Directorate Remnants (TUE)

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Remnants of the Directorate of Eight Great Nations
The Headstrong Ram, coat of arms of the IAEDCA
Playstyle Blitz Takeover
Faction Colour Carnelian Red
Type TUE Concordiatverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

We'll meet again
Don't know where
Don't know when
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day
Keep smiling through
Just like you always do
'Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away

- "We'll Meet Again", Vera Lynn

The Directorate Remnants (or just Directorate) is a major faction of the Concordiatverse within "The Universal Emergency" multiverse. Before the Aliens War, the Directorate of Eight Great Nations was the largest and strongest power on Earth, composed of the European monarchies, Byzantine Empire and Confederate States of America, who actively fought the other powers for control over the whole planet, able to keep fighting for the whole duration of the Century War. When the aliens came to wage their own personal war, the Directorate replied with their own attack, which lured the attention of the extraterrestrial forces onto them, and effectively destroyed the united monarchies. Now, the various nobles, governors, prefects and military officers gathered whatever they could and formed their own personal states out of the remnants, some choosing to band together, and somewhat survive the new world order, and if possible, fight to get back what is theirs, as they believe.

At A Glance


A Royal Mess

In the past the Europe was divided by the great dynasties who fought with one another over the nations, its people and resources through brutal force of the armies, subtle schemes of assassins and spies and loveless marriages of family relatives to acquire new territory. For the peasants, it was a Dark Age which was becoming more clearer when the Renaissance slowly replaced the Middle Ages. The fashion of the day was to replace the crude practicality with new and innovative ideas, new inventions and technology were introduced to help everyone, the quality of life for the common man in Europe was improving. New and untested ideas like such as reason and ideologies like republicanism burst on to thr world stage. The political situation, however, was still the same, just the methods were not as brutal despite the invention of the black powder and firearms.

At the start of the 19th century the relative stalemate was breached when young French general, strategy genius and governor Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned the Emperor of the French and began his massive reformational process of the France as well as the expansion of his territory into the Europe. The Prussia and Germany, England, Austria, no one could stop Napoleon I and his armies. Fylkirate was both too distant and not interested in the events in Europe as Napoleon has no interest in Scandinavia and Scotland. The French war machine was unstoppable anywhere it come, until the fateful invasion of Russia. Napoleon decided for this act after the event of "powerful quakes" coming out from the Xinjiang territory of Yuan Khanate. Fearing it may be some kind of "devil's weapon" Napoleon wanted to claim it. Since it was too remote from any colonies the best course by him was through weak Russia.

However, he made a couple of wrong calculations and estimations. First of all, Russia was not as weak as he anticipated. Backed by its spiritually close Fylkirate Tzar Alexander I assembled a strong military to engage Napoleon's. Than it was the weather conditions of the winter combat and the logistical difficulties of transporting supplies from across the Russian steppes. And lastily the will of the Russian people, fighting with such vigor and resolve to dont let anyone occupy their land as long as they breath. The illfated battles of Borodino and Moscow at the hands of General Mikhail Kutuzov were the prime examples of these mistakes, forcing Napoleon out of eastern Europe.

Pax Europa

Seeing the opened weakness of France was noticed by all European kingdoms, who despite their many differences, bad blood and animosity wanted to score a settle with Napoleon after their defeat. To calm down his enemies and avert their attacks, Napoleon pointed on the strange events in China, telling about the catastrophic explosion which would only mean Khanate had something that can be used to conquer Europe just as Genshis Khan managed ages ago. While the excuses of the short Emperor sounded ridiculous, other emperors and kings knew there was something true about them, namely the explosion. The first congress of the European rulers was called, and discussing the potential threats to their empires and people, a general consensus was that with the number of large nations outside their culture they cannot survive alone. Only together as one can they thrive, and eventually rule the whole world.

The alliance of the monarchies needed a name. Neither of the rulers wanted it to be a royal title like empire, as that would require in the tradition to put one man to take the throne, which was unacceptable. Thus a neutral term was searched, and it was German kaiser who proposed the directorate, which was meant with a one-voice consenssus. The Directorate of Seven Great Nations was born. Together, the Europe declared war on the Russia and Yuan, followed by Fylkirate, which marks the start of the Century War.

Despite the length and uncountable losses of lives and resources the war was in total only a series of stalemates. No side was strong enough to change the tide to their side for decisive victory. This changed when the American Civil War was won by the Confederated States, who were as backward as the Directorate. And to make the fear complete, Directorate unexpectedly accepted CSA among the European monarchies as the only republican state. With the Americans standing by them, Directorate was able to further divert Fylkirate's forces to North America and disrupt the stalemate in Europe, weakening Russian theatre and gaining the upper hand. The Directorate would have been capable of conquering permanently Eastern Europe, if they wouldnt have declared state of war with the Andean Lordships with reawakened confidence when CSA joined them.

The people that lived under Directorate's fist was rather content over the state of things. The propaganda and nationalism they were drilled with and surrounded made them hate the other nations nearly as much as their masters, the level of opression was high that they knew the many dead young people was a tragedy but also a fact, and in some situations they never learned about Directorate's greatest defeats. Thats how peace was maintained in their domains.

It's (Not) Good to be the King

Meeting resistance on all fronts, Directorate started spending more money into research of new weapons and technologies that can be applied in military to finally defeated their enemies, the so called Dream weapons. Coming into second half of the 20th century the status quo was broken when Directorate managed to advance on all fronts using the latest gadgets available. The Russians were losing their land like during Napoleonic Wars, Shogdia had a hard time slowing down Byzantines armies, Fylkirate lost a couple of major naval engagements and a memorable Battle of Loud Peak in Amazonia decimated Andean army. It seemed that the monarchies and Confederates had the total victory in their hands when a couple of events yet again changed the situation.

First of them was a sudden reappearence of the Japanese Empire led by the Uchiwa Shogunate and their never-seen-before weapons. The Pacific was turned upside down. Australia and West Coast of CSA had to hardly endure the literal millions of Japan samurai and their automated men, fleets tearing each other and pilots engaging above the endless ocean. The only positive think for Directorate from this was that the Shogunate engaged the Chinese and Russians as well.

The second event was something slowly growing in their own land, a threat from their own people. The rebelling became more and more frequent problem to deal with, while at the start squashing these dissidents was swift and final, now they were getting more organized, trained and equiped to disrupt the common working of the city, nation and the whole Directorate. More and more resources and men were send off from the main battlefields for counter-insurrections and protection of property at home which weakened the war afford. The largest of these rebellions were fascists of various nations under the guidance of Mussolini, Bavarian lower aristocracy and American followers of the once-defeated Union.

And the last event was the giant detonation in China which seemingly lured the attention of not one, but three extraterrestrial empires who decided to use Earth as their battlefield for their personal war which humans had no idea about. While other factions decided to simply group up and defend their land, the European royal families felt no such thing, feeling the urge to slap the aliens' hand to dare and land on their land. A series of offensives were carried out against the Aliens to "drive them from our domain!". Truth was however completely different. The attacking humans were slaughtered and the Aliens turned their attention from themselves to the Directorate itself and started their butchery work.

The Canneii and Harbosi were tearing Directortate cities and armies apart, showing no regard to the non-combatants. Harbos even created the "Spectralzone" from most of the England and Wales, a zone of no humans, while Canneo literally leveled Cologne, Essen and Düsseldorf with the ground, among many others. While the nobility and generality were fleeing for their lives or issuing insane orders, the most of common soldiers and local commanders did what they felt was right; protect the people and screw with their lords. The Directorate effectively ceased to exist as whole armies of men defected and fought for their lives and lives of their closest ones. The American Confederation broke off from the pact to tend to its own defense showing no interest for the Old Continent. All seemed to be lost.

After the Storm, the Sky Is Dark

The sudden ending of the Aliens War came as fast as the invaders came. The cause of this is speculated to be for the arrival of reinforcements of the third, the nicest of the Aliens. For humans however all aliens were the same, especially within the former Directorate nations. The governemnt was shattered and burned, at least half of the royal families were dead or missing, some were taken hostage by the rebels and deserters of the newly-formed fascist Concordiat, the Earthbound enemies started showing interest in claiming of what was left from the power vacuum. A handful of governors, nobles and miltiary officers who stayed alive and loyal to the Directorate soon started gathering everything they could and form their own dominions and territories. The lack of proper connection meant that there was no joint efford to form a united command of any kind, everyone was fending for themselves.

But still the Remnants, as they are unviersally addressed now, is far from being out of the game. The gatherings of the forces and the ascencion of the lower, more capable officers to the positions of leaders means that their forces are better trained, equipped and prepared, and that the experimental and expensive toys are now fieled more often, but the scarcity of them and the dangers the Remnants have to face still limits their operations.

In the last months the reports coming in from all inteligence agencies indicates that something is going. It seems like one commander has come out from darkness and set on to unite all of the Remnants and most likely revive the Directorate to its former state and beyond. While this statement is considered too exaggerated and improbable, some indications incline this may develop into far greater trouble than expected of the seemingly defeated foe.

Faction Specifics

  • Particle Weaponry -
  • Spacefolding Alteration -
  • Cannon Preference -


General Joël Olivier Duret, Marquis of Poitiers, Marshal of the Musketeers Regiment

A faithful protector of the Bonaparte Family, General Duret serves as the Musketeer commander for ten years despite his young age, and attained the position of Marshal just barely before the Aliens arrived. It was his achievement that Severin Bonaparte, the Crown Prince of the French Empire, and his family escaped from Paris and assumed the throne after his father was killed by the extraterrestrials. With the rest of the Musketeers Duret protects the rightful ruler of France with all elite forces of the continental army he could gather, and prepares to take what the fascist so-called Concordiat took from them, including the ravaged Paris and the ruins of Versailles, the final resting place of his previous lord.

Executor Hanauer The elite assassin and enforcer of the monarchs' will, Hanauer is feared among both the enemies without and within. A subject of the horrific experiments and procedures in the Swiss Alps EnigmeCorp laboratories, his whole body is encased in armored exoskeleton which probably replaced considerable portion of it with cybernetics, with various build-in weapons. His power armor can withstand unimagianble amount of punishment while he will spread fear and destruction all around him with arm-mounted guns and particle weapon. His very presence lowers the resolve of his enemies when they spot him on the battlefield. He has an unique privilage to take command of any friendly vehicle to boost the crew to greater performance to achieve his orders.

Panzergrenadier Squad Replaces Firesword Trooper. Motorized specialists that are trained to drive inside armored transports to assist tanks, Panzergrenadiers are equipped with heavy SMGs and reloadable Panzerfausts to turn enemy armor into molten slag while maintaining self-defense measures agaisnt infantry. Their training makes them take cover behind friendly armored vehicles more effectively, increasing their survival rate.
Blaze Power Squad Replaces Firesword Trooper. One of the last pieces of advanced technology from Switzerland, the robotic Blaze Power Squad troopers were designed to engage air targets specifically. Carrying a minigun, the Blaze Robot has an insane rate of fire to rip the planes into shreds, but surprisingly their limited target acquisition limits this only on the aircraft units.
Black Riders Another of the Germanic specialists, the Black Riders are known to speed over the battlefield and throw grenades all around them with deadly accuracy. They lack the armor of the wheeled vehicles, but they make it up with their small size. When their bikes are damaged, Black Riders can still continue the fight on foot, using MP-63 submachine guns, which they can pull off while on the bikes as well.
Messier IFV Replaces Maxim APC. Perfect vehicle for the infantry, Messier is well armored for its role, agile, passenger compartment for one/two squads, amphibious and armed with 75mm short-barreled gun to deliver high explosive shells into the midst of infantry and bunkers. General Dured managed to secure a considerable fleet of these IFVs.
Bridgewater Missile Frigate Replaces Frontier Frigate. Using guided missiles instead of vulcan guns to deliver high damage with a single shot, Bridgewater is armed with anti-ship missiles as well. However this makes their performance against flying infantry and small targets mediocre. But, to give them more of the useabiltiy in the fleet Bridgewaters are equipped with advnaced sensor suites which allows them to transmit firing solutions for all friendly units naerby on their targets.

Admiral Carlos Magalhães, Great Lord of the Dominio Canaria

Descendant of the Ferdinand Magellan (Magalhães in Spanish), the sea was prophesized to Carlos. Rising through the ranks and positions, Magalhães made himself a name at the skirmish at the coasts of Iceland where his cruiser with others crippled Fylkirate's flagship Fang of Lofnheiedhr for the next eight months. As an Vice Admiral of Spanish Second Fleet he fought at the Aliens Wars, protecting the civilians during the evacuations to the ports in Portugal, southwestern Spain and nearby islands. After the conclussion Admiral Magalhães proclaimed the Canary Islands, western Iberia and Gibraltar his domain and backed it with the remnants of Spanish, Roman and British fleets and marine armies.

Megan O'Donnell Hailing from the line of chemists and demolition experts, Megan was pursued by the law already at 12 when she unintentionally detonated her own bomb during a parade. Directorate recruited her and made her work out the rest of her crime in service to the Imperial crowns, and she does that just great. While her training with pistol is good, its the grenades and demo charges she is throwing that makes her feared. Both infantry squads, vehicles and defense lines are astonished with horror by her joyful personality and love for the explosions, and not once was it a large bounties were called on her head. Now she works for Admiral Magalhães to spread her vision of "true art".

Laser Assault Lafette One of the more produced particle weapon platforms, LAL fires red beams of energy for considerable ranges, but it must be in its line of sight. There are two weapon modes, the first is a continuous beam that deals damage for every second of the fire, and the second is charged pulse, gathering the energy for one massive outburst with terrific results, but takes time to charge at the maximum. While by now outclassed by newer models, LAL found its way into Admiral's arsenal.
Grasscutter Fighter Replaces Liquidator. Older but still functional heavy fighters whose roll shifted into that of tactical bomber, Grasscutter is large and heavily armed, carrying four autocannons to pursue heavy aircraft and ground targets, and the refitting of its compartment allows it to carry a single high explosive bomb to smash the important targets by sheer detonation of the ordnance.
Sirena Destroyer Replaces Frontier Frigate. Designed to combat larger ships using torpedo launchers and high speed, Sirena is only slightily larger than Frontier, and after the formation of Dominio Canaria refitted with the same AA weapon platforms, serving in dual role of anti-aircraft and anti-capital combat vessel.
San Martin Light Cruiser Spanish companion to the Coventry, San Martin is only better at speed, but its lack of armor and alpha damage of its guns compensates with batteries of 15cm guns that can reload much faster, simply shelling the smaller ships into submission. Best used in the escort role or as main ship of raiding squadrons.

General Lennert van der Norel, Central African Colonies Operations Commander

Born in the Deutschen Kongos Colony, Lennert van der Norel travelled across the globe with his parents for trade, learning several different languages. His sense for duty made him join the Directorate Armies, serving his gracious sovereigns on both land and sea. Even though he spent much time on ships his true love was cavalry. The modern cavalry, tank divisions, were his virtue and he quickly assimilated all the tactics and maneuvers, gaining reputation in tank battles with Khanate, Shahdom, Fylkirate and Lordship across the world. The Aliens Wars have left van der Norel's forces in Central African colonies relatively unscathed. Now he protects what he still believes to belongs to the European monarchies maintained by a pricky governor, and fights the traitorous Consortium and local dissidents.

Colonel Leopold Lafaille The violent, almost-psychotic son of a Openbare Weermacht officer, Leopold's very name inspires fear in every native village and Fylkirate settlement from the Cape to the Kalahari. A career soldier by trade, he is a renown tank commander, driving in his heavily customized Vernietiger Tank to cause mayhem and satisfy his own personal urges. This one-of-a-kind tank is equipped with a 130mm naval gun on a small but robust hull, a rocket pod on the site and an advanced comm suite to relay his own target acquisition to nearby vehicles and thus increase their fire range.

Askari Squad Being a sort of bought mercenary unit in African colonies, the Directorate employs Askari in the role of a cannon fodder for the special operations with high risks. Trained for covert operations where they can sneak on their enemies and fire with their carbines accurately, or switch for the SMGs when they get close to the enemy installations and plant there mines and set it ablaze. Even though they are little better than slaves, the Askari stick together no matter what, benefitting their morale.
Heavy Waffentrager Replaces Waffentrager. Heavier eight-wheeled variant of the famed German armoured car, Heavy Waffentrager has little bit more armor, equipment layouts for both tropical and arctic theaters and couple more weapon systems that can be fitted on its chassis that are unavaialble to the standard variant.
Emmanuel Speeder Named for the Sardinian nobles who originally fielded them in battle during the rebel wars with the fascists, the Emmanuel comes packing not two but four 25mm heavy chain guns capable of cutting down infantry and light vehicles like grass. The cost of this magnificent firepower is decreased armor and the inability to fire while moving but even then, this also increases its speed allowing the Emmanuel to evade heavy fire with ease. Even though the Emmanuel's armaments would be magnificent against helicopters and attack aircraft, the Emmanuel's chain guns are unable to aim upwards.
Super Warchief Tank German ingenuity and British obsession gave rise to the next development stage of the Directorate's main battle tank. Super Warchief boasts an elongated gun and a secondary turret on top of the primary, armed with two autocannons. On top of that more armor was welded on the overall tank, making it a beast to be reckoned with, however it makes it slower with underpowered engine, and much more costly.
Lark Fighter Replaces Buzzard Interceptor. A little older design more common in the colonial air forces, Lark fighter's four 20mm revolver cannons works great against the aircraft, tearing them apart. Its wings incorporate a technology of variable wings, either flying at high speeds or enabling great maneuverability.

The Imperial Armies of the European Dynasties and the Confederation of America


Command Center Center of the base which constructs Bulldozers to expand the base with new buildings.
Power Plant Strucutre that provides power to the base from burning coal deposits.
Garrison All of the infantry is cantoned in this structure, deployed when the commander decides so. They can also come in for the first aid and surgery if they were injured on the battlefield.
Ore Refinery The ore is ferried into Ore Refinery to be processed and used to gain money and materials to onstruct new buildings and produce vehicles.
War Factory Vehicles are quickly assembled in the war factory, and repair or replace or damaged parts.
Airfield Aircrafts are refueled, rearmed and repaired in the Airfields.
Navy Dock Navy Docks is the place where all of the Directorate ships are constructed and repaired after a heated naval battle.
War Command Building specialized for data gathering, analysis and command, War Command gives clearence to use newer weapons, technologies and tactical options to the commander.
EnigmeCorp Branch A distant branch to Helvetian EnigmeCorp which is no longer valid, these laboratories holds plans, blueprints and secrets to what Directorate had at its prime before it collapsed.
St. Barbara Gun The largest artillery piece ever produced, Germany's own St. Barbara Gun is a massive rail gun mounted on a fixed platform to gain the stability, and each of its gigantic shells penetrates the ground and detonates underground, throwing all of the ground and building foundations into the air. Even with all of the automation processes included the reloading after each shot takes a lot of time.


Fortress Wall Concrete walls reinforced with layers of steel beams to protect the base from any kind of infiltration and unexpected incurssion.
Watchtower Simple defense structure, Watchtower offers high visibility range to spot the enemies from distance and its twin heavy machine guns will stop any infatry attacks going their way.
Border Cannon Concrete bunker equipped with 120mm anti-tank gun that works like a wish. Its only problem is it is capable of firing only in one direction, but its compensated with its sturdiness against shock damage.
Heavy Flak Battery Massive 128mm AA gun on a fixed mount produced by Krupp, Heavy Flak Battery is the strongest cannon-based weapon intended against aerial targets. A shot from this is enough to wreck majority of air targets, that is if it hits, otherwise it causes a lethal flak clouds when detonaing near the enemy. Its the relaoding that is the main issue, as well as its inabiltiy to target ground at all due to the concrate ring made around it.
Illusionary Tower The technology of holoprojections is used either to hide the nature of the friendly units and buildings, or even create fake targets, mostly defenses.
Fusion Cannon Most commonly seen in the largest cities and important military bases, Fusion Cannon is the most powerful base defense in Directoarte's arsenal. Armed with two fusion cannons that can vaporize nearly anything under its sustained fire of yellow shots, the turret is also able to target the air, thought the aiming is poor so its more of a suppression weapon than anything else.


Spotter Squad Picked up from the elite pathfinders and survivalists, Spotters move ahead of the main fighting forces and identify the weak (and strong) spots of the enemy positions using their binoculars, armed with nothing but Luger pistols, and accompanied with a trusted Shepherd who can sniff out any spies and hiding cowards. Usable in protection of bases, too.
Draftee Squad Conscripted to the service of the Directorate in the past, now from the remaining colonies, Draftees forms the majority of Remnants' forces, more out of need than actual value. The endless supply of Armfield-Hill automatic rifles and ammunition is handed to the Draftees to choke the enemies with bullets.
Firesword Trooper Squad Infantry dedicated to fight armored targets, Firesword Troopers are carrying missile launchers of the same name to make lifes into hell for enemy tanks, but also to the aircraft which they can target as well.
Pioneer Squad Men tasked with the quick reinforcement of the taken ground Pioneers are able to build trenches and hastily dugout tank bunkers to give friendly units cover before the heavy construction machinery arrives. Pioneers are also able to capture buildings for the Directorate.
Stormtrooper Squad Once considered the pride of the Imperial Armies, the Stormtroopers have now joined the Remnants to form the Directorate back together, and to that end they have kept on wearing their distinctive battle armor and carrying light machine guns to continue spreading dread and fear into the hearts of their enemies.
Mountain Mortar Squad Light artillery support from Austria that can follow the main push, Mountain Mortars carries light mortars with decent (but still short) range to pepper enemy positions, suppressing them if not killing. They carry with them also the smoke greandes to cover the vision of the enemy, giving the allied units an opportunity to approach and finish the job.
Blue Skull Team When the passage way is needed to make inaccessible for the enemy infantry, Directorate commanders calls for the Blue Skulls, who has excellent results with their trusted scoped rifles. They are excellent at killing infantry and observing large area around them from their cover. However the moment they fire their position is revealed.
Musketeers Loyal to the French emperor the Musketeer Guard assists the remaining strongholds and bastions to keep the enemies at bay or throw them into hell. The particle rifles, one of the last developed Directorate's weapons, are increasing in strength the longer they fire until overheating, needing to cool down a little bit. They are also versed in the use of cords, able to quickly kill a group of men without much afford.


Bulldozer The builders of the bases and defense lines. Slower than other vehicles of this type, but its more armored and able to get rid of the minefields.
Ore Truck Simple truck that hauls the ore from the mines into refineries to gain money for the war afford.
Waffentrager A multirole armored car of German origin, six-wheeled Waffentrager is by standard armed with a 30mm autocannon and machine gun, ideal for support of the infantry and fast harassment, but can be armed with variety of other weapon systems, including a 75mm anti-tank gun, twin 20mm AA guns, rocket launcher, repair and medical kits and illusionary device, among other things.
Headlong Truck Truck that was outfitted with two rapid-fire 30mm anti-air guns, that are capable enough to track fast moving jets and spray them with volleys of shells into smitherness. They can fire on the move, but when they deploy, it grants them more steady hand to target the enemy.
Maxim APC An 8x8 armored personnel carrier, Maxim can transport one/two squad(s) of infantry, protecting them by layered steel armoring, and support the deploying and subsequent assault of the troops with a chain gun mounted on top.
Warchief Tank The latest battle tank of the Directorate, with the new 105mm gun and coaxial machine gun Warchief is superior to most oppositions in the world, combining decent firepower, good protection and agility.
Kaiser Artillery Standard artillery of the European Directorate forces, the Kaiser has an average fire range among the artillery, but makes up for it with faster rate of fire thanks to the "revolving cartridges", that can fire five shots in quick succession, but than needs more time to reload. The crews are issued with special gravitation shells which after impact pulls everything that is not fixed to the center, making it a better prey to other friendly Kaisers.
Immobilizer Beam Emitter A specialized Austrian truck mounting one of the experimental devices, Immobilizer's Kelvinon praticle emitter dissipates the kinetic energy of the target, immobilizing it. The stress that is put on the material makes it more vulnerable to other forms of attack.
Ajax Shield Tank Among the most advanced and mysterious experimental vehicles utilizing unknown technologies Ajax is able to shape the battlefield. Using an unknown power source Ajax fires unstable blue pulses which distorts the very space-time, ignoring any sort of armor, or it can switch the circuitry to power a powerful shield projector creating a thick rectangular barrier before the vehicle, blocking all attacks to pass through.
Direbear Tank Destroyer A german 128mm gun mounted on a French chassis as a testament of a small cooperation between the former enemies the Direbear is a weapon that impersonates power, and makes the other power's tank crews uneasy to even hear about stories of their penetrating shells which can smash many of the smaller vehicles with a single shot.
Belfry Mobile Fort Belfry is the latest and largest of the Romani mobile forts designed to take the area for the Directorate and deploy to hold it for others to come. They are by standard armed with two gatling guns and a missile launcher, but also can transport two/three infantry squads that are able to fire out (including mortars), making it more versatile in dealing with many kinds of enemies at once.


Libra Chopper The standard attack helicopter of Italian design equipped with simple rocket pods that can be easily released to devastate large groups of enemy units. The rockets are not very strong thought, necessitating the need for many of them.
Buzzard Interceptor Made by the French aerodesigners to rule the skies, Buzzard is fast, maneuverable and armed with an autocannon coupled with a complement of heat-seeking Wraith missiles to wrestle its dominance over anyone else. They can start a series of tight maneuvers to evade incoming enemy fire, or use afterburners to return back to the base.
Liquidator A high speed Liquidator swoops in and drops four incendiary bombs to deny the enemy an access, and than finish the armored targets with its missiles. When in danger its single autocannon wont do as much, so it can put more juice to the engines to get out back into safety of its home airfield.
Dreikopf Quadcopter One of a kind aircraft, Dreikopf is outfitted with a teleportation device that enables it to move instantly from one place to another for short distance, and a gamma cannon that fires thick radiation orbs to irradiate patchs of ground while devastating any enemies. The price tag and minimal armor puts it into a potential danger more often than prefered.
Landlord Bomber Large strategic bomber carrying a payload of concussive bombs to shatter the defense lines of their opponents and their cities. The chasing enemy fighters should be wary of its defensive machine gun mounts mounted all over the frame. It can carry a couple of 4,000 lbs bombs for MASSIVE damage, or be converted into a cruise missile carrier.
Harrower Circling over the battlefield and raining down death on the enemies with a set of 10 autocannons and heavy machine guns and a single 105mm howitzer, thats the job of Harrower. When approaching the battlezone, Harrower can release a swarm of cluster missiles to decimate the morale of anyone caught in its wide radius.


Transport Ship Simple military variant of a cargo vessel that ferries units across the water plane.
Frontier Frigate Build to protect the coasts and fleets, Frontier Frigate is armed with a set of anti-air guns to take down any unfortunate plane that gets too close. While the armor protection isnt thick at all, Frontier is pretty fast, and able to create a screening for other ships with gravametric probes, distorting the area from outside view.
Coventry Heavy Cruiser Made as the primary line ship of the Directorate's fleets the Coventry-class has heavy armor protection to keep fighting where others would already sink, and return fire with 203mm guns turrets to send the enemies to the bottom. Several mounts of AA guns are in place, but they cant do much on their own, needing the Coventry an escort of dedicated vessels.
Spartan Escort Carrier Seeing the need for protection of their fleets from aerial attacks, Roman designers converted a portion of their cruisers into small carriers, carrying squadrons of smaller jet fighters modified for STOL to protect and engage any aerial opposition over the Seven Oceans... when there is no one too close to threaten them.

Subunit: Seagull Carrier Fighter - These small fighters are known to fly above Directorate fleets to protect them from anyone who dares to stop the Directorate from acheiving its total victory. Seagull is armed with just two autocannons and two missiles, but its their ease of production and maintenance and small size that guarantees there is enough of them stored within Spartan that even loss of a dozen means nothing than a sat loss of men.

Monarch Dreadnought The public image of the Directorate's Armada, Monarchs were always a feared enemy to even the Fylkirate captains. Armed with six turrets bearing 16 inch guns and a complement of secondary gun batteries, making it capable of engaging both other warships and coastal installations. The Remnants still possesses large number of these battleships.

Commando and Unique Units

Laura Lefevre Unlike the other specialists, operatives and commandos that are working for the Remnants, Laura Lefevre stands out by not standing out. Laura is just a super-talented, highly experienced soldier that does only her job, fighting for the cause she believes in, which is with the Directorate, no matter the warlord, governor or general. Wearing a slightly customized uniform of the regular army men and armed with an enhanced version of regular Piccolini D28 carbine, Laura is capable of killing a whole squad of men with a single magazine in a matter of seconds, and demo charges to destroy buildings and bridges. After the collapse she was given an experimental Time Bracers that allows her to bring forth her future self to use her ruthlessly as a bait for the enemy to shoot at while she kills and destroys everyone.
Ludwig Mobile Fortress Bavarian evolution of Romani mobile bunkers, Ludwig Mobile Fortresses are far larger, more armored and armed than their smaller cousins. Armor plating combined with Swiss shield projectors makes them very difficult to even damage, and when they throw the punches back with the main weapon, an antiproton particle expeller that runs the whole length above the extruded bridge of the fortress, four tank cannons mounted beside the "head" and on the back with coaxial machine guns, "head-mounted" gatling cannons that can fire only forward, and space for five squads of infantry that can fire out to all directions, and quickly disembark. The Alien War and subsequent fragmentation of the Directorate made kept many Ludwigs from being deployed. Still, many of them were destroyed during the Canneo's infamous scorched earth operations in the industrial regions of France and lower Germany. Because of this, only a handful of Ludwigs have been maintained by surviving Directorate forces but that doesn't lessen their lethal war potential.
Knighthammer Super Battle Carrier The single largest warship to be ever produced, dwarfing even super battleships, Knighthammer was designed as a fleet and theatre command vessel, battleship in its own right and also as heavy aircraft carrier capable of housing and rearming even large bombers. Its 16 inch battleship cannons in eleven triple-barreled turrets rains death on any unfortunate warship of any class, innumerable batteries of guns that will shoot down any air attacks being send its way, and all of its fighter wings under its command can rival that of the fleet carriers in size and training. The only setbacks this gargantuan battle carrier possess is unfortunately its huge size that bans it from doing any sort of evasive maneuvers, and the speeds it can achieve are fine compared to other Directorate vessels, but the acceleration, time to reach these speeds, is reprehensible but a necessary evil.

Subunit: Albatross Carrier Interceptor - An evolution of a Seagull for a dedicated interceptor, Albatross is faster and better armed to deal with enemy fighters, taking them down with four autocannons and six air-to-air missiles.
Subunit: Pelican Carrier Fighter/Bomber - A bomber derived from Seagull the Pelicans are slower but more tougher and while their anti-fighter capabilities arent any better of its parent, it can carry bombs and torpedoes to sink enemy ships or bomb ground targets.

Other Characters

  • Severin Bonaparte, current French emperor and survivor of Bonaparte dynasty
  • Léonard Bonaparte, oldest son of Emperor Severin and French crown prince
  • Alfred III, Prince of Windisch-Grätz, Austria-Hungarian field marshal, grandson of Alfred I Windisch-Grätz

Behind the Scenes

  • The Directorate is supposed to be a "Mirror Allies" of the Red Alert 3 for the PEQAN. It takes some inspiration from the Galactic Empire, the Imperial Remnant and Sith Empires from the Star Wars. The storyline will source from Star Wars Expanded Universe, now Legends, about the defeat, fragmentation and desperation of the Galactic Empire to survive.
  • The unit lists are specifically a counterpart of Red Alert 3 and Uprising Allied units while being based on forces and navy of the Star Wars Galactic Empire. Monarch-class Dreadnoughts, Stormtroopers and Buzzard Interceptors are meant to represent Imperial Star Destroyers, Stormtroopers and TIE Fighters, respectively, only altered to go along the pathway set by C&C's Allies.
    • The commandos specifically represent various important commanders and characters of the Galactic Empire, namely Executor Hanauer is in essense Darth Vader.
  • The Headstrong Ram, symbol of the Directorate military, is to be an opposite of the Allied eagle. Where the eagle represents the aerial domination and swiftness of the Allied Nations, the ram is charging powerhouse of the Directorate.