Ecumenical Militant Research Division

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A testament of how far the Ecumene will go to advance its war machine, the Ecumenical Militant Research Division is the result of relentless application of what the Ecumene has learned from its enemies to its own designs and even its own soldiers; resulting in many monumental creations of flesh and steel.

Militant Research Division Products

  • Prober Clone: Clones of Probers made with Chinese technology, Probers also test advances in ecumenical shielding technology and sport ecumenical modifications of Tachyon weapons to ensure that the enemy can't escape from them. They can also reroute power to their shields, augmented with psychic energy to form hamster balls of force to let them roll around more safely and more quickly.
  • Racktroid: A floating energy vampire predator, the Racktroid is a durable, useful melee creature that can latch onto an enemy and rapidly drain its health. Once sufficient energy is drained, it may evolve into a new form; forming a cocoon and then hatching into a new form.
  • Reaver: A Wang-kon equipped with augmenting technology and special harmonizer energy packs. They can transform into an enraged state, which boosts their speed, resilience and aggression at the cost of leaving them exhausted afterwards, but while enraged they can then activate the harmonizer packs to transform them into a supercritical state where they will explode at the end of the rampage.
  • Elite Grunt: A Jyrvikani exposed to a special strain of JADE and Tau harmonizer technology from its embryonic stages, the Elite Grunt has become a monstrously huge behemoth that stands over six meters tall and is virtually made of muscle and armour. Using deadly hard-light wrist bayonets in melee, an electron-disassociator mortar at range, and equipped with a special energy siphon device, the Elite Grunt is a durable walking tank. The energy siphon when activated reduces damage from physical attacks, but harmlessly draws in enemy energy weapons into it to charge up a powerful shockwave hammerfist strike.
  • Mind Shrieker: Grotesquely genetically altered Shriekers, Mind Shriekers now have brains that make up a full third of their body weight that power deadly psionics; protecting themselves with telekinetic barriers around themselves and striking against soft targets with explosive blasts of energy and puncturing hard ones with deadly lances of telekinetic power. Alternatively they can let out a conical telepathic shriek that obliterates the morale of enemies they target, and if the morale of the enemy's morale is dropped to zero; they instantly die.