Disorder of Abraxas

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The Dominion of the Disorder of Abbe'raa Xaxas Realm, Yahha-helrr
Faction Colour Lava
Type Clash of Dimensions Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

I fell into a burnin' ring of fire
I went down, down, down
And the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns
The ring of fire, the ring of fire

- "Ring of Fire", Johnny Cash

The Disorder of Abraxas, Abraxas for short or also called Devils, is a major faction created by Volte Metalic. By most of the humans they encounter, the Abraxas are considered to be ruthless evil beings, but in fact they are only anarchists who worship absolute freedom of action and thought, which clashes with the ideology of the Seraphims who are considered by Abraxans as "uptight neurotic fogeys". Coming from the ever-burning dimension of Yahha-helrr the Abraxas employs wide variety of tamed local beasts and mechanical creations as well as their fire abilities to take what they want.


Abraxans are loosely reminiscent to the human image of devils, demon inhabitants of Hell and most other demons in other human religions. Average height of average Abraxan is taller than that of human's and Seraphim's, overcoming two meters, but there exists many types of Abraxas of varying height, width, weight and appearance. But there are elements that are present in all of their forms and versions. All Abraxans have wiry body build, having their muscles clearly visible on the outside, covered by dark red skin with roughened surface that wraps around them. The skin itself is rough to touch but elastic, not hindering Abraxan's movement at all. All Abraxans, male or female, and animals and beasts of the Hell Dimension are all possessing horns of varying lengths and shapes. Horns itself are made from a bone-like material covered by skin as well.

Eyes are of wide variety of shades of orange, ranging from near white to pure orange and being pupilless. They work much in the similar way as insect's, being composed of many segments that forms in their brains a perfect 3D vision of the area before and around them. Their mouths lacks lips so it is a common case that Abraxan is mistaken for having no mouths at all but they are only blended with their skin. When it is open it has a zig zag pattern of the skin around it, reminiscent of a cave. Inside it is a long dagger-shaped light red tongue which is long enough to allow the devil to lick his own eyes to clean them from dirt. Their hands and legs have five fingers just like humans and Seraphims, ending with longer nails or claws, depending on the evolutioanry stage.

What makes all Abraxas unique and dangerous foes is their abiltiy to resist a direct contact with fire, flames and other heat sources and even generate them. How they can do is a rather stretched theory but Seraphims got enough time to study it in detail. Abraxans can resist an exposure to flames thanks to special heat-resistant platelets in their blood which are able to absorb the heat and store it insdie the body. For this matter Seraphims developed high-intensity heat weapons which overcomes the natural properties of these platelets, overcoming the Abraxan immunity.

In similar manner Abraxans are able to emit flames over their skin, transferring it from their inner organs responsible for the storage of the excessive heat, or Abraxan unique kind of "rough muscles" starts vibrating rapidly, creating friction and heat artificially. This is than transferred into their skin which than sets aflame the air itself. Seraphims also found out that certain evolutions of Abraxas are able to control fire soruces remotely, finding out this is because of small pyrokinetic powers of each Abraxan. Commonly it is latent or very weak, but some, such as Infernis, have wider control over the flames, able to throw fire balls and keep them stable during the flying or control other remtoe heat sources.

Unlike humans, Seraphims and other races, Abraxans arent mammals, not precisely. The males and females are performing the same mating rituals as others, but the difference is that males fertilizes female's eggs which are after few weeks laid out and for the next months are heated and kept safe outside mother's body. After roughly five months an offspring hatches in the first evolutionary stage.

Abraxans' another unique trait is their evolutionary biology. Each devil goes over several stages of their lifes which changes their appearance, abilities and sometimes a behavior too. The stages are the same, only requiring certain conditions that must be met if an Abraxan wants to proceed further. Usually this requires only an Abraxan to gain the neccessary nutrients, gaining mass in short period of time. Than he enters a sort of hibernation, similar to the caterpillars covering themselves into a cocoon, when the Abraxan starts the procedure of transformation. This usally takes only a few hours but can extend to a couple of days in higher stages.

However, sometimes other conditions must be fulfilled, such as holding a specific item during the transformation which affects it, sometimes a presence of certain Abraxan of specific stage or even a Hell beast, and rarely also a specific location, weather condition and even time of day. A special kind of Abraxan scholar specialists knows the specifics of each stage and prerequirements and helps others achieve them. They are also responsible for giving "birth" to the highest and most powerful evolutionary stages such as Archdevil, Abaddon Avatar, Chaos Lord and Erebus by their direct intervention, preparing and carrying out the rituals which are very brutal and demanding on them and the indiviudal undertaking it.

At A Glance

Fire Control: Every Abraxan and animal of the Hell dimension has from birth an innate ability to generate flames out of their body or the more talented ones control its souces from a distance. This means that fires created by them are not harmful as they make the flames intense when they get farer, and flame attacks from others deals less damage, as most of the heat is absorbed by the body. Infernis, Abbadon Avatar and Behemoth have increased control over this ability that they can heal themselves from the incoming flame attacks or empower their own attacks.

Evolutionary Stages: All living beings of Yahha-helrr dimension undergoes evolutions throughout their lives. These are related to many factors, such as the strenght, stamina, location, held items, local conditions, mental state, and many more. This offers wide range of roles Abraxan military may have, including wings like Seraphims and shapeshifting.

Malgdabian Bloodcrystals: Beside the Oricalcite power crystals used to create dimensional portals, Abraxans have access to the Bloodcrystals of Malgdabig, minerals that are key elements in all of their weapons. Its purpose is to channel the flames generated by an Abraxan to any required form as well as power it from batteries of the weapon to get more damage power.

Chaotic Logistics: In conjunction with their culture, many of the factories in the Hell have only the rough specifications for their weapons and vehicles, but it is completely in their disgretion how will they assemble the said products. This ends up with many visual variants of the same unit but with same components. It is than job of the Warsmiths to examine each variant, or rather each vehicle, and learn its constrction to know how to later repair it.

Hell Dimension: Yahha-helrr, or Hell, is the home to all Abraxans. It is covered by black rock and ash, netherstone, burning sulfur and flowing lava, defined by massive mountain ranges with volcanoes, lava rivers leading from them into lakes and tall pillars made from obsidian. The ever-present ash and dust causes some of the ranged weapons to lose its efficiency, to everyone.


The Fall

The Biggest Trick the Devil Can Pull

The Son of the Morning

Nether Legions of the Blaze Realm for True Freedom

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.

-Saul Alinsky



Imp The second stage of devils' evolutionary line, Imps are fast and numerous, making them a great cannon fodder. Their lava magnums are strong when they hit, but can fire only one boulder at a time. They cant stand much thought.
Fire Demon The fourth evolution stage and first in the warrior branch, Fire Demons represents the most common depiction of the Christian devils. They are armed with basic lavathrowers as means of ranged combat, but they are more than capable of going face to face with the angels, using their horns and fists enhanced with fires enveloping them.
Magog Shooter Magogs are smaller and more rounded than Fire Demons, but makes it up with increased strength which they use to carry two Pyro enhancers on their arms which increases their fireballs into the levels they can seriously damage Seraphim vehicles. They are also able to use them as flamethrowers, even breathing it out from their mouths for wider range.
Balor Fifth evolution stage, winged Balors are physically fit and imposing beings who travel across the skies just like the Seraphims, whom he dispatches by throwing lava disks very swiftly and accurately. On land beside the disks Balors employs their pikes with blade attachments as their close range specialists.
Infernis The masters of Abraxan fire control, Infernii are able to release intense fire streams, create fire vortexes or breath out wide fire walls before them, incapacitating them for a time after the use. Infernis, despite having no wings, are able to create mini explosions under their feet, propelling them into the air from where they may bring more fire on their enemies.
Gorgon A female-specific class, Gorgons are Abraxan females who gained both wings as part of their evolution and shapeshifting abilities, which enables them to disguise themselves as Seraphims to infiltrate their ranks and than kill them with their fire swords or burn them with fire balls. As the last resort, Gorgons knows secret techniques of the "Boiling steam", abiltiy which creates large scorching orb which rapidly expands and melts virtualy anything organic nearby, including the caster with it.
Abadon Avatar The most powerful warriors of countless battles that undergone frightful trials to evolve and be given the best armors one devil may wish for. Each Avatar will later customize their armory by their own liking but are still given massive executioner blade called Great Vorpal Sealsword that are said to drain the life essense out of their victims. Beside that Avatar have increased his flame control to create a fire shield around himself as well as reinforce his punches with flames formed into lion's head, but most importantly grew a pair of huge arms on his back that are able to shoot powerful, incendierous blasts of heat energy, on a level of mini-nuclear weapons, to obliterate not a small chunk of ground and anything caught in the blast.


Cerberus Small quadrupedal beasts with three heads that resembles canines, Cerberi are very common breed in Abraxan realm. They are very fierce, attacking their prey with three sets of jaws that can easily chew through infnatry armor. Every step they take leaves small flames behind.
Juggernaut Rider Huge quadrupedal animals with a single long horn and thick hide, Juggernauts are often tamed and used by Abraxans as mounts into battle. Combining their fire rifles and magma-lances together with beast's weight and stopping power makes these a dangerous threat to anything present on the ground at the time the Juggernaut charges forward!
Red Dragon Lizard-like monster without any proper wings Red Dragons are not that small yet not as big as other monsters, but it is their abiltiy to spew rocks they ingest and mix with flames to create lava boulders to crush buildigns and melt vehicle armors.
Volcanic Serpent Massive limbless lizards with lion-like heads protected with thick skin tough as stone, Volcanic Serpents can set themselves aflame awhole to burn enemies by simple contact, using this ability to tackle enemy buildings and simply crush small units under their weight. They are also known to swallow infantry to increase own morale with some fresh meat.
Behemoth Considered "the kings of Hell's beasts" and called "child of the morning", Behemoths are giant beasts who are in shape slightily resembling the mighty Arbitrator the Master of Hell. Their long arms ending with sharp claws covered in flames can burn anything they get a hold off, the horns also covered in flames are just as deadly. And to make the matters worse, this giant is capable of flight for great distances and its landings sends everyone flying who are unfortuante to be close by.


Smelter Harvesting vehicle that gathers the Oricalcite crystals by melting them into lava-lke substance and than brings them into base.
Hellrider One-man walking armored vehicle that runs fast to cross to the enemy and start pounding them with a large poleaxe and spiked wrecking ball on chain.
Anarchist Firetank Considered a main battle tank of Abraxan forces, Anarchist is tough, menacing and ever-burning, and its crew willing to fight for their freedom with a red particle cannon which burns the air itself with each shot, creating a fire-like aura around the beam. While the living beings feels only a slight increase of temperature when hit by the weapon, but metals, stones and other inorganic are set aflame.
Decimator Decimator is a powerful artillery piece, boasting four guns that continuously pounds the designated target with explosive shells, if not as accurately as it should.
Executionner Mechanical Warrior The largest vehicle on ground the Abraxas builds, Executioners are war machines reserved only to the greatest warriors such as Abaddon Avatars that can wipe out whole companies by itself with its massive loadout of weapons. A Vulcan Sprayer on one arm shreads infantry, Magma-Geyser a colossal flamethrower that destroys morale, and the two back-mounted Apocalypse Guns that obliterates anything they hit in mushroom-like fire blasts.


Blackash Island Artificially-build hovering islands suspended in the air with gravity thrust are resilient fire support platforms, shooting magma balls from the tip on the underside to melt the enemies. Upon impact the balls creates small ponds of lava which lingers here for a time, burning anything that crosses it. Blackash Island also functions as a troop transport for the wingless devil breeds, who might as well fire out from it.
Blazebird Heavier flying vehicle than the angels are using that relies on the power of two pyro megablasters that creates large explosions of intense heats, making Blazebird an opponent that can win the fights with a single salvo. The next one however takes little more time than the pilots would prefer, but thats what the flares are for when the fighter is in a dogfight.
Tormentor Destroyer A flying citadel that asssists everything around itself with countless batteries of fire cannons and phosphorous missiles, the Destroyer has the firepower equal to small volcano, burning everything into ash and glass. Commanders of these mighty vessels are authorized when the time comes to activate the Bloodshard Majoris crystal to give life into more, hidden functions of the Tormentor to boost its capabilities. This includes the crystaline lava shield, more power into thrusters and faster fire rate of the guns, but it is a state that can be maintained only temporarily.

Behind the Scenes