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Tactical Analysis

  • Saying "nice doggie": People possessing silver tongues and not afraid to utilize them even in war, the IAA Diplomats are tasked to neutralize any combat in an area with their words alone. In-game, nearby units, friend and foe, shall not fire their weapons in respect for them.
  • Let us talk this through: In the worst of the fighting lines, the Diplomat can call for a ceasefire, making sure that no one in the area can attack their enemy or be automatically targeted.
  • Diplomatic immunity vulnerability: Their position stops them from being automatically targeted, due to the diplomatic fallout that results from having killed one. However, words alone cannot stop the debris from the nearby explosion...


Some say that humanity has only been entirely at peace for 8 percent of its recorded history. Meaning that in 3,400 years of recorded history, humans have been fighting and killing each other for the remaining 92 percent. It is also estimated that the total number of people, civilian or military, that were killed in all the wars of human history range from 150 million to 1 billion. And thanks to recent developments, that number will never stop increasing.

The International Aid Associations know this too well. Commonly working in war-torn areas packed with orphaned refugees, shell-shocked soldiers and traumatized civilians, the IAA have felt the horridness of war the most. It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise humanity would grow too fond of it (while the same cannot be said about certain businessmen) after all. Despite their non-combatant statuses, these did not carry over to the wounded they have to treat, some of them dying of their wounds, or being finished off by their enemies. Now that the WWIII is over, and with WWIV just brewing up in the corner, the IAA is now determined more than ever to cease the fighting not only in the places where they work, but also the world, if temporarily.

This time, words shall speak louder than actions now. Indeed, words are used as an effective channel to rouse a power bloc's army against an enemy, to drill its soldiers to perfect submission, and to order them to follow their commander's tactics in war. If words can do all these, then surely they would be capable of convincing military leaders to call for a ceasefire, nations to beat their swords into plowshares and their tanks into farm tractors, warring governments to begin peace talks instead to settle ongoing disputes or conflicts.

Obviously, the IAA wants to use words for the latter reasons, resulting in the formation of Diplomats. Handpicked from the local government representatives and existing diplomats of other factions, these men and women in suits negotiate with commanders in an area not to interfere with local aid operations. Either convinced by pacifistic ideals, or just wanting to present a respectable face to the IAA, the commanders often comply with their requests; none of their forces will fire as much as a single shot when they are around.

Worldwide, these diplomats are now recognized and respected by different countries, organizations and power blocs. Unionist GIs and Confederate militia lay down their weapons when IAA workers are in the battlefield. GLA warlords are now starting to hijack vehicles with Red Crescent markings to take advantage of their non-combatant statuses. The only times the Red, Blue, and Atomic Chinese do not fight are the times where the remnants of the Red Swastika treat the wounds of their soldiers regardless of their allegiance. Wherever they are, the diplomats are doing their part of ensuring the safety of their IAA partners, with local armies knowing better than to fire at them.

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