Dominion of Epsilon

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Dominion of Epsilon
The symbol of the Dominion
Playstyle Subversive Warfare
Faction Colour Dark Violet
Type Original Blue Alert 3 Faction
Dev. Status Conceptualized

"Leave your cares behind come with us and find
The pleasures of a journey to the center of the mind

Come along if you care
Come along if you dare
Take a ride to the land inside of your mind"

- "Journey to the Center of the Mind", the Amboy Dukes

The Dominion of Epsilon is the domain controlled by what was once the Epsilon Advanced Research Division, a top secret experimental science body within the Allied States that had come to expand and take control of many other advanced research divisions, planning their own conquests while seeming to serve as loyal members of the Allied States. But all while they seemed to be loyal and productive members of the Allies, they were constructing a great army backed by strange and exotic technology with never before seen methods of waging war; drawn from true believers in the ideals of the mysterious psychic known as Geoffrey, Allied forces who were disgruntled with the new path the Alliance was taking, or those who were simply indoctrinated or were even grown in a vat. In the midst of the third world war, the Dominion planted a vicious dagger in the back of the Allies, and fought as their own contestant in the third world war; trading blows with the Comintern, the Alliance, and the Empire and its partners in crime.

At the end of the war, Epsilon had even threatened to control the minds of the entire planet with the Cerebral Supremor device on Antarctica, only for a daring strike to put the weapon out of commission and forcing Epsilon to sue for peace before any of its enemies could focus upon it. Though officially only having de jure control over Anarctica, parts of the ocean floor and the under-earth, the Dominion has cells and bases all around the world to this day, concentrated in areas largely skipped over by the rest of the world such as the Sahara, Amazonia, Central and North Asia, the Canadian wilderness, and inside the depths of middle eastern deserts as well as numerous underwater or island bases and a moon base. Even with the foiling of its plans in the third world war, the Dominion yet lives to try for another grab at ultimate power.

At a Glance

Faction Color Dark Violet
Playstyle Subversive Warfare
Preferred Theatre of Operations Any.
Strengths Mind control, potent submarines, large number of difficult to counter gimmicks, devastating to both horde and elitist armies, strong in every tier, very powerful infantry, and powerful stealth abilities.
Weaknesses Units tend to be weaker in straight up fights than their equivalents, short range is endemic to many units in the faction, many units need to be engaged for a while to reach their full potential, many of the armie's best tricks such as virus and evolution gas and telepathy are of far more limited use against robotic units.
Intended Players Players who like to mess with their enemies.
Motives World Domination, Human Ascension, Expansion of Religion


The Shady Subordinates

Epsilon began quite humbly as an advanced military research division that was meant to push the boundaries of what seemed to be possible. Originally meant to investigate paranormal phenomenon to see if there was any militarily useful data behind them, Epsilon made a break through when it analyzed the abilities of Tibetan monks, Indian gurus, and the most skilled of magicians. They came to the conclusion that psychic powers were real, and needed further investigation. And while they did get some research done in the 20s, it was with the ascension of Fuller and Rocques to power in Britain and France that caused their funding to skyrocket. Virtually any strategic asset available to the Alliance would be utilized to the fullest in the crusade against Russo-Latino-American communism, and this would include even what was considered to be quackery not too long ago.

The man who would come to lead this project was a mysterious figure known as Geoffrey. A personal friend of Fuller, the man; of apparently Transylvanian ancestry despite his French name and German accent, simply appeared from nowhere one day in Britain and integrated himself into Fuller's personal circle before his rise to power. Conferring extensively with an equally mysterious bald headed advisor by the name of Jacob; Geoffrey was in the perfect place to take over much of the Alliance's top secret research divisions once they were established. Unbeknownst to Fuller and the others, Geoffrey started to form a cult within the division, one that offered a path to enlightenment and human perfection.

He would form his own state within a state with other similarly mysterious figures who like him; simply appeared one day and managed to get on the good side of western European heads of state. These figures, Anca Albescu, Bashar al-Rashid, Lysandros, Dora Mendoza, Vlad Dracul, Omar Hussein, Attila Lakatos, Edina Sipos, Muhammed al-Addin, Pierre de Capet, Suarez Hernandez, Hannah Antionette, Horatio Nicolescu, and Aisha bin Assad and others would form the core of his Inner Circle, who would guide Epsilon to greater heights of research and glory as the years progressed. With their guidance, Epsilon went from a small research division into one of the largest and most powerful actors in the Alliance. A collection of fine men of thinking would gather to craft their vision of the Alliance.

Epsilon began to entangle other research divisions; arranged according to the Greek Alphabet, into itself as it expanded the scope and horizons of its research. Upsilon's studies into biology, Omega's electromagnetic research, Mu's seismology, Omicron's examination of unconventional energy phenomenon, and Sigma's advanced chemical warfare and more were all soon feeding into Epsilon. While some programs managed to evade Geoffrey's grasp, he still could claim to be providing much of the Alliance's most exotic capabilities. And when war did come in 1950, Epsilon's "battlefield experimentation" task forces were there in the thick of things to put into practice many of the Inner Circle and Geoffrey's ideas.

These task forces would acquire a ghoulish reputation for experimenting on POWs and occupied populations as well as an aura of dread for their strange and frightening weaponry. However, post-war Alliance secrecy made it hard for the enemies of the Alliance to determine the magnitude of whatever abuses Epsilon committed, and with the higher profile targets of Blackwatch to go after, it was rather easy for Epsilon to avoid a great deal of scrutiny. However, while they avoided the hammerfall that slammed many of Fuller's associates following his death, they would find that his replacement was significantly less amenable to their goals than he was.

Keep Your Thoughts to Yourself

The new Chairman, Thornley; was not a personal friend of Geoffrey nor did he desire such friendship. And with most of Fuller's more secretive advisors purged, Geoffrey found his influence declining in the new alliance. He still got the funding he needed but scientists like Lydia Winters and militarymen like Bingham continually found their stars ascending at his expense, a state of affairs that Geoffrey would not long tolerate. Was it not Epsilon that made the Alliance great in the first place? Epsilon's plans would need to be altered and accelerated. Epsilon was not yet ready to launch a coup, Thornley's position was too strong and consolidated, but Epsilon had plenty of room to grow in the forgotten corners of the world, grants to work in the depths of the black forest, the lonely alps, frozen Antarctica, the searing Sahara and Arabian, the humid landscapes of the Amazon, and deep in the jungles of southeast Asia and the peaks of the Himalayas were used as an opportunity to build an army in secret.

Epsilon became even more insular, neither seeking out nor particularly wanting extensive contact with much of the rest of the Alliance save for recruitment, budget requests, and continuing to demonstrate why it was worth the Alliance's continued investment. This suited the growing cult that Epsilon was becoming, the Syndicate was godless and could never be expected to attain true enlightenment; the Union of Anti-Communists was overly focused on petty questions of economics and primitive tools of keeping control; the Confederacy of Nationalists moribound on "purging" their nations of communism. The Technocratic Combine? What could they know of true knowledge while they tinkered with children's toys? The Raj? A bloated creature eternally needing to stuff its belly to avoid starvation. The Pahits? Primitive amateurs who struggle against backwards insurgents. And the Contingent? A collection of weak political nonentities.

All around, they could see that the Alliance was spiritually weak. Their quest for material advantages had left in its place a poverty of the Psyche. And these moves towards liberalizing the Alliance? May as well be written surrender documents addressed to the anarchist rabble of the Comintern. The world had become too concerned with questions of the community, the individual, the nation, the bottom line, and when they looked to faith, they looked to faiths with an incomplete at best understanding of the metaphysical. After all, how can anyone claim to match the spiritual and mental achievements of Epsilon when Epsilon was advancing so far and fast in the fields of biology and psionics? And armed with this superiority of mind, soul, and body Epsilon; Geoffrey argued, would be the deliverers of the world from darkness and ignorance.

And so they grew, a malignant cancer in the very heart of the Alliance that dreamed of nothing less than complete world dominance. A world made up of not just men, but supermen; unified of thought and prepared for transcendance. All under a faith that saw Geoffrey as its prophet and messiah. The Alliance proceeded largely unaware of the threat to the entire world that was building underneath its very nose. Epsilon's deepset roots in the rest of the Alliance and its own nigh on impossibility to infiltrate let it build its army in peace. Alliance planners around the world counted on Epsilon formations to aid them in the war to come. And not one of them, not ACIN, not SPIDER, not anyone was aware of the magnitude of the danger.

Complexes big and small began to sprawl all over the forgotten corners of the Earth. A network of mysterious devices was spread across the globe wherever Epsilon was able to. Secret pacts were made with with all manner of terrorists, pirates, loose cannon mercenaries, and other malcontents to both addittional recruits and make new allies. As ever, Epsilon's allies in the Cult of Acorpion would provide whatever assistance they were able to. Particularly when it came to dealing with attentions from a mysterious religious order that seemed hellbent on thwarting Epsilon's plans. But soon all would be in place as Epsilon's army of fanatics, clones, creations, and mind controlled puppets marched off to war with the start of World War 3.

Instant Chaos, Just Add Betrayal

At first all seemed normal with the war. With the Alliance advancing deep into the International in the face of increasingly stiffening defense in depth meant to draw them in for destruction. The Alliance advanced significantly farther than it did in the last war, though the International was counting on overstretch. A surprise entrance into the war by the Axis the Solar Empire had formed around itself briefly delayed Epsilon's timetables, but soon enought they planted the dagger deep into the Alliance's back. While the Majestica, Empire, League, and Guardians were unforeseen elements, the Inner Circle was confident that they would crush them as well. Aided by overt support from the World Liberation Army formed out of the malcontents they contacted and covertly by the Cult, the newly declared Dominion vowed to bring the world to its knees.

With an arsenal unlike anything else in the world and the advantage of surprise, Epsilon's emergence from its hidden bases and its carefully timed betrayals of the Alliance units they were paired with proved to be devastating. What was once a war with cleanly dileneated frontlines became a shattered mess of engagements all over the world. Regions that were supposed to be far away from the frontlines suddenly came under devastating attack as the Axis Powers and the Dominion, Totania, and WLA ran rampant. And indeed, Epsilon's forces acquired a fearful reputation as an army of monsters and ghouls with fiendish powers. The Alliance in particular suffered heavily from both having to fight an enemy they had never made plans to, was unfamiliar to them, and having lost all the assets represented by Epsilon.

Whole branches of Alliance research were closed off to the blue army as the purple legions of Geoffrey carved their way across the planet and numerous divisions were essentially wiped out in Epsilon's great betrayal. Geoffrey was hardly foolish enough to believe that any would have accepted his demand to surrender at once and join with him, but he and the Inner Circle were confident that the world could be theirs soon. However, the failure to anticipate the Axis' participation had lead to numerous costly engagements with the Axis Forces who upon realizing the magnitude of Geoffrey's threat, turned numerous forces over to deal with them. Furthermore, they failed to anticipate how quickly the Alliance and International would rally to fight them. With no one willing to surrender to Geoffrey's mind control, Totania's fanatical religion, or the WLA's barbarism, Epsilon inexorably found its initial zeitgeist fading.

While major successes were had, and the Psychic Dominator network that drew so much initial fear proved to be a distraction for Epsilon's real plans that its enemies bought hook line, and sinker, the squeeze was increasingly put on the newfound Dominion. By the late stage of the war, even with successes (smashing or limited) like the raid on Kukuoka to take out many of the Axis' high commanders, the assault on Lisbon and the battle of Acapulco, Epsilon found itself confronted by enemy strength it could not overwhelm. But this would all be for naught if Epsilon managed to activate the Cerebremor Supremor, a device that could control the minds of the entire planet at once. All the Psychic Dominators and Beacons in the world were meant as a cover for this, which would deliver Epsilon ultimate victory.

However, the Comintern forced an assault on the Antarctic Peninsula upon detecting the Mental Omega and landed a massive amphibious assault to destroy the device at any costs while the Zephyr Revolt was sent to deal with its Magna-magnet doomsday device. At the same time, the Alliance launched an assault on Geoffrey's personal fortress after managing to land at Antarctica while the Axis began a daring assault elsewhere in Antarctica to destroy one of the most important production and research complexes for Epsilon's war effort. Occuring at nearly the same time the last major operations against the Empire were launched, these battles would see Geoffrey go missing in action, Epsilon's great hope to rule the world in ruins, and a major leg of its industrial base kicked out. However, Epsilon managed to fight hard enough to convince its foes that total capitulation could not reasonably be achieved, and so instead signed a cease fire agreement, and was present at the final armistice.

With the disappearance of Geoffrey, Epsilon's Dominion has had to undergo heavy rethinks of its plans and layout. Geoffrey never designated a successor, and none of the Inner Circle were willing to allow the other to advance to that station. They would welcome Epsilon's finest commander into the ranks of the Inner Circle to help break ties and introduce someone outside their standard politicking to provide a new viewpoint, and authority now went from the Messiah to the Disciples. Similarly, their prior plans for world domination would need to be altered. No longer could they count on surprise and now their installations were subject to nearly constant monitoring by overt and covert means to ensure they weren't going to try for the plan to control everyone again. Similarly, the loss of secrecy hampered their ability to proselytize.

Under the co-dictatorship of the Inner Circle, Epsilon has managed to recover from the drubbing dealt to it in the Third World War, and it eagerly awaits another chance to bring in the new age. Though a pariah state, Epsilon still exerts great external influence; enough to be considered one of the world's superpowers, upon whose decisions the course of history can rest on. And while the world has all manner of new actors; whether in the open such as the menace of Green China or secretive like the cloistered forces of the Protectorate or Ecumene, the Dominion is regaining its confidence in its mission to deliver the world from darkness.

Missionaries of Epsilon

"There is a fundamental difference between the appeal of a mass movement and the appeal of a practical organization. The practical organization offers opportunities for self-advancement, and its appeal is mainly to self-interest. On the other hand, a mass movement, particularly in its active, revivalist phase, appeals not to those intent on bolstering and advancing a cherished self, but to those who crave to be rid of an unwanted self. A mass movement attracts and holds a following not because it can satisfy the desire for self-advancement, but because it can satisfy the passion for self-renunciation."

- From The True Believer by Eric Hoffer


"Geoffrey is master"

-Ominous whispers heard inside a suspected Epsilon compound
Construction Yard The centers of Epsilon Command and Control and the center from which their bases are built up, construction yards for Epsilon Function much like anyone else's.
Mission The nerve centers of Epsilon expansion centers, Missions allow one to build a base outside of your zones of control
Bio-Reactor Though seemingly average in terms of power generation at first, Bio-Reactors can garrison up to four squads of infantry to greatly increase their power generation capabilities as they draw energy from the processes of the very living body.
House of Geoffrey The Center from which Epsilon's infantry are created from, the house of Geoffrey can also have captured infantry brought to it to be brainwashed into serving Geoffrey.
60px Military Factory Quite simply the place from which one creates the tanks of Geoffrey
Psychic Radar Needed to advance to tier two and unlocking Psi-corps' units, Psychic Radars can also point out stealthed units and predict the path of incoming units whose paths will intersect their field, allowing a Proselyte to properly prepare for incoming attack.
Skybase The center from which Epsilon creates its air forces, Skybases are necessary if one wants to expand their operations into the skies
Seapen The housing facility for the mighty navy of Epsilon, Seapens are durable structures also capable of repairing ships as needed.
Mending pit Repairing or healing units brought near them, Mending Pits are an important facet of Epsilon's war machine and also produce their support vehicles.
Grinder Grinders are where unneeded, mind controlled, or destroyed assets are brought to in order to break them down and spit them out as resources to further fuel Epsilon's war effort.
Bioplant Producing the nightmarish monstrosities of Epsilon's genetic engineering programs, Bioplants are the place from which you may produce biobeasts.
Vampyr Castle The lairs of Epsilon's Vampyrs, these imposing castles let loose the worst of an already very bad lot and can be garrisoned to offer added defense.
Temple of Transcendence Necessary for advancing to tier three, Temples of Transcendence also unlock a number of upgrade protocols.
Psi-Reactor Massive power plants that can fit large numbers of infantry inside, Psi-Reactors tap into psionic energies to provide additional power and are especially aided by psychic units.
Ore Extractor The Ore Extractor is Epsilon's primary form of secondary income, extracting massive amounts of ore from the ground and chemically treat it for superior cashflow to keep its miners busy even late in a battle as funds start to run low.
Cloning Vat Building a double of every infantry, vampyr, (non-vehicular) psi-corps, or biobeast squad you produce; even that of Epsilon's Commandos, only one cloning vat can be produced at a time, but they quickly pay for themselves, especially when they provide income ten times as quickly as a deposit bank.
Psychic Beacon The Psychic beacon is used to unlock the final technologies of Epsilon and will make the morale of nearby epsilon units unbreakable while decaying enemy morale until they succumb to Mind Control.
Church of Apotheosis Where Epsilon creates its Commando and its Epic Unit, the Church of Apotheosis provides the Commander with their most powerful units.
Terminus Generator Epsilon's fearsome secondary superweapon, the Terminus Generator enhances the prowess of Epsilon's warriors with Terminus energies.
Terranova Pulsar The fearsome primary super weapon of Epsilon unleashes a blast of Terranova energies that will mutate any living being exposed to it into beings loyal to the Epsilon cause while inorganic matter is ripped apart by the Terranova energies unleashed.


Castle Wall Walls with a distinct gothic design to them, Castle Walls can keep out the enemy and delay their advances.
Castle Gate Opening and closing as needed to ensure that only the right people can get in and out of Epsilon's bases, Castle Gates continue the gothic design of their counterparts.
Citadel Wall Citadel walls are capable of garrisoning friendly infantry inside every certain length of wall to provide for defence with a bite.
60px Castle Wall Each castle gate may garrison two squads of infantry inside, providing for even more defence.
Castle Keep These bunkers can be built into walls or on their own to garrison up to two squadrons of infantry at a time within them.
Tank Castle Tank Castles allow for Epsilon (or mind controlled enemy) vehicles to garrison inside for additional defense, range, accuracy and other benefits to defend the base without any consumption of power and can be built into walls.
Virus Mines Virus mines are quite simply mines that release clouds of Virus Gas and acidic agents to corrode man and machine alike; and the clouds are deadly in water and air as well.
Oxidizer mines These mines release clouds of oxidization gas to severely weaken the defences of enemies who get anywhere near them.
Pyrokine Eye Small turrets capable of firing Pyrokinetic bursts, the Pyrokine Eye is also tall enough to fire over castle walls.
Gatling Cannon Deadly to both light ground targets and air targets, the Gatling Cannon shreds everything it sees with twin 30mm gatling guns whose rate of fire increases the longer they fire until they effectively fire a continuous beam of bullets, and over defensive walls too.
Dissolver Cannon An early means of stopping incoming tanks, dissolver cannons are also quite effective against infantry who are reduced to puddles and charred bones by their eerie green beams.
Plague Trebuchet Certainly not the kind of early artillery defence one would expect, the Plague Trebuchet launches chemical filled canisters over great distances to spread vile poisons all over the battlefield.
Chem-Torpedo Tubes Chem-Torpedo Tubes are specialised anti-sea defences that launch chemicals that react in a very dramatic way with water, tearing through ship armour like nobody's business and being catastrophically deadly to submarines in particular.
Amnesia Tower The Amnesia Tower can buy reprieve for Epsilon's forces by making attacking enemies temporarily forget why they are even here; making them cease their attacks temporarily.
Bloatick Tunnel Bloatick Tunnels release Bloaticks to attack enemy units as soon as they spot them, disrupting the advance of the enemy with poison and a deadly melee attacker.
Mind Reader Mind Readers peer into the minds of enemies within their range; warning Epsilon's forces of the exact thoughts of their foes and so making it much easier to dodge and hit these opponents.
Magnetizer These Turrets strike units afflictable by magnetic weapons and immobilise them while clumping them up; slowly crushing them in the process and making them easy pickings. Or they can repel units to throw them about.
Terminus Vents Terminus Vents constantly spread invigorating Terminus Gas to supercharge nearby Epsilon units with the empowering substance.
Telekine Tower Projecting telekinetic shields around selected friendly units and slapping away incoming projectiles, the Telekine Tower is a defence that defends other defences. It is also able to throw projectiles at the enemy if asked to.
Magnetic Shields Magnetic Shields offer further protection to Epsilon bases; being more effective against energy weapons than the Telekine Tower is and being able to reflect back incoming enemy projectiles. They can also drain incoming energy weapons to supercharge other defensive assets.

Advanced Defenses

Telekine Walls Telekine Walls are selectively permeable and thus do not need gates; and unlike most walls they also completely block incoming aircraft and will self regenerate their integrity over time.
Geno-Mines Vehicles take substantial damage from the Terranova mists of these Geno Mines while Infantry are transformed into horrible monsters viciously loyal to Epsilon's cause.
Virus Clinic Infantry are due for bad times when they are seen by the Virus Clinic, which is able to reduce even the sturdiest of infantry attacks into a wasteland of poison gas in moments as the rotary hypodermic launchers spread green death throughout the field.
ARO Spire The ARO spire fires the iconic golden ARO projectiles of Epsilon at both air and ground targets to serve as a medium tier anti-air and anti-ground defense; contributing to Epsilon's reputation of formidable defences.
Magnetic Tractor Magnetic emplacements can either lift and pull enemies approaching them to their doom or magnetise them; pulling others towards them or throwing them aside like toys and can simply drop picked up units for substantial damage or drag aircraft to their doom. Submarines can also be pulled to the surface and aircraft to the ground by these devices.
Drain Cannon Drain Cannons are rather unusual artillery defenses as their areas of effect suck out the vitality of enemies struck by them to empower and heal Epsilon's units and defenses.
War Chapel Armed with Gatling Cannons and ARO projectile launchers, War Chapels also can fit in up to four squadrons of infantry and two squadrons of vehicles at a time and offer the benefit of mind links to nearby units to improve their effectiveness.
Psychic Amplifier Psychic Amplifiers bounce the signals of Psychic Beacons to extend their area of effect and intensify the rate at which they operate.
Dark Flame Cannon While technically an anti-ship defense; the Dark Flame Cannon is quite versatile due to the dark flame's ability to ignore most forms of cover and most attempts at putting them out. Nevertheless, they can consume ships in shockingly fast order.
Psychic Illusion Tower Psychic Illusion Towers can cloak units near them in fields of Psychic Illusion that telepathically convince those approaching them that nothing is there, though psychic illuson fields can be pierced by certain units.
Telepath Tower Telepath towers can either screw with the morale, discipline, and accuracy of a large number of units simultaneously; or mind control a substantially smaller amount; making them one of the most feared (and expensive) defense of the Dominion of Epsilon
Technopath Spire Makinguse of Technopathy, Technopath spires seek to interfere with mechanical enemies to eventually bend them to Epsilon's will much like Telepath towers; though they work more slowly.
Terranova Cannon The enemies of Epsilon will soon be the servants of epsilon as the Terranova cannons turn hostile infantry into monsters such as brutes who are absolutely loyal to the cause of Epsilon while also causing enemy inorganic units some substantial damage.
Kabbala Hive The highest tier anti-air defence of the Dominion releases a Kabbala interceptor that will not cease trying to hunt the targeted aircraft until either it falls or the enemy aircraft is no more. With great range and lethality, the Kabbala ensures the sanctity of Epsilon's fortresses.
Thermal Tower Firing deadly thermal rays that strike areas of enemies at once, melting tanks to slag and burning men to ash, the Thermal Tower stands proudly next to the Spectrum, Wave Force, and Tesla towers.
Psilectric Spire Psilectric Spires send out malevolent coils of electricity that can easily go through water and electrocute enemy warships and surface targets in equal measure, and energy weapons are virtually useless against them as they simply soak up the energies and empower themselves.
Thermal Battery Firing powerful arcing capable thermal implosion beams that can carve through enemy units, the Thermal Battery is the ultimate in Epsilon base defense; capable of striking enemies at a great distance, well before they approach Epsilon's bases.
Omega Cannon Omega Cannons are another step in securing Epsilon bases; firing large psychically charged shells that explode into psychic pulses that will kill infantry and depilot vehicles in the ensuing blast while damaging the components of robots.
Geoffrey Statue Strange busts of Geoffrey with great range and deadly dissolver beams, Geoffrey Statues help ensure that would be attackers and doubters of the wisdom of Geoffrey are not permitted to advance farther.
Missionary's Citadel The missionary's Citadel can fit six vehicle squadrons and ten infantry squads at a time while powerful telepathic instruments can mind control would be attackers who aren't worth the attentions of the terranova cannon on top or the magnetic crushers..


"Seekers of Enlightenment!"

- Initiate Corneli
60px Long Legs A genetically engineered creature that never lived on the planet until it was created in Epsilon's dark laboratories, the Long Legs is a vicious animal scout whose most horrific abilities is revealed when it bites a victim, causing them to explode into clouds of Virus gas, and they can burrow too.
Initiate The basic soldiers of Geoffrey's army are the initiates, newfound recruits who are just beginning to awaken their psychic abilities in the form of powerful Pyrokinetic bursts that serve as their main means of damaging units. To clear out garrisons and deal a large bumper crop of damage, they can fire a charged burst instead with an area of effect.
Archer Genetically augmented men and women who wield compound bows with a draw strength far beyond what any human could manipulate to fire srrows with HEAT warheads attached to destroy armored vehicles and take out aircraft with their enhanced reflexes and eyesight. They can also fire deadly trickshots that can immediately disable a vehicle, leaving it vulnerable
Brute The basic assault infantry of Geoffrey's armies are muscular monstrosities who simply crush things with their bare hands or improvised weapons. Surprisingly fast due to their powerful bodies and mighty jumps as well as heavily resistant to small arms fire, the Brute can rip apart buildings, throw pieces of the ground at enemies, or slam their hands together to create a powerful thunderclap.
Bloattick A very widely hated suicide unit that is used to spread virus gas throughout the battlefield, the Bloattick is cheap and packs a decent punch when detonated, but the gas they have inside can sweep through the battlefield and leave nothing but corpses behind.
Eparch The Engineer of Epsilon have enhanced physiology to help them run faster, and are capable of throwing themselves with their telekinetic abilities to make large leaps that they can cushion with their abilities so as to ensure that repairs or building captures get done on time and can floor enemy infantry trying to stop them with their minds
Minigunner Armed with gatling cannons and augmented by genetic science to allow them to wield such obscenely heavy weapons, the Minigunner fires extremely quickly and only fires faster the longer their guns spin, devastating lightly armoured targets and aircraft. To ensure maximum fire rate, they can pre-spin their barrels but doing so makes them slower and unable to fire until the barrels are at full speed.
Faithful The faithful are essentially flying initiates with empowered pyrokinetic bursts to try and incinerate enemies that get in their way and can create telekinetic shields around themselves to add to their defense.
60px Biocrafter Fiendish doctors wrapped around in Epsilon biohazard battlesuits with metallic tentacles emerging from their back that can carry their weight across the battlefield and pick up the wounded for administer treatment or lash out at those who would interrupt their science. Their most disturbing ability is their ability to reverse clinical death with the biotech and biokinesis abilities that all of their dark guild have, raising soldiers in an area to fight once again, and those who fought against Geoffrey will now fight for him.
Boardriders Riding upon fast and amphibious hoverboards, Boardriders strike with capsules of gas grenades; virus gas for infantry and corrosives for vehicles. Anyone who hopes to deal with a board rider by surrounding them will soon find the rider leaping into the air and throwing capsules in every direction.
Titan Brutes Brutes modified for service in space, Titan Brutes have crystalline armour on their bodies and are significantly more durable; serving as Epsilon's higher tier anti-tank infantry. Titan Brutes aren't quite as fast as normal brutes, but they can smash through the ground and emerge from below with the intent of breaking their foes wide open.
Terminus Weavers Cousins of the Bloaticks, Terminus Weavers can release puffs of Terminus Gas to empower Epsilon's forces and drive them to greater extremes of battle and can also bite infantry; bloating them with gas until they explode into Terminus to empower Epsilon's warriors.
Messenger Siege Assault Infantry armed with thermal implosion weapons, Messengers can carve through enemies at close range and press forward the assault with powerful telekinetic shields to protect themselves as they advance
Magnetans Using magnetic fields to do their work, Magnetans serve not only as anti-structure and anti-vehicle support, but also provide defenses to other units via being able to project shields that can repel projectiles and disrupt energy weaponry.
Contagion Contagions bring mortars to the field that explode into sinister clouds of acid gas that can eat straight through most forms of structures or they can lob a virus gas canister to cause an almost immediate outbreak amongst their foes.
Magi Revered Initiates who have completed much in the way of training, Magi are officers for Epsilon's powerful military forces and can make use of psilectricity; wiping out large numbers of units at a time; while energy damage only serves to heal them. Magi are also able to muddle the thoughts of their foes and bolster their own troops; leaving their enemies unable to properly distinguish friend from foe while making their own soldiers unbreakable.
Virus Using special sniper rifles that fire hypodermic syringe rounds, these deadly mercenaries turned acolytes of Epsilonism can not only kill their initial target, who explodes into Virus gas, but also kill their friends as the gas spreads. If cornered, they can also throw deadly Virus gas grenades to ensure that none of their attackers will be making it out alive.
Journeyers Bike riding raiders, the Journeyers attack with augmented pyrokinetic psychic blasts and powerful oxidizer grenades that can leave enemy vehicles hopelessly vulnerable to follow up attacks.
Brutation Superior forms of Brutes, Brutations are so strong they can simply lift vehicles over their heads and destroy them almost immediately and outright pick up and throw vehicles like toys while making enormous distance devouring leaps to get around, creating shockwaves on impact. They also heal faster in the presence of other brutes and make them heal faster; serving as sorts of officers for epsilon's genetic freaks.
Acolyte Deadly flying infantry wearing special battlesuits, Acolytes rain death upon enemies with powerful dissolver beams that are effective against most targets or they can use their minds to let out a great telekine pulse that can knock even tanks back, dealing little damage but being highly disruptve


"He who fights monsters must make damn sure that he himself doesn't get feasted on by these freaks."

- Peacemaker Ladislaus Rasmussen
Rust Monster A cheap, stealthed means with which to apply oxidizer to the foes of Epsilon, the Rust monsters weaken all forms of enemy armour as they voraciously seek to consume various inorganic materials that will be excreted as valuable ores later on. Rust monsters are also infamous for their ability to dig.
Ghouls Some of Epsilon's most common and most horrific genetic creations, ghouls are disposable assault troops who tear apart enemies with simple weapons, stealthy tactics, and brute strength, and can eat the dead to trigger regeneration in their bodies to heal themselves, a sight that shocks, horrifies, and disgusts those who see it.
Ghoul Flayers Disposable flying infantry, Ghoul Flayers take to the air with their wings and seek out morsels of flesh that they are able to consume, being quite similar to ghouls overall though being rather more fragile due to the fatal consequences of a tear in their wings.
Ghoul Brutes As if the Ghoul wasn't horrific enough, Ghoul Brutes apply the brute process to the Ghoul to turn them into rampaging monsters who can smash open heavily armoured vehicles with their fists and heal at a disturbingly quick pace even without eating flesh and are difficultl to spot before they are upon a foe.
60px Mournghoul A surrealistic horror with an awful distended jaw that lopes around on its front limbs, Mournghouls suck out the vitality of those they attack, healing themselves with every blow while slowing down their foes and are rather infamous for their ability to hover and swallow enemies whole.
Ghoul King Sometimes, Ghouls gain enough wisdom and power to be entrusted with psychic powers, and this is where the Ghoul King arises from. These officers amongst monsters are known for their horrible savagery and the virulence of the poison in their fangs and claws, as well as their sinister psilectric blasts that can temporarily shut down vehicles and structures while damaging them quite notably, and are also able to psychically convince enemy squads to try eating each other; dealing significant self damage to the targeted unit.
Harpoon Biologically engineered monster men and cyborgs, Harpoons carry powerful gatling guns that can shred through infantry and aircraft, ensuring that the foes of Geoffrey put their heads where they should be; down and out of their master's way. They can also load up explosive rounds and unleash a deadly storm of rounds in a sweep that can devastate infantry.
60px Dune Wraith Using hover capable magnetic packs and boards, Dune Wraiths are the next step up from Boardriders as they have gone from relatively minor enhancements into becoming things of nightmarish terror. Using virus glaives that fill those they kill with virus gas, the Dune Wraith is notorious for their ability to drop Illusion generators to make themselves invisible.
60px Brutalizer Using large thermal imploders on their back; Brutalizers are devastating to structures and slower moving targets while those who try to get close have to deal with two cybernetically enhanced fists attached to a hulking frame encased in heavy armour, Brutalizers also have powerful drain cannons that can sap the vitality of enemies to heal themselves and allies.
Envenomators Snake like amphibious creatures, Envenomators can not only move about on land or sea and move about on terrain obstacles like mountains, they exhale deadly clouds of virus gas or can deliver instantly deadly doses with a bite even through battlesuit armour and with time; they can worm their way into vehicles. They can also burrow to create usable tunnels for other units to pass through.
Speaker Genetically engineered beings with automatic mortars at their disposal, Speakers will shell an area with telekinetically impregnated shells or with virus gas shells at their Proselyte's command, hammering the enemy with a rain of shells that gets faster and faster the longer they remain under their attentions
60px Fireboards Makinguse of Epsilon's hoverboard technology, Fireboards race around the battlefield to apply the deadly dark flame to enemies; sucking out energy while thermal pulse grenades torch down heavier targets, and their ability to leech the heat from targets to engulf themselves in a fiery aura that their mutated and armoured bodies are immune to is quite spectacularly impressive indeed.
60px Starmare Flying genetically augmented infantry, Starmares make use of thermal cannons to essentially serve the purpose of flying artillery for the Epsilon Army, punishing large numbers of enemies at a time and melting through tanks and structures in particular.
Reaper King Reaper Kings mount mobile Antares batteries on their backs that make them one of the most deadlya ssets that Epsilon has against armoured vehicles, obliterating them in significant numbers in a path in front of them or crushing them with their fists. Reaper Kings are even able to melt the ground to trap vehicles in molten rock and dirt; immobilising and damaging them in the process.
Infernal Horror Nightmarish flying creatures created from the traits of a huge number of animals, Infernal Horrors open up all attacks with a spray of virus gas, and can cough out oxidizer gas as well.
Catastrophian A stealth capable creature filled with virulent toxins and combustibles, the Catastrophian at first seems underwhelming for its price with its teeth and claws; though the dissolver energy it can vomit out of cybernetic implants is much more up to snuff, but it truly comes to its own when it exudes Terminus gas to empower its allies and make them fight with far more capability than before.
Drachenshrek Made to resemble dragons, Drachenshreks are flying, living resevoirs of all kinds of foul chemicals that can rust, detonate, corrode, empower or even clear up messes as needed, but their evolution breath is probably their most feared ability; something that can turn an army into a mass of monsters. And to engage them in close combat is a fool's game due to their rather obvious power and their psychic telekinetic shields, while their psychic presence emboldens epsilon and confuses foes.
Biofex Colossus Enormous vaguely humanoid cyborgs, the Biofex Colossus is a testament to how Epsilon finds nothing too abhorrent in the name of ascension. Wielding psilectric weapons on one hand and thermal implosion sphere launchers on the other, the Biofex can fire a magnetic repulsion beam that can shove an enemy farther away from Epsilon's lines of battle.
Bioleviathan A gigantic crab monster, the Bioleviathan is amphibious and mounts a number of guns on its back to make it effective against large numbers of enemies at once. Though relatively plodding, their pincers are capable of crushing just about anything they can get wrapped around that survives the dissolver beams that erupt from its back or the streams of corrosive vomit it can regurgitate to melt large numbers of enemies into sludge.
Dread Infernal Constantly emitting an aura of psychic fear and capable of breathing dark flame at enemies and fire powerful thermal lances from their cybernetic helmets in their way or crushing foes to death beneath their claws while hovering due to their telekinetic abilities, Dread Infernals are the deadliest biobeasts in the Dominion's arsenal, and can float over water. They may also mount a squad who fires at greatly enhanced destructive ability while on it, and pair up especially well with Epsilon's Commandos.


"Behold, mankind's future!"

- Anonymous Vampyr
Vampyr Bats Cheap Disposable swarms of overly large bats subjected to the Vampyrization process, Vampyr Bats seek only to sink their teeth into anything they can and are able to harry everything in an area, leaving them stunned as they try to throw the swarm of bats off them.
Dire Wolves Dogs subject to the Vampirisation process; Dire Wolves are fast and agile scout units who are able to quickly get into places where their foes may not wish them to, sniff out stealthed foes from a long distance, and let loose psychic fear inducing howls that devastate morale before they leap to drain blood and tear flesh from their foes.
Vampyr warrior A new breed of superior human, the warrior has enhanced energokinetic abilities letting them a new form of purplish psychic "dark" flame that is able to torch enemies in cover as if they were in the open and leave stricken enemies blind. In close quarters, these disturbingly beautiful warriors are inhumanly fast and fight with special blades meant to spray as much blood as possible. And to regenerate health, they can bite enemy infantry to instantly kill most of them and drain their blood.
Vampyr Covenantor These Vampyrs are devoted to spreading the good word of evolution, able to hide in plain sight with their psychic trickery and either forcefully spread the evolution gas to create monsters (with a rare chance of new vampyrs) or biting a target to slowly turn them into new Vampyrs, allowing their numbers to grow at an alarming rate. If brought to battle, they are skilled at psychically manipulating the body to cause horrific reactions or augmenting their own physiology to tear things apart in close quarters, or make deadly use of their pyrokine carbines at a distance.
Blutghulf Terrifying genetically engineered assault beasts made from a combination of bat, Vampyr, and brute genes with strength enough to tear apart tanks, make great bounding leaps, and fanged jaws that can crush just about any form of armor, Blutghulfs combine thick natural armour and healing abilities with special cybernetic enhancements made to them to make them even deadlier. And the more a blutghulf kills in a span of time, the faster, stronger, and deadlier it gets. And right before they attack, they can fire frag grenades from devices on their shoulders right before they leap onto a target with a vicious fury that can shatter defensive lines. They get along well with brutes, and keeping them near them seems to enhance both of their morale.
Blutgeist Resembling horrific manbats and a product of failed vampyrization effects that fly in the air with a taste for blood, Blutgheists are enormous cybernetically enhanced carnivorous and bloodsucking genetically engineered predators who can regain health as they kill enemies whether on the ground or in the air while acid slobbering jaws can take care of vehicles. What truly earns them the "out of hell" moniker though, it their ability to spray their acid and then ignite it to produce impressive incendiary displays to burn their enemies to the ground.
Vampyr Genetors These Vampyrs make mincemeat out of vehicles with their powerful "Terranova" beams that can pierce through multiple targets at once, but against infantry they have the rather terrifying effect of instantly converting stricken foes into Epsilon's own genetic creations. Vampyr Genetors are also able to create psychic kinetic shields that double the durability of themselves and nearby allies for some time.
Vampyr Disciple Vampyrs who have focused their prowess in the realm of mind control, Vampyr disciples need no longer walk and can instead float as they please; flying over the concerns of lower beings and being able to mentally crush and mind control their chosen targets or designate a target as the center of a telekinetic pulse to destroy infantry in the area.
Vampyr Temptor Temptors are exceedingly skilled at misdirection and manipulation. Special agents who rely on no weapons save for their powers; Temptors can make their targets change loyalties by just getting close enough to use their telepathy, not quite mind controlling them, but making them be considered allies and their old comrades enemies with a "charm". Temptors are generally imperceptible by those they do not wish to see them as well.
Vampyr Magi These beings float above the air and channel the dark flame, psilectricity, telekinesis and standard pyrokinetics all in equal measure; their psychic abilities turned towards the purpose of great destruction and the disruption of large numbers of the enemy and they are able to hem in foes in a telekinetic dome before bombarding them with all of their offensive powers at once to trap and obliterate high value targets.
Vampyric Apothecary Dressed like Plague Doctors, the Vampyric Apothecary is more than just a healer; as Epsilon has plenty of those, but they are able to convert dying Epsilon infantry into Vampyrs for a certain price and can distribute terminus gas to empower their allies.
Vampyr Guard The Elite Guards of Epsilon make use of both telekine twin blades and telekine halberds, and drain health from enemies as they fight at an accelerated rate; gaining even more health with each kill. Vampyr Guard can also force enemies to attack them, leaving less durable assets function in peace.
Blood Knights Elite ground cavalry of the Epsilon army, Blood Knights make use of thermal lances and swords to tear through their enemies as they charge at them; hot blasts searing into their foes as they charge and their steeds being able to engage a warbear like frenzy with a feed of terminus gas to let them move far faster and deal more damage than usual for a brief time.
Blood Templars Members of the Vampire like genetic aristocracy of Epsilon, Blood Templars ride upon heavily augmented flying steeds and wear frightful armour. Against foes who are far, their powerful psychic abilities stab, crush, and burn. But at close ranges, the telekinetic and dissolver fields around their lances and swords can carve through virtually any resistance, while their armour and shield and telekine barriers keep out most such attacks. But their most terrifying ability is quite literally the inspiration of terror, a blood curdling psychic war cry that causes most to go catatonic and others to flee, abandoning their defences as the blood knights charge them.
Vampyr Master The great officers of the Vampyrs and beholden to the whims of few in Epsilon, Vampyr Masters are masters of a rather grisly form of biokinesis that rips the blood out of their foes to feed their kin and attack with biokine "winds" that manifest in the form of a deadly cloud that fatally overstimulates biological life functions; causing the enemy to literally tear themselves apart.
Black Coach Operated primarily by Vampyrs, these insidious vehicles are known by many names such as "bloodharvester" and "crimson reapers" but these melee oriented vehicles grow deadlier and deadlier as they kill more and more; gaining increasingly potent abilities as they gain veterancy starting with the ability to become invisible.
Furchtgeist Huge and horrific vaguely bat like creatures, Furchtgheists are well known for letting out psychically enhanced sonic screams that can literally scare a man to instantaneous death, or just rupture his ear drums and liquefy his brains in his skull and shatter delicate electronics; and are more than large enough to bowl over whole formations of infantry at a time when they crash onto the ground to make their landings, eating everything in their way.
Mortis Engine Perhaps the deadliest contraption of the Vampyrs, the Mortis Engine is a largely invisible hovering vehicle that drains energy around it and distributes it to Epsilon's forces to empower and heal them, Terminus gas distributed occasionally and only to the worthy while telekinetic swipes carve through those who would seek to get in the way, but the Mortis Engines' power to engulf a wide area in dark flames that will spread to those who get too close to the engulfed; burning down a whole army at a time; is perhaps its most insidious.


Dunerider A cheap hovering combat car useful at the start of hostilities, Duneriders open fire with miniguns that only get faster as they fire longer and longer; and to get away they can release deadly virus gas in all directions that not only obscure them but kill infantry and open topped vehicles nearby.
Spinster Crawl-Tank A light crawling tank packing twin 75mm guns, the Spinster can bury an enemy in weight of fire as its wind up autoloaders pick up the pace as it engages the enemy; allowing it to devastate targets it has gotten the rear armor of. If the machine guns it has aren't cutting it against infantry, it can fire virus gas ladened shells to finish the job.
Creeper Crawler A spidery walking vehicle that brings the deadly virus gas early into a battlefield (instantly degarissoning buildings it fires into) while also carrying a single squad of infantry, the creeper crawler allows the infantry squad inside to fire out with augmented capabilities, and lets engineers and biocrafters conduct their repairs and healing with greater efficiency.
Phobia Tank A fast and deadly main battle tank, the Phobia also has a windup autoloader. Once meant to be a vehicle in the alliance army as a speedy all purpose light tank, it now serves Epsilon, and can cloak itself with a psychic illusion field to let it get to where it needs to go quietly and unseen.
60px Stalker Gatling Tank Firing a storm of lead from their twin 20mm gatling guns, the Stalker Gatling tank can rip through light vehicles, infantry, and aircraft alike with terrifying ease and the awe inspiring rate of fire only increases the longer they fire. And if they need to, they can use virus shells that turn infantry killed into more virus gas clouds.
Alip Transport An APC capable of burrowing beneath the ground and remaining stealthed while above it, the transport is only lightly armed with machine guns (or ramming targets with the drill) but is a way of getting infantry across obstacles and through danger in nearly absolute safety.
Maneater Assault Gun A hovering vehicle that goes about crushing enemy targets with a thermal imploder cannon that burns its way through nearly everything put in front of it, the Maneater assault gun is quite fast and deadly and invaluable for providing support, and can fire a charged blast that will kill everyone taking shelter inside of it.
Frenzy Light Artillery A quick firing hovering light artillery weapon that makes use of twin skyward pointed guns, the Frenzy is very good at forcing an enemy to keep their heads down as they just fire and fire and fire and never, ever seem to stop or let up. If need be, the Frenzy can cut the power to its motors and instead focus all power to making the guns fire as fast as they can.
Grinder Tank Firing up powerful magnetic harpoons to either drag targets towards it or drag it towards targets, the Grinder Tank is capable of tearing through most forms of armour at melee ranges and absorbing heavy punishment while earning you some cash as it grinds enemies into parts...or perhaps mind control units you wish to deny to the enemy. They can also fire genetic mutator rays to transform enemy infantry into monstrous mutants that can be used against the enemy or grinded up for cash.
Firestorm Artillery Armed with two four barelled gatling artillery guns, all of them being 105mms, the Firestorm makes up for its lack of initial firepower with sheer saturation and can even load up some flak shells to temporarily serve as extremely dangerous heavy anti-aircraft vehicles.
Inversion Tank Destroyer A stealth capable tank destroyer, the Inversion fires powerful dissolver beams deadly to both infantry and vehicles and is infamous for its power to briefly make other epsilon units around it invisible.
Magnus Heavy Tank The double barelled Magnus is based off a concept for an improved take on the old Thunderer, and interestingly can fit a squad of infantry inside whose energies allow the tank to produce a third barrel for incredible rates of fire.
Insidious Burrow-crawler The Insidious burrow crawler is able to tunnel directly into the earth to escape notice before emerging from an unexpected angle to let loose with gas canisters that will corrode even the hardiest of targets in short order, while deadly claws on the burrow crawler can rip open anything that deigns to get too close.
Plaguefang Catapult A crawler equipped with a psi-catapult that can lob a deadly concotion of corrosive and explosive chemicals at great distances, the Plaguefang Catapult's virus gas is more dangerous the more clouds are present as it launches an ignition capsule later to explode all virus clouds within a radius of the blast and the blast of other afflicted clouds, potentially making them the most destructive artillery unit if luck holds.
Deathcult Superheavy Tank The Headcase serves as both the superheavy anti-ground and anti-air unit, releasing rapid starflare bursts to annihilate targets on the ground or deploying into an extremely long ranged turret that can quickly pulverise even the heaviest of aircraft.
Trebuchet Strategic Artillery A burrowing capable strategic artillery piece capable of hitting targets from nearly anywhere on the map so long as line of sight is provided for them; at which point they fire devastating telekine pulse shells that smack everything in their area of effect with a devastating shockwave, the Trebuchet makes for a powerful argument in the late game.

Support Vehicles

60px Mind-Spotter Mind-Spotter crawlers are armed with a single thermal pulse weapon like initiates but are able to spot stealthed units and attack in melee, and in umbral maps their ability to provide precious light is worth its weight in gold.
Terminus Agent Hovering vehicles that spread the joys of Terminus through a powerful sprayer that will augment the prowess of Epsilon's war mac

hine considerably, making them utterly invaluable to the war effort. The Terminus Agent can also overload a target with Terminus to increase the buff even further at the expense of killing the target once the effect wears off.

Magnetron Tank Magnetron tanks are immensely useful hovering utility vehicles that can lift enemy vehicles into the air to be torn apart by anti-aircraft fire, drag ships to their doom on land, drop vehicles in water, tear out the metal from structures, or perform its most necessary role of vehicle recovery where it can recover vehicle husks or abandoned vehicles for reclamation or push away vehicles to keep them out of range.
Rust Breeder Outfitted with potent oxidizer gas, the Rust Breeder Crawler cripples the armour of enemy targets and can leave vehicles and battle suits vulnerable to virus and evolution gas to further the devastating chemical agenda of Epsilon. Their secondary is to spray the oxidizer gas in copious amounts, a short ranged but very dangerous attack to anything caught in the cone as flesh burns and armour corrodes into nothing.
Mutation Drone Mutation Drones race through the battlefield with loping legs to disperse their lethal payloads of evolution gas to reduce enemy formations to gibbering monstrosities, or can instead release Terminus Gas to augment the firepower and rate of fire of their allies.
Magnetizer The Magnetizer has an unusual effect, charging up the magnetic field of a target until it starts pulling in every magnetic object around it. The longer it fires on a target, the more severe the effect gets until victims begin to slam into the target with fatal results or the target starts to be crushed by the objects its surrounded with. Eventually the effect gets so severe that even the metal in blood and the electrons in molecules are fatally disrupted and infantry die. The Magnetizer can also make an object repel instead, pushing objects away with ever increasing violence until the target is torn apart.
Mobile Illusion A mobile psychic illusion device that can cloak your troops as long as they remain near it, it can deploy and tap into the power grid to create a much wider array of stealth to hide your forces even better
Scavenger Fitted with powerful magnetic beams, the Scavenger seeks to tear off weapons from enemy vehicles and structures; repairing itself of any damage that it suffers with the stolen parts until it slays its enemy and acquires its weapon. The Scavenger can fit up to three such stolen weapons, and is able to jettison a weapon when it loses its novelty.
Melter Tank Equipped with powerful thermal cannons and the ability to hover over the waters, the Melter degrades the armour of the targets it hits and causes units it kills to burst into flames; damaging other nearby units. This makes them good support for other units, and their ability to release a wave of heat that rapidly sucks the morale out of enemies as they suffer through unbearable temperatures cannot be underestimated.
60px Earthbreatker TBM A militarized tunnel boring machine meant to create a hole for your troops to be able to follow on through, letting you pass mass numbers of warriors underground in safety
Terminus Support Vehicle Able to focus Terminus energies and gasses to augment the formidable abilities of Epsilon's lethal warriors, the Terminus Support vehicle also can unleash potent confusion effects that massively decrease an enemy's accuracy and greatly increase their lock on times.
60px Oxidizer Anti-Air Epsilon's advanced anti-air unit is the Oxidizer; firing chemicals repurposed from Alliance research into means to safely dispose of heavy metal waste and fitted onto a vehicle with twin cannons that fire out clouds of gas that rapidly oxidize the structures of aircraft that pass through them, greatly weakening their armour; allowing for the Dominion of Epsilon's forces to tear them apart more easily.
60px Deviator Firing forth a mass of chemical warheads in MRLS fashion is the deviator; primarily firing Virus gas ladened warheads that can reduce infantry armies into clouds of poison in seconds, though they can also fire off evolution gas warheads that make monsters out of men and beasts.
60px Chemmancer The Chemmancer is a veritable environmental apocalypse of deadly chemical agents, virus gas, oxidizer gas, terminus gas, and evolution gas are all brought aboard the vehicle; which can cycle through them on command to release with a deadly sprayer or with rocket borne capsules that will leave even the best laid defences in ruins.
Kabbala Carrier The bane of aircraft everywhere, Kabbala carriers ferry squadrons of Kabbala interceptors that will never stop trying to hunt their targets untill they are shot down, and are even able to mark targets for death for greater effect.
Kabbala Hive The highest tier anti-air defence of the Dominion releases a Kabbala interceptor that will not cease trying to hunt the targeted aircraft until either it falls or the enemy aircraft is no more. With great range and lethality, the Kabbala ensures the sanctity of Epsilon's fortresses.
Mobile Grinder One of the most feared of Epsilon's units, the Mobile Grinder combines powerful magnetic attractors with fast acting grinders to rapidly break down enemies into funds. Compared to the smaller grinder tank, the mobile grinder lacks the speed and mutators but its ability to feed psilectricity into its magnet to pull in units, ore, and parts of structures to be turned into credits can hardly be underestimated.

Construction Vehicles

Hive Miner Deployable vehicles that can park in front of an ore mine and release a number of genetically engineered creatures to quickly pick up the valuable ore, the Hive Miner defends itself with a number of gatling guns against infantry and low flying aircraft.
MCV Epsilon's MCV is much like those of the other factions, capable of deploying on water or land or crushing impudent vehicles that get in its way to set up additional bases for the glory of Geoffrey.
Convert The Convert is a means of setting up Missions which can spread the building zones of Epsilon and thus spread the word and the will of Geoffrey.


Mind's Eye The primary aerial scout of the Dominion, the Mind's Eye is invisible and unarmed, but anything in its vision can be detected. It is able to offer a form of support however, by focusing its mental attentions on an enemy that erodes their morale as the psychic ogling makes them nervous and uneasy.
Nightflare The premier air superiority fighter of Epsilon, the Nightflare strikes with twin dissolver beams and AROs that can carve through most forms of armour and by injecting their engines with special fuels, can launch back to base at alarming speeds on command, activating a cloaking field to hide itself as it does so. The Nightflare also can spray a target with oxidizer gasses to make them weak.
Nightmare A vicious tactical bomber aircraft that carpets an area with the proselyte's choice of thermal pulse spheres, virus gas bombs or air launched torpedoes, the Nightmare is also stealthed which helps disguise the weakness of its single 13.2mm gatling gun as a means of defense, or its relatively lackluster speed even when in return to base mode.
Nightscare A meanspirited ground attack aircraft for meanspirited people, the Nightscare opens up on ground targets with a large gatling cannon and thermal pulse spheres that can shred infantry and vehicle formations it catches on the ground after popping out of stealth, while the return to base command not only makes it go faster, but also cloaks it again. The Nightscare is also able to induce terror in everything it passes over, shattering their morale and sending them scattering with a psychic shriek.
Nightheart A tremendously fast, tremendously powerful interceptor uses similar weapons to the Nightscare, but instead of being built for durability and low and slow flight, the Nightheart is built for balls out speed to tear apart bombers and airships (and it also switches out the spheres for dissolver beams) and like most Epsilon fixed wing aircraft, cloaks as it returns to base. The Nightheart is also able to surround itself in a magnetic repulsion field that can let it ram enemies safely.
Nightmaker The "infantry eraser" of the forces of Epsilon, Nightmakers are stealthed with psychic illusion devices and drop out canisters full of terranova gas that will slay and mutate just about any infantry that are caught by it; turning the enemy's numbers into a benefit for Epsilon.
Nightdrop Psychic Illusion Hidden transport planes, Night drops move with little warning or mercy and drop their payloads of infantry and vehicles with magnetically assisted repulsion systems to make for swift but soft landings en masse while gatling guns protect them from interceptors. Nightdrops can also drop chimera cores to hide allied units from detection.
Nightraider An alternative for strategic destruction to the Aenigma, the Nightraider is stealthed and lightly defended with gatling guns, but the payload of self-combusting virus gas bombs can absolutely devastate massed formations. They can also drop oxidization gas to leave enemies crippled ruins easily destroyed by Epsilon's other weapons.
60px Dreamer A transport aircraft armed with a pair of twin gatling gun turrets, and capable of carrying a large number of infantry, two light vehicles, or a tank, the Dreamer is very fast and versatile
Reviver The Primary form of repair vehicle for Epsilon, the Reviver can both repair and regenerate your own units as well as deal some annoyance by firing a dissolver ray to ward off light units trying to interrupt its job and fire its repair rays on itself to repair damage suffered.
Ruiner A strange sort of unit equipped with multiple drain cannons that leech health away from targeted units; particularly infantry and distribute it to your own. Ruiners can invert that beam to focus all their attentions on healing a single unit while causing substantial damage, making them a good companion for the Reviver which can recover modules and fallen units but can't heal quite as quickly as the Ruiner.
Invader A widely feared floating disc, the invader strikes with three dissolver rays to rip through light units while it maneuvers around the battlefield looking for opportunities to use its most disruptive ability; the siphon, which can disable a power plant's contributions to a power grid, shut down defensive structures and production buildings, or drain cash from refineries to put into your pocket.
Cleaner Deadly to just about any ground target, the Cleaner uses both Dissolver rays and thermal pulse spheres to engage both slower air units as well as nearly anything on the ground and can activate psychic guidance to allow for perfect accuracy for five seconds; ensuring nothing escapes its attentions.
Salvager Salvagers target enemies with magnetic leech beams to steal their weapons and arm themselves or drag enemies to their doom with powerful magnetic traction beams; making these hovering units incredibly versatile depending on what weapons they manage to steal.
Subripper Subrippers find enemy submarines in the water below with powerful psychic and magnetic scanning fields before firing up magnetic beams to pull up submarines and then start to crush them.
Mandjet Manta ray like airships that defend Aenigmas from lighter aircraft, Mandjets strike with several gatling guns that can turn any aircraft into swiss cheese, and may bring up telekinetic fields to shove incoming attacks away.
Riddle Built to deal with other airships, Riddles fire thermal pulse rays that simply melt their way through most of the enemy's defenses to burn through these targets, while helicopters are targeted for annihilation by magnetic beams that literally pull their rotors off to let them fall to the ground. The Riddle can also magnetically attach itself to other airships; where they will be devastated by its prow grinders.
Arcania Arcania Airships have large volleys of AROs that are well suited to dealing with fast and mobile targets; tearing through things too fast for the Aenigmas and offering the Madnjets and Riddles some additional support; and a potent drain field can be activated to keep other aircraft in the game longer.
Aenigma A strange sort of airship designed like some kind of futuristic floating armoured vehicle, the Aenigma bombards the ground with a carpet of thermal pulses to devastate ground structures and large, massed formations of enemy units incapable of escaping this strategic aircraft. While usually only firing at an area at the end of its arc, it can also fire at everything from the edge of its range to directly underneath it in a cone of devastation, though such an act requires immediate cooling to prevent the ship from melting itself.
Mysterium Flying Carriers in the Epsilon airfleet, the Mysterium offers terrible oppression to Epsilon's enemies in the form of Arcanum, Trivium, Obscurum, and Unknowing craft carried within its hull. Defended by close in weapon systems to try to ensure nothing gets too close to the Mysterium, the Mysterium is widely feared for its ability to become invisible and cloak other Epsilon aircraft nearby.


"Looks like you've had a bit too much to think!"

- Adept Olimpia Vãduva, in a telepathic message to an Alliance commander
Psi-Trike Motor-trike riding close combat specialists, the Psi-Trikes can be followed by the number of enemies they send flying or cut apart with their psionic blades as they wreak havoc on everything they pass by. Their ability to create tele-lassos to drag targets to doubtlessly awful fates is particularly feared.
Bestiarium Animal minds are relatively simple to deal with for these potent trikes that flip the allegiances of animal units that get in their way, and are also able to induce berserk statuses into these animals to make them fight with far more than the normal degree of violence until they inevitably die from over-exertion.
Adept Chaplains, missionaries, officers, and terrifying tools of the battlefield all at the same time; Adepts have highly advanced psychic powers that can either tear through a target's morale in a substantial area until the target is nothing more than a vegetable; an attack that bypasses all forms of armour (or against non-organic targets, unleash a pyrokinetic attack to try and do the same), or mind control a single target at a time; turning them over to the side of Epsilon.
Shadow Epsilon's infiltrators are the shadow order, who combine the usage of a telekinetically enhanced short sword that can pass through nearly any armour with virus gas silenced shotguns and pistols to hack their way through the forces of the foes they were ordered to infiltrate. And if they give them trouble, they can create real seeming; also stealthed illusionary doubles who the enemy will undoubtedly waste time on.
Shadow Adept Shadow Adepts combine the mind control capabilities of Adepts with the stealth of Shadows; though they lose in range and cannot make use of the standard attacks; they can make use of telekine blades to cut open enemies at a distance.
Lightning Adept These battlesuit armoured Adepts are able to harness psilectricity in the form of powerful bursts that damage everything around them and shock vehicles into submission while still being able to mind control a selected target.
Mentor Using telekine pulse grenades against structures, and special rifles meant to enhance their dark flame powers against infantry and vehicles (or telekine bayonets in melee), Mentors are swift, silent and stealthy special forces warriors who can cause a tremendous amount of panic behind the lines; and have a particularly nasty trick where they convince enemies that they have gruesome parasites in their bodies so that they literally tear themselves apart trying to get them out.
Psychic Barrier Tank Capable of using its telekinetics to slap away incoming projectiles and project shields around friendly tanks, the Psychic Barrier Tank provides for crucial defense of Epsilon's assets, and the low range psychic radar it projects can also detect those who would try to sneak past Geoffrey's holy army.
Nightseizer Flying Mind Control Aircraft, Nightseizers warp the minds and morale of the enemy, making the very act of fighting Epsilon difficult before they move in to take control of the enemy, with each nightseizer being able to steal up to three enemy units at a time.
Worm Mind Worm Minds are burrowing crawlers that can mind control up to two units at a time or telekinetically throw a single unit as it pleases, making them helpless before Epsilon's mercies and smashing them into foes.
Midna Clone Midna Clones are something of a misnomer, as most of the time that Midna is seen on the battlefield involves her "alpha" clones; with the "Prime Midna" being a rare sight indeed. These "beta clones" however have lesser but stilll potent versions of her abilities, making them useful against many forms of target, though instead of her area of effect mind control they can release a psi-magnetic wave that will overturn and immediately disable vehicles until they're recovered. Ships however, are capsized and sink instantly.
Epsilon Master Epsilon Masters are able to mind control buildings and defenses as well as units, and their hover chariots allow them to cross water terrain with little difficulty. Trying to surround them is a dangerous gambit as well; as they can release deadly dark flame pulses around themselves that will kill most infantry and stun vehicles.
Technopath Crawler Epsilon is well aware of its weakness to mechanical enemies and has sought to alleviate that with these crawling vehicles that house specially engineered brains cybernetically linked to the machine. This gives it a greater understanding of how machines work, and lets it work in tandem with other psychics to allow them to mind control mechanical units at reduced range and capacity, though the Technopath is considered the "controlling" unit for the purpose of freeing the victim. Technopaths are also able to cause targeted units to go haywire, firing and acting wildly with little regard as to what might be in the way. Psilectric blasts can also be generated to deal significant damage to enemy vehicles and mechanical units.
Worm Queen Burrowing vehicles making usage of "Psilectric" weapons that are augmented by psychic abilities to devastate enemies in a large area burst, Worm Queens are particularly feared for their immunity to energy weapons; which simply make them heal when attacked. Their secondary leeches energy from around them to power up a deadly blast; though this requires energy to do so and the more enemies (or allies) there are nearby to drain the deadlier the blast.
Worm King More burrowing terror from Epsilon's horror factories, the Worm Kings bring their deadly tongues of dark flame to the battlefield; leaving enemies blind and helpless while they're set alight, with any heat or cold based weapons being used near them simply feeding the flames even more and increasing their attack power; burning down structures and infantry alike. The Worm King is not only burrow capable but is also able to rapidly freeze over the area by leeching heat from the vicinity.
Mastermind Tank Devastating vehicles for the late game, Mastermind tanks tear apart enemies with telekinetic and telepathic attacks that tear through mind and body alike; or they can instead mind control up to four targets and direct them to the Proselyte's bidding.


Giant Squid Genetically altered monsters from the briny deep modified to an even larger size than what they already were, the Giant Squid is a monster capable of dragging smaller ships and amphibious infantry and vehicles into the bottom of the ocean and chewing threw even heavy ship armour with enormously powerful beaks, and can of course release an ink cloud to make a quick get away as you'd expect from a squid.
Mariner Torpedo Sled A fast and dangerous torpedo carrying boat also armed with a thermal pulse cannon to deal some additional damage, Torpedo sleds can stealth themselves temporarily to prepare an ambush.
Gatling Sled Armed with twin gatling cannons, the Gatling Sled rushes across the water with its gatling guns belting out increasingly deadly bullet barrages at any enemy that approaches it. Gatling Sleds can also fire off oxidizer gas chemicals on command; useful in a bind.
Vanishing Transport A stealthed sea transport, the Vanishing transport can comfortably contain a number of infantry and ground vehicles within to whatever destination they need to get to. The vanishing transport is particularly infamous for its ability to temporarily force enemies to stop targeting it even if it is discovered, making it very difficult to intercept indeed.
Gatling Submarine Armed with two sets of twin gatling cannon turrets and four torpedo tubes, the Gatling Submarine is well suited to dealing with both enemy submarines and with enemy air units, which it can shred with gatling cannon fire (along with shore based targets and smaller boats)
60px Vindaloo Destroyer Armed with three twin 120mm wind up guns and magnetic renders, the Vindaloo is a highly useful combatant on the seas that can twist and pull at the structures of enemy ships with its magnetic rending devices to enforce Epsilon's air superiority
60px Megas Submarine A powerful full sized submarine armed armed not only with powerful torpedoes but also a prow mounted telekine gun that can; when fired up, deal damage to multiple ships in a line, the Tercio submarine is a terror for enemy ships lacking the proper escort.
Rashidun Cruiser Packing six thermal pulse cannons and four magnetic renders and the feared "Grumbler" magnetic deharmonizer, while the Rashidun's ordinary armament is destructive enough to ships caught in its way, when it activates the deharmonizer it can devastate all units caught in a cone as the deharmonizer tries to literally pull them apart.
Solomon Light Carrier The Solomon Light Carrier offers limited aerial support to the rest of the Epsilon fleet, and packs a single Kabalist interceptor squadron that will absolutely ruin the day of any aircraft within a designated area.
Mender Squids Specially engineered squids, the Menders can repair damaged warships and are accompanied by an unmanned submersible SPAM facility to help produce the equipment they need to attend to the needs of the rest of the fleet. If threatened, the squids can retreat within the submarine which will dive as far as it can go to avoid nearly all possible harm until the threat has passed.
Philippos ARO Submarine The Philippos ARO Submarine helps screen the Epsilon fleet against heavy enemy aircraft, releasing streams of the lethal Red AROs that can tear through enemy aircraft, and unlike many other forms of sea defence; are able to target land and naval targets to some rather substantial effect, particularly against vehicles. The Philippos is also able to temporarily dive too deep for most anti-submarine weapons to target to avoid incoming attacks.
Nautulis Heavy Submarine Armed with a brace of very powerful torpedoes, the Nautulis Heavy Submarine is one of the most powerful naval combatants within Epsilon's mighty navy, each torpedo carrying a powerful mixture of explosives and chemicals that will leave enemies crippled wrecks in no time, and it is even able to fire magnetic torpedoes that drag enemy ships into a single position; leaving them immobile and helpless before the might of the Epsilon navy.
60px Control Ship A huge, floating version of the mastermind, the controls ship can either rip through enemies with its telekinetic and energokinetic powers that can demoralize whole crews at a time, or they can control the minds of up to six units at a time; making them one of the most feared units Epsilon has to offer.
60px Master Squid An enormous cephalopod that can release devastating psychic bursts that fry the brains and electronics of everything caught in the blast, the Master Squid is feared for its ability to unleash a psychic domination blast that will control the minds of everything caught in the radius without any form of time limit or number of controlled units.
60px Boomer Submarine A heavy submarine armed with powerful torpedoes and very powerful and dangerous long ranged thermal pulse launchers that can fire their orbs with range to rival that of any other bombardment ship, Boomers are a menace to coastlines the world over and its unknown how many Epsilon wolfpacks with these operate around the world; waiting for the order to strike. And to ensure that they remain intact, they can surface to use internal repair rays to ensure that they function at peak capacity, though while repairing their thermal pulses are inoperable.
60px Inquisitor Carrier Epsilon's aircraft carrier can launch Firefly fighters, Moth bombers, Dragonfly interceptors, and Scarab attack craft to project Epsilon's power across the big wide ocean as well as provide a home to land based epsilon aircraft so that they can provide quick and immediate air support. With CIWS gatling cannons and dissolver rays, the Inquisitor can further provide for Epsilon's dominance by activating a psychic radar to predict the paths enemy units will take.

Heroes and Epic Units

Midna One of Geoffrey's favourites and a dreadfully powerful psychic herself; flying above the air with contempt for her enemies and capable of wiping out whole armies and flattening cities, burning her way through opponents with almost impossibly hot pryokinetically augmented dark flame blasts and AROs that can reduce tank armour to steaming plasma and scrap metal or telekinetically guided pyro-tentacles that carve through even gotterdammerung armour like air if engaged in melee, rounds stopping before her courtesy of a telekinetic shield around herself that can stop the impact of Dreadnought missiles or melting before they can touch her thanks to her pyrokineis; and she can let loose a psilectric field that will seek out and electrocute just about everything in her presence while the telekinetic effects pull and twist the target apart.
Hajdú A master telepath and a skilled mind controller, Hajdú can mind control up to five units or structures at once without any manner of limitations or restrictions; with even robotic units being unable to resist his mind's awe inspiring powers while his telepathy and technopathy quickly leave units he doesn't deem worth controlling as brain dead vegetables and convinces his foes to not notice him. Hajdú also has the rather sinister ability to simply convince enemies surrounding him that he and Epsilon are friends and that their so called allies are the true enemy; changing them over to an allied faction without being directly under his control.
Mordred An operative who draws on the image of a wicked black knight, Mordred is a heavily armoured psychic combatant who carves through all opponents with a telekine blade that can slash through even the toughest armour, killing just about all infantry in a single hit at close range and carving apart most vehicles in a few swings and capable of reaching out to some distance by extending the telekinetic field of her blade. While already inhumanly fast; especially as she leaps and charges at enemies in range, crossing great distances in a single pounce; Mordred can stop those who seek to flee her with the "get over here!" telekinetic technique, dragging enemies towards her with such violent speed that they're usually ripped apart by their sudden shift in velocity.
The Lurker One of Anca Albescu's favourite creations, the Lurker is quite simply an abomination; a wholly new form of life fitting into no known taxa. With six limbs; the top two of which are held high and carry a pair of terranova beams that can mutate and kill in equal measure; while the primary "arms" are large, burly and have deadly clawed pincers that can project telekine wrist blades or simply smash things to pieces with its fists that can crumple high grade steel like foil. Obstacles such as walls and cliffs are no obstacle as the creature can simply jump above them. When ordered to, it burrows through the ground before exploding outwards in a powerful dark flame burst that burns everything around them. As if it were not any more frightful; it can swim.
Chemista Riding upon a hover board is this quite possibly deranged agent of the great Geoffrey who is quite simply a walking chemical weapons WMD with access to each and every one of Epsilon's chemical munitions that she can spray, launch, and inject with her various weapons and sniper rifle while beneficial terminus gas continually radiates from vents in her suit. Chemista can do quite a lot more than that however, and can release an "apocalypse canister" that releases a highly virulent agent that will self replicate endlessly until cleaned; combinining every negative gas effect on enemy units and acting hugely beneficially for allied ones.
Izmail A disciple of Rashid, Izmail is a stealthy warrior of the night. With a stealth device and his own prowess he can evade nearly any notice and then eliminate his foes with his telekine daggers, each thrown with enough force to shear through a tank and cleanly kill the crew. Though he prefers to strike from afar, when pressed up close he will make use of deadly punch daggers attached to his wrists. Like rashid, he is a trained mechanical prodigy, and also carries a small version of the repair beams used by Epsilon's discs to ensure vehicles to be seized by Epsilon are in optimal condition when he targets neutral or friendly vehicles, though this only works on a few at a time. He can focus this mechanical knowledge into the discipline of Technopathy, and in doing so immobilize even robotic units in a cone in front of him and allow the commander to briefly use them to fire at other units.
Noira Flying above the battlefield and unleashing a devastating arsenal of magnetic based weapons is Noira, who can induce the state of singularity in targets to rip apart just about everything near that unit or turn units into repulsion bombs that will explode with incredible force; wrench units around with powerful magnetic beams, or magnetize entire armies while projectiles are nearly always returned to sender and energy weapons have very little effect on the mistress of magnetism. She can also infuse her magnetism with psionics to allow her to temporarily affect non-magnetic units too.
Roland The Telekinetic Knight of Epsilon, Roland is Mordred's frequent companion and one of the deadliest psychics in the world and certainly one of the hardest to kill due to the durability of his armour and telekinetic shields. Roland's blade is able to project its cutting power into crescent cutting sweeps that will cut through most enemies and defenses like they weren't there, deflecting most incoming projectiles and disrupting most enemies trying to fire upon him by launching them into the air before he makes contact, leaving them easy prey for a single swing to carve them apart before they can properly retaliate. Roland can even rip apart the ground beneath an enemy and entomb them, crushing them to death unless they're rescued by digging units or essentially instantly sinking ships.
Cochava Epsilon's most decorated fighter pilot flies in her Yagon aircraft, zipping around with magnetic propulsion enhanced engines with world class speed to strike down enemies with thermal batteries that are effective against all targets; however Cochava's great ability is her status as a Psychic, with but a command she switches her concentration from aiming her gun to reaching out into the mind of enemies, and is capable of mind controlling a number of enemies at once; allowing her to instantly end dogfights by placing her quarry under her thrall and turning them into her own wingmen.
The Mutator The Mutator laughs as he drops special bombs that corrode robots, armour, structures, and vehicles apart and exposes all living things to extreme concentrations of Terranova gas that will turn whole armies against their masters in short order; his stealthed aircraft striking without warning and without mercy while terranova beams strike down any stragglers who escape his "gift" of mutation. Even worse though is that the Mutator can drop special terranovic terminus bombs on his allies that will enhance and regenerate all friendly units who inhale the sweet mists.
Severus Driving the latest in Epsilon armoured technology, Severus drives an impressive vehicle made of a horrible marrying of Epsilon's Magnetic and Psychic technology with the Comintern's Tesla and Gravitonic technology to create a special hyper-enhanced form of psilectricity that malevolently seeks out all targets in range, ignores all forms of cover and couners most sorts of evasion, and deals devastating morale and physical damage while also being able to burrow to evade attempts at interception, and is also able to fire darkflame to depilot vehicles and empty garrisons.
Psychomantis Psychomantis' strange machine is an amplifier for her all consuming pyrokinetics that she unleashes in massive bursts that can raze an entire base if not put out as soon as possible, spreading with temperatures to melt down even tungsten. Psychomantis' strange crawling vehicle is also able to fire her burst as a line that will do its full damage to everything out to the maximum range of her crawler; potentially frying whole armies in the process.
Scorpio Omega An enormous and obscene fusion of flesh and metal in the rough shape of a scorpion, the Scorpio Omega is the most devastating unit in Epsilon's arsenal. With thermal inferno beams in its pincers, dissolver rays in its "eyes", and a terranova battery cannon in its tail, it can devastate high value targets at range or tear them apart in melee with its pincers and tail, and while generally weak against large groups of units, the Scorpio Omega can release a burst of psychic mutagenic energy that can turn armies into part of the war machine of Geoffrey. Powerful beyond belief, the Scorpio Omega is resilient and can cross water as well as the land, but only one can be built by an Epsilon commander at a time.
60px Grandiosity Sea-Monster A nightmarish combination of carapace and metal, the Grandiosity Sea-Monster is the greatest "ship" in epsilon's fleets. Horrific Cyborgs, the Grandiosity is submersible and has mighty pincers with which to simply claw open ships that get too close as well as a large array of powerful weapons and the ability to host a substantial complement of aircraft within. The Grandiosity earns further infamy for its power to create a Tsunami on command, simply slapping its tail on the water with the assistance of a telekinetic pulse and likely sinking any ship and flooding any ground unit caught by the wave.
Gotter Aerial Citadel The most powerful flying war machine available to Epsilon is the Gotter. The Gotter's deadly arsenal includes Thermal Antares cannons and Terranova beams that will annihilate large numbers of enemies and turn the survivors into loyal genetic monstrosities under the Proselyte's command while psilectric blasts and dark flame lashes out around it to strike down anything that might still be standing. The Gotter can also power up a truly devastating magnetic beam that will rip up units en masse and even disrupt the processes needed for life; yanking vehicles into the air and rapidly damaging structures and infantry; feeding the sucked up materials into grinders within to boost the Proselyte's economy.
Basillica of Ascension The Epic Base Defense of Epsilon, the Basillica of Ascension can mind control a frightful number of units trying to approach it while Kaballa interceptors and oxidising gatling cannons and AROs strike down those who get too close for comfort; Terranova beams lancing out repeatedly to turn an advance against itself as they try to breach these inviolable shielded bastions of the great master. The Basillica can also release a terranova burst to instantly mutate and control large numbers of units at once.

Assassination Target

60px Mindbender Flying Fortress Providing the space for Epsilon's command staff, Mindbenders enter the battlefield when the engagement is sufficiently critical enough for their presence to be required. Striking with nine dissolver beams, three imploders, and a powerful psychic megabrain, the Mindbender tears through those who would seek to threaten the proselyte, mind controls any unit dropped to zero morale beneath it and can use telekinetics to lift an enemy and move them around as the Mindbender pleases, or just drop them to their death.
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