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The world of Reds! posits what a world with a Democratic Socialist America (here the Union of American Socialist Republics) would look like. And while world war two still occurs with a spread of teams much like you'd see in our reality (Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, Integralist Brazil vs Socialist America, the USSR, France and Britain, and China and friends), one idea that came up in the discussion of it is what command and conquer would look like in that setting.

In this alternate of an alternate timeline, following the devastation brought about by the second world war, with cataclysmic damage brought to four continents over the course of 1940 through 1946, Albert Einstein decides to make the world a better place. Working on a project that would take him backwards in time in secret, the man hopes to avert the devastation and save countless millions of lives while still allowing the revolution that occurred in America in 1933 that allowed so much good to happen. He decided that he would take Hitler out of the equation. And in 1947, he succeeded. However, what he did not know is that he removed one threat only to give rise to another, and the threat to the world would simply take another form.

Blue Alert 1

Blue Alert 1 countries.png

That new menace came in the form of Britain, and thanks to Einstein's meddling in the timestream, the impetus behind Hitler instead went to JFC Fuller. Fuller stunned the British public by sweeping into power with an Imperial Fascist League Supermajority in the 1934 snap elections on a platform of Anti-Americanism, a defence of Capitalism from the red tide sweeping the world, and a renewed faith in the British Empire with a daring endorsement of the idea of an Imperial federation; which was in truth little more than a cover for his plans to mobilize all corners of the British Empire to form a superpower that would take back the crown of the Industrial world from America. But he knew he couldn't do it alone. He reached out to the other capitalist states of the world, asking them to put their faith in him to put an end to the communist question once and for all.

He helped fellow violent anti-communists get into power throughout his tenure , befriending fellow far-rightist Philippe Petain in France as well as Benito Mussolini, Salazar, king Gustaf V or Sweden, and Hirohito, with the first test of his policies being a British intervention in the Spanish civil war, which with the aid of France, Portugal, Italy, Japan, and the German restructurists he successfully prosecuted into a defeat for the Republicans, establishing Sanjurjo as the dictator of the Spanish. He furthermore, sought to aid the Japanese in their war with China, offering them the opportunity to buy fuel and raw materials from the empires of Europe in exchange for recognizing European colonial interests, with the promise of America's pacific territories and pacific Russia in the war to come being offered.

Fuller recognized that he needed time to build for his war against the Soviet Union; an increasingly communist leaning China, The Latin Confederation, and America, and so worked to mollify the comintern, doing his best to play them against each other so that he could have the time he needed to build up his empire in preparation for war. He and his allies commenced with massive industrialization projects meant to rival the five year plans of their communist rivals and began to arm and industrialize their very colonies in preparation for war. He had initially wished to start his war in 1940, but was persuaded to wait ten more years by a mysterious bald advisor and build up his forces in preparation for his assault on global communism.

On the 31st of October, 1950; Halloween Day, that time would come. On command his forces, joined in what he called the Alliance of free states; but what would become called the Imperial Alliance by the comintern, crossed the borders into neutral states across Europe in a drive towards the Soviet Union. Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Greece the Baltic states, and Finland were invaded simultaneously by a vast front with troops from all over western Europe and Fuller issued a joint declaration with his fellow leaders of the "free states" that now would begin the "great crusade to smash Communism.

At the same time, forces from Southern Asia, including the Raj, Indochina, and Siam were ordered to advance northwards into China while Japanese forces poured from Manchuria. The Soviet Union would also face attack on its pacific territories and upwards from the middle east as French and British Mandates and Turkey poured soldiers into the conflict, also making moves against Communist Iran. The integralist nations of Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia and the European Guianas would launch attacks on their neighbors with the intent of driving to the sea and eventually pushing up to Mexico to attack the united states, and "Thunderer" heavy tanks would stream down from Canada into American Alaska and the lower forty eight, joining with Japanese forces making attacks on Alaska.

"Allied forces have crossed the border. This is a Blue Alert, repeat, this is a Blue Alert!"

-- Transmission to all Polish military units

In an instant, the world was at war, with Fuller hoping that the huge number of attacks on every front would lead to the quick collapse of the comintern. He had underestimated the resolve of his foes, who while shocked by the sudden assaults, resolved to fight to the bitter end against their aggressors. The defining struggle between Capitalism and Communism had begun and the world would see a conflict like no other. The invaded neutral nations had long suspected that any assault on them would come from the Comintern, and so were struck like lambs set upon by Wolves, and while Fuller's hopes for a quick communist collapse were unfounded, the internal bickering of the Comintern proved useful in making initial advances, and the neutral nations of Eastern Europe had proved incapable of halting the advances made upon them.

In this climate of bickering and squabbling, leaders such as Elvia Puerto, Josef Stalin, Pablo Neruda, Eugene Dennis, Wang Jingwei, and others came together and decided that the International Comintern could no longer argue about how to reach communism from socialism, and would instead have to come together for the sake of the world revolution. China's more moderate path to Democratic Socialism, America's heavily syndicalist influenced Democratic Socialism, Stalin's authoritarian system and Puerto's radicalism would have to work as one. And as such, the International Comintern was reformed into a strong military as well as a political and economic alliance, with directives to help standardize the militaries of the comintern across the board.

Battles were fought over every corner of the world, even in Antarctica as Comintern research bases traded blows with their Allied counterparts. From here, the timeline diverges into two possibilities, one where the Alliance triumphs. In this darker timeline, the Alliance crushes the hopes of the revolution across in a blood soaked conflict stretching until 1956, with endless death and destruction across every continent and the revelation of just the sheer depth of the madness of the Allied bloc. From the moment an upcoming allied commander makes a name for themselves by commanding the eradication of communist resistance movements in an eastern European village to attempts to seize chronosphere technology in America, the Alliance carries out its war with brutality and dishonor.

The constant circle of favor currying, betrayals, atrocities, the usage of devastating nuclear weapons as Fuller seeks to end the war quickly, and power grabs ends with a final battle at D.C ending with Fuller celebrating his conquest of the entire world, only for his aide to reveal her allegiance to nod and to have poisoned his tea as he celebrates at the White House, then proceeds to shoot him repeatedly and tell the successful allied commander that soon the Brotherhood of Nod will no longer need the allies. Only for her in turn to be shot by Fuller's mysterious bald headed, goatee possessing advisor who reveals himself to be Kane, who states that he is the future.

However, this timeline is the rarer one, with the "correct" one being the victory of the Comintern as they go from initial disaster and defeat to rallying and pushing back the capitalist hordes. Throwing them back from the gates of Moscow and driving them across Europe. Halting their advance into China and driving the Allies back across southern asia and into the sea of eastern Asia. Fermenting revolution and revolt in the colonies of Europe and Japan as they find their empires in Africa and Asia begin to splinter with communist revolutionaries who see that the final conflict is upon them. The gradual grinding of the fleets and navies of Europe and Imperialistic Japan and the integralists of Brazil into oblivion. What had once been Communism's darkest hour was now its moment of triumph as the forces of Capitalism were forced into full retreat.

On air, on land, and at sea Fuller's dreams were crumbling all around him as the advances in America were halted and crushed, the Integralists in Brazil and its satellites were being pushed back and back with Socialist revolutionaries preparing to rise up in Latin America. Canada would be dealt crippling defeats and witness its own liberation and after the crumbling of the attempts to hold the line in Europe by the capitalists, the final drama would be set. Even as Nuclear weapons and increasingly more deadly superweapons were utilized by the two sides, the wave of the revolution had become unstoppable and the preparations were made to finally end the conflict even as the Allies were reduced to but a shadow of themselves; this would require an invasion of Britain and Japan.

Once the remainder of the Allies were dealt with, a final assault would be launched and first would come the fall of Japan, then Britain herself. Despite everything Fuller threw into this final defense, the forces of Capitalism were ultimately doomed. Fuller holed up for a last stand in Downing Street as Britain was assaulted on all sides, and the Dictator of Britain would soon be found by Communist forces buried up to his neck in rubble calling for help. However, before he could be taken prisoner, the soldiers were called away by General Nikos Stavros, the Greek General angry at the British for their rapacious devastation of his homeland, and he quickly stuffed Fuller's mouth with paper rags and placed a piece of rubble over his head to kill Fuller forever.

That should have been the end of it, and in this prime timeline; the victorious comintern would go on to one day form the People's Global Defense Initiative as a guard against terror and to ensure the rebuilding of the world into a socialist community, only for the rise of the Brotherhood of Nod to once again return the world to the ways of global industrial conflict in time. But the story of Blue Alert would find a way to get even stranger as time went on.

Blue Alert 2

Blue Alert 2.png