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The Digital Conglomerate was an old fanfaction devised by AstralXYZ and Lelouchx9 from the very first fanwikia adopted by the Blue Alert group as a new member. A cooperative enterprise, the Digital Cooperative blends together all manner of pop culture tropes and misconceptions along with some true facts regarding computers, programming, and programmer culture.

Digital Cooperative
The Cooperative logo
Playstyle Unit Evolution
Faction Colour Digital Green
Type Fan Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

At a Glance

Faction Color: Digital Green

Playstyle: Unit Evolution

Preferred Theatre of Operation: Digital space

Strengths: Units are heavily adaptable to battlefield conditions, very effective late-game because of Core units, heavy focus on energy weaponry.

Weaknesses: Unable to expand quickly, Core units are unavailable early game and expensive, very power intensive and weak against EMP.



Digitalization technology is actually achieved using extremely complex programming methods only Cooperative personnel are capable of developing. In order to digitalize something, only a computer screen and a high-end computer is needed - the people only run a program that quite literally sucks the human consciousness into the computer, into digital space. Digital space is something of an alternate reality, but nothing in digital space is limited - everything can be changed using programming and coding. It wasn't long before it was discovered that it was impossible to completely leave digital space after entering it - part of the human mind would be forever binded to digital space.

Research done on Digitalization by the very same person that discovered it, the prodigal son of a wealthy computer expert who pioneered computer technology by himself led to the discovery that doing some things in digital space would also affect objects in real space. A fire in his house actually occurred as a result of adding a 'fire' code to a circuit breaker in the building, and the actual cause was never ever found. He himself survived in digital space, but found himself unable to return to real space. He eventually became the leader of the Cooperative, known only as Black Phantom.

Weapons Technology

Meson Weaponry

The tendency of Mesons to phase temporarily into real space when released under certain conditions is used by the Cooperative in their weapons technology. More often than none, this effect releases a green energy beam of Mesons, but varied output settings can even change the energy beam into an energy ball for a more... physical touch. However, it's easier to control energy beams so the more common form of Meson weaponry is the beam form.

Electrolaser Cannons

Powerful weapons in their own right, Electrolaser Cannons work by ionizing air in a line towards a target by using a laser, and then releasing an accumulated electrical charge down the path of ionized air. This appears in the form of a lightning bolt, and is extremely destructive although it takes time to ionize the air. Because of this fact, Electrolaser Cannons are unable to track fast-moving targets. The Soviets have gotten extremely careful around the Cooperative as of late though, keeping their airships away from Cooperative territory. Perhaps this may have something to do with the smoking Kirov wreck reportedly seen somewhere in former North Korea.

Pile Bunkers

Reasonably simple but effective weaponry, pile bunkers use revolver-style mechanisms, but instead of firing bullets, each pile bunker launches a single large retractable tungsten spike out of its housing when 'fired'. Because of the mechanism of the weapons, pile bunkers can only be used as melee weapons, but excel in that sense - they can easily smash through most forms of armour, and are reusable to boot - the spikes just retract back into their housings afterwards, ready to fire again. Pile bunkers are most often used as siege weaponry in the Cooperative forces, although there are smaller versions used in anti-armour shells or just as vehicle prows to allow them to ram enemy units.

Gameplay Mechanics

Build System

The center of any Cooperative base is the Data Mainframe, a large building that serves as the Cooperative command center. Buildings are coded in digital space and then transformed into actual objects using Digitization technology. When building a building, you must first designate a plot of land for construction, after which digital construction begins. The building does not physically appear until digital construction is complete, but the plot of land is reserved for that building only and becomes impassable to units.

After reaching tier 3, the Cooperative gains access to the Cloud Mainframe, which is built as an upgrade to the Data Mainframe. The Cloud Mainframe serves all the basic functions of a Data Mainframe, while providing some extra buildings, defenses, and more importantly the Core units.

Power System

The Cooperative uses Meson Reactors to generate power, but they are larger than the power plants of the other factions. Meson Reactors can be upgraded several times using Tech Cores to increase their power output, armour and health. Fully upgraded, a Meson Reactor can withstand most superweapons with a little health to spare.

Also, do note that unlike other factions' production buildings that build at a reduced speed when on low power, Cooperative production buildings cease ALL operation. Only Mainframes are active when on low power, and most units will recede back into digital space (become immobile and stealthed) until power comes back on.

Tech System

The Cooperative techs up its bases by building a Networking Center. Production structures require a Tech Core to be upgraded though, but if a production structure is at Tier 3 and the base it is in is only at Tier 2, only units of Tier 2 and below may be built. Each base needs a Networking Center to tech up, and Networking Centers themselves may be teched up using Tech Cores.

Core System

The Cooperative utilizes a unique Core system to increase the effectiveness of their vehicles on the battlefield. Built from a Cloud Mainframe, these Cores are capable of mounting Cooperative vehicles to upgrade them into different forms. There are three different cores built from the Cloud Mainframe - Assaulter Core, Armourer Core and Assister Core - for upgrading units and defenses. Data Mainframes are capable of building Tech Cores, which are used to tech up Coperative buildings. Two special cores are available for certain units after reaching Tier 5 - the Element Core and the Cyber Core.

Cores are rather expensive though, but a mounted Core may be able to drastically change the outcome of a battle. Mounted Cores can be dismounted from their vehicles by using the mounted vehicle's secondary ability, and will also automatically dismount when the mounted vehicle is destroyed, ready to mount another vehicle. Some cores have different attributes - the Assaulter Core projects a field that increases the damage dealt by friendly units around it, the Armourer Core is rock-hard and can tank damage, while the Assister Core can repair damaged vehicles. The Tech Core, Element Core and Cyber Core have no special effects other than their mounting ability. It's up to the player how to use the Cores, as some are effective even when not mounted. All Cores are ground units, so aerial units must land to take on a Core. Also note that not all units can mount all Cores, and any mounted unit will lose its normal secondary ability.

Digital Space

Digital space is a space that Cooperative units and buildings are built in before being transferred to real space. When on low power, most Coperative units will return to digital space and become immobile. Do note that weapons can still disrupt the real space the units were in before they returned to digital space, and as such will still do damage. Scouts are also capable of detecting units in digital space. Some units are capable of moving while in digital space, but are usually unable to attack while doing so.

Most notably, digital space is extremely vulnerable to EMP. As most Cooperative units are rooted in digital space, EMPing a Coperative unit will usually kill it in a few seconds. Some units are completely immune to EMP though, so use them against enemy EMPers.

Unit Evolution

The most important part of the Coperative unit system - some Cores are capable of evolving some units into stronger evolution units with added abilities. Evolution units cannot be built by production structures and must be evolved from normal units using Cores. Do note that the Cores are consumed in the evolution process and will not reappear even if the evolution unit is destroyed. The strongest Cooperative units are accessible only through evolution. Only infantry units do not evolve.


Data Mainframe The centerpiece of any Cooperative base, the Data Mainframe contains all the codes necessary to build a Cooperative base. The Data Mainframe can be upgraded into a Cloud Mainframe, which allows it to build more buildings and defenses.
Meson Reactor Larger than most other power plants, Cooperative Meson Reactors generate slightly more energy and are upgradeable with Tech Cores.

  • Tech Upgrade: (6 levels) Higher output, more health and armour.
Infantry Codex Cooperative infantry-ish units are coded here. Tech Cores must be added to them in order to tech them up.

  • Tech Upgrade: (5 levels) Unlocks additional infantry.
Armour Codex Cooperative vehicles are coded here. Tech Cores must be added to them in order to tech them up.

  • Tech Upgrade: (5 levels) Unlocks additional vehicles
Aeronautics Codex Cooperative aircraft are coded here. Tech Cores must be added to them in order to tech them up.

  • Tech Upgrade: (5 levels) Unlocks additional aircraft.
Docking Tower Some Cooperative aircraft require free slots at Docking Towers to be built. Docking Towers are capable of rearming 4 of these aircraft, but are unable to build more themselves. Also note that Docking Towers are tall enough that they are targetable by anti-air units, and the rearming aircraft are not vulnerable to being attacked by anti-ground units.
Naval Codex Cooperative ships are coded here. Tech Cores must be added to them in order to tech them up.

  • Tech Upgrade: (5 levels) Unlocks additional ships.
Networking Center The Cooperative relies on these buildings to connect to their main server and unlock new strategic options for use in battle. Networking Centres only tech up the base they are built in, and can be upgraded using Tech Cores.

  • Tech Upgrade: (5 levels) Increases base tech.
Cloud Mainframe The more advanced Cooperative command centers use cloud computing to increase their organizational abilities. Can build more structures than the standard Data Mainframe and unlocks additional protocols. Also builds Cores.
Master Codex Master Codices serve as alternate production buildings for Cores. Requires Tier 4.

  • Tech Upgrade: Enables construction of Element Cores and Cyber Cores.
Server Node These buildings project build radii around themselves in a small area, but can be upgraded using Tech Cores to increase the build radii. At level 4, Server Nodes become as durable as Data Mainframes. Buildable only at Tier 4.
Digital Eclipse The Cooperative support superweapon, codenamed Digital Eclipse, remotely collapses a large area into digital space. Affected enemy units or buildings become stealthed, but are immobilized and unable to retaliate against attacks for a long time. If Cooperative units are hit by it, they only become stealthed. Requires Tier 4.
Final Requiem

The Cooperative offensive superweapon, codenamed Final Requiem, collapses a medium area into isolated digital space and unleashes a short-lived data virus into it. Everything inside almost instantaneously disintegrates as the data virus attacks. Will drop a command center to 50% health in one shot. Requires Tier 4.






Helius Reconnaissance Car The Helius is a weak vehicle often used to scout out enemy positions with its large sight range. Helii are armed with light machine guns that allow them to deal with infantry while scouting, but do note that they are unable to detect stealth.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Evolves into Neos Levicopter
  • Assister Upgrade: Returns to digital space when not moving or attacking
Carbonite Armoured Car The Carbonite serves as the Cooperative flanker and early anti-armour unit, being armed with a light Meson Cannon. Carbonites are immune to EMP and can return to digital space at their own volition, although they are unable to move in that state.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Meson Scatter Cannon
  • Armourer Upgrade: Much slower speed, gains armour boost and a light artillery gun
  • Assister Upgrade: Secondary becomes a passive ability and can fire and move while in digital space
Boronite Transport This unarmed Cooperative transport does its job by digitizing and compressing anything it wants to carry, making its transport capacity deceptively larger than its size. Boronites are capable of transporting up to 2 small or medium vehicles and 10 infantry.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Long-range anti-infantry mortar
  • Armourer Upgrade: Mine-clearing dozer blade, also allows the Lithius to squish infantry
Ferros Tank The Cooperative MBT is armed with a small-scale Meson Cannon that fires bolts of energy at enemies. Its secondary ability switches the Ferros to beam mode, which allows the Meson Cannon to fire weaker beams of energy.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Triple Meson Cannon
  • Armourer Upgrade: Heavy armour (slows the Ferros down), additional twin machine gun turret
  • Assister Upgrade: Flight
  • Element Upgrade: Evolves into the Stannite Superheavy Tank
  • Cyber Upgrade: Evolves into Selenite Mech
Cobaltus AA Platform This basic Cooperative AA unit is armed with Meson-tipped missiles allowing it to deal reasonable damage to enemy air units. When in a pinch, the Cobaltus is capable of digitalizing itself and transporting it back to the nearest Armour Codex, although this leaves it in a powered-down state for several seconds.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Twin anti-air Meson Scatter Cannon
  • Armourer Upgrade: Gains an energy shield that lowers damage taken from air units
  • Assister Upgrade: Rangefinder (increases range of nearby units)
Chromus Light Artillery This light artillery vehicle is equipped with a standard 110mm howitzer that fires kinetic penetrator shells in an arc. One of the more conventional units in the Conglomerate arsenal, it is effective against armour. The Chromus is capable of deploying stabilizers to further increase its range at the cost of mobility. Also, the Chromus can shoot over walls.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Cycling quad howitzer (increased RoF)
  • Armourer Upgrade: Evolves into Technetite Tank Destroyer
  • Assister Upgrade: Gains the ability to hover, improving speed slightly and gaining amphibious capability.
  • Element Upgrade: Evolves into Wolframite Siege Walker
Gallius Siege Mech Unusually for a Cooperative unit, the Gallius is armed with a pile bunker, a melee weapon that can pulverize enemies by ramming large spikes into them. In the Gallius's case, it is extremely effective against buildings, but it moves too sluggishly to be effective against vehicles and infantry, although it can still target vehicles and squash infantry. Galli are capable of raising temporary personal barriers that lower damage taken from physical weaponry, allowing them to close in on most defenses while shrugging off attacks. The Gallius is immune to EMP.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Double pile bunker, double damage and slower movement
  • Armourer Upgrade: Personal barrier stays active all the time, but increased damage from energy weapons
  • Assister Upgrade: Self-repair functionality
Rhodonite Decimator Mech Advanced mechs designed for general ground destruction, Rhodonites are armed with twin large Meson Blasters capable of destroying MBTs in one salvo. However, they take a long time to reload and are exceptionally vulnerable to aerial attacks. Rhodonites are also capable of stomping the ground heavily, launching nearby ground vehicles into the air and stunning them.

  • Element Upgrade: Meson Blasters gain an AoE blast but become physical attacks
  • Cyber Upgrade: Partially digitizes itself, reducing damage taken from energy weaponry
Transmission Vehicle The Cooperative base expansion unit isn't a very hardy vehicle, so it should be guarded well. Only one Transmission Vehicle may be on the field at any given time, although Transmission Vehicles are not consumed by the act of building a (expensive) Transmission Tower. The only problem is that Transmission Towers must be built in the build radius of an existing Cooperative building.
Mobile Archive Vehicle The MAV is the Cooperative version of the MCV, carrying important data inside it needed to set up new Cooperative bases. The MAV can deploy into a Data Mainframe, and can pack up again if need be. Do note that Cloud Mainframes share this ability - after you've upgraded a Data Mainframe into a Cloud Mainframe, it will pack up into an Advanced Mobile Archive Vehicle instead. The MAV is heavily-armoured and slow, but capable of crushing lesser vehicles.
Advanced Mobile Archive Vehicle As stated above, the AMAV is what you get after packing up a Cloud Mainframe. AMAVs cannot be obtained any other way, but have an edge over the MAV by being flying units thanks to their levitation pads. AMAVs are more heavily-armoured and slower than MAVs, and being aerial units are incapable of crushing.


Evolution Vehicles

Stannite Heavy Tank The Stannite is the evolved version of the Ferros, and is armed with two Heavy Meson Cannons that will blast through anything in their way with focused Meson beams. Stannites do not share the Ferri's ability to switch between energy weaponry and physical weaponry, but instead gain the ability to deploy a barrier that reduces the damage it takes from all attacks, although this makes the Stannite immobile and reduces the turret traverse speed.

  • Cyber Upgrade: Evolves into the Plumbite Devastator Mech
Plumbite Devastator Mech Plumbites are even more advanced versions of Stannites, and are armed with not two, but FOUR Heavy Meson Cannons, and will cycle through all four when firing. Plumbites are exceptionally slow and cannot be carried by any transport, but can take a very heavy beating before going down. Plumbites can fire all four HMCs at the same time in beam mode while rotating the cannon array and turning, devastating an arc in front of them.
Selenite Mech An alternate evolution unit from the Ferros, the Selenite is a fast raptor-like mech that is armed with Meson claws that can cause heavy damage in melee combat. They are armoured and fast enough to charge headfirst into enemy armour formations and chase down fleeing artillery, but are easily stopped by heavy armour. Their secondary allows the Selenite to completely phase into digital space and lay waiting for enemy units to pass before jumping out and ambushing them.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Gains a Meson Cannon on its back
  • Assister Upgrade: Self-repair functionality
  • Element Upgrade: Evolves into Radonite Aerial Mech
Radonite Aerial Mech The Radonite, a winged mechanical dragon that is armed with a Meson Blaster in its mouth is an evolution unit from the Selenite. Radonites are even faster than Selenites, but suffer in the firepower department compared to Plumbites. Radonites can land on the ground, where they become melee units armed with Meson claws similar to those on the Selenite, but more destructive. They are a lot slower on land though, and take time to safely land.
Technetite Tank Destroyer An alternate evolution of the Chromus, the Technetite is a tank that carries a large cannon that fires impact-activated pile bunker rounds at enemy armour. These rounds will punch through armour easily, but are heavy enough to make the Technetite rather short-ranged. Regardless, it does a lot more damage against armour compared to the Wolframite, and is more heavily armoured. Its secondary ability switches to a full-sized pile bunker on the front of the chassis, allowing the Technetite to destroy enemy armour by smashing them at melee range.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Pile bunker becomes significantly more damaging - enough to destroy a Hammer Tank in one smash. Only the pile bunker is usable.
  • Armourer Upgrade: Gains a physical shield that significantly decreases damage taken from the front. Only the pile bunker is usable.
  • Assister Upgrade: Ultrahigh-density blunt rounds decrease damage and range, but knock enemies backwards. Only the cannon is usable.
  • Element Upgrade: Cannon fires in four-round bursts with a longer reload time. Projects a field that increases anti-armour damage of units around it.
Wolframite Field Artillery A significantly upgunned version of the Chromus with a mech chassis instead of a tank chassis, the Wolframite carries a field artillery cannon that fires Meson splasher rounds effective against armour. Wolframites are slower and less armoured than Chromi, but can change their firing mode to a long-ranged Meson beam dealing more damage to single targets. Wolframites can shoot over walls with Meson splasher rounds, but not with Meson beams. Wolframites are big, but unable to crush enemy vehicles.

  • Cyber Upgrade: Significant increase in AoE and bullet velocity, and gains an energy barrier decreasing damage taken from ground attacks. Only Meson splasher rounds are usable.



Oxygea Fighter The basic Cooperative fighter is armed with two wing-mounted autocannons for dogfighting with other aircraft. Do note that these fighters require an open space at a Docking Tower to build, and are unable to mount Cores.
Zinct Levicopter These levitating aircraft serve as the Cooperative basic anti-tank helicopters. Armed with Phase Cannons, Zinct Levicopters can do a decent job against enemy armour, but suffer against infantry owing to the relative inaccuracy of the Phase Cannons. Zincts can also switch to slow-reloading longer-ranged missiles that have a far enough reach to slowly snipe enemy anti-air vehicles to death from outside their range.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Evolves into Cadmius Gunship
  • Assister Upgrade: Missiles become default weapon, longer range and slightly faster reload.
  • Element Upgrade: Evolves into Thorius Aerial Battleship
Natrite Bomber These Cooperative anti-structure bombers carry iron bombs fitted with pile bunkers that will punch holes through even 2-meter thick armour in no time. As with the Oxygea, Natrites require a space at a Docking Tower to build and are unable to mount Cores.
Argus Transport The Cooperative air transport is a four-pad levitating unit, and can carry up to 4 light or medium vehicles or 20 infantry. The Argus isn't a very fast unit, so it should be escorted.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Gains four racks of conventional unguided rockets that can be used against ground targets. Splashes in a reasonably wide area.
  • Armourer Upgrade: (Partial Evolution) Gains a weak energy shield that can block a few attacks. Recharges over time.
  • Assister Upgrade: Projects a field that increases damage of energy weapons around it.
  • Cyber Upgrade: Evolves into Kryptus AEC


Evolution Aircraft

Neos Levicopter The evolved version of the Helius is armed with a light Meson Cannon that can fire at both air and ground targets, although it doesn't do a very good job in the damage department. These units are slightly faster than Heli, and share the same wide sight range and have slightly stronger armour. Still, don't expect them to fight enemy interceptors.
Cadmius Gunship The simpler evolved form of the Zinct is armed with a Meson Sniper Cannon that can snipe enemy ground units to death. However, unlike the Zinct, the Cadmius does have a wide minimum range and is much slower. Cadmii are capable of descending to ground level and essentially transforming into hovertanks armed with the same weapon, only with much shorter range. Do note that Cores can be mounted on either form, but it still has to dismount the Core to change form.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Twin Meson Sniper Cannon
  • Armourer Upgrade: Improved armour
  • Assister Upgrade: Improved weapon range
Thorius Aerial Battleship The Thorius flying battleships are some of the most powerful units in the Cooperative arsenal, and are capable of dishing out a good deal of hurt to aerial and ground foes alike. Their only problem lies in their slow speed and inability to hit fast-moving aerial targets thanks to the inaccurate Phase Cannons. Thorii have the option to land and fortify themselves as land fortresses, but lose the ability to attack aerial targets.

  • Cyber Upgrade: Evolves into Promethos Aerial Dreadnought
Promethos Aerial Dreadnought The ultimate Cooperative air units, Promethi are massive vessels capable of pulverizing most attack forces by themselves. Armed with 6 turret-mounted Heavy Meson Cannons, they will cut through any tank or fighter armour like a hot knife through butter. The only problem is that Promethi cannot attack backwards and under them and suffer from slow turning and movement speed. Their secondary ability drops them to the ground and diverts all power to a shield that can block a limited amount of damage before giving out. This helps them to stay alive in battle while crushing anything that happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Kryptus AEC The Kryptus Aerial Escort Carrier is a flying carrier that has four Orbit Drones flying around it at all times. The Orbit Drones will attack any enemy aircraft that get too close. Do note that the Kryptus is defenseless against ground attacks, although it can divert power from the drones to an Electrolaser Cannon, which takes an extremely long time to lock on to a flying target, but deals tremendous damage.

  • Element Upgrade: Evolves into Xenus AAC
Xenus AAC The Xenus Atmospheric Assault Carrier is an extremely powerful flying carrier carrying a complement of 6 bomber aircraft that can drop bombs similar to those found on the Argus on enemy buildings. Unable to retaliate against ground units or fighters, the Xenus needs to be escorted while doing its job. Its special ability causes a gigantic Electrolaser Cannon to emerge from under the launching deck. It can only fire forward and to the side and still shares the limitations of the one on the Kryptus, but is entirely capable of destroying a Kirov in two shots. Do note that this Electrolaser Cannon is capable of jumping its shots to hit anything that happens to be beside its intended target for the same damage.



Hydrogea Attack Boat These boats are the basic workhorse of any Cooperative fleet, armed with anti-ship Meson Cannons. Their special ability allows them to overcharge their Meson Cannons for one powerful blast that disables them for several seconds while they cool off.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Meson-tipped torpedoes, also anti-submarine
  • Armourer Upgrade: Basic attack changes to a ramming attack, improved armour
  • Assister Upgrade: Evolves into Magnesia Minesweeper
Lithius Air Sweeper Armed with Phase Lasers, Lithii can cut enemy aircraft clean in half as they fly across the sky. They do relatively weak damage though. Their secondary ability gives them a temporary speed boost to let them get to stricken friendly fleets faster.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Higher Damage
  • Armourer Upgrade: Less damage from aerial attacks
  • Assister Upgrade: Speed boost becomes permanent
  • Cyber Upgrade: Evolves into Calcite Fleet Support Carrier


Evolution Ships

Magnesia Minesweeper As the name suggests, Magnesias will clear mines in an area around them and are specialized in that task. Unable to attack normally, Magnesias are instead capable of laying their own mines on either land or water as they are amphibious.

  • Assaulter Upgrade: Launches mines that detonate after a few seconds as a normal attack
  • Assister Uprade: Improved mine clearing ability
Calcite FSC Calcite Fleet Support Carriers are the evolved form of Lithii, and share their job of defending a fleet against aerial threats. Calcites are unarmed, but automatically launch several Orbit drones that will patrol the skies over their parent Calcite and engage any enemy aircraft. If enemy heavy aircraft prove too much to handle, Calcites can transform into stationary anti-air Heavy Meson Cannon emplacements and return to carrier mode whenever needed.

  • Armourer Upgrade: 2 extra Orbit drones.
  • Assister Upgrade: Projects a field that boosts the armour of friendly units around it. Not stackable.
  • Element Upgrade: (Partial evolution) The Calcite becomes amphibious and can crush smaller enemy vehicles.


Assaulter Core These Cores improve the offensive capabilities of the units they mount, allowing them to dish out more hurt.
Armourer Core These Cores improve the defensive capabilities of the units they mount, improving their survivability.
Assister Core These Cores upgrade different mounted units in various ways - sometimes amplifying their special abilities.
Element Core Special Cores, their effects vary depending on the mounted unit. More often than none used to evolve units.
Cyber Core Special Cores, their effects vary depending on the mounted unit. More often than none used to evolve units.
Tech Core The entire Conoperative tech system rides on these Cores. They are used to tech up all Cooperative structures and some defenses.