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A quick conceptualization of a Drengr's uniform. Melker Ljungman was gracious enough to provide the model for the uniform.
Faction FylkirateLogoThumb.png Norse Fylkirate
Designation Standard Infantry
Cost 250
Construction Time 7 seconds
Unit Type Infantry
Produced at Brakker
Ability Shotgun blast
Additional Equipment Religious symbols
Heroic Upgrade Shotgun Clip (Shotgun Blast multiple times)
Dev. Status Conceptual

Country of Origin Nordarikki
Trained at Brakker
Key Features » 8.43mm AK-17 assault rifle
» Composite helmet
» Anti-glare goggles
» Wickedly sharp bayonets
» Religious Symbol (Decorative Hammer of Thor)

Tactical Analysis

  • Men of the North: The Drengrs are the modern heirs to an ancient warrior legacy dating back to the Bronze Age if not before, they are fierce; well trained warriors wielding powerful AK-17 assault rifles and an array of sophisticated gear and are well trained and disciplined, and in close quarters their guns are well suited for usage as clubs, and their bayonets are some of the most lethal in use in any army.
  • Savage shot: In a close in fight, Drengrs can use the wickedly potent six gauge shotguns slung beneath their assault rifles, striking enemy infantry with devastating force that can send troops flying head over heels or reduce flesh into a pulp. However, they must reload after each shot, making these weapons slow to fire.
  • Light that longship: Despite all they are equipped with and all their training, Drengrs are ultimately still rifle infantry and will suffer against all the same foes that the humble conscript and sepoy do, and due to the Nordic emphasis on training; are quite costly and take a while to train compared to their peers.
  • Eldur á vilja: Particularly skilled Drengrs are allocated a new improvement to their underslung shotguns that provides for a three-shot magazine, allowing for multiple usages of their shotgun before needing to pause and reload, making them particularly nasty foes to deal with in close quarters.


"You can't vanquish a people who are not afraid of war or death. Let you fascists worship their strength, you will find only Hel's embrace in death while we go to Valhalla."

- A Drengr responding to a Concordiat threat.

The Fylkirate loves war as much as it loves peace. The virtues of a quiet life and the virtues of a life lived in glory are extolled to equal degrees, and just as scientists and philosophers are loved; so are heroes and generals. The Drengr is the latest in a long line of warriors who have fought in the name of the gods of Asgard. With such famous ancestors as Leif Eriksson who lead a conquest of North America, Fylkja Alfhildir II who broke the back of Catholic Crusaders at Russia, Gustavus af Rudolph whose armies saved free-America from Confederate take over, and Elsa af Munso whose epic defense of Jutland prevented directorate forces from overtaking a nordic homeland; Drengrs have a great history to live up to. And live up to it they did, with many song-worthy deeds being done in the triple invasion against the alien invaders. But now the war is over, the aliens have left the world behind and the great task of reconstruction has been passed down to them.

Drengrs are trained in exacting regimens that make men and women out of boys and girls; ready to fight for the Fylkirate and Asatru and if need be, give their lives up to feast in Valhalla among their ancestors and the gods. Filled with contempt for death and their enemies and pride in their homeland and unit culture, the Drengrs rank among the hardest troops to frighten into an unordered retreat and their conditioning to manage fear is tremendously useful in braving the fire of their enemies so as to approach into their preferred ranges. And with their weapons, they can generally shoot those units who preform better than they at close quarters and close and blast those units who hold the edge over them at range, allowing a good deal of flexibility that served them admirably in many a war and skirmish as well as raiding sorties.

These hardy folk are drawn from the widespread and vast territories of the Fylkirate and from other Asatru states who volunteer into serving within the military of the Nordarikki. Both men and women are freely accepted into the ranks of the Drengr, chosen based on their battle prowess instead of gender. With so many warrior women in the Fylkirate's past, to accept any other path would be folly. They are then put through a training course that makes men out of boys and women out of girls. Widely regarded as one of the best training courses on their earth, the Drengrs are tested and improved physically, mentally, and spiritually so that they can better fight for their beloved homeland and their adored faith.

They are well trained in the use of the AK-17 assault rifle, its underslung attachments, with the six gauge shotgun being one of the most popular for its devastating hitting power in close quarters, and are skilled in fighting with bayonets; with each Drengr carrying three at all times. Having been put through hard fitness regimes, Drengrs tend to be imposing figures with good amounts of muscle on their bones and are trained to preform well in both ranged and melee combat. Training that is sometimes skipped over in times of necessity such as during the Alien and in the harder times of the Directorate wars, but even then, dedicated veterans can fill in the recruits on what they may have missed.

Crossing over into our green and pleasant world, the Drengr has proven to be a fierce opponent for the many strange armies that can be found in it. So far engaging the likes of the Ecumene; for the Norsefolks' grudges against the Evark'ulist aliens has yet to die, the Hegemony for their actions means little good for the world, the Protectorate as the machine's swarming has caused great disquiet among the Verdensrike's intelligence circles, the Syndicate for their conflict with their Atlantean allies, and the Green Chinese to try and dampen their atomic frenzy, the Drengr has made quite a list of enemies.

But virtually all other factions have felt the sting of a Norse raid at some point, with Drengrs leading bizarre pushes that suddenly come in to steal supplies such as ore and return to their portals as soon as they stock up enough resources. Like their ancestors, the Drengrs are once again menacing the coasts of the world and disappearing before real retaliation can fall upon their heads. Though with the bifrost gates they can use these days, even inland sources of supplies aren't exactly safe as sometimes whole oil shipments disappear overnight to fuel the Norse recovery.

Heilagurinn Her af Norðmenn Fylkirrikki
(Holy Army of the Norse Fylkirate)
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