Blackshirt Infantry

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Blackshirt Infantry
Faction UnionistLogoThumb.png Union of Anti-Communists
Unit Type Basic Infantry
Designation Basic Infantry
Prerequisites Infantry Helipad
Production Building Infantry Helipad
Secondary Ability Construct Dugout (A simple Dugout is constructed, with room for one infantry)
Cost 190
Production Time 6 seconds
Heroic Upgrade Bunker Training (Constructed Dugouts are now Bunkers, with room for two infantry)
Dev. Status BA3 Echoes Original Unit
Country of Origin  United Kingdom
Trained/Produced at  UAC Regional Training Camps
Key Features  » Gewehr 41 Semi-Automatic Rifle
 » UAC Standard Issue Uniform
 » Mk.IV Entrenchment Kit and Tools
 » QS-1 Gas Mask and Cap
 » Grey tie with UAC insignia (Worn Proudly into combat)

Tactical Analysis

  • Saviours of the UAC:The Blackshirt Infantry are the frontline troops that the UAC uses, wielding older model Semi-Automatic rifles that are still deadly against enemy infantry, which is helped by the range the rifles have and the general speed of these soldiers.
  • For Roman!:When ordered, the Blackshirt can construct a simple wood and turf dugout that they can then garrison and fire out of. While not particularly strong or defended against enemy vehicles, it does give the Blackshirt a much needed boost against infantry, and serves to make it harder to remove UAC from the field.
  • I'm Sorry, Erin:However, the Blackshirt is still just an infantryman that lacks armour and will be decimated by anti-infantry weapons, and their rifles are ineffective against armoured vehicles. Also, the Dugouts won't last long if they aren't supported.
  • Bunker Down!:Blackshirts that have shown plenty of promise, and have lasted long enough in frontline duty, are given training courses and the equipment needed to set up concrete bunkers, rather than wooden Dugouts. These bunkers, while not only being much, much stronger than the old Dugouts, also have enough room to support another infantryman alongside the Blackshirt.


"We are the Saviours of the Alliance. We are the soldiers of Field Marshal Roman. We are the Blackshirts."

-- The unofficial chant of Blackshirt Regiment XIX
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