Coalition of Arabian Monarchies

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Coalition of Arabian Monarchies
The Eagle of Saladin
Faction Colour Limestone White
Type Blue Alert Echoes Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

The Arabian Coalition(Referred to as the Arabians or Coalition.) is a fan faction formerly worked on by DeadlySilence, and since enveloped by the Echoes group and adapted for Blue Alert. A unification of Arabic monarchies under the auspices of the Hashemite Sultan, the Coalition is a unified front for the kings of Transjordan, Arabia, Yemen, Oman, the UAE, and Egypt. Facing the communist western asian pact to the north and a massive world liberation army revolt against them, the coalition has surprised many by trying to woo the Pan-African League towards the Alliance camp.

At A Glance


Units & Buildings


Garrison The Arabian central building. Produces units. Can be garrisoned by infantry to provide some extra defense should the enemy approach this final redoubt of the Coalition cause.
Oil Derrick Arabian oil derricks produce funds, much like their civilian equivalent. Compared to civilian derricks, Arabian ones are substantially hardier, being built to military standards, but draw somewhat less oil per minute due to being smaller.
Air Garrison Used to retain the Coalition's Ifrit Bombers, as well as the aircraft of the Desert Winds groups or those of any allies, the Air Garrison is a sturdy home for planes that can shelter them from both sand and enemy weaponry while it repairs, refurbishes, and re-arms them for war.
Flame Tower Despite having a shorter range than most anti-infantry defenses, it makes up for it in power; as even vehicles can wilt before the long ranged (for a flamethrower) inferno of the Flame Tower. It can also ignore cover and demoralize the enemy as it burns everything around it, or spray something with oil to set them up for even more nasty burns.
Missile Storm An anti-air system that fires tons of small long ranged MANPAD-style missiles at a plane to ensure it can't escape or to deal with large numbers of planes at once. Long reload times, and can switch warheads to fire a smaller number of larger missiles in case of heavy aircraft such as bombers.
Rocket Tower A turret that amounts to four mounted RPGs with revolver feeds, the Rocket Turret can blow away most vehicles with up to twenty four rockets in a burst that can reduce even the toughest vehicles to dust. It has an incredibly slow reload time, however, which leaves it vulnerable.
Redoubt Arabian fortifications common around Kuwait, Redoubts are fortifications that can house twelve infantry who can fire safely outside and are backed by a large MRLS battery and dual twin sets of 40mm flak cannons with impressive range. These facilities are very durable and resist garrison clearing weapons and are part of the reason why Kuwait proved unbreachable by either the Comintern or the GLA.


Ghazi Taken from the best of the rear echelons and the national militaries of the Coalition nations who have not gone on to the Peacekeeper corps to fight for the dream of a modernized Arabic nation, these gratuitously ammo-clad, well-equipped soldiers have modern assault FN-FAL rifles that they can be commanded to switch to burst-fire, sacrificing rate of fire for damage that is sure to hit harder.
Desert Sting The anti-armour troops of the Coalition. They are armed with multi-purpose missile launchers that that fire large bursts before having to reload, dangerous to vehicles and planes, though they deal less damage per hit than say; Javelins. With their secondary, they can switch to incendiary rockets to attack garrisons and structures.
Abus Named for the small-scale artillery pieces of old, the Abus makes use of a pneumatically-launched petard which which can either set large areas on fire and grievously threaten infantry and structures, or fire petards filled with desertification chemicals to harass and debuff the enemy. They're very slow and very vulnerable, and have to stop before firing.
Cleanser The Cleansers of the Coalition work to clean up and fight in battlefield hazards, such as the toxins thrown around so often in the Middle East. If pressed, they have access to a pair of automatic grenade launchers on a special turret at the top of the vehicle to give infantry a clear message to buzz off. Their secondary ability cleans up effects around them, though they're unarmed while doing so.
Scimitar Tank A relatively recent Hashemite manufactured tank, based on the Crusader tanks licensed for their production by their all-too-eager manufacturers. Like most Arab vehicles, it fires in bursts thanks to a revolving autoloading system placed it to allow it to poke over dunes and unload as much firepower as possible before retreating back under cover. It can spray plastic explosives to clear cover. It is slower than most MBTs, but its armor is truly formidable.
Supply Truck A slow but reliable truck that carries both supplies and ore. Can deploy in order to process ore at a slower than most refineries.
Wadd Repair Truck An invaluable part of the Coalition military, it is used during a battle to repair damaged vehicles. It must deploy, and repairs vehicles around it. It, however, is extremely vulnerable due to lacking weapons.
Dune Half-Track Based on the German Wirbelwind, the Arabians have fitted four 37mm revolver cannons that can deal fearsome damage in a burst, but need to pause their fire every now and then to let their barrels cool. The secondary switches the Dune from armor piercing to flak shells which deal less damage but threaten multiple aircraft at once.
60px Haboob MRLS A more conventional sort of artillery system, the Haboob can fire a large volley of rockets at long range to devastate enemies at long range, albeit with major accuracy concerns. With closed missile racks, the Haboob is quite safe as it protects its rockets quite well from enemy attack to prevent catastrophic detonation, though the closed rack means that reloading times are an issue once the initial volley is done. On command, Haboobs can fire sandstorm rockets that buffet a large area.
60px Djinn Reconnaisance Helicopter Made for sweeping the vast, sparsely populated rural areas of the coalition for the GLA, the Djinn carries two high pressure flamethrowers to erase infantry or enemy fortifications from the face of the earth when it catches them, but is primarily used for it's ability to find hidden enemies at great speed. If needed, a Djinn can "grant a wish" in the form of white phosphorous grenades, which reveal a small area around them as they burn, often through the fires of burning enemies!
60px Saladin Siege Tank A new design from the Coalition built to attack WLA controlled towns, it does massive damage against structures and infantry with its rocket-assisted 290mm mortar, while heavy armour lets it get into range. If need be, a Saladin can fire a powerful desertification chemical loaded shell that turns the land into sand and dirt.
Ifrit Bomber Unconventional bombers used by the Coalition. Rather than conventional bombs, Ifrits spill burning oil everywhere, burning anything in its wide radius. This makes it dangerous to nearly all ground targets, though infantry suffer its attentions the most.

Deathmatch Reinforcements

Desert Winds

The Desert Winds are an elite force within the Coalition driven into the battle when the going truly gets tough. Trained to Jordanian standards, these soldiers offer longer ranged, more accurate, and/or faster moving punch to the generally short ranged wall of explosives that the more normal forces represent. The pride of the RDF, they are frequently seen in battle against the WLA.

Camelry Though seemingly something of an anachronism, Camelry are actually more akin to dragoons which still find use in some armies and both the rider and the mount wear modern body armor. While they can fire on the move while mounted, they preform best when dismounted to gain an accuracy bonus. Armed with revolving drum grenade launchers, Camelry are capable against most targets, and the Camels can sniff out intruders if need be, adding it's own vile spit to the rider's fire.
Jerboa Scout Buggy A light buggy used to scout out the deserts of the Middle East that uses a minigun as its primary means of defense. Though lightly armored, the Jeroba moves quite quickly and is capable of belching out smoke behind it to provide cover for friendly units behind a wall of burning oil-created smoke.
Roc Heavy Fighter Although slower than conventional fighters, the Arabian Rocs are tougher and can fire from a longer range than most other fighters and utilize a combination of AAMs and autocannons to tear apart other aircraft. The Roc rules the skies of Arabia!
Razorwind Gunship A heavy gunship mounted with four 37mm autocannons that make short work of even tanks while still being deadly to infantry. It can fire a salvo of wire guided missiles from it's dual launchers that strike an enemy vehicle with pin point accuracy from a long distance, blasting holes into enemy armor with ease as the Razorwind flits back out of range, allowing the Razorwind to put a hurt on superheavy vehicles or structures otherwise capable of shrugging off the autocannons.
Hsan Transport One of the safer transports, the Hsan offers lots of room for infantry and a vehicle. When landing, it kicks up dust to protect the units around it. This effect is intensified if in the desert. A Hsan is armed with a pair of 20mm gatling guns and twin Bofors 40mm autocannons to cut down infantry and light vehicles over it's landing zone.
Ibn al-Walid Tank Following the defection of their supply of Marauder Tank Destroyers, the Arabians had to quickly push forward a homegrown design long in the making as a response to enemy heavy tanks such as the WLA Basilisk or the superheavy Battlestation. Fittingly named for the greatest Arabian general, the Walid packs a potent 183mm revolver cannon and a pair of pintle-mounted autocannons that can give infantry or aircraft a little something to think about. While still less imposing than a Terminator, the Walid is reasonably affordable and surprisingly maneuverable. On command, a Walid can switch to more lightly damaging but longer ranged jet-assisted shells.

Deathmatch Protocols

Sinking Sand
Desert Storm An offscreen cannon launches a sandstorm missile to the target area, causing a sandstorm to form and slashing the vision of enemy units by half. The sandstorm also reduces the enemies' rate of fire and speed when in desert however.
Black Gold Rush A Coalition plane spills tons of flammable oil in target area, causing all units it spill into to be ignited every time they take explosive damage.

Behind the Scenes