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Country of Origin  People's Republic of Poland Polandthumb.gif (Union of Intermarium Socialist Republics)
Produced at  PZinz (State Engineering Plant), Ursus
Key Features  » M-63 45mm Autocannons (x2)
 » 10M312 VEHPADS missiles (x8)
 » High powered Radar
 » Amphibious treads
 » Killtally marker for Aircraft
PZA-3 Bullfrog Anti-Air Vehicle
Bullfrogs shooting down Atomic Chinese Streamer bombers
Faction CominternLogoThumb.png Communist International
Unit Type Light Vehicle
Designation Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
Production Building Tank Factory
Secondary Ability Red Alert (Temporarily decreases lock on times for the missiles and increases the accuracy for the flak cannons)
Cost 900
Production Time 10 seconds
Heroic Upgrade Particle Cannons and Proton Missiles (Autocannons and Missiles gain disruptor type damage)
Dev. Status

Tactical Analysis

  • What goes up must come down!:The Bullfrog is the primary anti-air vehicle of the Communist International and excels at suppressing and shutting down enemy air targets with its twin autocannons and missiles that can threaten large and small aircraft alike, and can depress their weapons to fire on ground targets, though they lack the ammunition types to be effective against anything but light targets.
  • I've got my eye on you: Bullfrogs can enter a state of red alert, during which they put their sensors into overdrive; allowing them to acquire targets much more quickly and thus let the missiles fly sooner and be more on target with their flak cannons, tearing apart enemies who would hope to use speed and agility to avoid their attentions
  • I'm not a tank kind of girl: Bullfrogs are largely incapable of doing anything but annoy tanks and other heavy targets when faced with them, and are similarly hopeless against garrisoned infantry. To truly thrive, they must work in a team with other units, and their guns fire more slowly than many other anti-air vehicles, which is something which also must be looked out for.
  • The future is bright: Highly experienced crews of Bullfrogs are permitted to test new particle cannons and proton missiles for their vehicles which can let their autocannons and missiles tear through much better armoured targets than before, but these have only recently entered mass production, and thus only the most experienced Bullfrogs are allowed to have the new weapon system


The Polish are the single largest republic in the Union of Intermarium Socialist Republics, consisting of themselves, the Czechs, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia, and Estonia and though nationalism is on the decline in the federation, they'll be the first to let you know that the Bullfrog Anti-Aircraft vehicle was designed and first manufactured in the Polish Republic before it became the standard anti-aircraft vehicle template in Comintern war factories. Poland was overrun by Fuller's hordes in the second world war and had every intention of making sure that if history repeated; the Alliance would bleed for every inch of Poland they took and would bleed all over again when the counterattack came. Deducing that the Alliance put a great deal of emphasis into its air power, the UISR military brass demanded that they have a world class anti-aircraft vehicle to shoot down even the heaviest of Alliance aircraft while still being agile enough to deal with lighter aircraft.

Poland's engineering talent came together and came out with the Bullfrog, which would use heavy caliber autocannons and powerful missiles to shred planes the moment the powerful senses on the agile vehicle detected them. Using treads for all terrain mobility as opposed to the climbing ability of legs or the speed of wheels, these vehicles were designed with the defense of the vast steppes of eastern Europe, the deserts of the middle east, and the middle of North America against invasion from the hated Alliance which so brutalized their lands in the second world war. Better armored vehicles would be present to defend the vehicle from heavier units, and it also had to be amphibious for usage in Baltic and riverine operations alongside the stingray. It also had to be logistically simple so that when the time came to finally press forward with the revolution and overthrow Capitalism and Ultimatism once and for all, the Bullfrog would be ready and able to accompany the people's armies and swat the Alliance's birds out of the sky.

The result was first class anti-aircraft vehicle that saw massive and widespead service throughout the Comintern as its trials and performance in continued sore points of conflict such as China, Indonesia, and Indochina impressed the RIVA enough for them to make it the official Anti-Aircraft vehicle of the International Military. And when Thornley launched round two; the Bullfrog was there on the frontlines. Casualties for air units in the Alliance and its partners such as the Technocracy and Syndicate were enormous. An Iranian wing of bullfrogs even managed to essentially completely break the attempted Indian decapitation strike against the Iranian air force's base near the border, shooting down dozen of Indian and Peacemaker jets over the skies of Iran. Though the Alliance's blitzkrieg overran the UISR, the fire pumped into the masses of Thornley's aircraft meant that the Alliance air force paid a very heavy price for trying to pry away democracy from the peoples of eastern Europe.

As the counter attacks began against the Alliance all around the world, the Bullfrog provided an Aegis to the armed forces of socialism against enemy aircraft of all kinds. Most aircraft would think better of trying to attack Comintern positions when met with three hundred and sixty forty five millimeter flak rounds every minute and a brace of missiles. Bullfrogs

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