Children of Abraham (TUE)

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The Empyrean Order of the Children of the Prophet Abraham
The Trinity of Abraham
Playstyle Slow-moving Cannon
Faction Colour
Type Redsverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

My home lies deep within you
And I've got my own place in your soul
Now, when I look out through your eyes
I'm young again, even though I'm very old

- "I Write the Songs," Barry Manilow

A secretive triumvirate of the three Abrahamic religions, the Children of Abraham, often also referred to as the Children or the Abrahamites, is a powerful force locked in a centuries' old war with the Paganistic forces of the Excalibur Organisation, known as the Eternal War. Founded in the immediate aftermath of the Crusades, the Children's goal is to exterminate the forces of Excalibur and their leader Walter Erin, as the servants of Excalibur are the only threat to the Children's ultimate objective, to establish an Abrahamic dominated world and atone for all the sins of Man since Adam and Eve in the eyes of the Lord. Yet their goal is far from complete, whilst the Children hold the upper hand in the Eternal War, the rise of Walter Erin and the return of Excalibur and its allies, promises a brutal and bloody war for supremacy. Once they gain this supremacy however, the world shall be crushed under the jackboot of the Children of Abraham, and remade in the image of unquestioning servitude of the Lord.

At a Glance


From the Ashes of War

The Great Purges

The Eternal War

The Lord Ascendant

Eternal War 2.0


Arch-Cardinal Peter Gabriel the Pious, Warden of Rome

St Peter's Custodian

Empyrean Lord

Rabbi Joshua Horowitz, Marshall of Jerusalem

Miracle of Jerusalem

Grenadier of Jerusalem

Grand Mufti Ibrahim Al-Fatah, Custodian of Istanbul

Empyrean Host of the Children of Abraham

"Hence it comes about that all armed prophets have been victorious, and all unarmed prophets have been destroyed."

-Niccolo Machiavelli

Structures of the Supreme Architect

Paramount Citadel
Power Spire
War Sanctuary
Holy Forge
Empyrean Gate
Sea Chapel

Defenses of Paradise

Holy Palisade
Holy Gate

Missionaries of the Creator

Paraclete (Scout)
Acolyte Armed with a Castigator lance, the Acolyte fulfils the role of the Children's tank hunter. The Acolyte does heavy damage against enemy vehicles once deployed, however he is both slow and requires several seconds to deploy and bring his Lance to bear. Drapped in the Cloth and armour of the Children, the Acolyte is tough and can take punishment, however their slowness leaves them vulnerable to anti-infantry weapons.
Pilgrim The Engineer of the Children, the Pilgrim is charged with repairing structures of the Children and capturing buildings to assist in the Eternal War, however they are also capable of erecting small Shrines of the Lord, which increases the rate of fire of nearby Children units.
Sister of Mercy In the Eternal War, like Excalibur, the Children have been charged with eliminating enemies who obstruct their goals for a united world under the rule of God. The Sisters of Mercy are charged with delivering death to the enemies of the Children and the Lord. Armed with an incendiary sniper rifle, the Sisters can causes enemy infantry to spontaneously combust, also dealing damage to any enemy units unfortunate enough to be nearby. The Sister can also heal a selected allied unit, putting the Sisterhood's dual skills to use.

Constructs of the Celestial Clockmaker

Cleric Logistical Track The Cleric is the mainstray of Children operations around the globe, providing the funds which the holy armies of the Children of Abraham can utilise to fund the Eternal War. The Cleric also benefits from the ability to release Grenades which explode in a bright flash of light, briefly incapacitating enemy units and allowing the Cleric time to vacate the battlefield.
Exculpator Trike Bringing speed to the otherwise slow armies of the Children, the Exculpator functions as a light attack trike for the Children. Armed with two incendiary-grenade launchers, the Excupulator is strong against enemy infantry and light vehicles, however its paper thin armour should caution commanders from using it against enemy anti-tank/vehicle forces.
Confessor Tank Covered in spires, holy scrolls and burning candles, the Confessor is a sight to behold on the battlefield. Whilst slow, the Confessor benefits from a large range and strong firepower, allowing it to target enemies long before they reach their own weapon range. The Confessor also bears speakers, allowing it to play Hymns of the Children, temporarily strengthening Allied infantry and vehicles' armour.
Purifier Tank The Purifier is the dedicated Anti-Infantry unit of the Children. A slow-moving tank, the Purifier bears 4 tanks of noxious gas and oil. Spraying this on enemy infantry and structures, the contents ignite,
Vindicator Howitzer Armed with incendiary shells, the double-barrelled Vindicator is charged with bombarding the Children's enemies into submission. Should enough Vindicators focus their fire on a particular area, it will unleash a firestorm which will spread harming all enemies within, particularly enemy infantry and buildings.
Castigator Track The dedicated Tank Destroyer of the Children, the Castigator is armed with a super-heated coil-lance, whilst fires high-powered, superheated shots at enemy vehicles. The Castigator enjoys strong armour and exceptional range, however the coil-lance requires a few seconds to charge up before it can be fired, leaving the Castigator vulnerable.

Angels of the High Heavens

Cherubim Fighter
Ophanim Air Dreadnought
Elohim Bomber

Arks of the Lord's Firmament

Whale Shark

Commando & Epic Unit

Lightbearer ...

Orders, Sects and Organisations of the Children

Holy Priory of the Blessed Mother

Oblate Sister These young nuns are specialists in healing and medicine; equipped with a pair candles whose wax is made with a special kind of medicine supposedly invented by St. Blaise himself. When lit, these candles produce a scented aura that can heal units over a wide radius but takes longer than other medics.
Xavier Bomber Jesuit priests lugging around huge antique hand cannons, the Xavier Bombers are adept at shelling enemy formations, clearing garrisons & blowing tanks the pieces. Secondary allows them to activate special rockets in the soles of his shoes which allows him to fly for brief period of time. While flying, Xavier Bombers can rain down tongues of holy fire on their enemies below as well as target certain enemy air units with their guns.

Covenant of the Tree of Life

Ark Wagon

Hidden Foundation of Faithful Assasins

Hashashin The legendary order of medieval era Muslim assassins it turns out, is very much still in existence; and under the patronage of the Children of Abraham. Deadly special forces who strike with curved janbiya knives, silenced Bullpup assault rifles bought on the black market and deadly incendiary tar bombs, and the training to strike from the shadows at all times; and climb even the hardest to surmount obstacles

Trinitarian Christian Liberation Synod

Liberation Theologian

Atenist Amarna Priesthood