Council Enforcers

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Ecumenical Council Enforcers
The four eyed Imilki skull symbol of the Enforcers.
Playstyle Shock & Breakthrough tactics
Faction Colour Doomed Green
Type Quantum Faction
Dev. Status Being Concepted

The Council Enforcers are a quantum minor faction created by the Red Star Rising and a subfaction of the Imilki Ecumene that takes the spearhead warfare of the Ecumene and amplifies it into shock and breakthrough tactics of incredible force. Made for smashing through lines or holding the key points of them, the Enforcers are also great inflicters of terror. Based on elite political sub-armies like the Waffen SS or Napoleon's Imperial Guard, the Council Enforcers are a testament to the dark places where absolute, unthinking loyalty can lead you.

Whereas the Imilki poke and prod their enemies before pushing their carefully made and adapted spearhead right into the heart of the enemy, the Council Enforcers expect such work to already be done for them before they crush a hole through the line and sow terror and havoc among the enemy as they push towards final victory, leaving only corpses and terrified foes in their wake. Virtually fearless and possessed of iron discipline and brazen fanaticism, there are few who can hit harder than the Enforcers.


Duty above All

The Enforcers have long been part of the Imilki's political structure, working where ordinary police or military units were deemed incapable of doing what had to be done. Selected through special programs that sought only the fittest, the most loyal, and those least possessed of problems such as morality, and then further drilled and enhanced from that original raw material into proper soldiers. The Enforcers have long been known for their absolute loyalty to the Ecumene, it's ideals, and by extension, the Councils, for they are the will of the Ecumene. Never questioning orders and fulfilling each one given to them with initiative, efficiency, and enthusiasm, the Enforcers have been fairly controversial to many. Some saw them as simple thugs in the alien nation, a cudgel with which the councils could use to strike down discontent.

But as the age of conquests and assimilation ebbed away, the Enforcers slowly drifted into a primarily ceremonial role. Almost never needing to be set loose, the age of peace made many forget the initial complaints about them. They were no longer doing anything objectionable after all, and they represented a long held tradition at this point, an icon of ecumenical superculture. And so they remained for years to come. With war an increasingly distant memory, the Enforcers seemed to have become little more than parade and honor guard troopers. The days of gloriously marching from world to world were so distant, so far away. The day that they would be needed again seemed to be unreachable.

Then came the message of stagnation, of creative sterility. The Supreme Council of Grand Minds decreed that there were no more ideas for technological or cultural advancement, that they had hit the plateau of their creative ability. Many decried this as a falsehood, others were fundamentally disturbed that there were limits to their abilities at all. Still others turned to long forgotten reasons for discontent and disturbance. And so the Enforcers joined the march to restore order. Those who had to be eliminated were wiped out bloody, long nights where the daggers of order stabbed into the backs of those who had brought about this disruption of once crystalline serenity.

After a short, brutal period of civil violence, the Supreme Council announced it's plan. A new age of expansion and conflict would begin. No longer would the increasingly pacifistic Ecumene turn it's attentions towards introspection, but once again it would explode outwards to seize worlds, to subjugate cultures, to tear the ideas of other civilizations from them. A new drumbeat of war would be sounded, and the Enforcers would be part of this new crusade. The military would be joined in this task by the observational forces, who would use the devices and weapons best suited to ensuring that the conflict would not be over so overwhelmingly quickly that they could not study ever possible idea of a culture outside of controlled conditions.

Just as the Enforcers marched with the military, so too did they follow the observational forces to ensure that the Ecumene's principles and the councils were obeyed.


While all observational fleets have a substantial detachment of council enforcers, with the fleet at our solar system being no exception, this detachment of enforcers is made different by the addition of the brutal Council Chairman's infamous personal honor guard, whose name translates to "Cul Obsidiax" or "Midnight Slaughter", a force known for it's ruthlessness and terrifying nature in an entire unit made for ruthlessness and inflicting fear. It would be this Praetorian Guard that made very sure that society continued to function as normal, and that the observation would be successfully prosecuted. As was standard, the Enforcers had their own private fleet separate from the observer forces, so as to not waste their time with fraternization.

Though the world wasn't overly interesting at first, with only the earliest beginnings of powered flight and armored warfare amidst the blood and mud of trenches and vast plains, their interest was secured by a chance encounter with a cult in Black and Red and men and women still wearing metallic armor who managed to fight the observing forces on much more even ground than the other armies that not only couldn't stop the first observational raid, but weren't even able to get any news back to their commanders of these small battles lost in the midst of a particularly unpleasant war over nothing of real importance.

Vra'Kul'Mal ordered more intensive study, a long-term operation would be conducted to ensure that all the possibilities this species could give would be assimilated. And so a decades long stay had begun, with the Earth constantly under surveillance even as it's interest in astronomy only grew and grew just as it's scientific capability did. As another world war erupted (though not by the expected aggressor), the Ecumene stepped up it's protocols. Even as the world faced a battle between Red and Blue, the Imilki continued to remain close. Experimental science from both side was taken to be examined. Soldiers from the conflict often disappeared, sometimes whole units at a time.

The 101st airborne division famously disappeared to never be seen again as they investigated a mysterious base in Poland, the 82nd airborne and a german Panzergrenedier brigade, sent to track them, similarly disappeared, along with a Soviet tank division, the 31st guards and it's self propelled artillery brigade that sought to engage the Americans. The first group of Americans would join many other captives, having been taken by the observational forces. The second group of humans encountered the Enforcers, and were not spared. Even the regimental mascot children were disposed of and no remains were left. Hardly the only such black action taken by the Enforcers, but one that has lived on in the lore of conspiracy theorists long after the fact.

Later on, as the Soviet Union traded Stalin for Cherdenko and the Allies went from a hodgepoge of anti-communist nations to a formal international coalition, and for their success, the Councils awarded the Enforcers richly. A great parade was held in the flagship of the Jovian fleet, a vessel whose name roughly translates to "Impending Doom". A celebration to exult in the glory of their nation and the acquisition of new technologies and ideas for it. Though curiously the records gained from the Soviet political system were recently revised. The response to these questions was that they contradicted other prior data and upon rexamination it was found that the interrogated had made omissions of key facts that invalidated their prior testimony as scientifically useful.

The World Turns

Units & Buildings


Mortis Guard - These well favored Jyrvikani are granted arm-cannons that fire powerful hard-light rays and hard-light shields on their other arms that guard their advance, Doom Guards are a nearly fearless elite renown for their brutality who will gladly call forth powerful hard-light blades to dish it out in melee, and can even fire femtospore grenades from their arm cannons to deal with entrenched foes.

Fleshtearer - Mites with a bad attitude and a number of enhancements, these creatures have eschewed hardlight rifles for something rather more vicious; rapid firing guns that kinetically launch small saw like drones that embed themselves in a target and tear them apart in the most sickening manner possible before going onto the next target, bringing enemy advances to a halt as they are peppered by these hideous weapons and the gore of their compatriots. Like their observational force cousins, Fleshtearers can still leap.

Bleak Ones - A unit of white carapaced Slender-stalkers, Bleak Ones ritually empty themselves of eggs before battle and don their battle armor which allows them to unveil a rather unpleasant trick up their sleeves; firing hooks that impale themselves into a target and pull the target towards them and them towards the target, putting them near a grown slender-stalker with a particularly foul attitude and hard-light covered bodily stabbing implements.

Skyreaper - Ogres with kinetically accelerated power fists to pound and pummel targets into oblivion at melee range, but primarily to help them stabilize their main weapons; a pair of powerful lance guns and surface to air femtospore missile launchers, which serve to put paid to aircraft and bothersome vehicles, Skyreapers can pound their fists into the ground with enough force to create shockwaves to stun enemies caught within them (and mulch the poor person caught directly underneath their ground pound).

Winged Crone - A much larger, much more vicious caste of Htrolka that develops into a creature that can only be described as being something like a dragon's breeding results with a giant wasp, these Htrolkas are encased in battlesuits that enhance their fearsome aspect and allow them to bear deadly weapons, such as a head mounted flayer ray that can scour the ground while the limbs are mountings for hard-light projectors that can pound acquired targets with ease, making these Crones hugely lethal against infantry and helicopters. On command, Winged Crones can make vector strikes with hard-light coated blades on their wings, damaging everything in a line.

Windscythe - A multi-role fighter bomber, Wind-scythes make their presences known with continuous hard-light and flayer beam projectors and a rapid firing lance cannon. While not quite as singularly focused and effective as the Foo-Fighter against air targets or the Vivesector against ground targets, the Windscythe still preforms its task admirably.

Gondwana Tank - Powerful Ecumenical heavy tanks, the Gondwana carries a charge capable lance cannon that is devastating to enemy armor along with a femtospore grenade launcher that is similarly problematic to enemy fortifications and hard-light turrets to suppress infantry; as well as sufficient armor to confound attempts at destroying the mighty hover vehicle.

Black Hunter Ship - A support ship, Black Hunters project space warping fields that not only slow down enemy forces, but also enemy projectiles; taking edge out of their impact and adding oompf to the Ecumene's. Hard-light projectors on the ship can also be called on to form barriers that provide instant cover to enforcer forces on the ground.

Death Tyrant - Imilki Commanders who have gotten quite far in life, Death Tyrants proudly wear their battle gear and wield high-frequency and hard-light sheathed war-scythes capped with a flayer projector useful for engagements at close quarters. Death Tyrants can rally their troops, inspiring them to go faster and temporarily break through suppression to get into close quarters.

All-thunderer attack transport - An enormous six limbed assault transport that carries a number of femtospore sprayer turrets and a large electron-disassociator gun on top, the All-thunderer is meant to shatter fortifications and keep other units hale and hearty as they press into the battle. Carrying up to ten infantry at a time, All-Thunderers don't get much of anywhere fast, but get there by the Council they will.

Black Gorgon - Ecumenical heroes deemed too valuable to simply allow to die when their bodies fail them get downloaded into these special combat chassis; these hulking mechanical chassis mount a chain-electron disassociator gun on the shoulder and a pair of hard-light projectors on their bladed hands that are capable of grabbing enemies and throwing them, dealing some damage and pushing them towards where an Ervanik might want them to go, such as towards the Gorgon, who excels at short range.

Councillor Guard Drone - Machines akin to a mixture of pill bugs, armadillos, dinosaurs, and centaurs; Councillor Guard Drones are extremely heavily armored for a single purpose, defending the lives of Councillors. Having space warping fields that draw fire onto themselves to be foiled by their thick armor and shielding, Councillor Guard drones are typically armed with hard-light swords that are capable of carving through just about any armor. More surprising however, is their ability to spew forth a stream of femtospores in a cone that is just as often used to heal their charges as it is to liquify and immolate their enemies.


Space Port -

Deathmatch Reinforcements

Varghoul's Cadre

Varghoul's Cadre is an elite group of mercenaries chartered to the infamous bounty hunter Varghoul, who despite being a citizen of the Republican states of Vigisori, willingly jumped ship to the Ecumene when he saw that it would both offer him far better pay and far more interesting equipment and toys to play with. The Cadre is an advanced force that goes ahead of the main spearhead, breaking holes open in defenses, weakening enemies, taking out key targets, sowing confusion and gathering information, all in preparation for the main assault of the enforcers. His cadre bases itself in his own personal fleet, paid for by the success of himself and his crew, while Varghoul himself owns a military grade battlecruiser as his flagship. Brought along for the Earth mission, Varghoul has taken rich enjoyment regarding his duties on Earth. All of these units can detect stealth and have quite a wide range of vision; though by Ecumenical standards they are quite soft.

Mantarak hunter - Praying mantis like Alien hunters that have come with Varghoul's deadly cadre of mercenaries. Mantaraks are stealthy hunter killers equipped with rapid fire hard-light assault rifles, high-frequency blades on their topmost limbs, and spacefold projectors to trap enemy units in a field of slowed space while friendlies are sped up that make them infantry reapers.

Vizoral predator - Quadrepedal Salamander/Komodo dragon like aliens who slink across the ground with kinetically acclerated flechette launchers that are highly dangerous to vehicles and high-frequency net casters that can immobilize units and damage them over time as the net constricts itself and carves through an enemy. Primarily for anti-vehicle purposes, Vizoral predators are special forces bounty hunters who are amphibious and capable of stealthing while standing still.

Uzoron reaper - More mammalian creatures, Uzorons focus on structure demolition. Seeming to be akin to the very worst traits of a predatory dinosaur, an anomalocaris, bears, and gorillas, these burly monsters carry powerful sonic pulsars that are devastating to the structure of buildings, rapidly shaking them apart as well as repeatedly concussing defenses with sonic waves at a frequency humans cannot hear; helping them be stealthy while their guns, while less useful against units, can still daze and dazzle and with some prolonged exposure; kill enemies. Uzorons can alter their weapons; setting it to wide angle which decreases the damage done but affects more targets, or a more tightly focused pulsar to quickly eliminate a structure.

World Eater Hunter Ship - Ominous transport ships that can carry both infantry and vehicles (or even aircraft), world eaters are so named for the devices on their underbellies; which both warp space to act as tractor beams towards their central processors and let out grabbing hard-light tendrils to force targets into them to be consumed, or smashed into smaller pieces first before being broken apart as repair material and fuel for the ship, though aircraft are the best response, as it has only six relatively meager hard-light turrets to keep them away, which will not deter most planes; particularly not anti-airship heavy craft.

Lockdown Infantry Combat Vehicle - Fast and swift transports, Lockdowns come relatively light with twin dual purpose hard-light cannons and an offset lance gun, but they can quickly bring several infantry units across dangerous terrain and fire upon aircraft; offering precious suppression power that can set up aircraft for targeting with its SAMs.

Atrazak - Bounty Hunters who have studied under Varghul himself, Atrazaks are vicious all ranges fighter who excels in eliminating high value targets from the face of the Earth and getting himself into the one on one duels tjeu favor. Using a large array of eclectic equipment, sheer skill, experience, and cold blooded professionalism; including wrist-mounted flayer projectors, high-end hard-light guns, jump-pack mounted missiles, and high-frequency blades, Atrazaks are infiltrators who will get the job done and excel at taking out other infiltrators. However, they also are functionally commandos, and only one can be summoned to the field at a time..

Behind the Scenes

As mentioned earlier, the Enforcers as a whole take heavy inspiration from the secret police and and elite squadrons of villains, in real life or in fiction, such as the Storm Troopers of the Galactic Empire and Nazi Germany's Gestapo.