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The Concordiatverse is one of the original universes of the "The Universal Emergency" multiverse. Earth took a turn to a grand clash between Christianity and Paganism. Great holy wars lasted for millenia, with each century the fights continued getting worse and worse. The eventual alliance of all Christendom under one banner meant that, for the pagans, it truly became a battle for survival. It was only when the new extraterrestrial enemies appeared from beyond the stars that the century-long stalemate was broken, and mankind faced a threat to its very existence. Despite the fact one alien side fought for the behalf of humanity, the nations of the world collectively turned xenophobic toward any other extraterrestrial species and managed to push the invaders away, but the deed was done. The Alien Wars were over, the old world was dead and a terrifying new era of uncertainty lay on the horizon.

Major Factions
ConcordiatLogo.png DirectorateLogo.png FylkirateLogo.png TsardomLogo.png YuanLogo.png ShogunateLogo.png AndeanLogo.png ShogdiaLogo.png
Unification Concordiat Directorate Remnants Norse Fylkirate White Tsardom of Russia Glorious Yuan Khanate Uchiwa Shogunate High Andean Lordships Shogdian Shahdom
File:CanneoLogo.png HarbosLogo.png File:CAMLogo.png
Canneo Gynocratic Pontificate Harbos Interstellar Supremacy Community of Aligned Minds
Minor Factions
ConfederateStatesLogo.png AmerUnionLogo.png MoonKnightsLogo.png ChtavrosLogo.png AbydosLogo.png File:FuturistLogo.png File:ConsortiumLogo.png MurungiLogo.png
American Confederate States Union Rebellions Temple of the Moon Knights Labyrinth of Chtavros Abydos Tetrad Futurist Helvetian Cantons The Consortium Murungi's Warriors for Ryk
SongLogo.png FestungLogo.png
Song Communal Kongsi Doomsday Festung Pact
Lore Factions
QingLogo.png HanLogo.png XiaLogo.png BritanniaLogo.png NapoleonEmpLogo.png KaiserreichLogo.png HabsburgLogo.png ItalyStatesLogo.png
Ming Associated Guild Prefectures Enlightened Han Provinces Xia Throne Protectors Illustrous Sovereignty of Britannia Bonapartian French Empire Great Kaiserreich Habsburg Imperium League of Italian States
IberiaLogo.png ByzantiumLogo.png
Royal Iberian Synarchy Byzantium


  • 1803-1813 - Napoleonic Wars
    • Battle of Austerlitz, Battle of the Three Emperors
    • Battle of Borodino
  • 1974-1975 - Aliens War
    • 4th April 1974 - The English Twilight. A group of terrorists in the England seized with force an area around Stonehenge, using "bestial human soldiers" and biological weapons. This group was in fact cultists of the Labyrinth who immediately after began preparations for an ancient ritual which they hoped would bring their "Old Masters" back to Earth. Britannia's forces were send in to eliminate the cultists who invested large portion of their forces to protect the ritual. In 4th of April the ritual was finished, as well as in two other locations farther north, around Birmingham and Cambridge. The three rituals formed a triangle inside which a mysterious mist appeared and in the ritual's locations appeared strange phenomenom which was later identified as transgalactic portal, and the "Old Masters" did indeed came. The forces of Harbos Interstellar Supremacy started pouring out from the portals as well as from within the mist that covered half of England. The start of Aliens War has began.
    • 8th April 1974 - After four days of heated and desprerate battle in the England the Harbos fleet has arrived, and began their invasion throughout the world.
    • 9th April 1974 - The Canneo Gynocratic Pontificate responds to the Harbos invasion with their own, their goals are to beat the Harbos in conquering the Earth as strategically valuable posititon in their interstellar conflict.