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Tactical Analysis

  • Sweep the Plains: Armed with an updated ADKM with a built-in infrared scope, the Cossack goes into battle wearing an NBC suit made for mobility on the field compared to the slightly bulkier equipment utilized by the common conscript.
  • The New Jet Set: Utilizing captured technologies, TSEL scientists have also managed to create a type of gyrojet round that, while not as compact as Syndicate models, is capable of firing a round filled with a small explosive charge that detonates on impact and functions as a stun grenade.
  • Tribute: Despite these advancements, the Cossack is an expensive unit compared to most Soviet infantry due to his advanced weaponry, and suffers against dedicated anti-infantry units.
  • Trial and Error: After enough time on the field, cossacks are able to seamlessly switch between conventional and gyrojet rounds, making the time taken to switch between the two instantaneous.


"Advancing bullets, advancing progress!"

- Cossack motto

When TSEL was finally given an increase in funding from the Kremlin, the scientists in charge of the operation quickly went about making new updates to the Union's military materiel. One place many people didn't expect them to focus on was the venerable ADK. Despite the near-mythical reliability of the ADK, TSEL engineers realized that with enough time the MX-15 would soon be the standard rather than the competitor. A direct comparison between the rounds utilized found that while the ADK has a vastly superior penetration, the MX-15 round is capable of horrifying damage to a soldier internally. Worse, the MX-15 has already seen a beginning of multiple types of accessories designed to turn the weapon from a simple assault rifle into a marksman's rifle, a carbine, and with the under-barrel grenade launcher a grenadier's weapon as well. Much to the shock of attached military commanders, the ADK-45 was declared obsolete by TSEL scientists.

Recognizing that the ADK needed to become adaptable in the coming years, TSEL engineers looked to another force to gain traction. The gyrojet round piqued their interests, as the idea of an army of conscripts being armed with thousands of accurate, simple-to-use rifles charging across the battlefield would make for victory after victory for the Union. Unfortunately, the designers couldn't find a simple way to replicate the manufacture of the small caliber gryojets used by Legion Security. Going back to the drawing board, TSEL designers struck on the idea that instead of one massive weapon with one massive ammunition type, they would make one weapon with two firing mechanisms and barrels. Using a composite design similar to the MX-15 (a difficulty as the Mattel Corporation's knowledge of plastic molds would have been invaluable to the designers), TSEL soon unveiled their new and "improved" ADK-69.

Not only was the new rifle a massive beast of a weapon, Red Army officers noted that the weapon had a massive scope atop the weapon that was capable of using infrared as well as an adjustable electronic rangefinder. The "gyrojet" rounds were more like a stepping stone between actual gyrojets and rocket propelled grenades, which TSEL had decided could be loaded with an explosive charge detonated on impact. Then the scientists revealed that they had also begun outfitting their forces with a new type of hazardous materials suit, slightly bulkier than the typical Soviet models after experiences on the Chinese front. The Red Army officers were about to board the next train on the Trans-Siberian line when they saw the test.

The test was the most perfect demonstration of the new system, the user managing to switch instantly between the typical rifle rounds and the gryojet mechanism. The demonstrator was also able to move as if he was a member of the VDV, firing on targets up to 800 yards away with perfect accuracy. Suitably impressed, the officers and officials agreed to fund further building of this new rifle design for further TSEL development.

Unfortunately for these generals, the only reason the demonstration went so well was because the man firing the rifle was trained in using it for well over six months. Now that they had the funding, they could make more than enough rifles for their own forces without the same training regimen. Despite these "setbacks", TSEL leadership has already begun deployment of forces along the Chinese front to demonstrate the effectiveness of their design against another army, combined with the new suit designs made to counter the Chinese use of nuclear weaponry.