Children of Avalon

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The Imperial Army of the Children and Empire of Avalon and its Dominions
The Imperial Seal of the Children of Avalon
Playstyle Constructed Assaults and Strategic Fallbacks
Faction Colour Grey & Black
Type Annihilation Original Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"I vow to thee, my Country, all earthly things above,
Entire and whole and perfect, the service of my love;
The love that asks no question, the love that stands the test,
That lays upon the altar the dearest and the best;
The love that never falters, the love that pays the price,
The Love that makes undaunted, the final sacrifice.

-"I Vow to Thee, My Country" by Gustav Holst

The Children of Avalon, or as it is properly known, The Empire of Avalon, is Preliminary Military Invasion Force from an alternate British Empire that has become dominated by a zealous and fanatical military dictatorship following the repulsing of a Napoleonic Invasion of the British Isles, and the subsequent protracted Napoleonic Wars. Stuck in a volatile Cold War against multiple blocs based in the Americas, Continental Europe and Asia, Avalon has begun to scout and survey the various nations and organizations that inhabit the 'Red Alert' timeline, in order to not only gain an edge over their enemies in the Avalonbranch, but to also act as a springboard for a massive invasion to clamp this new earth under the heal of their leader, Field Marshal Rixton. Made up of the dangerously loyal Anglican Imperial Army, and supported by incredible breakthroughs in technology from their home Earth, they are dedicated to fighting to whatever bitter end their glorious Field Marshal decrees. Currently, Avalon is just watching the pieces of this timeline fall into place, observing for the proper time to strike and conquer this strange, and dangerous, Earth once and for all.

At a Glance

Faction Color Grey/Black
Playstyle Constructed Assaults and Strategic Fallbacks
Theatre of Operations Countryside and Rural environments
Strengths Fast troops, high damage output, advanced technology, decent armour, quick recovery from failed assaults, most vehicles can engage multiple targets, excellent navy, powerful elite knights, powerful airships, impressive wet navy.
Weaknesses Low rate of fire, little armour on airships, fastest troops tend to be the weakest, best troops are expensive, starts to suffer during very prolonged assaults, vehicles tend to be underpowered for their size, best units are only available in very limited numbers.
Motives Conquest, Anglicanism, Imperialism, Salvation, British Israelism
Basic Look Victorian and WW2 Britain, mixed with early episodes of Dr Who, with an added dash of Freemasonry and a slight pinch of WW1 Britain and Edwardian styling. Late Victorian design as well, with added elements steampunk and dieselpunk for certain aspects, such as their airships and defences.

Diplomatic Relations

Children of Avalon Diplomatic Relations
AlliedLogoThumb.png Allied Nations IconMixed.png Mixed EmiratesLogoThumb.png African League IconFriendly.png Friendly AtlanteanLogoThumb.png Atlantean Ascendancy IconPeace.png Peace
ConfederateLogoThumb.png Confederate Revolutionaries IconHostile.png Hostile CombineLogoThumb.png Technocratic Combine IconMixed.png Mixed ConcordiatLogoThumb.png Unification Concordiat IconHostile.png Hostile
SovietLogoThumb.png Soviet Union IconWar.png War IndustryLogoThumb.png Industrial Guild IconNeutral.png Neutral FylkirateLogoThumb.png Norse Fylkirate IconPeace.png Peace
EmpireLogoThumb.png Empire of the Rising Sun IconFriendly.png Friendly ContingentLogoThumb.png Southern Contingent IconNeutral.png Neutral IPDILogoThumb.png Indo-Pacific Defense Initiative IconNeutral.png Neutral
TalonLogoThumb.png Order of the Talon IconWar.png War UnionistLogoThumb.png American Unionists IconWar.png War PangaeanLogoThumb.png Pangaean Generation IconHostile.png Hostile
GreenChinaLogoThumb.png Atomic Kingdom of China IconWar.png War CommonwealthLogoThumb.png Greater Indian Commonwealth IconHostile.png Hostile ReactionaryLogoThumb.png Reactionary Guard IconFriendly.png Friendly
SyndicateLogoThumb.png Mediterranean Syndicate IconHostile.png Hostile FederationLogoThumb.png Cybernetic Federation IconWar.png War ConclaveLogoThumb.png Enlightened Conclave IconHostile.png Hostile
ProtectorateLogoThumb.png Electrical Protectorate IconUnknown.png Unknown EcumeneLogoThumb.png Ukrazol Ecumene IconUnknown.png Unknown KumunLogoThumb.png Kumun Hegemony IconUnknown.png Unknown
ARVNLogoThumb.png Army of the Republic of Vietnam IconNeutral.png Neutral PahitLogoThumb.png Pahit Dictatoriat IconHostile.png Hostile NorthKoreaLogoThumb.png Korean People's Army IconWar.png War
ReserveLogoThumb.png Allied Reservists IconMixed.png Mixed MigrationLogoThumb.png Mongolian Migration IconNeutral.png Neutral SouthKoreaLogoThumb.png EoK Penal Divisions IconPeace.png Peace
BlueChinaLogoThumb.png National Revolutionary Army IconNeutral.png Neutral InkarriLogoThumb.png Inkarri Theocracy IconWar.png War DarkwaterLogoThumb.png Darkwater Industries IconNeutral.png Neutral
RedChinaLogoThumb.png Communist China IconWar.png War MIRLogoThumb.png Movement for International Revolution IconHostile.png Hostile CorsairsLogoThumb.png Dread Corsairs IconHostile.png Hostile
VietcongLogoThumb.png Vietcong IconWar.png War NetworkLogoThumb.png Network of Truth Seekers IconWar.png War BalkanLogoThumb.png Balkan Rebellion IconWar.png War
GLALogoThumb.png Global Liberation Army IconWar.png War PhoenixLogoThumb.png Phoenix Front IconWar.png War KatipunanLogo.png Katipunan IconNeutral.png Neutral
IntIncLogoThumb.png International Inc IconNeutral.png Neutral CoalitionLogoThumb.png Coalition of Arabian Monarchies IconNeutral.png Neutral FlotillaLogoThumb.png Forgotten Flotilla IconUnknown.png Unknown
BlackHandLogoThumb.png Cult of the Black Hand IconUnknown.png Unknown ASGLogoThumb.png Crescent Pact IconWar.png War IronFangsLogoThumb.png Iron Fangs IconHostile.png Hostile


Sit Lux et Lux Fuit

The Children of Avalon, or in their full, honorable title, The Imperial Order of the Children of Avalon, was officially founded on the 23rd of March, 1804, although the official charters within the Order’s London based Lodge contest that, claiming the Order’s inception was 12th of September, 1803, the day that the first French boots landed on the shores of Southern England.

What can be agreed on, however, is the reason behind the Order’s formation. In 1803, at the start of the War of the Third Coalition, the Imperial French Emperor, Napoleon I, set in motions his plans to invade the British Isles, knowing full well how dangerous the British could be if they were given the chance to mobilize against him. Napoleon had a selection of tricks up his sleeves, in order to make the invasion work, such as the weapons developed by the American, Robert Fulton. Not only did the French utilize newly built Steamships in order to get across the Channel, but a small fleet of dreaded Nautili Submarine Boats were used to harass any English ships looking to intercept the French Invasion Fleet of 200,000 men. And, by September, the French had landed on the British Isles for the first time since the Norman Invasion of 1066.

The French Army marched quick, with the intent to seize and control London by December, and they made good headway. Any Martello fortifications along the coast that refused to surrender ended up being torn down, and the militias raised were quickly and humiliatingly defeated by the seasoned French Army. Everything seemed to be going well for the French, winning any battle that the underprepared British engaged them in, and by late October, London was in the sights of the French.

Times were desperate for London, as the Prince Regent and his father the King had already fled, along with any nobility in London, north into Scotland, and Revolutionary sympathizers gathered in the streets in order to turn the city over to the seemingly undefeated French.

But that was soon about to change. When the French arrived on the outskirts of The Great Wen, an army of soldiers and militia, supported by both cavalry and artillery, fresh and ready for battle, greeted them. The following battle between the two forces is surprisingly and worryingly undocumented within both British and Avalon’s records, and the only real information that the common citizen of Britain knows about the battle, is that the British won it, and drove the French away from their city. Commemorations for the victory on October 29th are still celebrated across the nation to this day.

In light of this defeat, the victorious British forces chased the French across Southern England, even during the biting cold winter of that year, and the French were finally driven from English shores by January of 1804. The French army arrived back in France, beaten and licking its wounds, before being turned against Austria and the falling Holy Roman Empire.

Many across Britain, and in fact the Western World, were surprised that France had been defeated so climatically, despite the devastation caused to the South of England and the damage that would impact on the British economy and society. By late January, the Royalty and the nobility had tentatively returned to London, and they were greeted by a gathering of the self appointed commanders of the defenders. Impress by their defense of the nation, and by their resounding defeat of the Imperial French invasion force, King George III knighted them, and they created the Imperial Order of the Children of Avalon.

The name, while not unusual when compared to the multitude of Orders that have existed in the United Kingdom since the Middle Ages, has often been either a confusion point or a mocking one at the hands of the Americans and the Europeans. The Order’s name, The Children of Avalon, is simply a referral to them being the self-declared defenders of their poetic name for England, based upon their interpretation of the legendary land from Arthurian Legend.

Names aside, the Children of Avalon had a new purpose - The destruction of Napoleon’s Empire.

Although the damage caused to England wasn’t as deep as the damage that the French had wrought upon the German nations, it was still deep enough that any immediate retribution for Avalon would need to wait as they helped with the reconstruction and relocation of those displaced via the invasion.

But, by the year 1807, Avalon was finally ready to strike back against the Imperial French.

Who Virtue Unites, Death Shall Not Separate

Avalon’s plans against the imperial French Empire were numerous and vengeful, as many of the Order’s commanders would even think of stopping until they had reduced every French city, from Paris to Marseille, into ash and dust, and they certainly would not even dream about letting any French or so-called ‘ally’ of the devious and vile Napoleon live to see the light of the next day.

In the autumn of 1807, the British counter-invasion of the French territories began, bolstered with new technology, British re-inventions of French ‘Science-Machines’, creating the first British Fleet of what would evolve into S-Boats, or even brand new indigenous technology, such as electro-chemical weaponry developed by Humphrey Davy, re-designed Puckle Guns mounted on the steam-based war machines designed and credited to James Watt himself. The infantry of the Children of Avalon had exploded with brand new recruits ready to exact a violent revenge against the French for the destruction of 1803, all trained with the latest weapons, all ready to march on the continent.

The British Fleet, previously broken and decimated from the defeat at the First Battle of Trafalgar, had been rebuilt, remodelled, and given fully over to the commanders of Avalon, before being sent to send their shot and shell against the coastal defenses of Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer, while the British Flotilla began to set sail. Meanwhile, what little allies on the Continent Avalon could gather, from the Spanish Guerillas in Catalan, to the militias of the Holy Roman Empire that was on the brink of collapsing in on itself, in order to stir discord and violence against the dread Emperor of the Continent.

The first troops of Avalon landed all across the English Channel, and soon began to mount their campaigns. Over the next five years, many battles tore Flanders, Spain, Northern France, and even the Barbary coast to shreds, as the British and, eventually, their Russian allies, rallied against the imperialistic notions of Napoleon and the vile hate that the Revolution had spawned across a previously peaceful Old World. France and its allies were getting beaten back. For every French victory in the Iberian Peninsula, they lost a larger one against Avalon in Flanders, and for every route of the Russian imperial Army saw the British capture yet another French fort that dotted the Mediterranean. Soon, by 1812, the Napoleonic Wars looked like they’d end with a decisive French defeat and Napoleon’s head on display at the White Tower.

What Avalon didn’t count on, however, was the devious nature of their former colony in the Americas; The United States of America.

Under the presidency of James Madison, the United States declared that it was done with Avalon raiding and attacking American ships in an attempt to stop the United States and Napoleon becoming even closer than they already were, as well as British support for Native Tribes to fight against the expanding young nation. Madison knew that the United Kingdom was weak, and even if Avalon was marching across France, Avalon had left Canada wide open to attack. The normally defensive British in Canada lost several early battles with the Americans, mainly due to the element of surprise and due to the a few lucky flukes on the American’s behalf, and by the winter of 1812, American troops were camped along the Quebec River. However, such a minor setback would not deter Avalon, and they had many arguments with the upstart colonials that needed to be hammered back at them. Avalon, begrudgingly, signed with France the “Year Long Peace of 1813”, a peace treaty that would allow Avalon to focus on fighting America, and France to focus on fighting Russian advances in the east.

Soon Avalon forces were assailing the coasts of New England and the American occupied regions of Canada. Angered at the impudence of the new Republic, Avalon ordered its forces to march upon Washington, and raze the city to the ground. They marched under the cover of night, and turned the city to ashes, killing any Americans that they could get their hands on. Such an act, one that stained the capital until the Great Civil War, brought international condemnation to Avalon, and would only be the first step amongst many in the dark path that Avalon would take over the nineteenth century. Needless to say, the Razing of Washington, Avalon’s shelling of Boston and New York managed to draw the American troops away out of Canada, but it did not cause the Americans to stand down.

Instead, it only vindicated the United States that fighting against the new monster that Avalon had shown itself as was the new draw of the the Union. As Avalon troops marched on New Orleans and Maine, American militias and the few Natives that allied with the stalwart republic stood their ground, and Avalon soon found themselves floundering in Aroostook and the Southern Bayous as Americans picked off the bright red coats of Avalon’s loyal soldiers.

Avalon was forced to extend the Peace Treaty of 1813 indefinitely, a situation that, while France was morally outraged at due to the nature Avalon was treating the Americans and the sheer hostility that Avalon still showed to the Continent, France saw the opportunity to keep Avalon at bay, while maintaining their crushing defeats of Russia and the Ottomans in the other theatres of Napoleon’s wars.

The Year Long Peace stretched on between Avalon and France for almost ten years, as both Avalon and France found themselves bogged down in their respective theatres. Russian Winters and American Guerillas were proving to be the greatest hindrance to the world’s two most powerfulest armies. To both London and Paris, this was a disgrace. A shame.

A reason to re-engage in total war in the continent, and end the Napoleonic Wars once and for all.

America was practically a lost cause, Louisiana a decimated hell hole that Avalon had no business to be in anymore, and the United States had lost too many good soldiers to consider the War with Avalon anything but a Pyrrhic victory at best. A peace, in secret, between Washington and London was drawn up, and all Avalon withdrew to Canada, while a similar situation was brewing between France and Russia in the winter of 1823, and thus, by the Spring of 1824, the Anglo-French branch of the Napoleonic Wars began in full swing.

And so, it began again.

Pleasant Lands of Ash and War

Sons of England, Lords of All

We Are Legion to Heaven

The Devil is an English Gentleman

The Imperial Army of Avalon and its Dominions

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

-Psalm 23:4, often quoted by Avalonian Soldiers in the heat of battle


Imperial Forward Base The focal point of any Avalonian Base, Imperial Forward Base supplies the tools necessary for the construction of the other Avalonian Structures, as well as allowing for the organization of the Imperial Army in this strange new world.
Avalonian Generator Powered by a combination of advanced combustion based generators and primitive Uranium based power cores, the Avalonian Power Complex provides power for the Avalon's War effort. While one of the more expensive power plants, it does provide a lot of power for the Imperial Avalonian Army.
Refinery Functionally the same as the refineries used by other factions.
Military Manor The training and organizational grounds of the Imperial Avalonian Army Infantry Corps.
Imperial Armour Corps The grounds and workshops that see to the maintenance and upkeep of the armoured divisions of the Imperial Avalonian Army.
Imperial War Hangers The Imperial War Hangars are where Avalon sees to the supply and support of their Aircraft and Airships.
War Port Used to ruling the Waves back home, Avalon uses War Ports for the construction and repair of their wet navy in the field.
Knights Lodge These lodges are used to train, arm, and supply members of the secretive Imperial Knights that Avalon utilizes as elite infantry.
Border House Basic outpost style expansions for Avalon, Border Houses can act as hubs for basic Avalonian Buildings or defenses to be built around them.
National Chambers The building where Avalon carries out their research and intelligence gathering on the battlefield, it is paramount if a commander wishes to use some of the more advanced technology that Avalon has developed.
Eyes of Avalon The defensive superweapon that Avalon uses, the Eyes of Avalon uses advanced technology to reveal enemy positions across the map, and any enemies caught in its gaze will find themselves weaker and quicker to rout from the field.
Regent Machine A strange device utilizing unknown energy, the Regent Machine will summon the Knights of New Zion to the field to fight for the Children of Avalon. While these soldiers are powerful and dangerous, they can't be trained at normal Imperial Avalonian Army installations. Due to the nature of the Protector Device, it is one of the cheaper Offensive Superweapons used in the field.

Sub-Unit - Knights of New Zion The elite of the elite, the greatest bodyguards of the Field Marshal, Knights of New Zion are only be trained in limited numbers from the Regent Machine, and with good reason. Heavily armoured in decorated armour, and trained to a deadly level with their battle rifle, they can massacre infantry with such efficiency that even the other members of the Imperial Avalonian Army are slightly scared of them. As well as their powerful rifle, they also have a cache of cryogenic based grenades that they can use freeze enemy troops in place. Due to the fact that they require so much training and are so deadly, this means that only a handful will ever make it to the field, and of course, enough enemy fire will manage to kill this Avalonian supersoldiers.


Avalon Wall
Avalon Wall Gate Simple Gates for a simple wall.
Maxim Gun Post
Rifle Nest
Razor Wire Post
Congreve Nest
Mortar Encampment
Lord Recycler

Avalonian Imperial Army

Royal Lioness African lionesses that have been tamed and imported from Avalon’s game reserves in their South African Dominions, Lionesses are powerful hunters that can and will tear enemy infantry to shreds. Equipped with specially designed armoured vests to help prolong its life on the battlefield, and their claws and teeth have been genetically modified to be more akin to razors and knifes than the natural lion armaments.
Redcoat The frontline infantry for Avalon, Redcoats are armoured with helmets, armoured vests and reinforced tunics that harken back to their origins over two hundred years ago, and they fight with powerful semi-automatic carbines, which have bayonets attached to them. Fast and brave troops with decent range, their armour can only stop so much, however, and their weapon of choice is lacking when compared to the assault rifles that other factions commonly use. They do have another trick up their sleeves, however, and that is in the form of their rallying cry, which spurs all other Avalonian Troops to move quicker, fight even harder, and push through the pain of their wounds, at least until they take their toll.
King of Arms The high commanders of the Imperial Avalonian Army in the field, Kings of Arms ride into battle on war horses, carrying the standard of Avalon into battle, and are armed with a flare gun, which they can use to signal for a powerful salvo of Peshawar Fire shells to rain down over the nearby area. Great at giving morale to the troops, their form and tenacity can strike fear into the common infantryman, and because of this and their lack of armour, the enemy will often tend to target them first.
Assault Sappers The lightly armoured engineers of the Imperial Avalonian Army, Assault Sappers are tasked with the capturing of enemy locations, repair of Avalonian defences, and can even repair the majority of the Avalonian vehicles in the field. However, due to the amount of equipment that these engineers carry, they are unable to carry a weapon, and their light armour isn’t going to stop a lot of the bullets fired at them.
Assault Stormers Light armoured gasmask wearing cavalrymen that charge into battle with an explosive lance first and assault carbines as an afterthought, these harbingers of Avalon's Imperial Army are mounted on trained black warhorses, making them one of the fastest of the Avalonian Army's troops. While they lack in armour compared to the Life Guards, they are faster, have longer range, and are much more psychologically damaging to enemy infantry. These masked horsemen are also trained to throw their lances at their enemies before switching to their assault carbines, essentially turning their explosive lance into an explosive javelin to rain death on enemy soldiers. If the Assault Stormer is brave enough, they can even attempt to charge their lances at enemy tanks, although this is extremely ineffective when compared to the rest of Avalon's anti-tank weaponry, and is more likely to get the Assault Stormer killed than destroy the enemy tank.
Life Guards Brave men and women that charge into battle atop trained war horses, clad in shining curiasses and plumed helmets, these royal horsemen are armed with electrified sabres to slash through any infantry that attempts to dismount these noble warriors, and this is supported by high ended cavalry assault carbines, allowing these British Hussars to fight against enemy soldiers from a distance. However, the Life Guards are sabre cavalry first and foremost, so by default, they'll gallop into combat with swords raised, rather than carbines aimed. They do, however, also support decent armour for their nature as a mounted troop, although this pales in comparison to some of the armour that some of Avalon's knights were to the field.
Winter Ghost Legendary snipers that first rose to prominence in the attempted 1923 Canadian Crusade, these soldiers are armed with the latest crafted, high ended sniper rifles, capable of putting a bullet straight through an enemy soldier and into the one behind them. They are also trained in setting up little cosies for them to reside in until they get a suitable target to kill. These cosies render them stealthed until they fire, allowing them to set up ambushes and killzones for Avalon’s troops to lead the enemy into.
Crown Agent Trenchcoat wearing, mysterious agents that answer only to the highest of the high within Avalon, these are the trained infiltrators of Avalon. Armed with pistols and Avalonian teleportation devices to get them out of tight spots, these infiltrators lack armour, and their weaponry isn’t designed to punch through most forms of armour. If discovered, and if their teleporter is out of charge, they will meet their demise quickly.
Man Machine Utilizing some of Avalon's most advanced Bio-Mechanical Science, these basic cybernetic soldiers were originally soldiers that volunteered for the experimental surgery after losing limbs in previous wars, resulting in them having the majority of their limbs and organs replaced with powerful mechanical ones instead, and when commanded on the field, they march armed with SAER-WATTS Energy Cannons, which can atomize enemy soldiers with ease and decimate enemy tanks quickly enough. However, due to the enormous cost of these surgeries, the ability to field mass battalions of these troops is currently out of the picture for the preliminary invasion forces, and dedicated infantry fire will eventually make them fall.
Hannah Daughter of one of the Avalon's highest ranking generals, and a loyal member of the Knights of New Zion in her own right, Hannah is armed with the same high powered battle rifle her brethren are armed with, except hers is designed to fire explosive rounds instead of the normal rounds. She is also armed with a serrated sword that can cleave through infantry and battle suits alike, although she prefers to use the rifle. While she disregards the moulded face mask of her brothers-in-arms, she still keeps the rest of the armour, meaning that she's one of the more heavily armoured soldiers that Avalon fields. She also has another trick up her sleeves, and that is the the ability to call in localised salvos of Peshawar Fire shells to kill any targets that her weaponry has difficulty in doing itself. These salvos, however, are not only deadly to enemy troops and vehicles, but also to friendly Imperial Avalonian Troops that get caught in their all consuming flames, and they take ages to restock once fired.
Stockhorse Ore Truck Military logistics trucks designed for the gathering and transportation of resources in the field for Avalon’s war effort, Stockhorses also have the tools needed for turning their cargo into the materials for a small war bunker, which can then be placed anywhere on the field. This, however, will use up the Stockhorses cargo completely, so discretion is advised.
Motorized War Scout Fast and maneuverable quadcycles that have been armed with a heavy duty Maximus Machine Gun, these Motorized War Scouts are primarily used by Avalon when common infantry can’t be used to scout the battlefield. The drivers of these nimble vehicles are also equipped with a cache of caltrops, which they can trail behind them as they escape from enemy troops.
Iron Duke Armoured Car Fast, lightly armoured Armoured Cars, Iron Dukes are equipped with a one-two punch of weaponry: twin heavy duty Maximus Machine Guns to mow down enemy infantry, and a single 37mm autocannon for use against other armoured cars and light vehicles. Iron Dukes can, when ordered, activate their shutter system, which reinforces their armour with heavy duty steel plates, but that renders the vehicle both slower and unable to use its autocannon, at least until the shutters are brought back up
Fidelis Infantry Skiff Fast, extremely unarmoured and unarmed, these are the very basic aerial transports that Avalon has access too. Primarily designed to serve as a quick drop off transport for the Imperial Avalonian Army troops, the only upside to this sitting target of a craft is that the Avalonian troops that it carries can fire at their enemies from it, although this is due to the Fidelis having nothing to protect the soldiers except for railings, rather than a deliberate design.

Mechanized War Corps

20th Foot Guard The prestigious 20th Foot Guard is Avalon’s answer to the tanks that enemies will often throw against them, these soldiers are armed with dangerous anti-tank rifles that can punch through most types of enemy armour, which is helped via the specialist explosive rounds they employ. Members of the 20th Foot Guard are also rigorously trained in the proper use of their shrapnel based anti-personnel mines, which serve as their main protection against enemy infantry that gets too close. Armoured with the same form of armour that the Redcoats are equipped with, although these Guards will still be killed should the enemy begin throwing heavy hitters against them, the nature of their weaponry means that both ships and aircraft are sadly out of their reach, and the rate of fire means that should the enemy start swarming their position, the Guard will need to evacuate quickly.
Duke of Lions Automata designed for the field of battle and baptised with the fires of war, Lords of Lions use Lorre Machine Guns to mow down enemy soldiers, and even have a underslung grenade launchers to pepper the enemy with fragmentation grenades. As an added bonus, these Lion Lords can emit a metallic lionesque roar, which not only bolsters the Imperial Avalonian Soldiers around it and makes them fire faster, but also has the potential to send enemy troops fleeing in terror. While heavily armoured, they're also slower than the common Redcoat, which means they can be made an easy target if caught unaware by enemy soldiers.
St. George War Suit Powered 7ft tall armoured battlesuits that have powerful electroshock based rifle that can disintegrate enemy infantry and fry the engines of the enemy vehicles, and they've been equipped with a basic rocketpack, allowing them to have much more maneuverability than their size would suggest. The sheer amount of armour they have means that they are very hard to kill, but dedicated Anti-Tank weaponry will be able to eventually get through to them, and their Electric Rifle has shown limited range, meaning that they can't take on Aircraft.
Tutamen MCV A large, amphibious vehicle that Avalon uses to construct the Imperial Forward Base, the Tutamen MCV has decent armour to help Avalon in the field.
Albert Light Tank The basic tanks that Avalon fields, the Albert Light Tanks may lack the power of the Regent, but makes up for it with its speed. Armed with a single 75mm main gun, and supported by twin 7.92mm Machine Guns for anti-Infantry duty, the Albert is primarily used as a basic anti-structural tank, as it mainly fires HE shells to punch through enemy bases. Due to this, however, it lacks when up against similar sized vehicles from other enemies of Avalon
Regent Tank The main battle tank of Avalon, Regent Tanks are specially designed tanks that have been hardened by the flames of many of Avalon’s wars. Heavily armoured, and equipped with both twin 114mm cannons, and 3 .303 Lorre Machine Guns for when enemy troops get too close to the Regent’s heavily armoured form. Powerful, but much slower than the Albert, the Regent is also given a specialized stock of incendiary shells, which they can be ordered to fire, if Avalon decides that their enemies need to be baptised within their fire.
Sheffield Mechanized Walker Highly mobile walkers that Avalon uses when they go up against heavy enemy armour, these mechanical walkers support a single 100mm gun and only utilize Armour Piercing Rounds, meaning that they are less than effective against enemy buildings, and their nature means that they can’t harm enemy infantry, unless they get beneath the Sheffield’s mechanized legs, although they have shown to be quite adept at bring enemy aircraft down as well, although not to the ability of the London Battery Carriage. A key feature of the Sheffield, however, is that they can bunker down on their legs, meaning that they become immobile, but also harder for an enemy commander to move and harm as they fire against their tank columns.
Christchurch Assault Walker
Lambeth City Sieger Walker
London Battery Carriage A half track based Multiple Rocket Launcher, the London Battery Carriage rains death on Avalon’s enemies their rows of 230mm high explosive rockets, which, while only having the smallest amount of actual aim, can decimate enemy infantry charges, tank waves and buildings at a decent distance, as well as serve as Avalon’s answer to enemy aircraft. They also have a special ace as well; A single 300mm guided missile that, unlike the London’s normal payload, can be used to make precision strikes deep behind enemy lines, as they have a much greater range than the 230mm rockets.
Cardiff Troop Transporter Heavily armoured, semi-amphibious vehicles that are used to deliver Avalonian troops to the field of war, Cardiff Troop Transporters are also armed with simple 50mm autocannons to deal with enemy infantry, although they won’t do anything against enemy tanks.
Livingstoke Armoured Attack Vehicle An experimental weapon within the ranks of Avalon, the LAAV is armed with an experiment Spectrum Assisted Electrical Cannon, which can blast a hole straight through enemy aircraft and helicopters with ease, although the experimental nature of the Livingstoke means that they are very expensive to field in large numbers. As an added piece of equipment, the LAAV has a standard HE smart bomb launcher, allowing it to occasionally attack buildings with its heavy payload, due to the SAEC not being able to damage buildings. However, the time it takes to prime and ready the smart bombs means that each Livingstoke can only support a small number of them.

Lodges of the Knights Imperial

Son of Avalon Heirs to a prestigious rank within Avalon’s Army, these Sons are armed with Peshawar Fire launchers to cover the field with a napalm like substance that will melt through tank armour and will roast enemy infantry alive. These are the most heavily armoured of Avalon’s troops, and their weaponry has a massive area of damage, allowing them to kill more effectively and quicker than the common Redcoat. However, this also means that they have an extremely short range compared to other troops, and they can fall extremely quickly to enemy attacks and will need to be protected by the Avalon troops that actually have the range to deal with the stronger enemy troops.
Royal Lion Knight
Unicorn Knight
Harp Knight
Imperial Falcon Knight
Lord of Saxe-Coburg
Knight Automata
Child of the Slain Dragon
Gogmagog Siege Cannon Named after the giant from English Folklore, the Gogmagog is used when Avalon wants to rain general destruction on their enemies from afar with great accuracy. A 375mm siege howitzer that can hit almost any target from across the battlefield, bar aircraft, the Gogmagog is slow and lacks the heavy armour that would save it if enemy infantry begin swarming it. Powerful, with long range, the Gogmagog should be kept in its role for anti-structural destruction, as infantry and tanks tend to be too quick for the Gogmagog to hit.
Durham Land Destroyer The largest and most powerful land vehicle within the Imperial Avalonian Army, the Durham Land Destroyer is both heavily armoured, and heavily armed. Supported on heavy tracks, the Durham has the largest land gun in Avalon’s current possession, the 475mm Megiddo Cannon, as well as five smaller 100mm cannons and multiple machine gun posts, for dealing with enemy infantry. While the Durham can fire its 100mm guns on its slow warpath, it needs to deploy stabilizing legs in order to fire the 475mm gun, and while it’ll take a while for enemy tanks to punch through its armour, and enemy infantry won't even scratch it, the Durham has no real defense against enemy planes attacking it from its underarmoured top decks, and their expense means that a commander can only utilize one per each major engagement, and if the enemy destroys it, then the battle will surely be lost for Avalon.
Viceroy Imperial Command Airship

Royal Aeronautical Force

Aeronautical Rifle Marine
Lord's Angels Some of the most pious and loyal soldiers the Imperial Avalonian Army has, the Lord's Angels are armed with a high end, recently designed SAER based Anti-Aircraft weapon known as the Lord's Wrath, they can tear enemy aircraft to shreds and blast enemy helicopters out of the sky, helping to stem the tide of the enemies airfleet. The Lord's Angels are also equipped with a jump pack that allows them to escape if their position is overrun by the enemy, and due to their pride as the Imperial defender, the tend to forgo armour, which means they can be easily felled by most forms of conventional weaponry.
Lady of the Ravens
Supermarine Surefighter
Whitehall Bomber
Whitechapel Rocket Fighter
Anglesey Rotary Attack Craft
Endurance Defence Monitor
Sufferance Aeronautical Warship
Forbearance Supporter Skiff
Clemency Aerial Cruiser

Avalonian Naval Service

Service Marine
Lancer Threebolter Suit
Beacon Watchman
Fortitude Attack Craft
Defiance Cruiser
Conqueror S-Boat Hunter
Havoc Troop Transporter
Clarity Blockade Runner
Eradicator Barrage Craft
Prince Albert Dreadnought
Nightwatcher Seaplane
Saint Rixton Carrier

Behind the Scenes

The Children of Avalon is based off of various Alternate History ideas, as well as real life British History during the 19th and Early 20th Centuries. Other areas of influence involve early episodes of Dr Who, secret British Societies, such as the Freemasons, and the popular culture seen around them, and just steampunk in general. Think of the Children of Avalon an embodiment of real-life Victorian British Empire mixed with advanced steampunk style technology.

Children of Avalon Imperial Preliminary Invasion Force
Paradox Fan-Faction
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