Cyberbolivaran Federation

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Cyberbolivaran Federation
The Six Point Star of Synco as the Protector of the Federation
Playstyle Combat Engineering
Faction Colour Khaki
Type Blue Alert Echoes Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Peasants, soldiers, miners,
And the women of our country, as well,
Students, workers, white-collar and blue,
We will do our duty.
We'll sow the land with glory.
Socialism will be our future.
All together, we will be history's completion."

- "Venceremos" Battle Song and Anthem of the Government of the new Federation.

The Cyberbolivaran Federation, also known as the Cyberbolivarians or just the Federation, is a new faction exclusive to Blue Alert 3 Echoes, inspired by the ideas of BrutalReality, then taken and reimagined by Chumbeque and the help of others and then reimagined again by the Blue Alert crew . They feature combat engineering tactics, modifying the battlefield to their advantage.

At a Glance

Faction Color Khaki
Playstyle Combat Engineering.
Theatre of Operations Rough Terrain.
Strengths Engineering vehicles, support infantry, construction system, battlefield repairs.
Weaknesses Poor Damage output and health, too dependant on expansion, heavy power consumption.
Intended Players Ensemble Studios RTS players
Motives Cyberbolivarianism, Socialism, Preparation


Gameplay Mechanics

Building Mechanics

All buildings are produced from a single structure by the Field Engineers from the Construction Platform. A Field Engineer can set up the foundations of a building you want to be built, but he would be busy building it by himself. However, you can select other Field Engineers to help him in the job, effectively decreasing the build time of the building.

Expansion Mechanics

Control Nodes function just like Communist Sputniks, you deploy them from MULE Trucks and they create a build radius. However due to the controlling systems which keep federation buildings up and running you are limited to four buildings per Control Node.

Tier Mechanics

The Construction Platform can be upgraded to reach higher tier levels.

Defence Mechanics

The Cybernetic Federation has no base defences, instead some Engineering Vehicles and protocols create field defences directly on the battlefield. Some Engineering Vehicles EVEN transform to field defences themselves.


Special Buildings

Recruitment Center The Federation has no MCV, instead they've got a building from which the Recruits come from. Recruits can build more as needed. They are also the drop-off point for ore-collection trucks and produce more as needed.
Control Node The wonders of the Cybersyn Project directly on the battlefield. Control Nodes are the expansion buildings of the Federation, they are able to control up to four buildings inside their radius.


Thermal Exchanger These small reactors provide power for all the structures at your disposal.
Training Grounds When Recruits just don't make the cut anymore, this building trains all other infantry units.
Machine Shop Here the machinists of the state produce the main punch-line of the Federation, teletanks; small light former civilian vehicles armed with powerful weapons they aim at speed and precision, a deadly combination.
Siege Workshop It creates engineering vehicles, slow heavy vehicles meant to support teletanks, as well as the rare combat vehicle.
Field Hangar These structures can hold and repair up to 3 aircraft.
Anchorage Constructs naval units.
Cybersyn Control Room The Cybersyn Control Room is where a Federation commander can purchase upgrades from three different branches: Military, Economic and Social. Combinations of these upgrades are required for tiering up.
LUMOS Control Station Superweapon. This machine is the culmination of the people's government efforts. It creates a burst of LUMOS light that carries out the people's will by punching the enemies of the State in a targeted path.
Huemul Cylinder Secondary Superweapon. Using an alternative and theoretically safer version of Chronotechnology, this Cylinder has the capacity to perform a small jump through time, healing all your units in the process.


Barricade Though weak, a Palisade can be quickly set up by even a single Recruit to form an impromptu defense.
Palisade Stronger than the Barricade, the Palisade nonetheless is still weaker than the average wall, through Social technologies and the sheer capacity to plant them anywhere with Recruits can make up for that.
Tailgate A kind of gate haphazardly mounted on Palisades, it lets friendlies go through.
Field Turret A simple twin Machine Gun Mount, a Field Turret is pretty weak as defensive buildings come, but much easier, cheaper and faster to build.
Flak Turret Much like the Field Turret, but in this case purposed for anti air work using twin 85mm guns.
Searchlight Though initially only useful for a greater line of sight and the vision of stealthed units, the Searchlight can be upgraded through Social technologies to gain a powerful LUMOS attack.
Rocket Launch Station Basically a guided MRLS station, the Rocket Launch Station ensures a constant bombardment of the enemies of Socialism at long range, preventing them from getting close.
Caltrops Hidden in the ground, Caltrops will make quick work of most vehicles, infantry will be however mostly unaffected.
Trip Noose A clever trick, Trip Nooses can momentarily incapacitate enemy infantry as well as damage them, vehicles however will remain unaffected.
Field Hospital A quick to build emplacement, infantry can fallback here to regain their health.
Obelisk Obelisks are the last defense of any Cybernetic Base. Much more resource and work heavy, Obelisks are nonetheless your best option when it comes for a permanent defense for an important position with powerful LUMOS beams.

Advanced Defences


Riot Dog These dogs assist the Federation by tracking or chasing enemy infantry, they also have the capacity to fight on their own with modified teeth that penetrate all infantry armor. Their secondary turns the dog into a explosive dog.
Recruit Recruits are the first defensive line of the Federation, armed with Argentine assault rifles, they are not only your mainline infantry, but your engineers too and are in charge of constructing most of your buildings.
Virtuoso Hardened veterans, the Virtuosos are a true symbol of the Federation. As such, they carry LUMOS AA weapons, good against air targets, as well as being able to command their comrades in arms when needed.
Mocovi Battlesuit Using LUMOS scatterblasters and battlesuits, Mocovi Battlesuits can press assaults even through heavy weapons fire, and can sick their armoured Puma companions onto an enemy for a long ranged mauling.
Heavy Gunners Using a LUMOS guided autocannon; these suit clad infantry level the 30mm chainguns they carry on their shoulders to turn infantry into paste, pound light vehicles into scrap, and can set up beacons that can be used to control Teletanks around them.
Carabineer Members of the Officers School, these men and women go down personally to the battlefield to encourage and direct the efforts of the rookies, boosting their capacity in combat and construction.
Huntsman Former criminals making due for past sins. The Huntsmen are the Snipers of the Federation, being capable of illuminating the battlefield to give some forward reconnaissance.
Saboteur Young soldiers eager to serve the Cyberbolivaran cause, Saboteurs are deadly soldiers willing to sacrifice themselves for cyber-bolivarism. They serve as infiltrators who cannot disguise themselves as enemy infantry. Rather, they have a sneakier trick up their sleeve: creating some LUMOS mirage projections of themselves to be decoys while the real one sneaks away.
Toki Battlesuit These men attach themselves to powering mechanisms in an environmentally sealed battlesuit. The soldier of the future carries a heavy duty LUMOS arm cannon capable of melting through the enemies' armour. Their secondary is a burst of light powerful enough to blind most enemies.
Mapuche Battlesuit New battlesuits of the Federation, the Mapuche carries a 121mm mortar on its back to provide infantry fire support from the gorilla like suit which has no need to deploy to fire, but can pound the ground with its fists to stun nearby enemies (and instantly crush those beneath the ground pound)
Zapara Battlesuit Flying around, these flying infantry of the Cyberbolivaran Federation are a testament to its technological ability, using powerful multi-setting LUMOS beams effective against most targets, and can provide long distance Cybersyn for any given unit in its line of sight.
Death-Squad Elite of the Cyberbolivaran Federation, Death-Squads come into battle with new LUMOS rifles that can cut through enemies with ease and Dynamic Reaction Cannons with incendiary anti-structure or HEAT anti-tank warheads, and can briefly use LUMOS to make themselves invisible even while moving.



Pampero Buggy A frontier jeep inspired by those that the Reservists own, the Pampero serves as the Federation's anti-personnel and reconnaissance teletank. The Pampero is armed with two weak machineguns that can make short work of enemy infantry. Secondary plants a small anti personnel mine.
Illapa Trike Armed with three anti-armor mortars, the Illapa Trikes are the anti-armor cavalry of the Federation. They have wickedly fast turning speed, a handy tool for ambushes or escapes. However, they should not be placed into direct combat, since they are more specialized in hit-and-run tactics. Secondary enables it to have a large speed boost and the ability to stun vehicles that they crash into, act that usually destroys the Illapa itself.
Aukan Jeep The Aukan is a quick-moving, anti aircraft vehicle intended to chase aircraft on the flight. The secondary allows for a greater barrage of bullets for a quick while, in exchange of disabling the weapons for a short while after that.
Ayayema Hovercraft A telehovercraft built in the Easter Island. It functions as an amphibious battle vehicle that is armed with anti-submersible depth charges, and with a with a heavy machinegun for everything else. It also serves as the transport cavalry unit, capable of carrying six men to anywhere you desire. When not attacking, it can move faster.
Wecufe Light Artillery A Light ARtillery Teletank, the Wecufe strikes the enemy with triple 81mm mortars to blast the enemy out of their hiding places with a vengeance, and can fire GOOP rounds to make damn sure the enemy isn't going anywhere.
Guarani Armored Car An armoured response vehicle capable of withstanding tons of damage, this defensive cavalry unit is capable of hunkering down to be a defence platform armed to the teeth with ground-based discharge beams and anti-air rockets. However, it can only fire when deployed.
Vizcacha Tank A light tank armed with a 90mm gun and a ten shot autoloader, this Teletank can also fire remote delayed explosive shells that will wait for command from the controller of the tank to detonate; if a target has been pegged by ten rounds, the results can be spectacular!
Uoke Tank Completely automated battle tanks in use by the Cyberbolivarians. Their secondary functions can emit a pulse which is similar to EMP, disabling the electronics of enemy tanks before finishing them off with its 115mm tank gun.
Vicuña Tank Killer Packing a 125mm gun, this teletank can also blast an enemy with a powerful Lumos field to throw enemies back out of the way and buy them more space
Kalken Launcher The Premier artillery of the Federation. The Kalken possesses can fire a drone from it's back that can be commanded independently, exploding when reaching it's target and being devastating against most structures.
Ampuero Responsebot An autonomous airborne drone controlled by a Federation technician, the Ampuero is a valuable scouting unit for the Vigilante Force. Secondary allows it to attach itself to inflight aircraft, repairing them in the process.
Antupillan Truck A heavily armored provider of Cybersyn that can also disrupt an enemy's command and control around itself, this superheavy vehicle may be lightly armed with twin LUMOS projectors, but it is exceedingly tough

Cybersyn Warriors


Hoverlift transport A transport for a single squad that fires a garrison clearing mortar round that also contains GOOP in its adimixture to slow down approaching enemies, Hoverlift transports are important early game nusiance units
CODELCO Ore Truck Part of the support the State Industries give to the Federation, CODELCO has granted these Ore Trucks to be used on the Frontlines, being available at every Recruitment Center, secondary allows the charge to be dropped, creating roadblocks, though costing you the money it carried.
Huina Transport Formerly civilian armored vehicles, they now serve as the land transports of the cyber-bolivarianists. They can transport three squads anywhere, however, these transports are not amphibious. When standing still for a few seconds, these transports become mini-bunkers and the infantry inside it can fire out of it.
Llama ICV A Peruvian design for an amphibious infantry combat vehicle, the Llama ICV packs twin 12.7mm machine guns and a 30mm autocannon, driving forward through all obstacles with its formidable armour to deliver two squads where they need to go, and unlike the Huina they are in fact amphibious
Mineclearer A specialized bulldozer chassis, Mineclearers are capable of detecting and removing burrowed explosives, being mostly unaffected by them. It can even damage burrowed units by catapulting seismic mortars at them. Secondary enables it to scan an area for any hidden traps.
Transmission Van Transmission Vans have a simple purpose: To transmit Cybersyn signals for nearby Teletanks while keeping up to their pace. Secondary allows them to stop for a moment to make some repairs
Jaguar Salvage Truck Using chrono-healing devices, Jaguars can heal and recover infantry and vehicles, or can be used for a quick teleporting hop to get out of harm's way
Capybara Pulsar Tank Launching waves of Pulsar Projectiles, Pulsar Tanks shoot down incoming projectiles with ease to support the advance of the Federal army, and can also offer up assault gun support against the enemy with their structure and infantry killing bursts, or they can fire faster firing, nonlethal stunbursts.
Galaxia Strategic Artillery Firing Pulsar blasts that reach into the stratosphere before coming down, Galaxias can cut through large numbers of infantry from nearly the world away, though they are less useful against structures and must deploy to fire.
Machu Pichu Advanced Tank A Chilean modification of an American tank armed with a 180mm gun, dual LUMOS coaxial guns, and a pintle mounted LUMOS weapon, the Jackhammer is the heaviest direct land combatant in the Cyberbolivaran army and can activate a LUMOS defense field to stop incoming projectiles
F.I.S.T Formerly a design for a Communist MCV during the Cold War, this massive beast had its production license sold to the Cybernetic Federation which was converted from a mobile construction vehicle into a mobile war factory to serve as a deployable and packable factory for teletanks, delivering the people's war machines directly to the front.


Quidel Helicopter A little stealthed helicopter, the Quidel uses only a single LUMOS weapon but can offer intelligence without ever being seen, and may drop stealth detecting devices onto the ground to sniff out those who would hide from it
Raiyen Helicopter Offering anti-infantry and anti-structure capabilities, this helicopter strikes with a quad HMG and a quartet of Mortars firing HESH rounds, and may heal itself with a chronoreset device when damaged
Raiquen Helicopter The main battle helicopter of the Federation, the Raiquen can suppress infantry with its three gatling cannons, and blast tanks with its rocket launchers. Take care of using this abilty, as it is higly vulnerable against enemy attacks when it is switching between its two forms.
Millaray Helicopter Using a chronoscatter weapon, the Millaray scatters different parts of the enemies it hits across different flows of time, securing landing zones for this air transport.
Tralka Fighter The Tralka is the premier anti-air fighter unit of the Federation. Unlike other aircraft, it attacks of LUMOS flashes that blinds enemy pilots before attacking them with some few anti-air missiles. Secondary emits a burst of light, creating a mirage copy of the Interceptor that stands still, while the real one is cloaked and is probably on its to your base for repairs!
Anchimayen Airlift A large transport vehicle taken from Argentine Hangars, the Anchimayen can carry four squads of infantry units through the air, or instead can be used to carry teletanks or even vehicles.
Kutral Gunship A Ground attack Airplane, the Kutral is one of the newest designs of the Federation meant for ground attack and counterinsurgency, they are armed with both torpedos and rocket pods to cause havock on the ground. Secondary emits a burst of light, creating a mirage copy of the Interceptor that stands still, while the real one is cloaked and is probably on its to your base for repairs!
Rayo Tactical Bomber Using a chronometric device that tremendously delays the lockons of enemy air defences and them firing deadly Solar inversion or Pulsar HARMs at them, the Rayo is excellent at destroying enemy defenses
Tambo Bomber The Tambo provides tactical bombings for the Federation. the Wangulen's primary weapon are parasite teleplane aircraft who each strafe the target with cannons, rockets, and bombs before returning to the mother plane. Secondary drops a bomb, that when dropped to ground, releases a sort of chrono-electrical storm in the ground that can disable tanks and electrocute infantry.



Sea Lion The amphibious animal scout of the Federation, the Sea Lion is faster in water than it is in land, unlike it's land counterpart. The Sea Lion secondary allows you to track an unit through the clever use of tracker devices.
Curu Freighter A dedicated naval transport, the Curu can carry vehicles as well as infantry, while allowing them to fire while being transported. The Freighter itself suffers from poor armour however.
Blue Alert Mehn Gunboat While not the strongest naval unit around, the Mehn nonetheless is quick to assemble, allowing it to be deplowed en-masse. It's a dedicated anti-naval unit, with a secondary uses it's cannon to bombard coastal positions.
Patrol Boat The Patrol Boat is a small naval vessel that's meant to combat any intruders in your waters, it's not well suited to combat other, more powerful, naval units however. The Secondary deploys fishing lines, which can surprisingly trap a huge number of units on it's path and heavily damages submarines in particular.
Belgrano Monitor A heavy naval unit, it can fight against land and water targets sufficiently well, it is however, mostly a dedicated anti-air naval unit. The secondary fires long range artillery that can destroy most any building it reaches.
Fuego Destroyer A Peruvian Destroyer,the Fuego strikes with four LUMOS turrets to cut through enemy ships and can launch long range tick drones based on the anti-tank drones that will lie dormant in an enemy for some time before activating and ripping the ship apart.
Macarena Cruiser Firing both deadly LUMOS destructor cannons from five turrets and releasing Teletank boats that when released can swarm and needle an enemy with machine gun and RPG fire, the Macerna Cruiser is a colombian design excellent for taking out enemy destroyers.
Lucerna Submersible The Lucerna is designed to destroy enemy vessels while being undetected. This submersible is armed with dual LUMOS blasters that can pierce through enemy navy with ease. Secondary enables it to charge up a powerful LUMOS beam that went activated, can passively damage enemy boats it passes by.
Caleuche Windjammer The Pinnacle of naval research of the Federation, the Caleuche is an argentine outfitted with Solar Sails, giving it his name. The Caleuche is a powerful anti-surface capital ship that can decimate enemy tanks and ships by its LUMOS annihilator cannons that can reduce even the hardiest of enemy ships to dust. However, this capital ship has slightly lower durability than the rest of its counterparts, so in order to ensure it can make a get away it can also project a realistic LUMOS projection of itself.
Inti Fistbringer "The fist of the sun" as it's often called serves as the primary bombardment ship of the Cyberbolivaran Federation, produced in Peru with the purpose of carrying a massive LUMOS generator that quite literally forms a massive fist made out of light that somehow can arc over obstacles and then punch into the enemy's forces like a comet, dealing massive damage. Its secondary ability is if anything, even more bizarre as it can form a pair of LUMOS hands that then clap together to create a great shockwave, dealing substantial damage to anything caught by the shockwave but being especially dangerous to anything between the two hands.
Buenos Dias Carrier A modern Chilean aircraft carrier, the Buenos Dias' name is meant to be heavily ironic as it most certainly does not offer the enemy a good day as Teleoperated Águila fighters, Halcon interceptors, Buho attackers, and Cóndor bombers tear through the enemy and a deadly array of defensive weapons keep the pride of the Federation Navy safe, or it can use special chrono devices to instantly complete the construction of new planes.

Commandos and Epic Unit

Martina A technopathic daughter of a top-ranking Chilean officer, Martina was called to service for the defence of the city of Santiago from the Technocratic hordes. After she participated in the reconstruction process with the Federation, she serves the Vigilante Force as their frontline commando. Wielding a trio of deadly drones, she can cut down any enemy with minimal effort. Her secondary enables her to tap on her technopathic powers known as 'FUA', enabling her to disable machinery around her.
Supay Actually a machine, Supay is one of the Federation's true robots, among the first of his kind actually. Supay is remarkably tough and well geared for assaults on enemy positions. Built to absorb punishment with startling ease, Supay cuts and crushes with LUMOS sheathed pincers that can shear a tank apart with ease. But while one might question the usage of a purely melee Commando without some form of speed boost, Supay is able to generate a LUMOS shield to protect himself and others, allowing him to close the distance without harm and protect his fellow warriors.
Ines A master at small unit tactics, Ines has been hailed as a military genius by Federation officials. Offering a wide variety of buffs to friendly troops, this support oriented commando comes not alone, but with the aid of the young medic Salvatore and the mechanic Gloria and their bodyguards Felicia and Felipe in her squad. All five carry rapid fire Pulsar rifles to deal ranged damage and can easily outmatch most special forces squads, but her most formidable ability is to call upon the "Ejército del pueblo" where she sends a signal to Federation Command to call in reinforcements, calling forth a large number of squads of elite soldiers and elite vehicle crews. When used over water, she only calls in amphibious or airborne units however.
Quidel A stealthy battlesuit operator, Quidel flies around the skies, preferring to attack with long range teledrones to fighting himself; though approaching him will show he knows how to use his LUMOS and Pulsar weapons just fine. Providing a substantial telecontrol aura around himself, he also has the authority to call down an attack from one of the Federation's satellites, allowing him to carve open a part of the battlefield as he guides the satellite beam to his will.
Moshe An Argentine man and a passionate defender of the liberties of the Federation and the wider Communist International, Moshe flies the world's first Huemel powered aircraft. A fantastic machine with enough power to supply LUMOS shielding to itself and fly into space. While his LUMOS and Pulsar cannons may seem perhaps a bit ordinary, his technopathic abilities that let him tremendously obsuscate enemy attempts to get a lock on his aircraft or those of his companions certainly isn't, and his companion drone V2-B2 helps keep his fighter in the air with on the fly repairs to let him outlast many other enemies while he all but dances in the sky around his dogfighting opponents.
Yawarpuma To some, she is a legend; to others she is a nightmare. To all though, she is one of the finest artillery women to live upon this earth. A child of the Andes, she drives a remarkable vehicle. Often simply referred to as "the organ gun", it can hit a rate of fire of two seven inch shells every minute, each guided by SYNCO computers to fall with devastating precision and accuracy. The rain of shells and the quick traverse of her guns means that she can even make it so that upwards of twelve shells all land on the same target at the same time in perfect sequence, all but guaranteeing their erasure from the battlefield. With substantial area of effect, she can reduce a formidable advance into nothing more than a ruin of broken men, shattered structures and smoking tanks.
Hombre Gordo Taking the concept of the FIST to the next level, the Hombre Gordo is an enormous mobile armed factory. While armed with a significant number of bombardment ship grade weapons and secondary guns and the means to garrison up to twelve squads of infantry, the Hombre Gordo's true value is in its ability to produce every kind of federation unit except Commandos and Epic Units, and do so for reduced cost and at greater speed than the standard Federation building facilities. With very heavy armor and the facilities to maintain upwards of twenty aircraft on its fields, the Hombre Gordo finally caps off its utility by providing massive Telecontrol Radius, giving it all it needs to push forwards to end any particular battle and overwhelm any defense.

Assassination Target

Unidad Popular Compact Car Meant only for the most important dignataries. Subcomandantes can however ask for a Compact Car if their presence on the Battlefield is deemed necessary enough. The Compact Car is a fully armoured VIP Vehicle, yet it possesses no weaponry of it's own, instead, the secondary can unleach the full GAF bodyguard being transported inside the vehicle, who are most capable of dealing with any menace that would endanger and being willing to die if it means the important person being transported inside is kept alive.

Behind the Scenes

The Cyberbolivaran Federation is inspired by Transistorpunk with a heavy emphasis on South American Science Fiction with an eye for a more optimistic tone with the more positive relationship between the UASR and Latin America than the USA did.