Commonwealth of Nations (TUE)

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Commonwealth of United Pure Nations Free from Communism
... symbol of the Commonwealth
Faction Colour
Type Redsverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Preserving the old ways
From being abused
Protecting the new ways
For me and for you
What more can we do"

- "Village Green Preservation Society" by The Kinks

The Commonwealth of United Pure Nations Free from Communism, Commonwealth of Nations, Commonwealth or CoN is an alliance of fascistic, reactionary and hardline regimes and governments, particularly within the Anglosphere as well as the former Integralist Bloc, who have formed a second faction within the Alliance of Free States in reaction to the liberalisation of the Allies. At the forefront of this new bloc are American Cuba, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Ireland, South Africa and the Integralist states, as well as a variety of political parties, militias, paramilitary groups and advocacy organisations, who seek to stop the liberalisation of the Allies and reinforce the Alliance as a bastion of Capitalism, Fascism and Freedom.

Making use of upgraded tried and tested equipment and hardware from the arsenals of their own nations as well as outdated Alliance equipment with some scientific advances, the Commonwealth Defence Corps employs hard-hitting, slow-moving armour divisions with Close-Air-Support and entrenchment to protect the Commonwealth's way of life and cleanse the world of the corruption of Communism. Whilst they seem to be fighting a losing battle against the Liberal elements, there have been some gains. Their heads of state now meet in their Commonwealth Conference, they have elected their own Chairman and Secretary, the Union of Anti-Communists and other political parties prominent in Commonwealth nations are gaining support in the Allied Parliament, pro-Commonwealth organisations like the British League of Anti-Communists are subverting Alliance control in Britain and the Commonwealth's militaries are coalescing under a new independent Commonwealth Defence Corps Command Structure. Only time will tell if the Commonwealth will be victorious, or split from the Alliance entirely.

At a Glance



General Montgomery Lee, The Hawk of the Commonwealth, Field Marshal of the Commonwealth Defence Corps

Missionary Battlesuit
Sabretooth Superheavy Assault Tank
Nimbus Air Superiority Fighter

General George Walker, The Bulldog of Havana, Major General of the Commonwealth Homeland Defence Division

Bluecoat Protector
Patriot Mortar Tank
MacArthur Cannon Battery

General Italo Fioravanzo, The Spectre of Rome, General Director of the International Anti-Communist Brigades

Special Operative
Depuratore Flame Tankette
Libertà Dive Bomber

Commonwealth Defence Corps


Commonwealth Radio Command Facility The deployed version of the Mobile Radio Command Vehicle, the Radio Command Facility allow's a Commonwealth commander to establish a presence in the local area and spread Freedom and Purity through Commonwealth steel. At the heart of a Commonwealth base, Commonwealth forces can be organised through radio and radar and a Commonwealth commander can requisition structures and equipment in order to continue the war effort and the crusade against Communism. Can repack into an MRCV.
Diesel Electric Power Plant A relatively cheap and efficient power investment for the Commonwealth, Diesel-Electric Power Plants provide power for Commonwealth bases of operation. A second Diesel-Electric generator can be added to increase power output or an infantry bunker for added protection.
Purifier Deployed by a Commonwealth commander to ensure a steady supply of funds, a Purifier fulfills the same purpose as other faction's refineries and when deployed is accompanied by a Pioneer Logistics Halftrack.
Infantry Helipad Helicopters airlift Commonwealth Infantry here, transported from Commonwealth bases on occupied territory to the frontlines. Commonwealth Commanders utilise these helipads as assembly points for infantry battalions. Whilst initially little more than a Helipad, tents and prefab structures, it can be upgraded with bunkers and hardened structure armour.
Light Vehicle Dropzone Heavy-lift helicopters transport light Commonwealth vehicles to these dropzones from Commonwealth bases and assembly lines. This Dropzone functions as the primary means for deploying the Commonwealth's lighter vehicle pool. Whilst initially little more than a dropzone, tents, repair equipment and prefab structures, it can be upgraded with bunkers and hardened structure armour.
Heavy Vehicle Airstrip Heavy lift transport aircraft fly heavy Commonwealth vehicles and equipment to these airstrips, transferring them from Commonwealth bases in friendly territory. Whilst initially little more than an airstrip, control tower, tents, repair equipment and prefab structures, it can be upgraded with bunkers and hardened structure armour.
Aircraft Deployment Zone The Deployment Zone allows the Commonwealth to deploy its Helicopter, Airship and VTOL aircraft. Only equipped at first with a Helipad, the Deployment Zone can be upgraded with a Launch Pad that its VTOL and Airship aircraft can refuel, repair and rearm at. Whilst initially little more than a Helipad, control tower, tents, repair equipment and prefab structures, it can be upgraded with bunkers, a Launch Pad and hardened structure armour.
War Harbour Here the Commonwealth's pride of the seas, its wet Navy, are armed, equipped and repaired in order to deploy to various naval warzones and flashpoints across the world.
Commonwealth Armoury The Armoury contains equipment, schematics and ammunition in order to further improve and upgrade a Commonwealth Defence Corps' ability to wage war. The Armoury unlocks the second tier of Commonwealth and provides several upgrades for various Commonwealth units.
Negotiator Radio Bureau The defensive superweapon operated by the Commonwealth, the Bureau contains a variety of radio equipment and transmitters operated by Commonwealth technicians. The Bureau, when activated, bombards targeted enemy units with a plethora of contradicting radio transmissions, causing the targeted units to turn on each other and slaughter themselves, potentially devastating the enemies ranks.
Cleanser Incendiary Howitzer The Offensive Superweapon of the Commonwealth, the Cleanser Incendiary Howitzer is massive siege howitzer that fires salvos of three incendiary shells, flattening enemy bases and unleashing a firestorm across the battlefield. Whilst not as effective or devastating as other Offensive Superweapons, the Cleanser is relatively quick to build and reload and is not extremely power dependent.


Commonwealth Wall
Commonwealth Gate
Tank Bunker
Emplacement Ring
Listening Post
Autonomy Phosphorus Howitzer


Missile Guardian
Special Serviceman

"Light" Vehicles

Pioneer Logistics Halftrack
Crusader Infantry Tank
Thunderer Tank
Adherent APC
Vulcan Tank
Crocodile Tank Destroyer
Aegis Anti-Aircraft Track
Apothecary Repair Tank
Confessor Mortar Track

Heavy Vehicles

Mobile Radio Command Vehicle
Phalanx Siege Tank
Deacon Howitzer
Olifant Assault Gun
Liberator Armoured Transport
Havoc Radio Tank
Grizzly MLRS
Mammut Superheavy Tank


Colt Gunship
Drone Command Helicopter
Warthog Close Air Support Aircraft
Allegiance Tiltrotor Airship
Custodian Screener Airship
Emancipation Heavy Airship
Elysium Artillery Airship


Octopus This surprisingly intelligent sea creature has been painstakingly trained by the Commonwealth's navies to act as a scout. Pulled from the dyed-blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the Octopus is so small it does not even appear on radar or get automatically targetted by base defenses. Secondary allows the octopus to pull an enemy infantry underwater, drowning them if the octopus is not killed quickly enough.
Patron Patrol Vessel
Duke Repair Craft
Mitigator Cruiser
Poseidon Transport Hovercraft
Liberty Warship
Moloch Stealth Submarine
Constitution Drone Carrier
Havana Missile Cruiser
Surge Super-Dreadnought

Allies, Associates & Associated Organisations of the Commonwealth

British League of Anti-Communists

"As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see 'the River Tiber foaming with much blood'. That tragic and intractable phenomenon which we watch with horror on the other side of the Atlantic but which there is interwoven with the history and existence of the States itself, is coming upon us here by our own volition and our own neglect. Indeed, it has all but come. In numerical terms, it will be of American proportions long before the end of the century. Only resolute and urgent action will avert it even now. Whether there will be the public will to demand and obtain that action, I do not know. All I know is that to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal."

-Enoch Powell, Secretary of the British League of Anti-Communist and prominent member and advocate of the Commonwealth, decries Liberalisation of the Alliance and the spread of Communism in the Allied Parliament.

One of the most powerful Anti-Communist organisations in the Alliance, the British League of Anti-Communists is a paramilitary group, political activist organisation and political party based particularly in Middle and North England and Scotland. Under the leadership of Secretary Enoch Powell, the BLAC seeks to subvert the Liberal elements of the British political establishment and bring Britain into the fold of the Commonwealth, making it one more victory against Liberalism and Communism.

Home Guard
Sexton Armoured Car

Neo-PanEuropean Union

"The Alliance is a rotting edifice, a perversion of the European values our ancestors instilled in this great continent when they drove away the predators of Communism. No more must we remain divided, we must build a new, United Europe, under the banner of those values, so that all those of our ancestors who gave their lives and blood against communism can rest easy in this hallowed European ground."

-Hermann Koch, NPEU Propagandist and Public Relations manager, at an NPEU rally in Frankfurt.

An organisation that has existed since the early days of the Alliance, the Neo-PanEuropean Union advocates the creation of a Pan-European culture and union across Europe and the integration of Europe into a fascist state and bulwark against predatory American and Soviet Communism. Based in Madrid, the NPEU can be visibly seen across many European cities handing out flyers, putting up posters and holding rallies to honour the European identity and cement the power base of both the Commonwealth and the NPEU.

Green Warden
Parade Track

Organisation de l'Armée secrète

"In the last two days, 16 attacks have struck at a variety of French, German and Dutch targets, leaving almost 45 dead. Two French politicians and several French, Dutch and German Peace Activists were killed in a bomb attack in Paris, a ship carrying notable British Liberal John Hotchfield was sunk whilst docking in Calais and a convoy carrying several French military staff was targeted by mysterious helicopter gunships whilst driving trough the Burgundian countryside. All of these attacks and more have been linked to the mysterious OAS, as well as a web of other secretive far-right terrorist groups, yet Allied authorities have failed to identify any leads yet."

-British Broadcasting Commission report on the activities of the so-called OAS

A Cabal of reactionary and Bucardist French Military personnel, the OAS seeks to bring about a coup against the current Liberal Allied government. Whilst not officially linked to Commonwealth, the OAS receives military aid from the Defence Corps and carries out attacks and assassinations on Liberal politicians, groups and advocates across Europe at the behest of the Commonwealth. With links to a variety of other far-right groups as well as access to the French military arsenal, the OAS can bring elite and highly trained paramilitary operatives and equipment to the field.

Secret Commando
Puma Helicopter

Romulus Sydnicate

"Romulus can neither confirm nor deny the involvement of its Legionnaires in the overnight engagements in Ljubljana but the Syndicate would like to stress our involvement in repairing and rebulding Post-War Europe, and the efforts we have gone to to promote peace and order across the world. Our Legionnaires are only available to be contracted by individuals and groups and we deny any links to the Commonwealth as alleged by some individuals in the media this morning."

-Romulus Spokesperson addressing Alliance Media after allegations of Romulus mercenaries' involvement in skirmishes between the Commonwealth and Yugoslavia on the Italian-Yugoslav border.

A conglomerate of companies based in Italy, the Romulus Syndicate is led by the mysterious Triumvirate, three powerful individuals in command of one of the largest private armies in the world. The Syndicate has invested in electronics, construction, military equipment and other corporate ventures and has invested itself heavily in Italy and around the Commonwealth and its contractors, the infamous Legionnaires, come equipped with some of the highest quality military equipment within the Alliance's borders.

Hoplite Battlesuit

Tiarnaí an cinniúint Ceilteach

The Lords of the Celtic Destiny are several militant chapters within Ireland who act to drive out communism and the re-appraisal of Pagan traditions from ancient Celtic times. An alliance of Protestants and Catholics, the Tiarnaí seeks to purge any unwanted influences in Ireland and the reverse what they see as the road to Communism, the Liberalisation of Ireland and the Alliance at large. They are seen by many as the militant wing of the Celtic Dawn Party, a member of the Commonwealth and current governing party of Ireland.

Blue Shirt
Vicar Light Tank

Soldate van Wit-Afrika

"Ja, I hear those Voortrekkers are pretty hard cunts. They head over the border, burn some villages, murder some Blacks, and then sneak back over. Sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear the screams of the Infants when they drink their blood. Ja man, they're fucked."

-South African Sentinel Trooper Bismarck Jans on the Soldate Van Wit-Afrika and their rumoured actions.

Comprising a large number of 'volunteers' from South Africa and its territories, as well as expatriates from the former nation of Rhodesia, since consumed by the Pan-African Union, the Soldiers of White Africa functions as a vanguard force for Commonwealth forces deployed in South Africa, charged with raiding and penetrating Pan-African territories and politically subverting those still controlled by the Alliance. They operate as light infantry brigades with fast APCs and infantry.


National Oceanic New Guard

"Any of those Reds decide to come down here my dear, the Rangers will deal with them. Don't you worry about that!"

-Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, to Investigative Journalist Ayla Taylor, on the National Oceanic New Guard.

With the expansion of the Solar Empire and their path of bloodletting through South-East Asia, as well as attempts at Communist subversion within the nation of Australia, the New Guard was formed, a proto-fascist organisation dedicated to securing Australia's purity, order and future. Whilst initially acting as a subversive vigilante force, the New Guard soon became a militia and self-defence force in their own right, with sponsorship from both the Commonwealth and the Australian government. They've spread to New Zealand and other Commonwealth-controlled Oceanic territories, seeking to cleanse both Communism and the threat of the Yellow Tide from the Oceanic region.

Redback IFV

Special Research Outpost "Chuva Envenando"

"Raindrops keep fallin' on their heads, keep 'em fallin'..."

- Chief Scientist Bruno Henriques, reportedly singing during the bombing of a Confederation base in Manacapuru

A secretive chemical weapons research facility in the jungles of North Brazil, Poisoned Rain is home to a variety of Commonwealth and Integralist personnel charged with developing new and devastating chemical weapons to be deployed to halt the advances of the Latin Confederation and the wider Comintern in Latin America. Their troops bear heavy HAZMAT suits and Chemical Weaponry, whilst the Acid Spear Gunships allow them to both create chokepoints with defoilants and devastate enemy columns with rockets.

C.H.E.M Trooper
Acid Spear Gunship