Dominion of Noxsylvania

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Luminous Dominion of Noxsylvania
The Castle & Dragon of the Dominion
Playstyle Subversive Warfare
Faction Colour Dark Violet
Type Redsverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Leave your cares behind come with us and find
The pleasures of a journey to the center of the mind

Come along if you care
Come along if you dare
Take a ride to the land inside of your mind"

- "Journey to the Center of the Mind", the Amboy Dukes

At A Glance

Faction Color Dark Violet
Playstyle Subversive Warfare
Preferred Theatre of Operations Any.
Strengths Mind control, potent submarines, large number of difficult to counter gimmicks, strong in every tier, and powerful stealth abilities.
Weaknesses Units tend to be weaker in straight up fights than their equivalents, short range is endemic to many units in the faction, many units need to be engaged for a while to reach their full potential, mind control hampered against robotic units
Intended Players Players who like to mess with their enemies.



General Ioana Bogza, Domina Sanguinis

Gilles An operative who draws on the image of a wicked black knight, Gilles is a heavily armoured psychic combatant who carves through all opponents with a telekine blade that can slash through even the toughest armour, killing just about all infantry in a single hit at close range and carving apart most vehicles in a few swings and capable of reaching out to some distance by extending the telekinetic field of his blade. While already inhumanly fast; especially as he leaps and charges at enemies in range, crossing great distances in a single pounce; Gilles can stop those who seek to flee him with the "get over here!" telekinetic technique, dragging an enemy regardless of its size closer to him (which if used on aircraft, tends to make them crash) into the range of his blade.

Diviner ...Replaces the standard Mystic.

General Wilhelm Orlak, Twilight's Regent

Lady Baba Despite her ultra-advanced age and terminal blindness, Baba has proven time and time again to be Count Orlak's greatest psychic soldier. Thought to be one of the oldest Noxsylvanians in existence, Baba possesses powers and abilities second only to the Tarrasque himself. Baba has animated her own house via psychic energy and rides it into battle as a gigantic warmount. Infused with Baba's arcane powers, the centuries-old cabin can take a beating while Baba gives it right back. From her front porch, Baba uses her psychic powers to grab enemy stragglers and projectiles and ground them up into a state of purest psychic energy which manifests as gigantic orbs of electrokinetic energy. The house itself can step over most obstacles as well as travel through water by walking on the bottom.

General Johann Drachen, Unhinged Physician

The Lurker The Commando for Drachen's forces is an abomination; a wholly new form of life fitting into no known taxa. With six limbs; the top two of which are held high and carry a mutation inducer beam on one and a telekine railgun on the other; while the primary "arms" are large, burly and have deadly clawed hands that can project telekine wrist blades or simply smash things to pieces with its fists that can crumple high grade steel like foil. Obstacles such as walls and cliffs are no obstacle as the creature can simply jump above them. When ordered to, it makes a large leap that ends with it slamming its fists into the ground to create a large telekine shockwave. As if it were not any more frightful; it can swim.

Abjad Script These floating creatures come in packs of seven and are armed with deadly beams of psychic energy which they use to put enemies in a catatonic state & then swarm all over enemies, devouring them down to the bone. On an interesting note, these creatures are said to resemble letters of an ancient alphabet known as the Black Script. They replace Long Legs.
Manibus Caster Adepts who have become grotesque bio-engineered creatures with long clawed hands and overlarge brains to enhance their power as well as a chitinous set of biological armor, the Manibus Casters strike at foes with card shaped psychic projectiles bearing arcane symbols on them and can release morale shattering psychic shrieks that will harm and kill those who are already lacking in morale. They replace standard Adepts.
Plague Doctor Decked out in uniforms reminiscent of healers during the Black Death in Europe, Plague Doctors are Biocrafters who have the distinction of being General Drachen’s own personal students. Plague Doctors release thick clouds of black mist from the openings in their cloaks which, besides healing friendly units & suffocating or converting organic enemies, makes sections of the map uncross able & corrodes ore deposits. They replace the Biocrafters.
Catastrophian A stealth capable creature filled with virulent toxins and combustibles, the Catastrophian at first seems underwhelming for its price with only its teeth and claws to attack with; though their dissolver energy it can vomit out of cybernetic implants is much more up to snuff, but it truly comes to its own when biological triggers inside are activated to make it explode violently, devastating enemy units in the way. They replace the Shadows.
Nightscare Mutator A specialized Nightscare aircraft, the Mutator drops a series of mutation bombs that can cause non-hero infantry units to; if killed by the damaging clouds of gas randomly mutate into Ghouls, Blutghulfs, Blutgheists, or Manibus Casters while animal units mutate into either Abjad Script or Catastrophians, and naval animal scouts may mutate into Ningens.
Ningen Having grown two gigantic arm-like appendages with webbed claws on the ends, the Ningen are capable of feats of great strength beyond that of their tentacled counterparts. Besides tearing enemy vessels apart, Ningen can toss the wreckage at other foes over a distance of almost a mile. They also possess the unique psychic ability to make freeze water with their mind, creating ice flows which block enemies & serve as bridges before melting. They replace the Giant Squid.

Noxsylvanian Missionary Corps.

"There is a fundamental difference between the appeal of a mass movement and the appeal of a practical organization. The practical organization offers opportunities for self-advancement, and its appeal is mainly to self-interest. On the other hand, a mass movement, particularly in its active, revivalist phase, appeals not to those intent on bolstering and advancing a cherished self, but to those who crave to be rid of an unwanted self. A mass movement attracts and holds a following not because it can satisfy the desire for self-advancement, but because it can satisfy the passion for self-renunciation."

- From The True Believer by Eric Hoffer


"The Tarrasque calls for your servitude"

-Ominous whispers heard inside a suspected Noxysylvanian compound
Construction Yard The centers of Epsilon Command and Control and the center from which their bases are built up, construction yards for Epsilon Function much like anyone else's.
Bio-Reactor Though seemingly average in terms of power generation at first, Bio-Reactors can garrison up to four squads of infantry to greatly increase their power generation capabilities as they draw energy from the processes of the very living body.
House of Tarrasque The Center from which Epsilon's infantry are created from, the house of the Tarrasque can also have captured infantry brought to it to be brainwashed into serving the Tarrasque.
60px Military Factory Quite simply the place from which one creates the tanks of the Tarrasque
Psychic Radar Needed to advance to tier two, Psychic Radars can also point out stealthed units and predict the path of incoming units whose paths will intersect their field, allowing a Proselyte to properly prepare for incoming attack.
Skybase The center from which Epsilon creates its air forces, Skybases are necessary if one wants to expand their operations into the skies
Seapen The housing facility for the mighty navy of Epsilon, Seapens are durable structures also capable of repairing ships as needed.
Recycling pit Repairing or healing units brought to them and reclaiming corpses or vehicle husks for resources, Recycling pits are an important facet of Epsilon's economy and also produce their support vehicles.
Temple of Transcendence Necessary for advancing to tier three, Temples of Transcendence also unlock a number of upgrade protocols
Church of Apotheosis Where Epsilon creates its Commando and its Epic Unit, the Church of Apotheosis provides the Commander with their most powerful units.
Splicer Tower Epsilon's fearsome secondary superweapon, the Splicer Tower transforms infantry units into Ghasts, larger forms of ghoul, who will tear apart everything in front of them until they're all killed
Psionic Dominion Device Firing a mind controlling pulse and a telekinetic burst that mind controls units and flattens buildings, the Psionic Dominion is the ultimate superweapon of the Tarrasque's armies.


Castle Wall Walls with a distinct gothic design to them, Castle Walls can keep out the enemy and delay their advances.
Castle Gate Opening and closing as needed to ensure that only the right people can get in and out of Epsilon's bases, Castle Gates continue the gothic design of their counterparts.
Pyrokine Eye Small turrets capable of firing Pyrokinetic bursts, the Pyrokine Eye is also tall enough to fire over castle walls.
Gatling Cannon Deadly to both light ground targets and air targets, the Gatling Cannon shreds everything it sees with twin 30mm gatling guns whose rate of fire increases the longer they fire until they effectively fire a continuous beam of bullets, and over defensive walls too.
Lance Tower Firing deadly Telekine lances that can pierce right through most forms of armour or tear apart infantry with ease, the Lance Tower stands proudly next to the Spectrum, Wave Force, and Tesla towers.
Psychic Illusion Tower Psychic Illusion Towers can cloak units near them in fields of Psychic Illusion that telepathically convince those approaching them that nothing is there, though psychic illuson fields can be pierced by certain units.
Telepath Tower Telepath towers can either screw with the morale, discipline, and accuracy of a large number of units simultaneously; or mind control a substantially smaller amount; making them the most feared (and expensive) defense of the Dominion of Epsilon
Cloning Vat Building a double of every infantry or biobeast squad you produce; even that of Epsilon's Commando, only one cloning vat can be produced at a time, but they quickly pay for themselves.
Thermal Battery Firing powerful arcing capable thermal implosion beams that can carve through enemy units, the Thermal Battery is the ultimate in Epsilon base defense; capable of striking enemies at a great distance, well before they approach Epsilon's bases.


"Looks like you've had a bit too much to think!"

- Adept Olimpia Vãduva, in a telepathic message to an Alliance commander
60px Long Legs A genetically engineered creature that never lived on the planet until it was created in Epsilon's dark laboratories, the Long Legs is a vicious animal scout whose most horrific abilities is revealed when it bites a victim, causing them to explode into clouds of Virus gas, and they can burrow too.
Mystic The basic soldiers of Epsilon's army are the mystics, newfound recruits who are just beginning to awaken their psychic abilities in the form of powerful Pyrokinetic bursts that serve as their main means of damaging units. To clear out garrisons and deal a large bumper crop of damage, they can fire a charged burst instead with an area of effect.
Weaver A more advanced form of the Mystic, the Weaver telekinetically launches superheated darts effective against both vehicles and aircraft and bears some genetic enhancements to enhance their reflexes and make them more resilient against heat. Weavers are trained to also be able to briefly disable vehicles by stabbing a special heavier dart into a vital component.
Eparch The Engineer of Epsilon have enhanced physiology to help them run faster, and are capable of throwing themselves with their telekinetic abilities to make large leaps that they can cushion with their abilities so as to ensure that repairs or building captures get done on time and can floor enemy infantry trying to stop them with their minds
Hellstorm Biologically engineered monster men and cyborgs, Harpoons carry powerful twin 20mm gatling guns that can shred through infantry and aircraft, ensuring that the foes of Tarrasque put their heads where they should be; down and out of their master's way. They can also load up explosive rounds and unleash a deadly storm of rounds in a sweep that can devastate infantry.
60px Biocrafter Fiendish doctors wrapped around in Epsilon biohazard battlesuits with metallic tentacles emerging from their back that can carry their weight across the battlefield and pick up the wounded for administer treatment or lash out at those who would interrupt their science. Their most disturbing ability is their ability to reverse clinical death with the biotech and biokinesis abilities that all of their dark guild have, raising soldiers in an area to fight once again, and those who fought against the Tarrasque will now fight for him.
Initiator Using special sniper rifles that fire hypodermic syringe rounds, these deadly mercenaries turned acolytes of Epsilonism causes a target to go temporarily berserk, attacking other units for a while before expiring from neural overload. If cornered, they can also throw deadly berserk gas grenades to drive their foes mad and turn each other on a frenzy.
Speaker Genetically engineered beings with automatic mortars at their disposal, Speakers will shell an area with telekinetically impregnated shells or with virus gas shells at their Proselyte's command, hammering the enemy with a rain of shells that gets faster and faster the longer they remain under their attentions
Blutghulf Terrifying genetically engineered assault beasts with strength enough to tear apart tanks, great bounding leaps, and fanged jaws that can crush just about any form of armor, blutghulf combine thick natural armour and healing abilities with special cybernetic enhancements made to them to make them even deadlier. And the more a hell beast kills in a span of time, the faster, stronger, and deadlier it gets. And right before they attack, they can fire frag grenades from devices on their shoulders right before they leap onto a target with a vicious fury that can shatter defensive lines
Adept Chaplains, missionaries, officers, and terrifying tools of the battlefield all at the same time; Adepts have highly advanced psychic powers that can either tear through a target's morale until the target is nothing more than a vegetable; an attack that bypasses all forms of armour (or against non-organic targets, unleash a pyrokinetic attack to try and do the same), or mind control a single target at a time; turning them over to the side of Epsilon.
Shadow Epsilon's infiltrators are the shadow order, who combine the usage of a telekinetically enhanced short sword that can pass through nearly any armour with virus gas silenced shotguns and pistols to hack their way through the forces of the foes they were ordered to infiltrate. And if they give them trouble, they can create real seeming; also stealthed illusionary doubles who the enemy will undoubtedly waste time on.
Mentor Using telekine lance grenades against vehicles, telekine pulse grenades against structures, and special rifles meant to enhance their pyrokinetic powers against infantry (or telekine bayonets in melee), Mentors are swift, silent and stealthy special forces warriors who can cause a tremendous amount of panic behind the lines; often literally as they invade the minds of enemy troops to incite a primal terror reaction.
Blutgeist Resembling horrific manbats that fly in the air with a taste for blood, Blutgheists are enormous cybernetically enhanced carnivorous and bloodsucking genetically engineered predators who can regain health as they kill enemies whether on the ground or in the air while acid slobbering jaws can take care of vehicles. What truly earns them the "out of hell" moniker though, it their ability to spray their acid and then ignite it to produce impressive incendiary displays to burn their enemies to the ground.


Dunerider A cheap combat car useful at the start of hostilities, Duneriders open fire with miniguns that only get faster as they fire longer and longer; and to get away they can release deadly virus gas in all directions that not only obscure them but kill infantry and open topped vehicles nearby.
Spinster Tank A light tank packing twin 75mm guns, the Spinster can bury an enemy in weight of fire as its wind up autoloaders pick up the pace as it engages the enemy; allowing it to devastate targets it has gotten the rear armor of. If the machine guns it has aren't cutting it against infantry, it can fire virus gas ladened shells to finish the job.
Phobia Tank A fast and deadly main battle tank, the Phobia also has a windup autoloader. A descendant of the whiplast tanks that were once meant to be a vehicle in the alliance army as a speedy all purpose light tank, the Phobia tank now serves Epsilon just as the Whiplash did when the agency went rogue, and can cloak itself with a psychic illusion field to let it get to where it needs to go quietly and unseen.
60px Stalker Gatling Tank Firing a storm of lead from their twin 25mm gatling guns, the Stalker Gatling tank can rip through light vehicles, infantry, and aircraft alike with terrifying ease and the awe inspiring rate of fire only increases the longer they fire. And if they need to, they can use virus shells that turn infantry killed into more virus gas clouds.
Alip Transport An APC capable of burrowing beneath the ground and remaining stealthed while above it, the transport is only lightly armed with machine guns (or ramming targets wth the drill) but is a way of getting infantry across obstacles and through danger in nearly absolute safety.
Grinder Tank Firing up powerful magnetic harpoons to either drag targets towards it helplessly through the air where they are now vulnerable to your anti-air or drag it towards targets, the Grinder Tank is capable of tearing through most forms of armour at melee ranges and absorbing heavy punishment while earning you some cash as it grinds enemies into parts...or perhaps mind control units you wish to deny to the enemy. They can also fire genetic mutator rays to transform enemy infantry into monstrous mutants that can be used against the enemy or grinded up for cash.
Inversion Tank Destroyer A stealth capable tank destroyer, the Inversion can either fire a telekinetic lance capable of punching through tank armour with ease, or a telekinetic beam that flips targeted tanks over to incapacitate them.
Firestorm Artillery Armed with two four barelled gatling artillery guns, all of them being 105mms, the Firestorm makes up for its lack of initial firepower with sheer saturation and can even load up some flak shells to temporarily serve as extremely dangerous heavy anti-aircraft vehicles.
MCV Epsilon's MCV is much like those of the other factions, capable of deploying on water or land or crushing impudent vehicles that get in its way to set up additional bases for the glory of the Tarrasque.
Dread Infernal Constantly emitting a constant aura of psychic fear that will dominate the minds of those left unattended too long near it and capable of breathing virus gas ladened flame at enemies and fire deadlier dissolver beams from their cybernetic helmets in their way or crushing foes to death beneath their claws while hovering due to their telekinetic abilities, Dread Infernals are cybernetic terrors and the most deadly mass produced creature in the Dominion's arsenal, and can float over water. They may also mount a squad who fires at greatly enhanced destructive ability while on it,


Nightflare The premier air superiority fighter of Epsilon, the Nightflare strikes with twin dissolver beams that can carve through most forms of armour and by injecting their engines with special fuels, can launch back to base at alarming speeds on command, activating a cloaking field to hide itself as it does so.
Nightscare A meanspirited ground attack aircraft for meanspirited people, the Nightscare opens up on ground targets with a large gatling cannon and thermal pulse spheres that can shred infantry and vehicle formations it catches on the ground after popping out of stealth, while the return to base command not only makes it go faster, but also cloaks it.
60px Dreamer A transport aircraft armed with a pair of twin gatling gun turrets, and capable of carrying a large number of infantry, two light vehicles, or a tank, the Dreamer is very fast and versatile
Reviver The Primary form of repair vehicle for Epsilon, the Reviver can both repair and regenerate your own units as well as deal some annoyance by firing a dissolver ray to ward off light units trying to interrupt its job and fire its repair rays on itself to repair damage suffered.
Cleaner Deadly to just about any ground target, the Cleaner uses both Dissolver rays and thermal pulse spheres to engage both slower air units as well as nearly anything on the ground and can activate psychic guidance to allow for perfect accuracy for five seconds; ensuring nothing escapes its attentions.
Night Terror A strange sort of airship designed like some kind of futuristic floating armoured vehicle, the Night Terror bombards the ground with a carpet of thermal pulses to devastate ground structures and large, massed formations of enemy units incapable of escaping this strategic aircraft. While usually only firing at an area at the end of its arc, it can also fire at everything from the edge of its range to directly underneath it in a cone of devastation, though such an act requires immediate cooling to prevent the ship from melting itself; gatling cannons can provide some defense against aircraft.

Naval Units

Giant Squid Genetically altered monsters from the briny deep modified to an even larger size than what they already were, the Giant Squid is a monster capable of dragging smaller ships and amphibious infantry and vehicles into the bottom of the ocean and chewing threw even heavy ship armour with enormously powerful beaks, and can of course release an ink cloud to make a quick get away as you'd expect from a squid.
Iskander Transport A fast hover transport with twin dissolver beams and a thermal pulse cannon, the Iskander can ferry large numbers of units, even including superheavies, in style and speedy comfort.
Mariner Torpedo Sled A fast and dangerous torpedo carrying boat also armed with a thermal pulse cannon to deal some additional damage, Torpedo sleds can stealth themselves temporarily to prepare an ambush.
Gatling Submarine Armed with two sets of twin gatling cannon turrets and four torpedo tubes, the Gatling Submarine is well suited to dealing with both enemy submarines and with enemy air units, which it can shred with gatling cannon fire (along with shore based targets and smaller boats)
60px Vindaloo Destroyer Armed with three twin 120mm wind up guns and magnetic renders, the Vindaloo is a highly useful combatant on the seas that can twist and pull at the structures of enemy ships with its magnetic rending devices to enforce Epsilon's air superiority
60px Megas Submarine A powerful full sized submarine armed armed not only with powerful torpedoes but also a prow mounted telekine gun that can; when fired up, deal damage to multiple ships in a line, the Tercio submarine is a terror for enemy ships lacking the proper escort.
Rashidun Cruiser Packing six thermal pulse cannons and four magnetic renders and the feared "Grumbler" magnetic deharmonizer, while the Rashidun's ordinary armament is destructive enough to ships caught in its way, when it activates the deharmonizer it can devastate all units caught in a cone as the deharmonizer tries to literally pull them apart.
60px Control submarine A heavy submarine armed with a tremendously powerful mind that lashes at distant targets with telekinetic and energokinetic "hammerblows" that pound large areas and can control several units at at time if they are caught in its radius for too long when it utilizes its telekinetic powers. Control Submarines are a menace to coastlines the world over and its unknown how many Epsilon wolfpacks with these operate around the world; waiting for the order to strike.
60px Inquisitor Carrier Epsilon's aircraft carrier can launch both Firefly fighters and Scarab attack craft to project Epsilon's power across the big wide ocean as well as provide a home to land based epsilon aircraft so that they can provide quick and immediate air support. With CIWS gatling cannons and dissolver rays, the Inquisitor can further provide for Epsilon's dominance by activating a psychic radar to predict the paths enemy units will take.

Commando and Epic Unit

Midna Epsilon's standard Commando is of course, a dreadfully powerful psychic herself capable of wiping out whole armies and flattening cities, burning her way through opponents with dreadfully pryokinetic lances that can reduce tank armour to steaming plasma or pyrokine blades that carve through even gotterdammerung armour like air if engaged in melee, rounds stopping before her courtesy of a telekinetic shield around herself that can stop the impact of Dreadnought missiles or melting before they can touch her thanks to her pyrokineis; and she can mind control units near her in a telepathic burst to make targets in a small radius near her slaves of Epsilon.
Scorpio Omega An enormous and obscene fusion of flesh and metal in the rough shape of a scorpion, the Scorpio Omega is the most devastating unit in Epsilon's arsenal. With telekine railguns in its pincers, dissolver rays in its "eyes", and a heat battery cannon in its tail, it can devastate high value targets at range or tear them apart in melee with its pincers and tail, and while generally weak against large groups of units, the Scorpio Omega can release a burst of psychic rage that makes it impossible for enemy units within a large radius to tell friend from foe. Powerful beyond belief, the Scorpio Omega is resilient and can cross water as well as the land, but only one can be built by an Epsilon commander at a time.

Allies, Puppets & Other Associated Organizations of Noxsylvania

Esoteric Order of the SS

Das Gehirn

Crowleyite Thelemic Temple

"Mr. Crowley! What went on in your head?!"

- Gluckle Horowitz at the unveiling of the first Aeon Harbinger.
Orientis Initiate
Aeon Harbinger

Arctic Sect of Hyperborea Reborn

Thule Mage
Anemoi Dancer

Congregation of Chaos

Philosopher's Construct

Theosophical Society

[[ ]]
[[ ]]

Gruppo de Evola

[[ ]]
[[ ]]

Neo-Gnostic Church

Esclarmondian Sister
Demiurge Spawn

Brotherhood of the Stars

"Keep watching the skies."

-CDM broadcast regarding strange lights seen above the American West Coast.
Visitor Deemed too horrific for use by Epsilon's regular divisions by Cerebemor Tarrasque himself, the Visitors are large, inhumanly shaped creatures who possess intelligence and brain capabilities rivaling some adepts. Known to be Epsilon's fastest bio-creature, the Visitor able to sprint well over three miles without its feet ever touching the ground. While running, the Visitor leads trails of deadly electro-kinetic energy in its wake while dispensing the same kind of energy at foes from the tips of each of its three-fingered hands.
Saucer A experimental aircraft resembling a floating disc that some say was built with otherworldly assistance, the saucer strikes with three dissolver rays to rip through light units while it maneuvers around the battlefield looking for opportunities to use its most disruptive ability; the siphon, which can disable a power plant's contributions to a power grid, shut down defensive structures and production buildings, or drain cash from refineries to put into Epsilon's pockets.