Conspiracy Buster

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Place of Origin Suspicions about the world's governments
Trained/Produced at Anywhere and everywhere
Key Features » Type 1 Calarco Rifle
» 'Sweet Dreams' Tranquilizers
» 'Enemies of Humanity' kill list
» 'From the Shadows' tract
» 'Open your Eyes' transcripts

Tactical Analysis

  • Not so alone: Carrying a (relatively) high-powered rifle and ammo, the Conspiracy Buster in the Network's equivalent to a sniper, though one that would be better used against a target that's deaf, dumb, and blind. Still, they are good against basic infantry, and even advanced infantry in groups.
  • Tag'em: Sometimes it's better to leave a target alive, hence why the conspiracy busters have modified their rifles to also fire tranquilizer rounds at enemy soldiers that can possibly give them more information on the enemy's movements.
  • Looks like it's all over: If they're surrounded or faced with enemy vehicles, the conspiracy buster is as dead as the men they've probably been shooting at all day, and don't even bother trying to face down aircraft.
  • Scope cleaned and mounted: Some conspiracy busters learn through trial and error that there are better scopes available even if their rifles are still ancient. This gives them a much added sight and range boost on the field.


"We, the common man, have been nothing but pawns to the conspirators. But we all know what happens when pawns reach the other side of the chessboard..."

- The Third Eye, in one of his recent videos, "Global Conspiracies and You."

Lone gunman. The simple words that bring to mind images of dead presidents and bleeding candidates. Bullet-ridden civil rights leaders and a dozen dead mafiosi. They've become a staple of the conspiratorial world, and they're considered just as dangerous as the men they're accused of killing.

Which is why it's always so surprising that it's always the simple, middle-class people who seem to do it. It's never any political activist or criminal plant, it's always a guy with a three-button polo shirt and a bad haircut that seems to try and kill someone important. Why is that? No one but the Third Eye seems to want an answer. Thankfully, he's had others willing to help in recent months.

Many middle-class people around the world are starting to sit up and notice that they're rapidly becoming an endangered species. Pristine lawns and the American Dream are being swallowed up by Allied control, Unionist policies, and Syndicate greed. They see distant politicians claiming to know what's best as chauffeurs drive them and valets wait on them hand and foot. This has bred a new kind of resentment, wondering what these political blowhards really do when the middle class man isn't supposed to be working.

The Third Eye knows too well, and has started to contact groups that are asking these same questions. Money trails leading to foreign shores, communist plants on orders from Moscow, even company bigwigs with their hands too deep in the till. It's enough to get a man angry enough to kill. The Network hasn't discouraged this, though until their targets present themselves these self-titled "conspiracy busters" practice their shooting on the enemy's infantry.

In actuality the conspiracy buster doesn't stand much of a chance even with the best equipment. Instead, they use aged Italian rifles barely worthwhile to use to hunting. They have scopes that are so worn from use that to adjusted them might take a set of pliers. But they're so devoted to breaking the truth open to the world, they're willing to put themselves right in the middle of the enemy to take the one magic shot that can break the truth wide open.

While some might call it admirable that these men and women will go through such lengths for the truth, the reality is that everything is a conspiracy to them. From the deplorable garbage pickup lately to the state of the Allied parliament in Geneva, everything is a conspiracy. The mental gymnastics these people go through each day to continue to live in their conspiracy filled world is astounding. The Allies are working with the Soviets, and only appear to be fighting, while the military-industrial-entertainment complex builds bigger and more expensive weapons to use, using the GLA to draw attention away from the real struggle which is against the people of Palestine. Half-remembered facts become whole-cloth truth, which has slowly started to spread among members of the Network. After all, what's more comforting to believe? That there's a secret cabal controlling everything that you can blame your problems on? Or that there is literally no one running this crazy mess of a world and that you can only blame yourself?

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