Capitalist China

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Republic of China/ Capitalist China (Blue China)
The Republic of China Logo
Playstyle Horde Attack
Faction Colour Sky Blue
Type Blue Alert 3 Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

I've left my homeland, discarded the endless treasure.
Roam, Roam, the whole day I roam inside the Great Wall.
When can I go back to my homeland?
When can I get back my endless treasure?
My mother, my father, when can we gather together?

- "Along the Sungari River", often heard playing from radios in Capitalist Chinese vehicles

The Republic of China, Capitalist China or simply just Blue China, is...

At a Glance


Units & Buildings



Capitalist Stormtrooper Capitalist China's Stormtroopers are equipped with carbines and bayonets good against infantry, as well as deadly incendiery stick bomb grenades which they can throw to seize a position.
Ordnance Specialist Armed with collapsible Drachenshrek anti-tank and anti-structure rocket launchers, the Ordnance Specialist can attempt to place deadly explosive charges directly on a target.
Flak Convict Armed with heavy flak cannons and trying to re-earn their nation's favour through penal service, Flak Convicts function as an anti-air unit and a sort of light artillery. On command their sergeant can order them to clasp their balls and chains on and swing them around to damage nearby infantry.
Grenade Veteran Armed with a 60mm grenade launcher, Grenade Veterans are less destructive than most mortar infantry, but can fire on the move and can also fire a black napalm filled shell to drive enemies out of cover.
Trench-Clearer Infantry armed with flamethrowers, Trench-clearer infantry are relatively well armoured by Capitalist Chinese standards and can not only fire wide burst fireballs to devastate clumped together infantry, but excel at destroying structures and assaulting fortified positions and are able to lob devastation grenades that can melt enemies and weaken foes usually resistant to flamethrowers.
War Engineer War Engineers are armed with pump action shotguns that pack a serious punch against enemies trying to stop them from taking their objectives. Even more worrying is their ability to rapidly dig into the ground to try and bypass defenses to ensure their target is captured.
Propagandist Armed with special squad automatic weapons, Propagandists serve as the officers of the Blue Chinese army, rallying their troops with covering fire and exhaltations to obey the will of the great Jiang Jieshi and his plans for China, and can even shoot one of their own infantry to instantly restore morale and discipline in an area.
Blue Death The most feared special forces of blue China are equipped with incinerator guns that can devastate most targets as well as sophisticated stealth training that while not offering total invisibility, makes it hard to see them until they're well within range of their weapons. They also can create walls of smoke to cover an advance.

Economic Units

Rocket Harvester Blue China's harvesters are fitted with rocket launchers to ward off bandits and raiders, and are also able to clear out mines.
Pioneer Dozer Pioneer Dozers dig up trenches, set up buildings, and clear out obstacles for the rest of the Nationalist Army, and are armed with machine guns to ensure that people trying to get in their way don't bother. They also have the ability to create bridges over obstacles.


Hopper Tankette Produced two squadrons at a time, the Hopper Tankette blends the roles of light tank and combat car into one of the most heavily mass produced vehicles to have ever been made. Extremely cheap and expendable, the hopper Tankette can cover the flanks of the War Sage and the tank commander can pop out of the hatch to extend its view range.
Flak Crawler Infantry transports armed with a quartet of 30mm autocannons and able to fit an impressive four squads of infantry at a time, Flak Crawlers both transport infantry and keep the skies clear of enemies, while their sensors help them find out about sneaky would be ambushes. Devastation sprayers can be fired up to clear the way ahead of them and push through defensive lines.
War Sage Tank Produced in huge numbers, the War Sage Tank is in most regards, a tank well behind the par of modern standards; but this is less of a problem than one would think, as they come in huge numbers with decently armoured fronts and 120mm guns identical to those on the mark 2 thunderer (albeit with better ammunition choices) that can fire special, extra-high explosive anti-infantry HESH rounds.
Dragonsage A modification of the Warsage Tank equipped with a powerful flamethrower next to a 105mm gun, the Dragonsage serves as the primary infantry slayer of the Capitalist Chinese army, burning away defenses and infantry who thought they could hide in cover, and by sweeping their turrets back and forth, they can create impassible barriers
Sturmretriever Armed with an enormously powerful 380mm rocket mortar, the Sturmretriever is part heavy assault gun, part tank destroyer; using its sheer size of shell to devastate even heavy vehicles. A single shot of this mighty gun can blast apart whole sections of a line at once with impunity or stop even superheavies in their tracks. They can also engage an autoloader-overdrive to increase their rate of fire at the cost of damaging the vehicle while doing so.
Siege Cannon The Blue Chinese mobile artillery unit is a relatively simple vehicle with a long 15 cm gun that when enough of their shells hit a target; initiate a devastating napalm firestorm, or they can fire more conventional shells; which is advisable when dealing with faster enemies or when they are in smaller numbers. They also pack devastator chemical shells that require a special order to make use of, poisoning the land with deadly corossive agents.
Emperor Tank A locally produced take on the Alliance's Uberpanzers, the Emperor Tank is a colossus armed with enormous 300mm cannons and twin quad heavy machine guns in a mini-turret on top as well as propaganda speakers urging troops to fight harder. And when a target tries to be stubborn and skittish in battle, a harpoon can fire out to grab an enemy tank and reel it in for a fatal encounter with the blue colossus.
Eternity Cannon A huge vehicle carrying an equally huge 800mm gun, the Eternity Cannon may need to deploy to fire, but it only really needs to fire once at any given target to ensure that it will not be having a good day...or ever have a good day again. When needed, they can fire off a devastation shell that will spread lethal devastation chemicals across the land.


Liao Scout One man scout copters with rotary guns, the Liao Scout has probably the most thankless job in the Nationalist Air Service, which is generally finding targets for the artillery which receives a boost in accuracy and rate of fire for firing at areas designated by the Liao
Beiyang Fighter-Bomber Versatile but low quality fighter-bombers, Beiyangs carry both flak missiles and dumbfire bombs to be used against ground or air targets in vicious blitz offensives best carried out by large numbers of planes at once.
Shen Light Bomber The Shen Light Bomber throws itself forward in an effort to deal with targets in cover by means of plastering devastation bombs atop them, melting everything below and setting the target up for a napalm bomb strike to ignite the mixture. Lightly defended, the Shen is vulnerable to interception.
Propaganda Helicopter Constantly broadcasting propagand as loudly as the speakers can allow it to, the Propaganda Helicopter's relatively light armament of a single 30mm chaingun is supplemented by its powerful ECM fields to block lock ons, and its most dangerous ability; a radio device that can drive a target to madness.
Siege Chopper Armed with twin gatling guns and the ability to land and unfurl a 150mm artillery gun, the Siege Chopper serves as a mobile form of artillery for the ever advancing Blue Chinese armies, and in artillery mode can fire a smoke round to suppress enemies, while in the air it is able to load up incendieries temporarily to destroy structures.
Ming Gunship Fitted with twin 17 pounder guns and a quad 13.2mm nose gun, the Ming Gunship is a versatile and effective helicopter threat to the enemies of Chiangist China, and its Napalm rockets can set wide areas of the battlefield on fire to prevent the enemy from moving or burning an enemy out of cover.
Huang Assault Zeppelin Blue China's own take on the Alliance's zeppelin fleet, the Huang offers the power of propaganda to the masses to urge them forward while quad 30mm guns prevent enemies from closing in. Broadside mounted 10.5cm gun turrets offer additional firepower, and the Zeppelin is even able to transport eight squads of infantry, six light vehicles, four tanks, two heavy vehicles, or even a superheavy; which can be paradropped to bypass enemy defences.
Choqing Bomber The fearsome heavy bombers of China, the Choqing are loaded with napalm bombs that can quickly start firestorms and are fitted with self defense weapons to try and push through the interceptor screens thrown their way. Choqing Bombers are also able to inject napalm directly into their engines to cause themselves self damage but also increase their speed drastically.

Naval craft

Right Whale When Red China recruited cetaceans, Blue China was not far behind. The Right Whales lack the cyborg augmentations of the minke whale but are outfitted with a torpedo launcher for early harassment against the targets these usually cloned whales seek out.
Zhou Lander Blue China's landers are unsubtle and unafraid to get into the thick of it with their four sets of multi-purpose flak cannons and depth charge launchers that can be used as mortars when approaching land. They can also broadcast propaganda to psyke up allies for the fight and inspire them to heal themselves.
Chang Submarine Blue China's Chang Submarines fight with torpedo launchers and twin 120mm dual deck guns that make them a menace both above and below the surface, and can even make a rapid breach to try and dodge incoming projectiles at the cost of self damage.
Supply Ship Supply ships carry extra munitions and repair systems for other Blue Chinese naval assets and are highly important for keeping the Chinese fleets in functioning order. Supply Ships are also able to detect submarines and make use of depth charge launchers to protect against this undersea menace.
Han Destroyer The Han Destroyer serves proudly in the Blue Chinese fleet with its 15cm guns and rocket batteries that make it a powerful surface combatant and anti-air escort, and its ability to fire devastation rockets is also particularly valuable.
Feng Submersible Carrier A Light carrier capable of fitting up to three squadrons of Blue Chinese Naval aircraft at a time, the Feng serves as the naval air arm of the remaining blue chinese fleets. Armed with flak cannons to use while surfaced, the Feng also packs flareburst rounds to try and blind attacking aircraft.
Zhang Cruiser These mighty supercruisers are feared forces on the sealanes of Blue China, with heavy batteries of 240mm guns effective against both land and sea targets and can also launch anti-submarine helicopters if it suspects that enemy subs are in the area.
Dong Battleship The pride of the Blue Chinese Navy, the Dong Battleship thunders forward with 460mm guns and plenty of secondaries. The Dong can also damage itself to push its autoloaders to the limit to throw more shells out of the cannons.


60px Command Station Holdovers from the war stockpiled with war material, these military stations house Nationalist survivors below and above ground. If they are captured, the stash of vehicles and personnel can be put to good use. Two dual purpose 120mm gun turrets and two hextuple 30mm flak batteries help ensure that the Command Station is kept safe from interlopers.
60px Patriot Mines The usual fate of dissidents or underperformers in Blue China is to be sent to the Patriot Mines for re-education through labour. These facilities refine the ore and gems brought in by Blue China's miners, and also sell off materials dug from under the earth to willing buyers to raise money for the Chiangist remnants. The guards of these mines are fanatics armed with missile launchers and machine guns equally effective at keeping people out as keeping the people in.
60px Deep Blue Generator Considered far too unsafe to be used by the Alliance, the Deep Blue Generator uses a process mixing coal dust and a secret chemical usually used to make devastation chemicals; but mixes it with napalm to create the dreaded black napalm mixture as a byproduct while generating substantial amounts of electricity. Approaching these generators is asking to have a sample of their wares as the napalm emitters lick out tongues of lethal flame and aircraft are met with six pounder guns.
60px Sky-Nation Base Producing and holding the aircraft of the regime are these sky-nation bases, hardened against artillery with indoor runways and launch pads and smoke belching factories. SAMs and dual purpose autocannons help keep the bases well protected against interlopers.
60px Miniature Hive Factory These miniature hives churn out the all important vehicles of the regime in deplorable conditions as machine and men are pushed to the absolute limit to keep on making more vehicles with whatever materials they get. Guarded and walled, Miniature hives will greet foes with missiles and autocannons just as they will greet would be escapees.
60px Sea Hive More ships, more more more! The sea hives are dreary places always producing more warships for the now decimated Nationalist Navy. Torpedo launchers and coastal batteries attached to Sea Hives will make trying to approach these deplorable places a risky venture however.


60px Flak Turret These dual purpose turrets have a quick firing set of four forty millimeter bofors guns that can absolutely shred aircraft and light vehicles and keep infantry down, only really needing to fear tanks.
60px Machine Gun Tower Armed with two 13.2mm heavy machine guns and two MG-49 machine guns, Machine gun towers cut down infantry with ease and have a long line of sight that can survey the battlefield and provide spotting for artillery.
60px Battle Bunker Bunkers capable of hasty deployment and redeployment, Battle Bunkers house two infantry squads inside and mount RPG launchers on top in anti-tank turrets meant to batter heavy vehicles.
60px Nachtwerfer position Special turrets mounting Nachtwerfer MRLS systems, Nachtwerfers provide constant rocket bombardment of a position to allow your own troops through with minimal fuss or trouble.
60px Radio Array The most important Capitalist Chinese remnants are guarded by these Radio arrays that fill the heads of their enemies with a terrible noise to drive them to madness and catatonic states, operating with an obscene range and obliterating the morale and other soft stats of enemies in their sight, with enemies who fully succumb to the radio arrays turning on their comrades as they shoot at everything they can to make the noise stop.

Indian Rear Echelon Reinforcements

These forces can be called upon during Minor Faction Deathmatch. Indian Rear Echelon acts as a mobile defense brought in to help halt enemy offensives and push back raiders.

Indian Heavy Gunner Armed with light-machine guns and and land mines, the Indian Heavy Gunner is ready to defend against the enemies of Capitalism throughout Asia. While their gear may make them slow, coming from the most populous country on earth means that they will rarely be few in number.
Rear Echelon Sapper These Sappers carry mortar launchers that can ensure that the enemy won't be advancing to the Chiangist bases without taking a hammering. With their pack animals, they can move the guns decently quick.
Draftee POWs from Africa & the WLA, the draftees served as both India's combat engineers and marksmen. They can set up entrenchments for their comrades to garrison in as well as take out enemy soldiers with their specially made Wasteland Rifles from Accuracy Inc., a subsidiary of International Inc.
Mahindra Jeep The jeep has been mounted with a recoilless rifle useful for destroying enemy light vehicles as well as the occasional low-flying aircraft. Be wary however, its armor is light so it the Mahindra should never fight alone..
Rama Tank Firing a high velocity shell from a British made 120mm gun, the Rama Tank is capable of holding the line against enemy tank rushes thanks to the great velocity of its gun, though the crews aren't the best trained; they make up for it with being affordable in large numbers
Rajana SPAAG An old but very fast light self propelled anti-aircraft gun packing a 10.5cm gun, this light artillery vehicle can punish incoming attack forces and quickly redeploy to protect the Capitalist Chinese advance from aircraft. The Rajana can also throw up ECM to throw off enemy air targetting.
Cutlass Ramjet The Indians don't have many VTOL aircraft, so they make do with this, which can swat enemy bogies; particularly heavy ones easily enough, but has to leave the battlefield to repair and rearm.
60px Garuda Helicopter A cheaply manufactured version of the Lion Gunship, the Indian Garuda is relatively weak, but comes in large numbers, and is effective against tanks with its missile pods. It can make an emergency landing to avoid anti-air fire and conduct repairs.