Broken Arrow

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Broken Arrow
Faction IPDILogoThumb.png Indo-Pacific Defense Initiative
Designation Commando
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Unit Type Infantry
Produced at Fort
Ability Terminus Strike
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin Classified
Trained at Classified
Key Features » HIU Tactical Designation System
» 7.65mm Luger Pistol
» Environmental Hazard Armour
» Rapier
» Synthetic Voice

- Broken Arrow

Tactical Analysis

  • Lady of War: Broken Arrow is the callsign for the IPDI's commando. Her environmental hazard armor grants her the ability to enter hostile terrain, and her advanced sensory equipment grants her the largest sight and detection radius among all commandos. Her armor is also designed to be amphibious, allowing her to swim even with full battle gear. She also has a battlefield medical kit, allowing her to stabilize wounded and revive recently dead soldiers of both sides, giving resources back to the IPDI war effort.
  • Armageddon: Broken Arrow's weapon of choice is an advanced target designator system. With it, she is able to call down an arsenal of different fire support capabilities, such as, strafing run, anti-tank missile strike, rocket strike, artillery bombardment, bomb strike, naval strike and a Teal missile strike. Using fire support abilities costs some of her combat power, which slowly regenerates over time. In addition, she is also armed with a pistol and rapier for close range defense.
  • One of a kind: Broken Arrow is naturally expensive and difficult to deploy on the battlefield. Her armor, while strong, is still inferior compared to most other commandos. Her pistol and rapier have high damage potential against infantry, but very low rate of fire. As such, she is easily overwhelmed by numbers or superior opponents.


Notable Feats

- Survived a shot to the head from Natasha while operating in Turkey. She had to undergo extensive brain surgery and AI implantation procedures, but eventually recovered.

- Revived and saved the lives of an IPDI platoon after Yuriko's psionic scream cut through their position.

- Racked up a six digit casualty count during the First Siege of Chiang Rai, her artillery designations were able to break the Chinese tide on the eastern front of the local fortress, buying enough time for reinforcements to arrive.

- Sank the Feng Huang Battleship and all fifteen of her escorts with a single coordinated air strike. There were no survivors.

- Infiltrated several hundred kilometers behind enemy lines in Milan to paint a Teal strike on AdvanceArmour Inc's industrial zone. AFV production still has not fully recovered from the attack.

- Coordinated pin point precise fire for the Kaiser Malevolence to bring down the Icon in a single shot from 243 kilometers away.

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