Blue!World War III

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Blue!World War III
ROTI BPEQ eve of WW3.png
The world on the eve of the Third World War
Previous World War II
Concurrent Chinese Civil War

Rise of the GLA
Rise of the Mamba's Fangs
Shadow conflict
Irish insurgency
Indochina wars
Indonesian Civil War

Next Second Cold War

War on Terror
Wars of Atomic Chinese aggression
Romanioi-Atlantean War
Romanioi-African War
Protectorate Attacks
Second Cold War Insurgencies

Beginning January 3rd 1982
End December 29th 1988
Place The Whole World
Outcome Ceasefire/Truce, Second Cold War
Major Battles
CominternLogoThumb.png Communist Internationale

FederationLogoThumb.png Cyberbolivaran Federation

IndustryLogoThumb.png Guild of Industrialists

VanguardLogoThumb.png Revolutionary Vanguard

PangaeanLogoThumb.png Generation of Gaea

PSCLogoThumb.png Public Security Bureau

MilitiaLogoThumb.png Comintern Defense Militias

RedChinaLogoThumb.png Socialist Republic of China

VietcongLogoThumb.png Vietminh

20px Secreteriat of Public Safety

ASGLogoThumb.png West Asian Pact

PhoenixLogoThumb.png Socialist Phoenix Front

MIRLogoThumb.png Movement for International Revolution

File:RoseLogoThumb.png The Rose Association

KatipunanLogo.png Bayanihan Rebellion

NorthKoreaLogoThumb.png Worker's Republic of Korea

File:CABLogoThumb.png Comintern Arctic Warfare Brigades

File:RAFLogoThumb.png Red Army Faction

File:DFGLogoThumb.png Division for a Free Germany

APOLogoThumb.png African Worker's Organization

20px Comintern Investigation Bureau

AlliedLogoThumb.png Alliance of Free States

SyndicateLogoThumb.png Nova Roma Syndicate

CommonwealthLogoThumb.png Commonwealth of the Raj

ContingentLogoThumb.png ANZAC

CombineLogoThumb.png Combined Technates

UnionistLogoThumb.png Union of Anti-Communists

PahitLogoThumb.png Majapahit Viceroyalty of Indonesia

IPDILogoThumb.png Indo-Pacific Treaty Organization

OmegaLogoThumb.png Task Force Eidolon

File:ExcaliburLogoThumb.png Unknown Advisors and Forces

RUNLogoThumb.png Confederacy of Nationalists

ARVNLogoThumb.png Army of the Empire of Vietnam

BlueChinaLogoThumb.png Nationalist Republic of China

ReserveLogoThumb.png Alliance Rear Echelons

CoalitionLogoThumb.png Coalition of Arabian Monarchies

File:CDFLogoThumb.png Commonwealth National Defenders

AmerikLogo.png The Nubarian Watch

File:VolkLogoThumb.png Deustch Volks Korp

File:PatrolLogoThumb.png Royal Frontier Patrol

EmpireLogoThumb.png Empire of the Rising Sun

EmiratesLogoThumb.png Pan-African League

ReactionaryLogoThumb.png Guardians of Monarchy

TitanLogoThumb.png Majestica Inclusive

File:TradersLogoThumb.png Pacifican Traders

TalonLogoThumb.png Unknown Forces and Advisors

SouthKoreaLogoThumb.png Empire of Korea

KempeitaiLogoThumb.png Kempeitai

KatipunanLogoThumb.png Makapili Forces

EpsilonLogoThumb.png Dominion of Epsilon

GLALogoThumb.png World Liberation Army

File:CircleLogoThumb.png Circle of Lightning

File:TotaniaLogoThumb.png Totanian Kingdom

BlackHandLogoThumb.png Unknown Advisors and Forces

NetworkLogo.png Epsilon All Seeing Eye

20px Tarot Project

IronFangsLogoThumb.png Mamba's Fangs

CorsairsLogoThumb.png Dreadful Corsairs

Comintern Premier Tanya Adams Lord High Protector Rupert Thornley Emperor Yoshiro Cerebremor Geoffrey
Civilian casualties


"I will say it now and I will say it a thousand times hence, the work started by Fuller in the last war has not been finished. The scourge of Communism and Anarchism still yet stands, but if we strike hard and soon, we can win the world for opportunity and prosperity. The Red Menace was bloodied by the last war, but it remains a crucial threat to the good order of the world and to every person's right to economic freedom. So we will send the edifice crumbling down and ensure our safety forever more."

-- Alliance Supreme Chairman Rupert Thornley

"Thornley can't be trusted farther than he can be thrown. We've beaten the Capitalists who've tried to pry away our freedom and crush the socialist system we've built before, and we'll beat them again. They're going to come at us because they're jealous and afraid of us. They're jealous of our liberty, our equality, our fraternity. They're afraid of what our success means for their tinpot dictatorships and empires. But to you brutes in blue over there; I say bring it on, you'll never beat the red and black."

-- American First Secretary Ackerman

"The great flaw of all prior systems tried by humanity to this point is a great allowance for dissent. Even the most iron fisted of dictators could not truly control the minds of those they ruled, and so all systems in time come undone. They could craft better systems, but never better citizens. We faithful have the answer to this, the answer to the strife of the world and the path to our next stage of mankind's progress. We shall make them all, one of us; enlightened, perfected, renewed. And our time has come."

-- Cerebremor Geoffrey

"The merchants and the workers squabble like children. They argue with blood and iron for the supremacy of their "modernity" and their vision of "progress". But they argue futilely, for the world is not theirs to inherit. These merchants and industrialists, these workers and peasants all forget their true masters who have been ordained by the will of the gods to rule all that the sun touches. Let them have their arguments, for the divine wind shall sweep them aside, and all shall be one under heaven."

-- Japanese Emperor Yoshiro

The Third World War, the largest, most global and most devastating conflict in human history (if the Chinese Civil war is counted as part of it). By the end of it, not one combatant walked out without scars and countless cities lay in ruins. Four great power blocs would clash for almost five years. And in the end, surprisingly little was accomplished. Not one power came out of the war with what they had sought to achieve beyond survival. And as a consequence of the war, the world's oldest land dwelling continuous civilization went down in atomic flames. And whereas the Third World War came a mere decade after the second, it seems unlikely that the same combatants that started the war will be willing to start another for at least a generation, such was the devastation of the war.

Most would agree that a rematch after the Second World War was essentially inevitable. The last time, Fuller's blue hordes had been halted before reaching Russia proper and had only penetrated about five hundred kilometers into the UASR and the Integralists had been rebuffed at South America while Iran and Turkey had against all odds thrown back the blue tide. Fuller had left his Alliance in a state of power, but as a terrble dictatorship. He had brought industry and overseen large populations in both the European Metropole of his Alliance and in the colonies. Turned uninhabited places such as Canada into bustling human hives; all to match up the rapidly growing reds in his enemy's territory. He had hoped to destroy Bolshevism in one great war in 1950, but with the International coming together and forming a true military alliance to usher in a new era of international cooperation, he was driven back to his borders; though the Alliance lead a final set of counterattacks fierce enough to convince his enemies that they could not destroy his capitalist fortress cheaply. At 1956 a peace treaty was signed, leaving an Alliance that was convinced the job was not finished and a Comintern wary but ready for another war.

Epsilon had been preparing for world domination from the very beginning. Geoffrey and his inner circle had been working to take over the world from within the Alliance from the very beginning, the ageless and sinister cabal having created their secret army beneath the noses of the Alliance. An arsenal made out of the darkest elements of Alliance technology, Epsilon made sure to monopolize as much technology as it could in preparation for its betrayal, while it made a secret network of allies, including a mysterious cult that continues to baffle modern intelligence agencies and the burgeoning terrorist network of the Corsairs, the Mamba's fangs, and the World Liberation Army. These allies all had their grievances with the existing system, and found the promise of Epsilon's support to be irresistible. Making secret deals without the notice of either ACIN or the IIC, Epsilon also managed to construct a number of devices in secret as they planted cells around the world in preparation for their assault. Psychic Dominators, dormant Psychic Beacons, Genetic Mutators and more were hidden by Psychic Illusion devices in key places while the Cerebremor Omega, a device to dominate the minds of the entire planet; was underway.

In Japan, Emperor Yoshiro assumed power in 1923 following the great Kanto Earthquake as an eighteen year old, taking over the country in a period of turmoil. But despite his young age, he proved to be a sharp and formidable leader who took his country and built a machine with which to enact what he saw as the Empire's divine destiny to bring all the corners of the world under one roof just as it was under one sun. In forty years under his reign, Japan's army grew to massive degrees and huge investments into science and technology yielded highly advanced technologies, building an arsenal of highly mobile mecha to challenge the tanks, planes, and walkers of the western countries while he amassed one of the world's largest and most formidable navies to sweep over the world like a tsunami. From the smallest Tanken Hydrobot to the largest Floating Fortress he had prepared a military with which he could conquer the world.

He had also amassed a number of allies to form an Axis of third powers. He had sought the Pan-African League who had caused trouble for the Alliance in the Second World War, seeking to establish a military alliance with them to hit the Alliance where it hurt and to counter the popularity of Communist movements in Africa. He looked to his ever faithful allies in the Guardians of Monarchy, knowing that their formidable if dated looking air force would help cover his weaknesses in the air and help press attacks far from Japan. He made deals with the secretive cabal in the Majestica Inclusive to provide him more presence in the Atlantic and offer their advanced technology to his cause and provide bases from which he could strike in the Atlantic region. He even hired the Pacifica Traders to bulk up his fleet and provide protection for his merchant marine and help carry out the long distance invasions he sought. By the 80s, the Axis of Third Powers had become a ticking time bomb, inevitably on a course for war.

Opening Stages

European Theater

As it turned out, that spark came sooner than later. On January 1st, 1982, a Thrusher Spy plane was shot down over Germany, giving the Alliance the excuse it needed to declare hostilities against the Comintern. Within two days, the already mobilised Alliance army had crossed the border into Poland. The war had begun

Naval War

Battle for the Atlantic

Silent War

Submarines featured heavily in the battle of the Atlantic, with both the Communist International and the Alliance of Free States seeking to sink one another's shipping and destroy one another's naval assets. Submarines infested the world's waters and it soon became impossible to sail the waters of the Atlantic without escorts.