Comintern Defense Militias (TUE)

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Comintern Defense Militias
Emblem of the Militas
Faction Colour
Type Reds Minor faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Our horses are running mile after mile,
Cause Freedom is priceless.
Through the slot of my machine gun
I'm looking for the enemy in the dust.

- "Mother Anarchy", A popular song among the CDM

The Comintern Defense Militias represent the local and national militias (equivalent to the real world national guard) that fight in support of the International Workers and Farmer's Revolutionary Armed Forces. Where the WFRAF is expected to be mobile, precise, and high tech, the CDMs as they're abbreviated; are expected to hold the line and provide mass where the WFRAF cannot; a mass force of popular defense to do what the standard military cannot. They will be playable in several Internationale missions, your enemy in other campaigns, and will be represented in skirmish maps as neutral structures.


The Militias

A Popular Front

Not Quiet On Any Front

A Unified Set

International Militias


IconSoviet.png Command Centre The Comintern Defense Militias plan and coordinate strategies and manoeuvres in these well-armoured buildings. Capturing them will provide one with assistance from the Reservists' arsenal.
IconSoviet.png Refinery The Comintern Defense Militias refine harvested ore in this facility to ensure the supply remains steady
IconSoviet.png Support Airpad Support Airpads can house and construct up to four Gaucho interceptors as well as the Hog Nosed Bat, as well as the Cargo Planes and Fighters of the Airborne.
IconSoviet.png All-rounder Reduct These Reducts have automatic shotguns that unlike their normal counterparts; can rotate their guns all around the bunker, and with their high rate of fire; will shred infantry approaching them.
IconSoviet.png Revolutionary Missiles A dual purpose missile launcher set; these missiles can fire a four missile burst at either armoured targets or aircraft, quickly tearing through them to keep the lands of the Revolution safe from outside aggressors.
IconSoviet.png Firebase Simple 180mm artillery guns with the ability to house two squads of Infantry, Firebases provide vital strongpoints for the Militias to hold their territory


Militaman The basic soldier of the Militia forces, Militamen use AKA-14 Assault Rifles and PDK general purpose machine guns and instant sandbags that they can deploy in a hurry to defend Communist territory. They are well equipped, though slower than their WFRAF counterparts and less well armoured when not deployed
Rocket Militia Armed with light machine guns suitable for suppressing enemy infantry, they can also deploy into special emplacements from which they can use their anti-tank and anti-air missile launchers.
Sniper Militia Well trained in the art of sniping, Sniper Militia can help defend their land by putting holes in the heads of approaching enemies, and can fire special subsonic rounds that may take more than one shot to kill an enemy, but won't reveal themselves as they shoot
Mortar Militia Providing vital light artillery support, Mortar Militia use submachine guns on the move and deploy into instant foxholes to rain GPS guided shells on the heads of the enemy time and time again.
Assault Militia Assault troops with rapid firing semi-automatic shotguns, decent body armor, and underslung thermobaric grenade launchers, Assault militia can clear out garrisons with ease; flush trenches of enemies, and help the Militia press ahead into defended enemy positions.
Militia Commissar Political officers meant to stiffen the resolve of their comrades, militia Commissars keep morale high; though their pistols are rather light armament. They are however, also trained as doctors, and can heal up fallen unists


War Miner Equipped with a 30mm autocannon to keep nosy busybodies away from their ore harvesting duties, War miners are heavily armoured and carry large ore loads back to base and can fit an infantry squad who can use its multigunner turret to provide even more firepower.
Trowel Combat Car This updated version of the Combat Trowel is armed with a grenade launcher suitable for use against light vehicles and battlesuits. It can also be used to tow Howitzers quickly around the battlefield.
Kettle APC The brother to the Pot APC, this heavy combat transport is equipped with a top mounted quadruple linked 12.7mm heavy machine guns that can shred just about any infantry or light vehicle that come before them, while also transporting two infantry squads within its armoured hull.
Smithy MBT The mainstay of the Communist war machine during the third world war has been largely replaced by the new Furnace in the proper Comintern military, but remains a valued part of the militias. It also possesses the ability to fire highly destructive ATGMs to total enemy vehicles
Stencil Anti-Air Vehicle Using a potent ECM generator and skyward Tesla coils to neutralize air units, the Stencil is also capable of firing Tesla bolts at an enemy ground target that can briefly paralyze enemy vehicular assets and make them more vulnerable.
Gouge Howitzer A 152mm smoothbore artillery piece that is lighter than most artillery guns in use; allowing it to be easily transportable and can target aircraft and fire special HEAT warheads against tanks, the Gouge Howitzer can provide cheap fire support, but is extremely vulnerable to damage. It must be deployed before it can fire, and can be connected to a Trowel Battle Car for increased mobility.
Anvil MRLS The Anvil MRLS is a mobile World War III era (though heavily rebuilt and upgraded) tracked MRLS vehicles which fires its payload of missiles at a steady speed at enemy targets. To hit extremely distant targets, it can fire its rockets in a ballistic trajectory which increases range but of course harms accuracy and increases travel time

Air Force

Gaucho Interceptor A Mexican World War Three era interceptor, the Gaucho propels itself forward with powerful rockets, and with post war modifications, is capable of serving as a VSTOL craft. With a powerful twin 37mm gun on the nose that can shred bombers and powerful air to air missiles, heavy aircraft and helicopters stand no chance. If cornered, the Gaucho can fire off flares and chaff shoot back to base at extreme speeds.
IconSoviet.png Fuzzy Hog Nosed Bat This version of the Hog Nosed Bat is more combat oriented, carrying a nose mounted gatling cannon to go along with the door mounted heavy machine guns and rocket pods
IconSoviet.png Sky Tiger An North Korean high altitude helicopter, the Sky Tiger is meant for two duties; bunker busting and suppression. The former is provided by concussive rockets that while mostly stunning to tanks, severely rattle structures, the latter comes in the form of a 20mm gatling gun that can make advancing infantry think twice before going any further. Quite similar to the Twinblade, the Sky Tiger sacrifices transport capacity for greater agility. The secondary arms air to air missiles, allowing it to engage other aircraft with more than just its gatling gun, though it is only particularly potent against other helicopters and flying infantry.


Kuzdu Gunboat A small boat with a single 100mm gun and four heavy machine guns that can be used against shoreline targets, the Gunboat can also fire a single long ranged missile for anti-ground or ship purposes
Omni-Lander Mark 3 A new variant of the old Omnilander, the new omni-lander packs some CIWS defense turrets against aircraft or close by shore targets; with the gatling guns being able to suppress targets in front of them as they land.
IconSoviet.png New Omsk Destroyer Armed with a fearsome two sets of twin 130mm guns, missile tubes, and powerful torpedoes the Destroyer is a maneuverable and flexible ship that is capable against nearly all targets it encounters. The torpedoes fire automatically against submerged targets while the missile tubes are the primary anti-ship weapon; with the guns coming online against targets that get close. The Omsk can also switch its systems over to fire SAMs against aircraft


Once the Militias secure enough ground, they can begin calling in support assets to secure their positions.