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Tactical Analysis

  • Who's the leader of the club made for you and me: A surprisingly durable structure (mainly due to the face that rounds mostly pass right through it and it bends with the impact of explosives), the Clubhouse is the central meeting point in a region for the various members of the Network.
  • Do not adjust your set: If the enemy closes in (a very, VERY likely possibility), the Clubhouse can fire off a series of burst transmissions, strobe lights, and various other means to disorient and halt the enemy attack for a short time, at least until the Network can pull together.



- A common sign outside Network Clubhouses

Despite their various and sundry beliefs and ideals, the Network is tied together under the loose ideological leadership of the Third Eye. No matter if they hunt cryptids or aliens, seek the truth behind ghosts or conspiracies, the members of the Network have come to trust the Third Eye above all others, even the leadership of the Confederacy that they're ostensibly helping. Though presumably flattered, the Third Eye has done little to centralize power and instead prefers to let the Network's members organize themselves and stepping in only when requested (which is a lot).

Eventually, the Network's members figured out that at least some centralization would be a benefit, at least as a rallying point and fallback position. Typically building on the outskirts of Confederate bases or in the most isolated locales they can find, the Network's structures were made out of whatever could be found. Wood and metal made the frames, as sheets of tin and drywall were shoved into position. Dirt was packed in place to act as the wall, the ceilings brimming with radio and TV antennae.

To most Confederate commanders, these clubhouses are just a sign of the passing times, a collection of useful members of the lunatic fringe who spend most of their days monitoring hours of radio and TV broadcasts, pouring over newspapers and magazines to confirm their fears and nightmares. Even when attacked, most of the men and women inside are busy pointing out patterns and signs that most of the Confederates point out are nothing more than smoke and bullet holes.

Despite their annoying natures, the clubhouses are still valuable to whoever can utilize them as an intelligence goldmine. ACIN, the KGB, CBURA, Imperial shinobi, the FBI, the CIA, all of them and more flock to these clubhouses to find the best dirt the Network has found. Of course, if found they're swiftly handed over to the Confederates to holding and trial. When asked why they don't deal with them personally, the Third Eye reportedly said, "Some people don't deserve the truth. Why give them the same truth they're trying to suppress?" As per usual, the Confederates just accepted and moved on.

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