Community of Aligned Minds (TUE)

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Intergalactic Community of Aligned Freethinking Minds
Faction Colour
Type TUE Concordiatverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

The Intergalactic Community of Aligned Freethinking Minds, Community of Aligned Minds or simply Community is a major faction of the Concordiatverse within "The Universal Emergency" multiverse.

At a Glance


Member Races

  • Tarasians - Peaceful race of explorers, Tarasians looked like to humans as a combination of a horse and dolphin when they first seen them. Tarasians explored the universe until they met the Garbos, soon after a war broke out that destroyed their homeworld and forced Tarasians to flee. For this reason they seeked help and found it with three others and one individual, and founded the Community. Their principles for peace remained intact, but Tarasians now realize that despite their affords some races simply cannot coeexist with others, so they must be fought. Their greatest contribution is large-scale holographic imaging, able to create illusionary starships.
  • Mellvilans - Large quadrupedal aquatic mammals who are reminiscent of whales, Mellvilans are one of the most important members of the Community, bringing with them their genius-level intellect and intelligence with their huge brains. Despite their size they are fully capable of fast movement on the surface as much as they can swim underwater, and their star ships are some of the toughest to crack in this part of the universe. Their primary weapons of choice of their ground and naval forces are ion beam cannons and ionizing torpedoes.
  • Ngirai Supreme Commander Nrommullo - The sole survivor of the extermination attempt on his ancient and powerful race, Nrommullo is determined to bring the galaxy, and later the universe, into the state of peace and equality, stopping all threats posed by the violent empires. To that end he is in full control of all armed forces of the Community, commanding it from his titan warship the Inveterate Mroroummo, the most powerful vessel in the present that can single-handedly take down a whole fleet without any serious damage. Nrommullo's look is enough to terrify his opponents, and his reputation makes even Canneo matriarchs and Harbos leaders cautious when Nrommullo is in the equation.
  • Gelphyms - A large insectoid race reminiscent of bumblebees, the Gelphyms are the economic experts, bankers and moneymakers with strongest economy that keeps the Community afloat. This is done thanks to the miraculous medicine they create by combining their own nectar with healing herbs and produce from other races into a viscous liquid that accelerates the healing procedure of any living matter exposed to it. Having acquired a near un-breakable monopoly on the fluid's production, the Gelphyms act as the primary distributors and have the entire Community assembly in their pocket. Despite this enormous contribution to the Community's war effort, only a handful of Gelphyms ever get near the front lines, generally preferring to sit safely on their worlds and make the money.
  • Molzons - Large reptilians with insectoid features the Molzons are galaxy-wide known honorable warriors who knows hundreds ad thousands of combat arts, and despite this and their fearsome appearance they are also known t cherish peace and harmony, spending free time in gardens meditating and achieving inner balance. However, when it comes to take up the arms Molzons quickly becomes a nightmare, with their strength equaling ten men, and their use of signature halberts and phasors. Some of their starfighters are able to project energy blades to cut their enemies in the same way as with their halberts.
  • Kmeolyghi - Working ants
  • Medical experts -
  • "Baphometians" - Goat-like, deer-antlered humanoid Farmers
  • Tenisha - Human-like ethereal beings, considered beauties of galaxies similar to Canneo, but unlike them the Tenisha are kind and amiable without the maniacal tendencies. With their acute hearings and psychic telepathy they are the best intelligence and communication experts of the Community, often serving as comm-operators for the commanders. With their appearance being similar to the Humans it was them who performed first contact with the inhabitants of planet Earth, with disastrous results, however, thanks to their two opposing empires.
  • Crozan - Religious
  • "Lepidoterrans" - Sprightly hedonist butterfly humanoids
  • Armored warriors - Horned Beetle/Snapping Turtle hybrids
  • "Bakumen" - Tapir (w/ cat paws) shamans
  • Mawari & Rissi - Two feline species originating from the same home world. Both are hunters and masters of this profession, but aside of that they are well-disciplined and trained warriors, serving in the space naval gunnery and marine positions, where they use their fast reflexes to catch their enemies off-guard and blow them up. Mawari and Rissi are both members of the Community, but due to past relations aren't always fond of one another. Off-springs of both races are considered inferior and looked down, living hard lives which they see in the fold of other member races who are more acceptive and forgiving.
  • Fire Crystal Golems -

Units & Buildings

Behind the Scenes