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"Who touched my gun?!"

- Bushwhackers are very sensitive about their trademark weapons

Tactical Analysis

Heavy Weapons Guy: Unbelievable strong men, the Bushwhackers are the response to slow moving air targets of the Federation, firing at them Flak guns meant to be carried on trucks.

The Bulldozer of Cibao: Impressive enough as it is that they can wield weapons meant to be fired at helicopter from a mounted base, it's not surpising that they are also more than capable of firing at ground targets, though this flak storm isn't very effective against infantry opponents, not even mentioning armored vehicles, it however causes enough suppresion to probably be worth the efforth.

Top Heavy Guy: This comes at a disadvantage however, aside from how difficult is to field these men in the first place, given their scarcity as elite soldiers, they are painfully slow in movement, as no man, no matter how strong he is, is truly capable of being able to run with a weapon of such dimensions.

12 Seconds of Fame: Heroic Bushwhackers throw any caution they may have had left to the air and simply become more ruthless at firing at their enemies, while this means little for aerial targets, it's been known to mean death to anyone foolish enough to stand against them on foot.


The death of Trujillo at the hands of political opponents would unleash a series of conflicts in the Dominican Republic that would extend through most of the decade of the sixties, with a surprisingly high amount of foreign intervention as the country was stuck in the middle of a bitter war for the domination of the Caribbean by various competing local powers who had wildly different objectives towards what would be best situation for the Dominican future.

A staunchly anti-communist dictator, he controlled with an iron grip the small republic, generally ranting about the wave of Bolsheviks that was surrounding his territory and how it was his duty to defend it from anything that may threaten it, he was the first to assassinate or expulse anyone of Haitian origin, despite his very Haitian heritage, after the declaration that it was to become part of the African League, the regime was known for the convenient death of anyone who dare to speak against it inside the country and was also known for often sending assassins to neighboring Venezuela in the hopes of eliminating technocratic politicians who opposed his regime.

At a final last however he committed a mistake too many and was killed, the end of his regime would mean but the start of a series of gambits and power plays as everyone tried to enter the territory and install their own puppet governor to further their own goals, the panafrican party for one tried to seek reparations for the damages caused to the African American people in the territory and the hostilities towards Haiti, while the Unionist party tried to find a proper successor for the “incomparable” regime of Trujillo, the Technocratic party and the nascent Cyberbolivarian parties on the other hand tried to bring their own ideals of a favorable government inside the territory, all the while the various worker’s syndicates in the country clamoring for the installation of various businessmen to be presented as the new president of the country.

But what started as a simple if heated political campaign eventually descended into total chaos and civil war, as the differences between all involved parties became irreconcilable and fighting in the streets became common, armed guerrillas were quick to make their apparition in the country to create “safe zones” which in turn led to the United States to intervene militarily so they wouldn’t have another Cuba at their doorsteps, this in turn led to the Combine to bring their own troops to safeguard the sovereignty of the Republic on the face of foreign intervention, this in turn led to the wealthier sectors of the population to make contracts with Legion Security to act as Bodyguards (as well as making a convenient “political move” once in a while), which caused the Haitian garrison to act in response to avoid the fate of various African brethren who had fallen under the dark grasp of Babylon.

Throughout this total war between half a dozen different factions that held no quarter, it wasn’t surprising that the communist guerrillas that effectively had installed themselves on the Republic had to act accordingly, while being oft ignored in favor of tougher opponents on the battlefield, the guerrillas were still hopelessly outmatched when fighting superiorly armed opponents who each held a completely different combat doctrine and, to make things worse, were bringing heavier weapons each day, until the fighting eventually escalated to full on armoured warfare with the presence of air raids a frequent sight.

Eventually, one of the members of these groups decided that he had enough and, in a spurt of unabashed anger, removed the weapon from a gun truck and started shooting at everyone who dared stand in his way, surprisingly this actually helped his cause, as he single handedly saved his cell and even managed to shoot down assorted helicopters that were sent to his position after the word got out that a madman had shot down a complete platoon of Legion soldiers with a hand cannon.

Eventually word got out of the island, as the legendary “Bulldozer of Cibao” became the stuff of legends, telling of how he was single handedly winning the civil war for his party, through this, his cause got support and as the years passed, eventually got the backing of the MIR.

The MIR of course was as aghast of this discovery as the rest of the world, however unlike the rest who just was content to hear the story and dismiss it as a telltale of an otherwise hellhole on the Caribbean, the MIR actually took heed and managed to learn from the man itself, then, they had reached a conclusion, they had to copy his model.

Now the problem rested on the fact that, who on his right mind would dare carrying around a weapon meant to be fired from the back of a truck? Surely no one on his right mind would try to do that, nevermind the fact of having the strength to actually be able to fire that thing on the move, nonetheless, the MIR are nothing but dedicated.

Setting out a training program for only, “the most elite amongst elite soldiers”, it mostly consisting on recruits carrying massive vests made of leaden, sandbags tied to their feet, while having to carry stones for kilometers through marshes and forested areas, with an unprecedented emphasis on strength and resilience, the program was meant to weed out everyone but the tougher of the toughest guys, to leave no room to doubt that they certainly would be the cream of the crop of the MIR units, the soldiers that could single handedly take down authoritarian regimes and bring freedom to all the oppressed in the world.

Paid in excessive sums (for the MIR) and always having the final word on every decision, the few who managed to pass these excruciating tests got known for being all too proud of their newfound position as the figureheads of the movement, frequently appearing in pictures wearing their trademark weapons, all while knowing that nobody would be foolish enough to even dare messing with them.

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