 50 and 40mm guns, to five 50. cal machine guns. In cases of emergencies, the Tigris can also unveil yet another weapon - a set of 150mm missiles that can be used for long range strikes against enemy positions away from the water's edge.

The Avalonian Subversive Resistance Corps

"He Who Dares, Wins"

-Motto of the Avalonian Subversive Resistance Corps
Special Air Agitators
White Jackal Armoured Car

Forward Attack Force Hosea

"Go 'way, don't come 'round here no more"

-Pvt. C. Hay, a member of FAFH, to a the Japanese Captain of a vessel caught in Avalonian Waters off Northern Australia.
M555 Rapid Assault Howitzer
Tasman Patrol Ship

The Caribbean Dominions


Antarctic Military Outpost Upsilon

"Who Goes There?"

-The usual greeting of the overly paranoid security personal at Antarctic Military Outpost Upsilon.
Flamethrower Redcoat Winter Redcoat troops equipped for Arctic, or rather Antarctic, warfare, these soldiers wear padded and thick clothes to protect against the cold, and trudge into battle with a powerful flamethrower to roast enemy soldiers that dare try and set foot on the Avalonian Antarctic territories. To also aid them in battle, these soldiers have the materials to construct small waypoints, that can help monitor enemy activity in small areas of the battlefield, and provide a convenient rallying point for fellow soldiers.
Research Plane MkVII Small and mobile wingless planes designed to fly through the Antarctic snow storms with ease, these Research Planes are unarmoured, and unarmed, but are fast, and great at providing an aerial view of the battlefield for any Avalonian Commander.

The Trans-Continental African Defence Corps

"Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for making the Anglo Saxon race but one Empire? What a dream, but yet it is probable; it is possible."

-Cecil Rhodes, former PM of the Dominion of South African Rhodesia and international business magnate.
Soldier of Rhodes Light infantry from all across Southern and East Avalonian Africa, these Soldiers of Rhodes are prepared to defend Avalonian territory from the envious eyes of the Entente and Enclave. Armed with a semi-automatic carbine of a different make to the ones the Redcoats use, and shunning the red tunics for khaki uniforms and pith helmets, these soldiers are decent light infantry, but will often fall against heavy armed troops in combat. In order to slightly counter this, these soldiers come armed with bushveldt smoke grenades, which can create heavy clouds of thick smoke in order to disguise their movements across the battlefield.
Khartoum Gun Normally seen defending the Sudan against the Mahdist Hordes of the desert, these 170mm heavy duty guns are designed to pepper approaching enemy hordes with standard artillery shells from a reasonable distance. Due to this planned use, the Khartoum Gun comes equipped with a team of rangefinders, who can temporaily halt the guns firing in order to properly survey the terrain before them, not only revealing normal enemy positions, but also any enemies who are trying to use stealth to break through Avalonian lines.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Empire of Avalon is almost designed to be the quintessential alternate history version of the British Empire, albeit, with a few twists and variations to them. A lot of Avalon is designed to have take a much more spiritualist and religious slant to them, believing wholeheartedly that they are God's chosen people to civilize a savage world. There is an idea of British Israelism to be seen through them, with a self righteous nature to them. Other ideas that help build on the Empire of Avalon include British Cultural Imperialism (or Soft Imperialism) during the late 19th to mid 20th centuries, the image of the 'White Man's Burden', the Industrial Revolution taken to an extreme level, and various subsects of Victorian-British Society, such as the London Underworld.
  • The Roaring Lion, the symbol used to represent Avalon, is a clear reference to the idea of Lions being used as a heraldic and patriotic symbol of the British Empire, as well as the connotations Lions have with society, both during the Victorian period and in a modern day context. Obviously, as well, it is an all-British Symbol, much as the Bull of Europa and the Eagle Americana are to the Entente and Enclave respectively.