Comintern Foreign Policy

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The foreign policy of the Communist International is not something that one can fully appreciate the complexity of with the short opinion blurbs of short interviews and pamphlets. This article will provide more in depth and comprehensive insights into how the International deals with other factions.

Internal Affairs (Relationships between Communist Nations)

Clipping the Eagle's wings (International-Alliance Policy)

Containment and roll back of the Alliance has been the Communist International's primary strategic goal since the thirties. Each conflict with the Alliance and its partners has only further strengthened the commitment to one day breaking the back of the Capitalists and while there does seem to be genuine commitment to reform and detente within the Alliance; the continued clashes in Indochina, Indonesia, Africa, and Latin America have proven to be stress points in any such pursuits in a warming of relations even as there are rumblings towards cooperation regarding the issue of Atomic China. Given how much the world has suffered from two consecutive attempts at Alliance world domination, there are many who simply are not ready to trust Manning or his new government.

Thought Policing (International-Epsilon policy)

Riding the Wind (International-Revolt Policy)

Setting the Rising Sun (International-Empire Policy)

Dragon-Slaying (International-Dynasty policy)

Containment of Atomic China by any means available is the current top priority of the Communist International. The Viceroy's China is hostile to virtually every other country in existence and has been launching repeated military atacks on Comintern members since its formation. With its vast and mysterious military and the frightful destructive power of its atomic weapons information gathering has been the primary thrust of the Comintern's efforts. Much like with Epsilon, the Comintern is at a significant informational disadvantage and with informational superiority being such a key part of victory in modern warfare this is something that countless man hours are being sunk into trying to correct.

Of Ravens and Hawks (International-Order policy)

Romans at the gates (International-Syndicate policy

Viva la Revolucion! (International-Vanguard policy)

Scorpion Hunting (International-Cult policy)

Pounding Sand (International-WLA policy)

Damming the tide (International-Protectorate Policy)