Cauldron Heavy Transport

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Country of Origin  UASRthumb.gif Union of American Socialist Republics
Produced at  Detroit Armour Plant
Key Features  » x2 30mm Shrubmaster Autocannon
 » 9K118-3 Rog anti-tank missiles
 » 12.7mm Machine guns (coaxial and pintle mounted)
 » Space for up to three squads
 » Clearly designated exit doors
M22 Cauldron Infantry Transport
Cauldrons moving to the frontlines in Poland
Faction CominternLogoThumb.png Communist International
Unit Type Tank
Designation IFV
Production Building Tank Factory
Secondary Ability Disembark passengers
Cost 750
Production Time 8 seconds
Heroic Upgrade Tesla missiles (stuns enemy vehicles and structures impacted by missile fire)
Dev. Status

Tactical Analysis

  • Riding in style: The Cauldron is one of the best armoured transport vehicles in the world and is able to shrug off all manner of hits while delivering potent infantry support firepower with its machine guns, autocannons, and anti-tank missile launchers that let it be at least somewhat effective against nearly any target with a few exceptions. It also moves reasonably fast and even if destroyed; the infantry will be able to exit the vehicle unharmed.
  • Riding in comfort: Three squads of infantry can fit themselves inside of the Cauldron and can expect to be transported in a comfortable space with safety and speed. Furthermore, the vehicle is amphibious and thus does not need to wait for sea transport or engineers to get across obstacles like rivers or bays.
  • Riding in flames: There are a number of targets that the Cauldron cannot handle however; this includes heavy structures such as anti-tank defenses, tank destroyers, superheavy tanks, fixed wing aircraft, and naval units. These are either too resilient to the Cauldron's weapon systems or cannot be adequately targeted by the Cauldron before it itself is destroyed. And unlike the Whetstone the Cauldron cannot let its troops fire from within.
  • Riding in black: A new make of tesla missile is being prepared that will let a Cauldron shut down enemy vehicles, battlesuits, cyborgs, and structures within an area of impact.


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