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Tactical Analysis

  • The Network's Finest: Considered to be an elite soldier of the Network (assuming they even have some), the Congreave Soldier uses the most powerful anti-armor weaponry the Network can supply given their statuses of prestige within the group.
  • Bring the House Down: Using thermite rockets donated to them by the KGB, the Congreave can instantly clear buildings to dust.
  • We Need Snipers Here, Stat!: Congreave Rockets are notorious for not hitting hard against flesh, as they are specialized against aircraft and vehicles. Furthermore, a well-placed sniper shot can easily take them down.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: Trust Engineers can add barbed wire to rockets, giving it a punch against enemy infantry when the rockets impact towards them.


"Give me a target that I cannot *BOOM* out of existence, please."

- A Congreave Soldier

Recovered notes from a destroyed Network clubhouse:

"...heard about the Network when I tuned in to Art Bell this day. He says that while the Network should be praised for their tireless attempts to bring the truth out to the open, he says that they ought to stop being pussies and they should fight like men because the real world will not take them seriously if they keep handing out tracts and shouting about the "shadow conspirators" everywhere. So what if we just educate those sheeple about the state of the governments and of the world instead of taking it to the field? We still have to look out for people who will dare to silence our cries for freedom and justice. Hell, that's why the Third Eye doesn't even leave his damned house. Besides, if we did take it to the field like what he says, we'd be gunned down immediately; we can't even go out to the field without those Conduit guys, for God's sake!..."

", I just talked to this guy about his experiences as an ex-Javelin Trooper for the Peacekeepers before he decided to retire. Adrien's such a mild-mannered guy even if he encountered all of the weird-ass shit like purple robots in Alaska or chupacabras in Acapulco. Not only that, Adrien seems to be suspicious of the Allied Nations' political and military moves these days, such as some pro-American independence radio hosts suddenly disappearing and more and more student protesters being hauled off to the cryo-prisons. Hell, Adrien was nearly court martialed just because his cousin secretly supported those Rebels! That's why Adrien got some of his buddies to bail from those goddamn Allies along with him and move with us instead; he did say about our company infinitely more enjoyable..."

", Adrien just became one of those high and mighty Congreaves, a.k.a. those fine soldiers that pack a punch against enemy tanks! High time we crushed the shadow cabal's cavalry underfoot thanks to those sons of bitches! Ballistics nerds, wack Trust Engineers and ex-soldiers of the Allies, the Soviets and the like should rejoice at the fact they have a more honorable job rather than to laze about in Clubhouses, attempting to decode Hollywood movies for hidden messages and shit! The better thing is, the damn KGB's been supplying with rockets and stuff, meaning we don't need to loot AT weapons in the field that much! Now, where's my camera..."

"...Damn, Adrien is sure overjoyed when he finally blew up that abandoned shack with his thermite rockets! Those guys at the KGB surely must be enlightened enough to send help to us, the revolutionaries that will bring the world upside down and send the Majestic 24, the Black Hand, the Gorilla Kingdom and all their shadow cabal allies straight to the ninth circle of hell! Those badass Congreaves are gonna scrap metal out of 'Tier X' tanks and all others like them! Suck on that, Newsbleak! Suck on that too, Art Bell!..."

"...Holy fucking shit. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. We just found out that Davey was one of those ACIN informants, has just killed CJ and Tommy in their sleep by poisoning them, and has just rigged this whole place to explode after a few hours. Luckily, Adrien shot the good-for-nothing Davey before he stabbed more of us. Adrien knew that he'd be stalked and hunted down by those ACIN psychopaths to silence him, that's why he told us all to move to another place. Mira gave us her apartment somewhere in [erasure], we're gonna pack and leave quickly befor"

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