Blue!Indochina War

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Blue!Indochina War
The Indochina war as of 1972
Previous World War II
Beginning 1950
End Ongoing
Place Indochina
Outcome Ongoing
Major Battles Battle of the Red River Delta
Direct Combatants

Advisors, Agents, Finances, and Military Equipment

Direct Combatants

Advisors, Agents, Finances, and Military Equipment


Direct Combatants

Advisors, Agents, Finances, and Military Equipment

Assorted Fourth Parties

Ecumenical Strike Forces

Communal Anti-Ecumenical Forces

Penumbral Legion Asiatic Command

Kumun Asiatic Command

Holy Alliance Forces

Imperial Native Observation Forces

Atomic Chinese Invasion Forces

Order of the Hawk Counter-Cult Forces

Vietminh and North Indochinese Commanders
  • SovietLogoThumb.png Chairman Tạ Thu Thâu
  • SovietLogoThumb.png General Secretary Lai Thi Xuan
  • Marshal Vo Nguyen Giap (PRIA)
  • Souphanouvong (PRIA)
  • VietcongLogoThumb.png People's General Nguyễn Hữu Thọ (Vietminh)
  • VietcongLogoThumb.png People's General Nguyễn Văn Linh (Vietminh)
  • PangaeanLogoThumb.png Pangean Council Chairwoman Phuong Kim
  • MilitiaLogoThumb.png Militia Soviet Chairwoman Vuu Hong Hanh

Foreign Communist Assistance

  • SovietLogoThumb.png Volunteer General Derek Ironside
  • File:VanguardLogoPSC.png General Creighton Abrams
  • RedChinaLogoThumb.png General Zhao Shun
  • PSCLogoThumb.png General Vosgedzam Khachatourian
  • IndustryLogoThumb.png Susila Susanto Jayadi
South Vietnamese Commanders
  • ARVNLogoThumb.png Emperor Bảo Đại
  • ARVNLogoThumb.png Ngô Quang Trưởng
  • ARVNLogoThumb.png Hoàng Xuân Lãm
  • ARVNLogoThumb.png Lê Nguyên Khang
  • UnionistLogoThumb.png Ngô Đình Diệm

Foreign Anti-Communist Assistance

  • PahitLogoThumb.png Dwi Wahyu Kurnia
  • AlliedLogoThumb.png General Elizabeth Richardson
  • File:ReservistLogoThumb.png General Eva von Helbrecht
  • RUNLogoThumb.png General Jean du Lac
  • SyndicateLogoThumb.png Primus Pilus Giacomo Belleci
  • Yuanzhang

Ecumenical Commanders

  • Yik-Amarani Hadruston

Communal Commanders

  • Force Leader Jelaris

Penumbral Commanders

  • Legion Master Obscuridad

Kumun Commanders

  • Zolokrul (General) Ikirikkit Klausnikt

Holy Alliance Commanders

  • Serendrana (General) Maeron Alastrana
  • Jarl Solveig af Trondheim
  • Lama Dolma

Imperial Commanders

  • The most esteemed Azarakra (Baronet) Kelakamus zun Zulfakt

Atomic Chinese Commanders

  • General Mau Yuan

Hawk Commanders

  • Executor Kotomine
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Civilian casualties

Bucard's Empire


A Nation Divided

Imperial Grip

Escalation in the Canopy

We're Going Global!

Mike's in Our Yard!

Whereas most of the sections of the continued conflict between the Communist International and the Alliance of Free States ended with the treaty of Warsaw in 1971; many areas of the world remained locked in conflict. Few parts of the world have this conflict be as open and violent as Indochina, where even the Axis invasions, the scourge of Epsilon, the rise of Atlantis, and the fall of the two Chinas and the green Chinese Invasion have failed to give much more than temporary pause in the conflict. Even before the war's end, the two halves of the Indochinese region were at each other's throats, coming to the conclusion that the other powers at play were just a temporary problem while dealing with each other was always going to be the end game.