Circle of Lightning

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The Circle of Lightning Church of the East
Emblem of the Way of the Lighting
Playstyle Land Battle on the Sea
Faction Colour Enlightened Orange
Type Blue Alert Annihilation Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Just keep on walking, 'till you see the big rock.
Big rock with the big door, just give it three knocks.
Then the door will be opened and step yourself in.
But don't look back and count your old sins,
For if you do, then you find yourself out.
So just keep on walking and don't you dare doubt.

- "Cool Rain in August", Ryusuke Seto

The Circle of Lightning or Circle for short, is an underground, militant religious movement operating primarily East Asia & South-east Asia and having enclaves across the Pacific region. The Circle is dissatisfied with the current political climate of the Far East which they see as caused by a loss of traditional spiritual values in exchange for decadent materialism. Even though it was only offically founded in the aftermath of WW3, the Circle wasted no time making contact with Epsilon, who has proved to be its greatest ally.

At A Glance

Faction Color Enlightened Orange
Playstyle Land Battle on the Sea
Preferred Theatre of Operations Naval Chokepoints, Shorelines
Strengths Good for Supporting Land-based Attacks and Taking Control of Large Sections of Open Waters in a Short Time, Infantry are Unrivalled in Naval Operations
Weaknesses Most units based around riverine & amphibious operations, Few land-based heavy weapons & air units, Some units can be cumbersome on land
Motives Enlightenment, Purity, Inner Peace, Righteousness
Intended Players People who like to Coordinate Naval & Land Gameplay


Since Long Ago

Study without thought is vain: thought without study is dangerous.

- Excerpt from a tract found on a murdered Japanese university professor..

The religions of the Far East have always differed greatly from those of the rest of the world. Where other beliefs put emphasis on pleasing overcrowded pantheons or following the proclammations & covenants of the one God, Eastern teachings have always focused more on the soul & spirit as the heart of the believer. The being said, the power of the almighty God-figure should not be underestimated. WIP

Circle of Lightning Righteous & Harmonious Army

To learn the truth at daybreak and die at eve were enough.

- A captured Lightning Worshipper describing his experience with the Circle in an interrogation by the Kempeitai.




Tsuchinoko Large semi-aquatic, toothless snakes from Japan, tsuchinoko slither through warzones armed with deadly acidic gums which can kill a man in seconds and corrode through the armor of vehicles & the hulls of ships. While it may be very fast in the water, the Tsuchinoko's speed on land is abymal, making it easy fodder for enemy sharpshooters if not accompanied by other ranged units. It can roll into a wheel by grabbing its tail with its mouth, allowing it to speedily take enemy units by surprise from behind. This can only be done in short bursts however.
Yellow Turban The basic unit of the Church, the Yellow Turban comes equipped with a modernized tanegashima matchlocks which pack quite a punch & a supply of Epsilon-made explosives which releases a cloud of hallucinogenic gas that debuffs enemy units for a short amount of time. In the water, the explosives function as a chemical which damages ships & poisons the environment, killing any swimmers. When the Yellow Turban fires his tanegashima, there is a 1-in-3 chance of the weapon producing a whirlwind which can throw enemy infantry back several yards & damage vehicles, ships & battlesuits.
Red Lanterns Young women possessed with the zeal of a convert, the Red Lanterns come armed with flamethrowers fashioned of traditional Chinese paper lamps. The flamethrower sprays a special mixture of propane, kerosene & kitchen grease from a heavy-duty firehose which allows the Red Lanterns to create walls of fire on water and set enemy ships ablaze. Being chemical-based fires, the embers made by the Red Lantern last signifigantly longer than the flames produced by the incindiery weapons of other factions.
White Lotus Monks with limited psychic capabilities, WIP
Happy Scientist "Researchers" who claim to have found the path to true happiness, the Happy Scientists are charged with recruiting new members for the Circle. Happy Scientists linger at the edges of the battlefield, looking for isolated enemy units whom they can "convert" with special devices that can control brain waves. On the water, they can convert the small vessels & compel the crews of larger ones to sabotage their own ships. To give a boost to allied units, the Happy Scientest can manipulate the brain waves of allied units to make them ignore damage for a short period of time. Besides the mind device, however, the Happy Scientest is completley unarmed.
Shugendō Disciple Trained in hidden mountain-top monasteries across Japan, the Disciples of Shugendō wield conch shells that've been modified to create super-sonic shockwaves that send enemy units flying and cause miniature earthquakes on the battlefield. The Shugendō can also use his trusty shell to open up passageways to the underground and create small earthen dugouts for friendly infantry to use for cover.
Thirteenth Martyr These Grim Reaper-like cultists have been equipped woth special rocket sandal's allowing them to fly for short durations on the battlefield. The Martyrs come armed with razor-sharp scythes whose blades have been tipped in with an acidic mixture that can slice through the hulls of ships and the armor of vehicles. After it penetrates a vehicle, the Martyrs can either hack the crew apart with their scythes or blow their brains out with the 13mm hunting rifles built into the hilt of their scythes.
Chung Wang The spiritual leaders of the Lightning Worshippers in battle, Chung Wangs ride atop personal hover devices which give them a commanding view of the battlefield to coordinate operations in the field. Chung Wangs chant scripture to boost the moral of allied units and carry with them specially made war fans which create great whirlwinds that can throw infantry high into the air and send vessels to the seabed.


Society of True Learning



Behind the Scenes

  • The Indochinese Republic Alliance will be changed into an East Asia-wide cult that receives backing by the Dominion of Epsilon. It is inspired by the religions of Cao Dai, Aum Shinryko, the Unification Church, Eastern Lightning, Happy Science, the Taiping & other East Asian cults and new religions. They also share some ideals with the Manifold Caretakers from SMAC.
Circle of Lighting Righteous & Harmonious Army
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